Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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1 Entering in The fairy tail verse

When you think about time travel, tell me... does Future Trunks pop up in your mind? After all, he was the one responsible for creating more timelines as soon as he hops inside of his time machine. With every jump there would be catastrophic changes in history, whether it be in the world or the next one. The proper term for that would be the butterfly effect. One big change to this was during the Universe 6 & 7 Tournament Arc where the battle concluded with Goku in SSJ Blue Kaioken x10 managing to pull the win and finishes it with a Kamehameha to Hit where he also fires back with a Ki blast. (A/N: It's like when Goku and Vegeta blast the Kamehameha and Galick Gun to each other back in the Saiyan Saga). What was originally supposed to happen during that battle was that Goku was suppose to fall out of the ring on purpose. And for Hit to do a fake out to Monaka's punch. So, what could be the cause of that sudden change?

The best thing assume here would be time traveling due to it being detrimental on a person's health as it can psychically & mentally mess you up. After the conclusion to the fight and Beerus's wish for Earth to get revived for Universe 6, Goku and friends manage to settle down back at Capsule Corp while Beerus and Whis (who stuffed themselves silly returned to their planet.

After a solid amount of time Goku manages to tame his stomach with the food brought to him, "Buurrrp* Ah man that hit the spot! Nothing like eating after finishing up a tournament! It's true that I love fighting but man, I got to say food would have to be something second that I love!"

"Well, who can blame you Goku, I mean after all it'd be dumb to deny that you don't have a love for food." Bulma looks over at Vegeta as he continues eating. "Vegeta... perhaps you should dial it down a bit on the eating..."

"Hmph, slowing down is for the weak Bulma, and it would seem Kakarot stopped eating which means I won!"

"Kch, does everything have to be a competition with you two? It's like you Saiyan's only agenda in life is to fight and eat 24/7!"

"Well you certainly aren't wrong, it's a Saiyans instinct to do those things, time after time we have surpass our limits and reach an even greater heights! Even a clown like Kakarot knows that."

"HeeHeeHee! Vegeta's right! If there's one thing to take accounted for is that we LOVE to fight! There's nothing more than the feeling of fighting someone strong because it makes my blood boil!"

"Sigh* I know all that and speaking of love... Goku, I'm just wondering about this, are you ever gonna find another woman since you know... you and Chi-Chi broke up? I mean... it wasn't like you to do something like that... No offense but you're not the sharpest tool in the shed."

The breakup happened 2 days right after Goku eliminated Frieza with the Kamehameha where during that event, the "butterfly effect" kicked in on Goku. It was unlike him to do this, but out of nowhere he demanded a divorce. Knowing Goku, he isn't one to speak big words but in this instant he did. Announcing the divorce surprised Vegeta & the others, especially Gohan & Goten. After the divorce Goku & his friends acted as though that them & Chi-Chi shouldn't see each other anymore. Goku demanded this and his friends obey his wish. Vegeta didn't care but on the upside, Chi-Chi still has Goten at her household but at times he likes to rebel.

"Well I hadn't really put much thought into it really, love was never on my mind, in fact I don't even know what love is..."

"I don't expect you to know what love is since you're a fighting freak, listen if you're somewhat interested in love you should ask your son Gohan since he has a wife and a kid after all."

"Heh, well this is just a whole new level of funny, a clown asking for his son for advice for love? Hahahaha!"

"Stop being mean Vegeta! It's not Goku's fault he's an idiot since he was little, and you shouldn't make fun of him since he's an idiot at that stuff..."

"Hahaha, well I wouldn't be if the clown was smart enough to at least know what love is, this is nothing but rich right here."

"Y-You know I'm standing right here you guys..."

Bulma/ Vegeta: "Ok and?"

"Hehe... and um, I'm going to use the bathroom to take a leak..." he stood up and went inside to find the nearest bathroom.

The moment Goku went inside, Vegeta and Bulma were having a conversation to themselves about Goku's odd behavior and actions over the past few days...

"So Vegeta sweetheart, what do you think's wrong with Goku?"

"How should I know? I can't dissect a clown's mind here. But still... for Kakarot to say such weird stuff that came out of his mouth directly... It's very un-Saiyan like..."

"Yeah no kidding... I just wonder what ever comes inside of his mind. Let's just hope it's not something major to frap over of. Still wish the best for him since his divorcement..."


