Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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2 A new fairy tail members

Three days had passed since the whole meteor incident took place. Because of that meteor, there had been quite a commotion stirring around in Magnolia. It's left without question that a meteor ripping a hole in the sky was no coincident since there happens to be a huge crater just outside of Magnolia, but just to clear the air, Makarov had made up a lie about how Fairy Tail was using the Green Plains as their training grounds and it took a while, but the people believed them. If people were to find out a man came out of the meteor, then the Magic Council were probably go in to detain the man and interrogate him however all of that managed to get avoided thanks to Makarov being steps ahead in the thinking game.

When the mysterious man flew unconscious, he was immediately taken to the infirmary room. Three days had passed, and the man was still unconscious. Having to lie there in bed, he was witnessing a dream that actually occurred to him recently. The dream he had was when he got suck inside the wormhole. For the past three days, he's been having the same dream. More specifically, the scene where he gets sucked inside the wormhole replays...

"Grab my hand, Goku!" Bulma laid out her hand.

"I can't... urgh... the pressure... it's too much... ahh!" as the wormhole kicks him in.

"GOKU!" the wormhole started to shrink and just like that the wormhole along with Goku had vanished.

In the present time while in bed, Goku was moving around and after some time now he finally opened up his eyes and had sat up screaming, "BULMA!"

"Bul...ma?" a certain white hair barmaid said.

The mystery man breathes out as he focused his attention to objects in front of it. He wasn't familiar with what he's seeing. It was rather that or Bulma herself had stuff she had never showed. Either way the mysterious man had a feeling he wasn't in Capsule Corp anymore. His head still suffers a minor headache, but it didn't stop him from talking to himself.

"W-Where am I...?"

"You're in the Fairy Tail guild." As the same white hair barmaid replied.

When he heard a voice, he looked left as he sees a girl who happens to be sitting on a stool next to the bed he was in. She was a pretty young white hair barmaid who happens to wear her other black dress from after the Grand Magic Games and in her arms were the upper Gi the classified man was missing.

"You said Fairy... Tail?" he wondered.

"Mmmm Hmm, that's correct."

"(Did I hit my head too hard or something? What the heck is a Fairy Tail? Fairies with tails?) By any chance am I in West City?"

"I don't know what this West City is but I'm afraid not. You're in a town called Magnolia."


"Mmmm Hmm"

"How long was I out?"

"Three days"

"Are you the one who took care of me during those three days?"

"Indeed I am"

"Oh then, Thank you..."

"Don't mention it, though because you were in my care, I'd expect some answers out of you."

"What do you mean?"

"The meteor incident with you inside of it, I'm curious as to why you were inside in the first place, so you better have an explanation as to how and why."

"Uh yea..." Goku looked at the orange fabric in the white hair barmaid's arms, "Hey um, would that happen to be...?"

"Your shirt, it is. Given how the shirt was made I tried my best to sow it up in a way that's similar to your liking" she hands the upper Gi to him, "If I got the measurements wrong, then I'm sorry."

When Goku started to put on his upper Gi his arms were in the air as he begins to put the upper Gi in. In the process the white hair barmaid could see how fit the mysterious man and because she was seeing such muscle from him, she started to blush a little and because it felt embarrassing, she used her fingers to cover her eyes. "(For someone who crashed to the ground, he certainly is in shape. I wonder if he has a girlfriend... wait, why am I thinking about stuff like that to a person whom I just met)"

When Goku finished putting on his shirt he saw the barmaid covering her eyes, "Are you okay? Why are you covering your eyes?" he wondered.

"Oh I uh... I respect privacy..."

"It's only just you and me, I don't see the problem in privacy..."

"WH-What?! Oh never mind, so is the shirt I managed to sewed up to your liking?"

"Yea... you did a great job, it's like it's completely brand new!" he praised. The Gi outfit Goku was wearing was the one he wore in the Resurrection of F and in the Universe 6 & 7 Tournament. "Wow, to the exact detail, you didn't leave anything out!" Goku even saw the Whis symbol Whis drew, "Thank you miss... um..."

"Strauss, Mirajane Strauss, but you can call me Mira for short." She smiled.

"Mira... well then. Thank you, Mira," he smiled back.

Her heart skipped a beat, "(Why am I feeling this way with him...? From his smile alone, I can't help but feel somewhat attractive to him...)" Y-You're welcome..." she blushed.

