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Godly Student

Author:Such Ink-like Blood

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Once upon a time, an Alchemist Grandmaster from the World of Immortals accidentally took possession of a playboy, who hailed from a rich and powerful family, and became a student in the middle of his midterms.

By the means of a miraculous immortal technique, he blended in and mingled amongst the femme fatales’ group to dominate the city! The nature of this novel’s or...
《Godly Student》 Text
Chapter 1: Am I Still a Virgin?
Chapter 2: It Never Existed Before
Chapter 3: Prescription!
Chapter 4: Immortal Or Devil
Chapter 5: Partnership
Chapter 6: Simplicity is Happiness!
Chapter 7: Alchemy
Chapter 8: Such a Miracle Happened!
Chapter 9: Becoming a Son-in-Law?
Chapter 10: Quenching Body, Building Foundation
Chapter 11: Saving the School Beauty
Chapter 12: Building Foundation
Chapter 13: Turns Out There are Teachers at School
Chapter 14: In Fact, My Humor has Always Existed
Chapter 15: Boss is Too Unsophisticated!
Chapter 16: Mother-Daughter Disagreemen
Chapter 17: Ignoran
Chapter 18: So This is How To Be a Dean’s Lister
Chapter 19: The Night Marke
Chapter 20: Frigh
Chapter 21 : Meeting Mother-In-Law?
Chapter 22: Public buses are the best kind of transpor
Chapter 23: Mother-in-law tells me not to fall in love
Chapter 24: Impossible for me to dupe you!
Chapter 25: Buying a Car
Chapter 26: I’m Just Asking for Directions!
Chapter 27: The Beautiful Traffic Policewoman Started Crying
Chapter 28: I Must Go Against Heaven’s Will in This Life.
Chapter 29: Everyone is Startled!
Chapter 30: He’s Totally Outrageous
Chapter 31: Was Brought Home by Homeroom Teacher
Chapter 32: Lin Yuhan Had an Accident!
Chapter 33: Killing Off the Blood Wolf Gang
Chapter 34: Rescue!
Chapter 35: Returned Home Safely
Chapter 36: The Might of the Foundation Establishment Realm
Chapter 37: This Young Man Has Such Good Fortune!
Chapter 38: Brought My Female Cousin to Pick Up Girls!
Chapter 39: Buying Another Car From Xu Li
Chapter 40: So What if You Are Director Yang’s Friend?
Chapter 41: Cripple the Two of Them!
Chapter 42: Help Me Look for the Stone
Chapter 43: With Just a Kick, Shocking Everyone
Chapter 44: Disappointmen
Chapter 45: There’s News!
Chapter 46: Journey to Mount Wutai
Chapter 47: The Child Who Stole a Steamed Bun
Chapter 48: The Cultivation World
Chapter 49: Resolving the Evil Incantation
Chapter 50: Spiritual Body
Chapter 51: Teacher Yao Didn’t Punish You?
Chapter 52: The Ice Water Was Too Hot!
Chapter 53: Cultivator?
Chapter 54: Limitless Palace
Chapter 55: The Forced Engagemen
Chapter 56: Han Xue Got Shot!
Chapter 57: I Can Save Her!
Chapter 58: Treatmen
Chapter 59: Miracle?! It Isn’t Scientific
Chapter 60: Lift Up Your Shir
Chapter 61: Are You an Immortal?
Chapter 62: Opposition!
Chapter 63: It’s Really Hard Being Too Handsome!
Chapter 64: Negotiation!
Chapter 65: Such a Good Opportunity Was Destroyed By My Teacher!
Chapter 66: Birthday Party
Chapter 67: Birthday Party Acciden
Chapter 68: Discussion
Chapter 69: Battle of the Foundation Establishment Realm Part 1
Chapter 70: Battle of the Foundation Establishment Realm Part 2
Chapter 71: Discussing Official Business in Kunlun
Chapter 72: Gonna Get Rich!
Chapter 73: Duped!
Chapter 74: A Phone Call From Yao Na
Chapter 75: An Immortal Has Descended To Earth!
Chapter 76: Recreating A Miracle
Chapter 77: Leaving the Hospital
Chapter 78: Taking Mother-in-law Home
Chapter 79: Kiss
Chapter 80: Stunning
Chapter 81: Purpose
Chapter 82: Kunlun People Arrive
Chapter 83: Cheng Yu’s Scheme!