The two saw Goku coming back out from his bathroom break to regroup with them. After a short conversation about him, they pretended they said nothing and just went on to live out their lives until sunset.

Gohan's Place

The scene starts off with Goku in front of Gohan's place as he ask his son about love but in return to do him a favor. "I see but Dad, I'm just wondering here, why are you interested in love anyway? I never thought something like this would come to mind to you."

"Hehe, yea well, Bulma told me about it and I'm somewhat curious and really want to know so if it's not a bother would you mind telling me?"

"Sure, you are my dad after all, but prepare yourself it'll be awhile until we're done so I hope you have the patience..."

Goku was at the fridge picking out food with a sausage hanging from his mouth, "Hmm? Oh Yea don't worry I have all the time in the world son, Whis won't be coming here for a while so I might as well hang tight here. (A/N: Little known fact, since Goku and Chi-Chi are NO longer together and shit, Goku's been crashing it at Gohan's house and he doesn't mind really. He lets his father stay there as much as he needs to, and hell maybe even live forever and such. Chi-Chi still lives in the same old house in the anime and for Goten, he's living with his mom but sometimes likes to rebel and hops on over to see his Dad and brother along with his best friend Trunks.)

Gohan explains what love is to his dad Goku for about 20 plus minutes and for some apparent reason Goku got the gist of it down and wonders how something like that has been slipping away from him every time. His guess must've have been that fighting, and food was on his mind all day everyday and who can blame him. "I-I had no idea it was something like that... is that how you feel towards Videl?"

"Not to her but to Pan too, and to you along with Goten as well. Even mom. It's something like that. Do you feel that way with me and Goten?"

"Yea I sure do, but I don't feel anything though."

"Well I'd be happy to explain more of this to you if you like."

"Oh please do! I'm really eager to learn more"

The door opens and out came none other than the wife of Son Gohan, Videl and their baby child Pan! "Oh Videl you're back!" Gohan walks to Videl to give her a kiss. "Gohan I was only gone for about 20 minutes, sometimes you worry too much." Videl smiles.

Gohan scratches the back of his head, "hehehe, do I? I just can't help it."

"Da!" Pan spur

"Hey there Pan! How's my favorite child doing!"

"DA!" as Pan starts to hover over Gohan and speeds over to Goku in the living room.

"Uh Pan!" Both Videl and Gohan said as the both of them runs towards the living room. Pan was seen being thrown in the air by her grandfather Goku. "Hey there, you two, this your kid?" Goku smirks as he laughs

"Goku? I mean um Dad" Videl said. "I didn't know you'd be here, I thought you were with mister Whis. Guess he's not in session huh?"

"Yea that's right Videl"

"Well it's great that you're here and all I'm just about to brew up some food for us care to join?"

"Would I?!"

Scene Changes to the Fairy Tail Verse

On Earthland lies the human population as everyone there is familiar with magic as such and if magic is involved, being in a guild is involved as well. Guilds are a common thing to everyone since basically everyone on Earthland is in a guild. One guild in particular stands out than any other guild and it's the guild none other than Fairy Tail.

Here in Magnolia, Fairy Tail is known to be one of the strongest guilds ever since they're many highly skilled mages and a couple of S-Ranks mages. But of course, their strength isn't the only thing that's being praise by in Magnolia, it's their friendship of trusting everyone and saying that everyone is family since all in all family is what matters right? Still, although they're well respected and such, they do like to do something that only Fairy Tail would do since it fits them 100%. They were partying like wild bitc- I mean animals.

Coming back from the banquet that the Princess of Fiore threw for them, they were walking back to their guild as every towns people were welcoming them home. Party confetti were blown as most of the Fairy Tail members waved at the people with a smile that brightened up their day even more.

Two days after their victory at the Grand Magic Games, things were back to normal at the guild hall. Well not normal, to kill time the members there were taking on missions, while some others were just in the guild hall doing what they always do. Team Natsu had just returned from some mission they took on and above all else, Natsu was in a happy mood...

"Ahahahaha! That's one mission down and it wasn't even that hard out all! Natsu boasted.

"Aye sir, that missions was super-duper easy as heck!"

"Well maybe it's because Erza, Gray, Juvia and I accompanied you Natsu and beside it was hard, we were just lucky we manage to win that battle." Lucy said.