"Oh and by the way, when you were taken in here, this was in your pants" she hands Goku a square container.

"This is..." he opens it up, "Yea, it's the capsules Bulma gave me!"

"Capsules? Bulma? What? You kinda have to explain this to me because I don't got a single clue on what you're talking about"

"Well it's a long story Mira, but hey! You've got some serious talent for fixing my Gi right up! You rock!"

"Yea... my pleasure..."

"Oh that's right, since you helped me get on my feet, I suppose I should tell you everything huh?"

"It's okay, you don't have to, at least not yet"

"What do you mean?"

Mirajane placed her right leg over her left as she places her left elbow on it while of course balancing her head by placing her left hand under her chin. "I do want you to explain everything but not yet... (Everyone's probably going to need to hear from him, so it'll save him the trouble of explaining it twice...) in a little bit I want you too. For right now, you can ask me any questions since I'm sure you're curious..."

"R-Really? Your call Mira..."

"It's fine um... I never caught on to your name..."

"Oh yea..." he waved his hand as he always does when he introduces himself to people, "I'm Goku, Son Goku! Some friends call me Kakarot (A/N: Reference to Movie 8 XD) but most of the time my friends just call me Goku."

"Goku... nice name, so does this make us friends? Since you know you said that friends call you by that name."

"We can be friends!" he smiled, "Anyone who cared for me when I was knocked out is consider a friend in my book" as he gives a thumbs up.

And again, Mirajane started to blush, "(There it is again, his freakin smile... why does it move me so much...!) O-Ok... well then Goku, do you have... any questions as to why you're here and all?"

"Well since you told me about how I'm in a town called Magnolia, that's one question that got answered so I got another one."

"Okay, go right ahead"

"Earlier you mention this name called Fairy Tail? Can you tell me what this Fairy Tail is?"

"It's a guild I'm in"

"What's a guild?"

"A guild is basically where a group of people form a team together and in time that team grows larger in size. From there the people no matter what the race, size or gender, take on job requests and get rewards after. That's mainly the sole purpose of a guild. Many guilds operate differently though. My guild for example isn't your typical average guild."

"How do you figure?"

"We're one of the, if not, the strongest guild ever to have exist throughout Fiore."

"Whoa... that sounds cool...! you didn't mention age though so does being a certain age counts in being a part of guild? Because Mira, you look so young to be in one, even younger to be taking care of me during those three days, not that I'm hating or anything I' just surprise, that's all."

"From the way you portrayed me, it's almost as if you're saying you're way older than your appearance brought you out to be. Goku, you look as young as me so why would you say something like that?"

"Eh? Is that right?"

Mirajane hands him a hand mirror, "(Holy crap! I do look young! What the... how bizarre... I look like I'm like seventeen or something, like Gohan's age when I haven't seen him for 7 years since Cell was defeated. Would this be an effect from that wormhole...?) Whoa that's amazing..." he was touching his cheeks.

"(He referred himself as an old person, and to top it off his hair is nothing I've ever seen before, it's all spikey. Maybe the impact of the meteor must've put some screws loose inside of him) "Are... are you okay Goku?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm just surprised that's all. I really am."

"Well if I were in your shoes I'd be too. Now as I was saying, though thick and thin we had to fight a hard war to maintain that status as the strongest guild. We're known throughout Earthland. I guess you can see we're famous like celebrities."

"(Earthland? Must be their way of saying Earth) so how many people are in your guild?"

"A lot, I'd tell you the exact number but that's for you to find out."

"Ok, so who's the strongest in the guild?"

"Well hard to say, there are many strong mages here but if I have to pick a top five, then I'd say all the S-Rank Mages including myself" she smiled.

"You're a Mage?"

"Mmmm Hmm, I may not look like it but underneath my smile and purity, I'm actually an S-Rank mage myself."

"Whoa so you must be like crazy strong!"

"That's one way of putting it, yes" she continued to smile.

"So another question... are you guys like Fairies?"

"I... uh... what?"

"You know Fairies, those small little people who flies around a lot"

She giggled at that remark, "Could be but no. However, do you see the building you're in? You're basically in Fairy Tail territory, basically it's our Guild Hall."

"Cool, but do you have tai-"

"And we don't have tails, it's just the name of our guild"

"Right, right but can you fly?"

"That depends"

"ok then, back to what I was said earlier, who's the strongest in your guild?"

"And like I said before, it's best if you find out yourself, why do you want to know anyway?"

