Gods Battle
40 The evolution
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Gods Battle
Author :KrazyWriter
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40 The evolution

Hi guys, how are you ? well ? I hope so, because I am doing well, but unfortunately I won't be able to write for a while and for that I apologize to you.

There are two reasons, the first is that I really got a job, and it takes all my time. And second is that my sister had a son and now she is living here, (I don't live alone yet, with my mother), and because of these factors I'm completely busy... So soon the vestibular notes will come out and I think I'll pass and so my time will be shortened even more.

I apologize to you again, writing this story was really something incredible and I will never abandon it, but at the moment I am starting a new stage of my life and to achieve my goals in the future I will have to leave some things behind.

I hope you can forgive me.



How long has it been? It's dark in here, I think it's night.

[Life time: 97 days and 13 hours]

How many points did I get in all those days?

[Evo-points collected: 99]

The flesh of those dogs no longer gives me points, and my father's wound has been closed for a long time and his blood is now just a delicacy that I see in my dreams, I'm sure I'm fucked, my current state is one of hunger.

I went to the cave entrance and saw two blue moons in the sky, surrounded by thousands of silver stars, I looked down and saw my monkey friend, he completely silver with red eyes and long canines.

He as always waved to me and I waved back, I never went down the mountain, nor to go to that lake of "peace", I think I'll just hunt another common laughing dog.

I walked for another half hour and no dog showed himself to me, in these 90 days I met three kinds of species on this mountain, the laughing dog, the red bird and the armoured mice.

The red bird and an animal with long thin legs and silver feathers, its beak is concave and has the color red, it has four wings and yet does not fly, I tried to kill one and realized that I could not, when in danger the bird turns red and becomes extremely aggressive and twice as fast.

The armored rats are really weak, but they have an abnormal defense, their skin can be harder than my scales, but it is impossible to kill one, not because of the defense but because when it feels in danger it releases a winch and calls all its close friends.

I have never killed a bird or a mouse, both are very annoying have very special characteristics, the dogs are easier to hunt, they hunt alone and do not seem to have much camaraderie.


Ki ?, dogs make ri, something is strange.



Not far from me I saw a grotesque creature, it was a hairy dog, but on its back was a goat's head, the dog's eyes looked lifeless, while the goat looked penetratingly at me.

I turned to run away, but then I heard "clap, clap" was the sound of the dog jumping, its hooves made very distinct sounds, I turned around and realized that there was no point in trying to run away, since it was coming too fast while jumping.

I inflated my chest and spat a ball of fire, something that I became much more proficient in these several days, while in the air the dog goat could not deviate, but from his back appeared a thick green tail, without any hair.

The creature opened its mouth and a small circle appeared around it, and a very viscous gray ball was thrown in my direction, I deflected immediately, but I was barely hit, the ground that was hit in my place turned into a mini crater full of cuts.

The creature was still a bit far away, I'd say about three more jumps and she'd get in front of me, I was at a standstill, my strongest attack couldn't reach it, the tail looked sentient and moved in a strange way.

The hairy body seemed much more robust than that of an ordinary dog, and that goat seemed to possess intelligence far above any bug I had ever encountered.

I only have one option now, strange voice activate evolution.

[Due to the large number of days without using his points the skies gave him 1 Evo-point]

[Evo points: 100]

[Evo-points collected: +1]

[You have reached the evolutionary threshold]

[Choose your destination]

[Baby dragon: fast]
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[Baby dragon: royal vampire]

[Baby dragon: Blood Red]

[Baby dragon: wise]

[Baby dragon: hunter]

[Baby dragon: Runner]

[Baby dragon: survivor]

[Baby dragon: lord]

[Baby dragon: sir]

[Baby dragon: king]

[-r4gon b3by.: @?$!#]

I choose evolution...

"strong... the one who can help mankind in the future"

"choose him"

Several voices invaded my head at that moment, everyone seemed to want something, the sound of the jump of that thing seemed extremely close, without me even noticing anything chose the last option the only one that had a strange color and several wrong letters.

[You chose your fate]

A light fell from the sky and surrounded all my surroundings, dark clouds covered the whole sky, the sound of thunder made the earth tremble, and the earth itself seemed to tremble, all that light began to be absorbed by my body, I felt no pain, in fact I felt nothing.

I closed my eyes and concentrated only on absorbing the light, a warm flame ignited in my chest and that heat spread all over my body, my scales seemed to be burning, but yet I did not feel the pain that should come with fire.

Then came the cold, everything around me looked freezing, the outside of my scales looked freezing, I couldn't understand, the inside was hot and the outside cold, "thump", something seemed to hit me on my back and when I opened my eyes to see what it was I saw everything around me white, it was lightning that hit me.

Several lightning bolts fell from the sky and rained down on me, on my shoulders, wings, back and tail, I wasn't feeling the pain that I had so prepared to feel, heat, cold and endless energy, that's what I was feeling at the time.

The thunder stopped, the heat was going down as well as the cold, everything seemed to be coming back to normal, that's when the goat dog came in front of me, his eyes contained rage, maybe even envy.

[A new source of life has been detected, do you wish to absorb it ?]


Several strange threads came out of my chest and went towards the dog, but they were intercepted by the strange tail, but then the tail was crossed and the threads continued until they touched the dog.

[Essence of the type: earth and air]

The creature felt that he could not block the wires and then tried to escape, but it was already too late, the dog was the first, he began to disappear until it became a brown ball and not long after it was the turn of the goat that became a gray ball.

They both flew towards me and I opened my mouth and swallowed them, then a small hurricane formed around me and several rocks flew randomly, it seems that I was controlling them, but that was not the truth, they were doing what they wanted.

After it was all over I closed my eyes and fell asleep, not caring about the destruction I had caused or the creatures I woke up from their sleep.

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