"She's right Pyro, so don't think for a second that you're hot stuff since you dealt with the final blow!"

"The hell you say to me ice queer? You wanna fight me or something?"

"Thought you never asked, it's about time we sow our guild buddies who's the stronger one here!"

"Heh in your dreams Frosty!"

"No in my dreams they never find your body"

Both of them head butted, "Oh you're just digging your own grave here pal!"

"Oh please that's my line Flamethrower"

"Now, Now, Natsu and Gray if you both want to fight take it out in the Green Plains, I don't want you to destroy this guild with your meddling."

"Tch, Fine by me! LET'S GO1!" both Natsu and Gray said.

Scene Hops back Over to Gohan's Place

The food Videl made was fantastic especially for Goku since he stuffed himself again silly. "AAAHHH oh man that hits the spot!" Goku said.

"Da!" Pan said in agreement

"You like the food too Pan?" Goku said.

"DAAAA!" as she nods

"Videl and Gohan laughs, "So Dad, after everything I told you, you get it now? Love isn't for everyone but if you want to have a crack at it then by my guest, I won't hold you back."

"Oooook then... I am interested in love, but I don't want to think of it now, I just want to focus on fighting and getting stronger so I can fight Lord Beerus." As Goku gets up from the table.

"Sigh* Typical Goku..." Videl said as Gohan chuckle,

"Say dad since you're and such would you mind doing me a favor?" Gohan said.

"Sure son what's up?"

Gohan ran to his room and out came back with a load of textbooks he had borrowed from Bulma and being such a nerd that he is he read through all of them in just in a week. "You see Bulma let me borrow her books for some studies I'm doing at my work place and what she gave me turned out to be the ones I really need in my studies so I'd like you to use your instant transmission to teleport over to her."

"Sure no problem I don't have much to do so I'll just run an errand for you then" as he grabs the textbooks off of him.

"Thanks Dad I owe you one, and tell Bulma I said thanks"

"Right! See Ya!" as Goku disappears using instant transmission

"You two sure are close huh?" Videl said as she smiles.

"I'm his flesh in blood so yea of course, I'm just wondering what might transpired for him since I told him about love and such. "OK PAN!" Gohan clapped his hands, "Time for you to hit the baths!"

"DDAAAA!" Pan said as she flies fast and breaks the window in the living room

"PAN!" Gohan ran out to chase her.

Scene Changes to Capsule Corp...

In Bulma's lab, the mad genius of a scientist herself, had been working on an invention for the past weeks. It was something to protect herself because she thought sometimes she can't always rely on her husband and son so to improvise she decided to make a specific kind of gun that's only fueled on "energy".

"Hey Bulma!" Goku said as he enters the scene.

Bulma turns around and wipers her face, "Hey Goku, you're just in time, oh and my books!" as she walks over to him.

"Yea these are the books you led to my son, and I'm here to deliver them back to you" as he hands over the books.

Bulma gets the textbook off of him and sets them aside from her notes on the table. "Can't thank you enough Goku, oh and since you're mind doing me a favor?"

"Ok, what's up?"

"Right now I made a special kind of gun that runs on energy here so I need something or someone to withstand it with all their might so I can see whether or not it'll be effective later on."

"So basically I'm gonna be your guinea pig in this so-called experiment right?"

Bulma laughs like a maniac, "YEP! Right you are! Vegeta isn't here so you're all I got to try this on!"

"Vegeta isn't here? Where is he? Do you know where he went?"

"Oh him, he went to go train with Whis."

"WHHHAAAATTTT!" Goku yelled, "Whis told me he and Lord Beerus went to have some sort of Destroyer meeting of some sort. Was he lying?!"

"Looks like the cats out of the bag" Bulma sarcastically said, "If you must know, before we headed out to that nameless planet for that tournament, Vegeta and I talked to Whis privately to ask him to give Vegeta some one on one training time. The reason for that is because he saw how you preformed against Hit and thought on how he gotta get even stronger so he told Whis to lie to you about how he'll be busy. Typical Vegeta..."

"Wait, how did Whis agree to all of this?"

"I bribed him with food"

Goku fell on his back comedically, "Sigh* Kind of a low blow from Vegeta if you ask me..."

"I know but there is a plus side to it..."

"How so? What're you thinking Bulma?"