"Because! I kind of want to challenge him or her to a one on one fight!"

"You fight? What kind of magic do you possess?"

"Magic? Are you talking about Ki? I have like a lot of those."

"Ki? Oh never mind, do you have any other questions?"

"Yeah just this last one, can you tell me what's so special about this guild? You talked about how you're the strongest and all and that's perfectly awesome in every way believe me, but all this talk about your guild got me thinking. Do you love being in this guild? I don't quite understand it because I've never been in a guild before."

"That's a good question, it's best to show you rather then to hear me ramble on and on, here" Mirajane offered her hand to Goku as he so casually took.

Together the two were holding hands. Mirajane of course was leading the way. Goku looked at both their hands and wonder why he started to feel so funny the moment she took his hand. She leads Goku into the main hall where he'll get a glimpse to what Fairy Tail always do. His eyes widen as he was surprised on how noisy the guild was and had not expect the guild to be that way. From the name alone, he assumed it was mostly just Fairies with you know... Tails.

"Ok um, when you said Fairy Tail's the strongest guild, this isn't how I imagine it."

"Yea , hehe, it may look like a disaster but trust me on this when I say it, when it comes right down to it we certainly put on our A-Game."

"Oh, so you guys are one of those people that messes around, but when it's time to play ball you guys get into gear huh?"

"That's precisely right! It's like you practically already know so much about us"

"Yea..." he looks at their hands that's still together, "So um how long are you gonna hold my hand?" he asked.

"E-Eh? Oh my bad! It's just... I didn't mean too... sorry for holding on for that long."

"It's cool, if you want my opinion it's really cool for you to do that"

"Y-You think?" she blushed.

"Yea. I don't know why but I wouldn't mind it if we did this more often"

Her heart skipped a beat as she freaked the fuck out, "Y-Yea... anytime then..." she took a deep breath and decided to move on to change the subject, "Since you're awake now I guess it's time to get everyone's attention then"

"Wait no, you don't have to do tha-"

"Hey everyone! Look who's finally awake! It's the new guy!"

"Hold on, did you say new guy?" he looked at Mirajane.

Most of the Fairy Tail guild members (mainly the major characters) all turned their attention to Goku and Mirajane. At first, they greeted him with a hello then they mutter themselves about the way Goku's hair looked. Seeing his hair was on everyone's mind because they never seen such a style of hair that was so spikey before! Seconds later a pink hair male with a scarf around his neck came to greet him.

"Hey there spikey man! The name's Natsu Dragneel and I'm a Dragon Slayer! And this is my partner in crime Happy!


"Whoa a talking cat" Goku said.

"Yup that's my buddy Happy! Oh and just to let you know, I'm also one of the if not the strongest person in Fairy Tail!" he brags.

"No way! Are you serious? You're that guy?!"

You betcha your sleeping ass I am! GAHAHAHA!"

"Ok first off, that's a load of bull and secondly, I'm Gray Fullbuster and just to inform you, I'm way stronger than ash breath over there"


"You deaf or something? I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree huh now do they..."

"Oh that's it, I've had enough of your bullshit talking, it's time I'd shut you up with my Fire Dragon Iron Fist!"

"Um... should you be stopping them?" Goku looks at Mirajane.

"Oh there's no need to! Both Natsu and Gray usually brawl at each other every day, it's no surprise that they fight on the day you'd waken up too. At the end of the day those two would always get ahead of themselves which would lead to them to their doom"

"Their... doom?"

"See for yourself"

When Goku turned back around he noticed a female with red hair in armor both punched Natsu and Gray in the stomach with ease and threw the two at a table. She then turns around and looks at Goku to greet him with a confident smile.

"Hi there, I'm Erza Scarlet, it's nice to finally meet you in person"

"Uh yeah... um likewise, I'm Son Goku but you can just call me Goku"

Both of them shooked hands.

"My you certain have a tight grip don't you Goku?"

"Oh thanks, right back at ya. I never see a girl have this much strength from just a hand shake alone."

"I'll take that as a compliment then."

"Wow for someone who just woken up you're surprising calm about everything" a blond girl said.

"And you are?"

"Lucy Heartfilla! And I'm a Celestial Wizard!"

"Wow that title alone makes me think you're a strong person too"

"Her power comes from the Zodiac Keys she has around her waist. That's all there is to being a Celestial Wizard, other than that she's basically weaker than most mages"

"H-Hey Erza! Don't go telling Goku that!"