Chapter 84: Continuous Lies
Chapter 85: 100 Million Dollars!
Chapter 86: Han Xue’s Invitation
Chapter 87: Making Fun of a Love Rival Part 1
Chapter 88: Making Fun of a Love Rival Part 2
Chapter 89: Who Kissed!
Chapter 90: The Mystic Arts of Derivation from Living Things
Chapter 91: Controversy in Kunlun
Chapter 92: Something Happened to Mother-In-Law’s Stall!
Chapter 93: Plans!
Chapter 94: Cook Something to Eat!
Chapter 95: Superintendent Wang Forced to Suffer!
Chapter 96: Relieved
Chapter 97: Brilliant Fea
Chapter 98: Fatty Goes to the Nightclub!
Chapter 99: Azure Bamboo Gang
Chapter 100: Heaven Rank Expert?!
Chapter 101: Meng Family Part 1
Chapter 102: Meng Family Part 2
Chapter 103: Meng Wen’s Reques
Chapter 104: Lin Haofan, the Piano Player
Chapter 105: The Most Romantic Date
Chapter 106: I Want You By My Side Forever
Chapter 107: Cooperation with the Meng Family
Chapter 108: Tianyuan Grass
Chapter 109: Washing Marrow Pill
Chapter 110: Helping Lan Ya Cultivate
Chapter 111: Following Yao Na Back Home
Chapter 112: Going Up The Mountains
Chapter 113: Spiritual Origin Tree
Chapter 114: Gigantic Flood Dragon
Chapter 115: Plucking the Spiritual Origin Frui
Chapter 116: Blackmailing from He Jian
Chapter 117: Debate
Chapter 118: Probing
Chapter 119: Ambushed!
Chapter 120: Will You Be Sad?
Chapters 121: Delivering the Immortal Frui
Chapter 122: Another Love Rival?
Chapter 123: Tang Ze
Chapter 124: Pleasantly Surprised Peng Dahai
Chapter 125: Kunlun’s Schemes
Chapter 126: Anticipation
Chapter 127: Encircled by Kunlun
Chapter 128: Risking His Life
Chapter 129: Healing Wounds
Chapter 130: Post-Battle
Chapter 131: Alarmed!
Chapter 132: National Exam
Chapter 133: Completely Unable to Stop!
Chapter 134: Flying Leaves Assassination!
Chapter 135: Fire Dragon Cthulhu?
Chapter 136: Here Comes Another
Chapter 137: You Are Actually A Female?
Chapter 138: Transaction With Shi Ji
Chapter 139: Date with Lin Yuhan
Chapter 140: You Again?
Chapter 141: Wave After Wave
Chapter 142: Miraculous Person
Chapter 143: He’s Only A High School Student?
Chapter 144: Yao Na Is Jealous
Chapter 145: I Will Not Allow You To Leave Me
Chapter 146: Yao Na’s Classmate
Chapter 147: Buying a Car
Chapter 148: Night Attack
Chapter 149: Qi Deviation
Chapter 150: The Frantic Video
Chapter 151: Frightened Yao Na
Chapter 152: Invading the Hong Family
Chapter 153: Cheng Yu Accepts a Disciple
Chapter 154: Helpless Cheng Yu
Chapter 155: Heading to the Capital
Chapter 156: Returning Home
Chapter 157: Gambling a Large Sum of Money
Chapter 158: How Did It Become Like This?
Chapter 159: Long Lost Rear View
Chapter 160: Familiar Stranger
Chapter 161: Selection Begins!
Chapter 162: Most Formidable Man On Earth
Chapter 163: Intimidation
Chapter 164: Encountering Ye Qing Again
Chapter 165: Annoying Xu Qing
Chapter 166: Teaching Martial Arts
Chapter 167: It’s Not Easy To Be An Instructor!
Chapter 168: Mission Of A Soldier
Chapter 169: Spiritual Regulating Technique?