"Instant Transmission... can't you sense Beerus's energy now since you're able to sense God Ki?"

"Oh yeah! That's right how did I forget?!" Goku placed his two fingers on his forehead to try to catch a signal but for no reason he couldn't... "Dang, no dice..."

"Oh really that's a shame..." Bulma said as if she meant it but the total opposite. Meaning this was something Vegeta told Bulma to say to Goku and as for Beerus's Ki not being detectable, well Whis asked him to hid his Ki so it'll un traceable. It was pain but Beerus had done it because he was eating the food that came from Bulma. "Ok so since you're totally available mind stepping on top of that X Mark spot over there?"

"Sure" as Goku proceeds to walk over there.

"Ok here we go" Bulma grabs the gun and waves it at Goku, "Let's test this sucker out!" After about 2 seconds she fires it directly at Goku which at first causes an explosion which covered the room in smoke but later on dialed on. Bulma sees Goku in one piece with no minor injuries meaning it didn't do shit.

"Huh, well... I thought it would do some kind of damage since I made this strong enough to destroy a city but it didn't do the trick with you... Go Figure..."

"Hehehe, it may have not done anything to me but it tickled!"

Just as when Goku was about to finish his sentence a somewhat of a symbol glows below the head of the gun a dark purple miniature aura causing the air to form behind Goku a malicious dark energy wormhole that began to suck him in!

"AAAHH WHAT THE HECK!" Goku turns around.

Bulma was holding onto something but reached out her hand to Goku, "GOKU QUICKLY GRAB MY HAND!"

Goku tries to move forward to reach her hand but no matter what, the force of the wormhole that emulated pulled an even greater force onto Goku, forcing him to struggle even more. "DAMN IT, WHATEVER THIS IS, IT'S NOT LETTING ME REACH YOU BULMA" Goku turns to his to his SSJ state but all it did was absorbed it making the wormhole stronger than it already is. "CRAP, WELL THAT DIDN'T WORK!" The wind that the wormhole did blew Goku's and Bulma's hair at an accelerating rate making it hard for Bulma to see.



In mere moment Goku struggles to put his two fingers on his forehead making the situation even worse, "DAMN IT I CAN'T! THE PRESSURE IT'S GIVING OFF IS TOO STRONG FOR ME TO WEAVE MY FINGERS ON MY FOREHE- AHHH!"

The wormhole manages to grab a lock onto Goku so it was gonna suck him in with no struggle at all. On the bright side everything started to dialed down meaning Bulma was able to run towards Goku trying to catch him but when she manages to get over there, the wormhole along with Goku started to disappear. "Oh No...! GOKU!"

Scene Changes to the Fairy Tail Verse

The entire Fairy Tail guild headed towards the Green Plains as the Master, Makarov had instruction for the match between Natsu and Gray. The members of Fairy Tail sat on the bleachers that some farm folks made for them because it's their way of saying they admired them.

"Ok guys! Place your bets!" Mirajane said, Who will you think will come out as the strongest in this fight? The Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel? Or Will it be Gray Fullbuster who uses Ice Make Magic!?"

"You know, I'd have to give this one to Natsu, we've all gotten a lot stronger but I'm thinking he's the one who's gotten even stronger" Lucy said.

"Tch, how absurd, obviously my darling beloved Gray's the one who will come out on top! Nothing matches him in strength or... in beauty!" as she fangirls

"Well whoever comes out on top gets to fight me, I'm in the mood to fight" Erza said, "Lucy, you said Natsu's gotten a lot stronger than the rest of us? I beg to differ you're forgetting I'm an S-Rank mage here, there's no doubt I can get even stronger too!"

Lucy drops a sweat, "Y-Yea...!"

"Erza's right, getting stronger is something manly, but most of all starting up a fight between two guys who have gotten stronger is just so... MANLY!"

"Does everything have to be manly Elfman?" Evergreen said all annoyed.

"I think Natsu's got this one in the bag since you know, he's my husband after all?"

Mirajane, Erza, Juvia and Lucy blushed, "H-H-Husband?!"

"Hehehe, Well I'm not sure who to root for, both of them are my guild mates..." Wendy said.

"Oh child, there's nothing wrong to picking sides here, it's just a friendly match" Carla insisted.

"Well I'm betting my money on Natsu so you better win flame ball!" Cana said as she drinks.