"My bad..." she chuckled.

Goku then sees a little girl with pigtails, "There's even a little girl in this guild?"

"My names Wendy Marvell and this is my exceed friend Carla"

"How you do"

"Whoa another talking cat oh and nice to meet you two too!" as he bowed.

"Oh Goku I'd like to introduce you to my siblings Lisanna and Elfman Strauss, say hi guys!"

"Hey there" Lisanna waved.

"What's up there spikes, I'll admire you because you came out of that meteor like it was nothing, something pretty manly to do isn't it?"

"Y-yea I guess. (Didn't know Mira had a brother and sister, though I guess both their white hairs are a dead giveaway...)"

Suddenly Goku felt a person touching his muscles so when he took his attention to that problem, he found that a girl in her blue bra was touching him. "W-Well now... this is um... something."

"H-Hey! C-Cana!" Mirajane said.

"From you seeing up close I'd say you are what I saw three days ago, you're such a freakin cutie. Oh where are my manners, my name is Cana Alberona. I'm a mage who deals with cards." As she was rubbing the Saiyan's muscles.

From seeing Cana's actions, Mirajane started to get a tad jealous with of course red in embarrassment so she wanted to put a stop to it.

"H-HH-Hey Cana! You can't just touch someone you just met, especially someone who just woken up from a three-day nap! And besides, what if he doesn't like it?!"

Then Mirajane looked at Goku who seems to be blushing at Cana's smooth arms and fingers and most of all, her breast being pressed on his right arm.

"GOKU!" Mirajane yelled.

"Ah, hehehe, sorry but I can't help it if she wanted to touch me"

"(Why does that sound so wrong?) Gray thought.

After that mishap Erza went on to explain the other members like Laxus and his crew, Team Shadow Gear, Gajeel w Lily and Juvia, other Fairy Tail chars that I'm not going to name since it's obvious and last but not least the guild master Makarov Dreyar. Since everyone introduced themselves to the saiyan, it was their turn as they started to jumble him with a shit ton of questions.

"So how did you get inside of a meteor anyway?!"

"Why were you inside of a meteor anyway?"

"Are you even a human?"

"Where on earth did you come from?"

"Do you often travel in meteors?"

"What's a pretty man like you doing inside a meteor anyway?"

Everyone started to get into Goku's personal space. With his hands he asked them to give him some space, he was gonna answer but one at a time.

"Whoa, easy, easy! One question at a time! I'm just one person...! You guys are kinda giving me anxiety...!" Goku started to sweat.

"Well it's not every day we see the sky rip open only to have a meteor come out of it, but yea as you request we'll give you some space." Makarov said.

"(Still hard to believe someone as small and old as him is the guild master, is he strongest?) Alrighty then, to start off, I'm not actually a human. I'm actually a Saiyan" as he pointed one finger up.

"Saiyan?" everyone said.

"Mmmm Hmm, it's a warrior race that stands out than most races, you see..." Goku went on to explain what he is and then went on to the wormhole incident. He explained and answered everyone's questions which approximately took 20 minutes. As he was explaining, everyone in Fairy Tail's eyes were big. Truth be told, they couldn't believe what they were hearing. When Goku had finished, they thought he was making things up. Probably the crashed landing must've messed with his head. Natsu especially found it hard to believe, he started to laugh hysterically afterwards.

"BWAHAHAHA! What a load of crap your story was Goku! Wormholes? Saiyan? What even is that? I never took you to be such a comedian, you should get a standing ovation for your made-up story because it was nothing but HILARIOUS! But good story though."

"Wow you really show no remorse do you Natsu? You're so mean..."

"What? He said he came from another world Lucy, like hell I'll believe that"

"I'm with Natsu on this, it doesn't sound very manly to make up make believe stories and if you want my honest opinion, you do look strong at all. You called this "Saiyan Race" strong? I don't see that in you though, no offense."

"Oook... but I'm not lying though, what I said out of my mine is 100% the truth."

"You're saying it's the truth but we're saying it's non-believable, sorry..." Lisanna said.

"Why would you think I'm making this up anyway?"

"Well aside from you being unconscious for 3 days from coming out of that meteor, you're basically calling yourself not human, are you? I'm not sure how to take all of this in... it's something a delusional person would spout."

"You too red hair girl?" Goku said. He then looked at Mirajane, "What about you Mira? Do you think I'm making this up?"