Chapter 170: Military Camp Explosion
Chapter 171: Yang Ziming’s Thoughts
Chapter 172: Requesting Leave
Chapter 173: Negotiation For The Cooperation
Chapter 174: Reaching An Agreemen
Chapter 175: Disclosing His Intentions
Chapter 176: Lan Ya’s Trap
Chapter 177: Last Lesson
Chapter 178: Leaving the Capital
Chapter 179: Farewells
Chapter 180: Entering Kunlun
Chapter 181: Understanding the Cultivation World
Chapter 182: Charging Into Kunlun Alone
Chapter 183: Fighting Within Kunlun
Chapter 184: Going After Easy Prey
Chapter 185: Battle with Kunlun
Chapter 186: Young Rich Man
Chapter 187: Who Is Superior?
Chapter 188: Increasing the Price as the Landlord
Chapter 189: Cheng Yu Reappeared!
Chapter 190: Quickly Escape!
Chapter 191: Do You Eat Chicken Butt?
Chapter 192: You Forced Me
Chapter 193: Kingkong Array!
Chapter 194: Risking One’s Life To Breakou
Chapter 195: Ning Wuji’s Thoughts
Chapter 196: Injury Crisis
Chapter 197: Vile Messy Old Man
Chapter 198: Sparring Partner
Chapter 199: Cheng Yu’s Plan
Chapter 200: Metamorphosis Pearl
Chapter 201: Dangerous Grounds of the Cultivation World
Chapter 202: Someone from Limitless Palace
Chapter 203: Acknowledging a Teacher to Gain Treasures
Chapter 204: Tianshan Sect’s Tian Xue
Chapter 205: Strange Black Clothed Male
Chapter 206: Evolved Dark Flame Wild Lion?
Chapter 207: Mysterious Death Fores
Chapter 208: Five Elements Fatal Formation
Chapter 209: Deadly Swamp
Chapter 211: Mysterious Short Grass
Chapter 210: A Group of One Hundred Defeated!
Chapter 212: Swindling Him Ruthlessly
Chapter 213: Swindled Too Much
Chapter 214: Evils Brought on Ourselves Are the Hardest to Bear
Chapter 215: Golden Core Realm Expert Moves!
Chapter 216: Abnormality!
Chapter 217: Unfathomable Man
Chapter 218: Ning Yan Was Ambushed
Chapter 219: Cheng Yu at Wit’s End
Chapter 220: Rich!
Chapter 221: Breaking Through to Golden Core Realm
Chapter 222: Core Forming Failure?
Chapter 223: Death Bone Tomb!
Chapter 224: Late Night Fierce Battle!
Chapter 225: Dazzling White Ligh
Chapter 226: Temple of Heaven!
Chapter 227: Forming an Alliance Again
Chapter 228: Intriguing Stone Plate!
Chapter 229: Opening the Treasure House
Chapter 230: The Play of Fighting over the Soul Tool
Chapter 231: Fight Between Golden Core Experts
Chapter 232: You Have Enmity With Kunlun?
Chapter 233: Golden Core Detonation
Chapter 234: Being Trapped by the Illusion
Chapter 235: You Actually Had An Egg?
Chapter 236: Blood Contrac
Chapter 237: Meeting Tian Xue Again
Chapter 238: The Irritating Tian Xue
Chapter 239: Senior Sister, You’re Blushing!
Chapter 240: Tian Xue in Danger
Chapter 241: Changes Within Cheng Yu’s Body
Chapter 242: Discovery
Chapter 243: It’s Him!
Chapter 244: Three Golden Cores!
Chapter 245: Highly Anticipated Spiritual Qi Tree!
Chapter 246: Two Options!
Chapter 247: Thousand Flower Palace
Chapter 248: So You’re Afraid!
Chapter 249: If You Didn’t See Wrongly…
Chapter 250: Opening Up The Underground Secret Room!
Chapter 251: Foolishly Excited
Chapter 252: Core Penetration
Chapter 253: Whose Golden Core?
Chapter 254: Exciting War!
Chapter 255: Golden Core Might!
Chapter 256: Using Someone Else’s Strength To Kill Others
Chapter 257: Luring the Tiger away from its Den
Chapter 258: Demonic Sect!
Chapter 259: Dispute!
Chapter 260: Everyone’s Attitude Towards the Information!
Chapter 261: Unfathomable Mystery Battle!