"Ugh, pointless match, I'm a lot stronger than Frosty and Salamander so why do I have to watch this garbage?" Gajeel said.

"Now, Now Gajeel," Levy said, "Just enjoy the fight here, it's something we could use since we're always fighting with other people."

"Oh Levy you're so smart!" Jet said.

"No one can rival you Levy!" Droy said as he was eating a drum stick.

"Ugh, Fanboys" Gajeel said as he looked at Jet and Droy.

Half the guild placed their bets on Natsu while the other half placed it on Gray. "Now without further ado, let the match BEGIN!" Makarov said.

On high alert Natsu and Gray collided with their fire and ice magic, Natsu throws in a punch landing first blow while Gray responded back with an uppercut. Natsu in the air manages to land on his feet and dashes to Gray again but with 360 right kick to Gray's left hip but dodges. "ICE MAKE HAMMER!"

Gray manages to hit Natsu and slams a few meters away causing him to bleed a little. "Pfft not bad Icy but not good enough! FIRE DRAGON IRON FIST!" Natsu manages to close in on Gray's lower body and lands a blow to his stomach causing him to puke out saliva and blood.

Natsu turns the heat up with a, "FIRE DAGON ROOAAARRR" as flame comes out of Natsu's mouth and straight away heads towards Gray as he gets sent back due to the iron fist, "Kch, if that's how you want to play it, ICE MAKE ARROWS!" as multiple of them manages to overcome the fire from Natsu and after some time now both Natsu and Gray charges towards each other only to land blow for blow to each other (A/N: The same way SSB Goku and True Golden Frieza did to each other above Baba's place with Beerus and Whis watching in Dragon Ball Super Episode 95)Both the boys smirked at each other. The matched was intense and continued until early evening.

"It's always exciting to see my children grow their potential even more by getting stronger because from the looks of it, both Natsu and Gray definitely have gotten a lot stronger and I must say it's a great thing but also a frighten one."

Mirajane laughs, "At this point I'd say the both of might have a chance of reaching S-Rank, that is if they beat Gildarts, Erza and me."

Erza nods her head in agreement, "Mmm Hmm that's right, you're right on the money Mira, and from the looks of it Natsu and Gray are gonna finish it off with this one last attack.

Both Natsu and Gray jumped away from each other and breathed heavily, "Breathes heavily* Breathes heavily* Damn Gray, I hate to admit it but you've really gotten a lot stronger."

"Right back at you Natsu," Gray wipes the blood from his mouth and releases his ice magic, "But hey, we've got to end this fight right now" Gray looks at the sun, "We've been fighting for far too long here so I'd say we should use our special attacks on each other and see who'll come out on top"

Natsu smirked, "Don't blame me if they can't find your body, I guess it is time to end this fight huh"

"Now there's something we both can agree on"

Both Natsu and Gray channeled out their magic out even further and started to charge towards each other. Just at when they were about to land the final blow they stopped at the last second. The clouds started to form around each other causing the sky to turn dark purple which later on ripped open a hole. The guild along side with Natsu and Gray looked up in confusion. "What the..." Erza said.

"Why did the sky turned so dark?" Wendy said.

"I don't know but look! Something's coming out of the hole!" Lisanna said as she pointed towards it. Everyone looks at the hole that was ripping the sky apart and soon sees something coming out of it and it was a large ass meteorite!

"OH SHIT!" Natsu said.

"That... doesn't look manly..."

"Nothing is ever manly Elfman..."

Seeing the situation they were in Natsu and Gray had to stop their match and help destroy that meteorite from touching the ground, "Quickly! We have to destroy that meteor before it causes some colossal damage to Magnolia!"

Everyone nodded their heads right, "RIGHT!"

Both Natsu and Gray was just about to use their magic on the meteor but before they could, the meteor descended at a rate that was faster than the human eye could see and later crashed about a few miles away from Fairy Tail but the collision to the ground caused the ground to form a crater as big as half the size of a spirit bomb. The explosion caused the wind to blow a heavy force on them making it difficult to not only move but to see but it gets dialed down right after the meteor hits.

"Shit, we were too late..." Gray said.

"Well there was nothing we could do since somehow it flew right past us in a blink of an eye" Natsu admitted.

"Natsu! Gray!" Both of them turned around and saw Lisanna and the others running towards them.