"Well hard to say, I'm a little bit in between on this one. If you look at the facts, I can somewhat believe you because of that wormhole, it my opinion it looked like it could rip through space and time."

"So is that a yes?"

"It's a in between" she pointed out.

"Oh man" Goku said, I don't see how I'm making this all up, I'm not even that good in lying"

"Oh don't worry handsome I believe you" Cana said as she bear hugging Goku.

"Really you do?"

"Mmmm Hmm" she smiled.

"Are you just saying that just so you could get close to him?" Lisanna implied.

"Maybe..." as she later lets go of the hug.

"Well Goku my boy, since you're telling us about this race of Saiyans and how you're apart of them, I can assume you're a force to be reckon with so believe me when I say this, we want to believe you, we really do, but you got to show us prove. Do you have anything in mind to help convince us?"

Goku started to think then thought of a fantastic idea, "I know! I could face one of you guys!"

"Eh? Fight?" Everyone said.

"Mmmm Hmm, earlier I mention how Saiyans are incredibly strong right? If I can prove that theory, then maybe you guys will start to believe me! what do you say gramps!?"

"Hmmm, I see no harm in doing so, that could be one way to convince us, I'm really curious as to what you can bring to the table Goku. So since you brought up the idea, I'll let you choose someone in this guildhall to fight, but chose wisely because everyone here isn't exactly weak!"

"Alright!" Goku jumped, "Ok! Let's see now, who to pick, who to pick, oh I know! I'll choose... you" he pointed at Natsu.

"Oh, hell yea!" Natsu said excitingly

"What?! Whoa, whoa, whoa listen Goku, are you sure you want to fight Natsu?" Lucy asked, "Natsu's really a strong person"

"I know, he looked like one so that's why I wanted to fight him. I was thinking about wanting to fight Mira over there but seeing how she took care of me, I don't want to."

"Yea but you just asked for your own grave! That's suicide, Natsu's not gonna pull any punches, not even to you!"

"Good, I don't want him to anyway"

"(Is he mentally crazy or something? He'll get destroyed!)"

"Heh, a battle with the newbie and Salamander, that's an unfair battle"

"Gajeel, you don't have to be mean about it"

"Goku my boy, is this what you're desiring? To fight Natsu Dragneel in a one on one fight?" Makarov said, "You can still change your mind if you want, you don't have to surprise us with how strong you are"

"Gramps, it's all good! I think you guys are giving me little credit here"

"But... are you really sure you want to fight him" Mirajane said, "You just recovered, and I don't want to see you get hurt again. You don't have do this if you don't want to..." she started to get worried.

Then without giving it a thought, he walked over to Mirajane to give her a head pat with his right hand. During the process Mirajane showed out an undeniable blush and was also firm with the head patting. This was something she had least expect from him. She had thought Goku was capable of doing stuff like this because after having a good amount of conversation with him in the infirmary room, she took Goku as someone who wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Cana on the other hand was jealous.

"It's alright Mira, trust me on this one, I'm more than capable of handling Natsu."

"Are you sure?"

"Yea, I'm sure"

"Are you really sure?"

"Yea" as he nodded.

"If you say so, then just make sure you come out of it alive then,"

"It's a promise"

"This is a warning to you mister Goku! Natsu's really strong so you better not take him lightly!"

"(Oooooooh what's this? Is it just me? Mira seems to be worried for Goku, like she has some kind of feelings for him, I wonder...)" as Lisanna stares at the two of them.

"Since the opponent for Goku is decided, then let's head to the promise land!" Makarov yelled.

And so, the entire Fairy Tail guild with Goku all went back to the green plain where Natsu and Gray were duking it out but only this time it's with Natsu and Goku. As both the two make their way to the battle field Natsu noticed Goku smiling like he was confident of something and wondered why but at the same time, he can relate.

"Just so you know Goku, I'm not gonna go easy on you even if you had just woken up."

"Oh I don't intend on that Natsu, just make sure you give me everything you got ok? No holding back!"

"Now that's more like it, you're speaking my language, I'm all fired up now!"

Goku got into his fighting stance. The Fairy Tail members sat again at the bleachers. They were giving their take on Goku and wanted to see how this battle will come out.

"So master, how do you think Goku will do against Natsu?" Erza asked.

"Hmm, he doesn't seem scared, rather happy at some sort. I have a feeling Goku's gonna surprise us with something. Who do you think will come out on top?"