Chapter 262: Gathering Four Keys!
Chapter 263: Nine Different Pathways!
Chapter 264: Art of Derivation from All Living Things?
Chapter 265: Weird Passage?
Chapter 266: You Come from the Secular World?
Chapter 267: An Inevitable Battle
Chapter 268: Biggest Regret?
Chapter 269: Back Again?
Chapter 270: Found It!
Chapter 271: You Are Cheng Yu?
Chapter 272: Not Even a Move!
Chapter 273: Roping In!
Chapter 274: Finding Sisters for my Wives!
Chapter 275: I’m Going to Fight You!
Chapter 276: You Scoundrel!
Chapter 277: In Love with Her?
Chapter 278: Duped?
Chapter 279: Successfully Cheated!
Chapter 280: Depart!
Chapter 281: Decision!
Chapter 282: Cultivating For Who?
Chapter 283: Meeting the Mysterious Black Gown Man Again
Chapter 284: Could It Be Him?
Chapter 285: Extreme Anger!
Chapter 286: Mother? Teacher?
Chapter 287: Two Cheng Yu?
Chapter 288: Heart Demon! Nightmare Beast!
Chapter 289: Dying Off?
Chapter 290: Six Golden Cores!
Chapter 291: Shameless Barking!
Chapter 292: There’s A Reaction!
Chapter 294: The Mysterious Heavenly God Palace
Chapter 293: Dog Bite Dog
Chapter 295: Using God Water To Raise Fishes?
Chapter 296: Moss Green Water Cavern
Chapter 297: Where’s The Treasury?
Chapter 298: A Tide Of Soul Artifac
Chapter 299: Spiritual Crystal Vein!
Chapter 300: Who?
Chapter 301: Declaring War With Kunlun?
Chapter 302: Full Of Nonsense!
Chapter 303: Shocking Killing Move!
Chapter 304: Spiritual Intimidation
Chapter 305: Tagging Along
Chapter 306: Nascent Soul Realm Cultivator, Dong Yong!
Chapter 307: Separation!
Chapter 308: His Head Is Mine!
Chapter 309: Devastating Battle!
Chapter 310: Besiegement In Tianshan!
Chapter 311: Challenging The Sect!
Chapter 312: Lan Ya Had Been Captured!
Chapter 313: Entering Limitless Palace!
Chapter 314: That’s My Disciple!
Chapter 315: Face-slapping
Chapter 316: Gifting Treasures
Chapter 317: Astonishment!
Chapter 318: Dropping By To Gift Treasures
Chapter 319: Love Token
Chapter 320: Qing Xu Was Angered!
Chapter 321: Punishment!
Chapter 322: Purple Wind Chimes!
Chapter 323: The Few Loved Ones?
Chapter 324: Limitless Order!
Chapter 325: Loose Immortal!
Chapter 326: Awakening Of Soul Suppressor!
Chapter 327: Devious Qing Xu!
Chapter 328: Something Wrong!
Chapter 329: Cultivator Guang Dao Appears!
Chapter 330: Heaven Tribulation!
Chapter 330: Heaven Tribulation!
Chapter 331: The Secret Of Soul Suppressing Pagoda
Chapter 332: Missing Daughter In Law
Chapter 333: He’s Here!
Chapter 334: Crashing Of Sect Gate, Begins!
Chapter 335: It’s possible this way?
Chapter 336: Got Crush To Death?
Chapter 337: Caught In A Bitter Struggle!
Chapter 338: Became Dregs This Time?
Chapter 339: 3rd Checkpoin
Chapter 340: Cheng Yu Got Sealed!
Chapter 341: The Situation Intensify!
Chapter 342: Finally Got Out!
Chapter 343: Surrender!
Chapter 344: Fight!
Chapter 345: Insufficient Strength!
Chapter 346: Finally Erupted!
Chapter 347: One Wave After Another!
Chapter 348: Who’s More Deserve To Die?
Chapter 349: Cheng Yu Died!
Chapter 350: War With Kunlun!
Chapter 351: Kunlun Grand Ancestor!
Chapter 352: Fake Wife?
Chapter 353: I Wanna Bring Him Home!
Chapter 354: 7-Star Yin Yang Soul Recallment Technique!
Chapter 355: Survive?
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