"We have to see if anyone was hurt over there, we've got to ensure no one's hurt over there!" Erza said.

"She's right!" Mirajane said, "Let's get a move on!"

Everyone: "Right!"

It took about 3 minutes for them to get there but you know they made it since it's all according to plan I mean they arrived but was shocked when they see a man standing but his clothes torn to shreds, well just his upper Gi though. Gotta keep it PG-13 XD

"Holy... Cow..." Lucy said, "A person was inside of the meteor and he's in one peace... and he's shirtless"

"From the looks of it, that man appears to be hurt..." Erza said pointing it out. She soon looks at his abs and led out a small tinted blush.

"Juvia can't believe how a man like him was inside of a meteor and survive..."

"Yea and his clothes are all ripped, that's not a good thing to do you know" Gray said.

"How ironic," Lucy said.

Cana manages to get a good look on the shirtless man (who was Goku obviously) and was interested in him. She smiles and licks her lips seductively, "He's quite a cutie... wonder if he's single, I'd love to rock his world in many different ways, say if no one's gonna claim this guy, mind if I take a crack at the pretty boy?" Cana said as she closes one eye with her hand aimed back showing her wrist while looking at Goku.

"Take a crack at him? What?" Wendy wondered.

"Hehehe, I just want to make sure he can be nursed back to health with the aid of me of course" Cana said jokingly but meant it in a different way.

"We have Wendy for that" Natsu said being a dense idiot.

"Right you are Natsu!" Cana said as she fake laughs, "(but still... whoever this guy is... I have to make sure no one gets to him before me so I'll make him mine...)"

"Enough with the idle chit-chat guys we've got to help this guy!" Lisanna said.

"Yea Lis is right! We've got to take him back to the guild for Wendy to heal him!" Natsu said.

"Aye sir!"

"Can't we just heal him right here?" Lucy said but was ignored.

Goku who was standing could barely hear what they were saying and instead was having a difficult time hearing much less standing, "(What are these people talking about? Where am I? Man, my vision is so blurry for me to see, I can barely see at all)" Goku moves a bit forward but struggles.

"Crap he's gonna faint quickly someone catch him!" Erza said.

Everyone in Fairy Tall start to go down to help the shirtless Goku and just when he was about to fall forward, a certain white hair Barmaid who was Mirajane caught him." I gotcha" Mirajane said. Goku's face fell on Mirajane's chest causing her to blush a little with Goku unconscious to the core.

Lisanna whistle, "Well, this is awkward..."

Erza, Lucy, Wendy and Levy blushed.

"What a play boy..." Levy said.

"Well that's one way to catch him" Makarov said. "Now get back to the guild and heal this man up to full speed!" Everyone nodded.

Scene Changes to the Guild Hall

In the infirmary hall Wendy manages to heal the wounds off of Goku but tells everyone he'll be out for the next three days which was ok with everyone but it left quite the amount of questions.

"Master," Mirajane said, "Who do you think this man is and why did he fall out of the sky?"

"Hmm that's a good question Mira, we'll just have to wait and see once this man wakes up in three days, oh and"

"And what?"

"He certainly got a good look at you when he... you know..." Makarov smirked, "You looked like you enjoyed it"

Mirajane blushes and tries to change the subject. "M-Master he was unconscious! I had to make sure he'd be comfortable and safe and not in harms way..."

"Sure... would you had done that to me?" Makarov wonders

"Well... I mean Wendy can heal you so..."

"Ahh, what a way to dodge the question Mira (Lucky bastard got to feel Mira's breast before I could... such a lucky bastard!)" Seconds later Makarov sees Goku's upper Gi and asked Mirajane a question. "Say Mira what's that in your arms?"

"Oh this?" Mirajane said "It's the mysterious man's shirt, I'm just gonna do him a favor and try to sow the best I can to ensure it can fit him properly. Right now his shirt was torn to shreds so I'd probably kill some time doing this."

"Ok you do that, as for me I'll just drink so booze see ya in the hall Mira" as Makarov enters the hall.

Mirajane was left alone with Goku who was asleep on the bed, after some time she wonders who could this man be and where did he come from, thinking about wasn't gonna change anything until the three days are up so she decided to head out the door and as she was at the entrance, she wonders to herself. She looks at Goku's face.

"I wonder, who are you... mysterious man...
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