"I can't give my answer because I don't know how Goku fights, or what kind of magic he can do. Let's just hope he can provide us with something."

"I'm not throwing any shade to Natsu or anything but I'm betting my money on Goku! That pretty boy better win! And if he loses, I don't want Natsu tearing up his face! You hear me Natsu?! I'll kick your ass if you do!" Cana yelled.

"Way to be straight forward with-it Cana..." Lucy said.

"Now then, without further ado, let the match... BEGIN!"

"Heh here I go" Natsu while charging at the saiyan, imboiled fire in his hands as he makes a fist gesture.

As he got up close Salamander starts it off by swinging his fist filled in fire. Left and right he deploys however Goku without breaking a sweat easily dodges them. To everyone's surprise Goku was doing quite well against Natsu.

"He's quite quick on his feet, isn't he?" Erza said.

"Yea, but is that all he can do?" Gray wondered.

"Goku..." Mirajane mumbled.

The punch and dodge seminar went on for about 2 minutes, Natsu started to get furious so he started to speed up his attack by 2, making sure Goku wouldn't be fast enough to dodge the punches but this is Goku we're talking about... he dodges with ease as he teleported behind Goku.

Natsu having to be furious swung his fist counterclockwise in rage, "HEY GOKU! WOULD YOU STOP WEAVING AND DUCKING LIKE A SISSY AND FIGHT BACK!?"

Goku teleported in front of Natsu, "OK"

The moment Natsu turned around, Goku repaid the Fire Dragon Slayer with a flick. (A/N: Similar to what Beerus did in the Battle of Gods Movie.) The power of Goku's flick sent Natsu flying a few meters away shocking everyone in the bleachers, especially Mirajane.

"No way... a flick sent Natsu flying?!" Lucy said all surprised.

"Holy shit that's insane, how on earth could a flick be capable of doing that?" Gray wonder as he was astonished.

"I guess you can't judge a book by its cover, can you"

"Good point Juvia" Levy said.

"That amount of power stored within a flick? What kind of magic is that? is that even magic? Either way I'm starting to believe Goku now..." Erza stated.

"Oh no Natsu..." Lisanna said.

"Come on NATSU! Show him what it means to be a dragon slayer!"

"A-Amazing..." Wendy said.

"I didn't see him weave any signs when he kept teleporting around Natsu" Carla pointed out.

"Now this is such a manly fight! I'd have to say it's better than the one from three days ago!"

"So spikes isn't all talk then huh... he's giving Salamander a run for his money" Gajeel said as he was impressed.

"That's for sure, from what he's been doing, I'd say he's just toying with Natsu" Levy brought up.

"Goku..." Mirajane started to feel relieved he hasn't sustained any injuries

"Now that's how you throw down Goku! Show him how it's done my love!" Cana shouted in supported.

"Y-YOUR LOV-LOVE...?" the girls yelled.

"Gch... man that freakin hurts... I feel like I've been run over by a train..." as Natsu gets up, "Wow, that's some strength you have Goku... I know I said to fight back, but damn you really "fought back" huh? Guess I under estimated you badly... well now I know you're no pushover..." as he breathes in and out.

"I told you so..."

"Heh, this is getting interesting, I'm definitely all fired up now...!"

"I kinda get the feeling you were holding back on me there" Goku pointed out.

"You got me" Natsu confessed, "In my defense I don't know how you fight or what kind of magic you wield so I just thought why not find out on what you can do, but I realize what a mistake that was... OK! No more holding back! Since you pacted so much power into some flick, I guess I better show you all my cards to the table! Get ready Goku!" Natsu started to charge up his attack,

"Oh I can't wait" as he did the bring it gesture.

"Heh, FIRE DRAGON ROOAAARRRR!" as flames started to come out of Natsu's mouth and towards Goku.

"That's some big flames" Goku admitted.

"Holy shit... HEY! ASH BREATH, you trying to kill him?! That's way too freaking big!"

"Juvia wonders if that man can withstand that..."

"Well, one way to find out" Erza said.

"The flames are coming at him and he's just standing there!" Lucy brought out.

"Does he have a death wish?" Lily said.

At that moment Mirajane broke out and started to worry, "Goku! What are you doing... don't just stand there, you're gonna get burn! Please... get out of that range before you get toasted!" Mirajane encouraged.

"Sis..." as Lisanna looks at Mirajane.

"(This young man's not even flinching at the fact that the flames are coming at him with such a humid temperature. Does he have something up his sleeve? Why do I have a feeling he's not showing us his true powers? Maybe he's stronger than how he described himself to be..." Makarov thought.

"Hehehe...!" as the saiyan smirked.

The flames finally got to where Goku is and immediately started to go through his entire body as he just stood there. Mirajane and everyone's eyes widen in worry as they were in anticipation.

"A direct hit!" Lisanna yelled.

But then something you could call a miracle happen. Natsu and everyone started to see glimpse of Goku and to everyone's surprise he seems to be alright. Goku started to show everyone his white clear aura as it to happens to be in his favor. The aura manages to completely obliterate Natsu's flames! Causing the wind to accel fast!

"What the...! no freakin way...!" Natsu said in a shocking tone.

Goku then teleported in front of Natsu so damn fast Natsu had to time to react causing everyone to be beyond shocked as well. With that he gave Natsu a nasty punch to the stomach causing him to spit out salvia and blood from his mouth.

"When did he...?" Erza said.

"I didn't even see him move that fast, yet he teleported in front of Natsu...?" both Gray and Juvia said.

"Seems like Goku's on a whole nother level than Natsu...! Lucy admitted.

"He keeps teleporting so fast, but the question is... was that teleportation magic?" Carla wondered.

"I didn't see him weave any signs" Wendy implied.

"(Seeing how he's blowing away everyone's minds he's really so making a great impression to everyone. So not only is he cute but he's also strong as hell, mmm)" Cana licked her lips with her tongue seductively, "(Oh Goku my sweetie... I can't wait to make you m lover...)" in a seductive tone as she thinks of naughty stuff.

Out from the rubble Natsu threw himself back to the battle field to catch Goku off guard but in a failed attempt. Goku titled his head left as he gently placed his right hand on Natsu's stomach to blast him away with a Ki blast wave, sending him yet back to the rubble but even farther away with smoke dialing up.

"I guess this is as clear as thin air, this Goku fellow... he's a lot stronger and far beyond Natsu's level. In fact, I think he's even way stronger than me." Makarov admitted.


"What makes you think that?"

"Take a long at the battle Erza, you can clearly see Goku toying with Natsu. I think if he were to go serious, he would decimate Natsu with no sweat. If you want my opinion I think he's just analyzing how Natsu fights so he can counter and deliver the final touching blow."

"I can't believe it..." Gray said.

As the smoke clears out Natsu is shown charging up one of his ultimate finishers and as the wind blows very heavily, the ground shakes and cracks but to Goku it's really nothing new to him.

"HEAVY BREATHING* HEAVY BREATHING* Alright Goku, you've proven your point. I can see you're not trying with me aren't you? You'll regret that! Try to dodge this one if you can! This is my trump card!"

"Show me what you got pal" Goku continued to smirk.

"Tch, Hmph! That's some cocky attitude you got there, ALRIGHT HERE I GO!" he jumps in up high in the air then to Goku with a smile, "FIRE DRAGON IRON FIST!TRY BLOCKING THIS PAL!"

The Fire Dragon Slayer shows out his fist to Goku's face as he descends from the air, causing anxiety on everyone's faces, especially Mirajane and Cana which causes a massive explosion to the ground that breaks multiple times and yet when Natsu tries to go for a direct hit Goku just casually blocks it with his right index finger.

"WHAT THE FU-... ONE FINGER?!" Natsu yelled

"WHAT THE?!" everyone said.

"Not a bad finisher Natsu, but don't tell me that's all you can do. If so, then buddy, now it's my turn!"

With the finger that was blocking Natsu's fist, Goku begins to spin Natsu around and brings it along with an elbow to the dragon slayer's jaw making to fly straight up to the air. To end the match once and for all Goku wanted to finish it all his way so he teleports in front of Natsu as both are in contact in the air.

"I'll give you props Natsu, you're strong, but not strong enough to beat me"

He finished Natsu off with a devasting kick to his stomach, sending him to the ground, hitting the ground so hard it created a crater as big as a farm. The impact of Natsu hitting the ground was so great the wind knocked the bleachers so hard it caused everyone to fall on their backs and just like that the match was over. Goku flies down.

"Argh, man... my freaking back... what kind of force was that?" Lucy said as he was rubbing his back.

"Guys... look at the battle field... holy shit..." Gray pointed out.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! A simple kicked did that?" Levy said.

"Who do you think won?" Wendy wondered.

"Only one way to find out," Mirajane got up from the bleachers, "Let's get down there!"


And so the spectators made their way to the aftermath of the fight. As they arrive on the scene they could see how everything around them were in pieces. To think that someone other Natsu would do this in a fight. This does raises questions on everyone's mind on Goku.

"There they are!" Lisanna pointed her finger at Goku.

The whole crew ran to Goku...

"Hey Goku, did you win?" Gray asked.

"Mmmm Hmm, well I am the one standing, Natsu's over there btw..." he pointed his left index finger at a 3o clock direction, "I think I went overboard on kicking his stomach.

Happy, Lisanna and Lucy ran to Natsu...

"Hey Natsu! Natsu!"

"It's okay, I managed to hold back just a little bit, he's gonna be unconscious though." Goku said.

"So um, I guess this is the part where we say we were in the wrong. You certainly prove your point with your story Goku." Erza said.

"Uh huh, I told you so. But hey, it's all in the past though, I didn't really expect people from this world to believe me straight away."

"Now I would like to continue this conversation if we could head back to the guild hall" Makarov said.

"Ok that's cool by me, btw do you guys happen to have food? After fighting Natsu, my belly could use some good grub!"

"If you want, I can cook some food up for you to eat, like a reward or something on defeating Goku" Mirajane volunteered.

"That would be a great thing to do Mira! Let's get back to your guild hall then!"

The Fairy Tail Guild Hall...

As Mirajane had promised, she dished up food for Goku to eat. When he chowed down, his humongous appetite shocked everyone. They had never seen anyone eat that fast and so much before. Since Natsu was the defeated one , he got taken in the infirmary room with Lisanna and Happy as they were gonna watch over him.

"So um... how's the food I made"

"MMMM" he gulped, "Mira, it's freakin amazing! Holy crap, I never tasted food this great before! You must have a real talent for cooking! You would make a great wife one day."

"R-Really? Well then... I-I'm g-glad...!" Mirajane embarrassingly said.

"So Goku my boy" Makarov said that got his attention, "From the match alone, we can finally assure you, that your story in general... is believable. I'm sorry for not believing you"

"Nah it's good old man! I'm just glad you guys believe me now, that's all I care about, as of right now"

"I see, well since you're from another world, you're not practically in any guild, are you? How you like to join my guild? We could use such a strong comer such as yourself." Makarov suggested.

"Hmm... I don't know..."

"Being in a guild could help you make lots of friends here, also if you join, you're automatically be considered family."

"I don't know... (I really need to get out of this world and get back to mine. I really want some training done with Whis. But Mira helped and cared for me... oh what to do...)"

"Are you having a hard time deciding?" Mirajane asked.

"Huh oh um... say Mira, would you be happy if I were to join your guild?" Goku said.

"Uh... why are you asking me...?"

"Because you cared for me, so if I were to join I kind of want to prove useful to you guys, especially you as a way of thanks"

Mirajane let out a blush, "Y-Yea... then I would feel honored if you were to join."

"Alrighty then, Gramps, you got yourself a new member!"

Everyone in Fairy tail started to cheer and shit as they had just recruited a new member. Mirajane especially started to feel happy because now she could continue exploring these deep and weird feelings she has whenever she's around Goku. Cana too was happy because from the way Mirajane talks and looks at Goku, she wanted to make her move before the white hair barmaid could.

"Oh and Goku! Since you're a full pledge member, you'll need the symbol of Fairy Tail. Like the rest of you can choose what color you want it to be, so I can stamp it on you."

"Ok, I'll take the color orange since my Gi is orange, and I'd like it on my back."


Goku proceeded to take off his shirt, exposing his muscles and stuff to Mirajane who started to blush from seeing it again. Cana too was blushing but also was getting turned on. Mirajane stamps the symbol on Goku's back and just like that he's now officially one of the newest member of Fairy Tail!

"Welcome to Fairy Tail Goku, hope you'll stick around for a while." Mirajane said.

"I hope so too, because I have a feeling things are gonna be fun around here, (Until I can find a way back to my world, I guess I don't mind playing guild with these people. But... for some reason... why does Mira seem to stick out than other people...? Questions of the unknown...)"

"Welcome to Fairy Tail!" Everyone said.

"Y-Yea...!" Goku replied.
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