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An arrival of an origin ability. Many fearful beasts interweaved. Humans with superpowers blooming like mushrooms. Su Hao is just an ordinary 3rd year high school student who had mastered a low level origin ability “Model analysis”. However, when he was creating a character model in his mind by analyzing the opposing side’s ability, a crazy idea echoed in his mind. What would happen if he creates a model for the whole world? This would imply that he —– Could Control The World! Siêu Thần Kiến Mô Sư 超神建模师
《Godly Model Creator》 Text
Chapter 0001 The era of origin ability
Chapter 0002 A change in ability
Chapter 0003 White dressed girl
Chapter 0004 To master by immersing oneself
Chapter 0005 First sign of budding talent
Chapter 0006 Origin ability firm
Chapter 0007 The era of darkness
Chapter 0008 The cheating recovery medicine
Chapter 0009 Berserk master
Chapter 0010 Police fighting technique
Chapter 0011 Overdrafting to the extreme
Chapter 0012 Self-harming medicine
Chapter 0013 Encountering a Zanzheng college student
Chapter 0014 To kill!
Chapter 0015 A sense of purpose
Chapter 0016 A generous reward
Chapter 0017 A valiant confession
Chapter 0018 Brother, why need to make things difficult for brother?
Chapter 0019 Heaven will reward the diligent!
Chapter 0020 ‘Viper’ appeared
Chapter 0021 A fierce battle with Sun Yaotian
Chapter 0022 Fighting essence
Chapter 0023 Final madness
Chapter 0024 Su Hao’s transformation
Chapter 0025 24 hours of panic state
Chapter 0026 Magnificent transformation
Chapter 0027 Super breakthrough!
Chapter 0028 Combat training
Chapter 0029 Theoretical foundation
Chapter 0030 Everlasting model
Chapter 0031 Mysterious black box
Chapter 0032 One explosive shock after another
Chapter 0033 Stunning everyone!
Chapter 0034 Combat exam
Chapter 0035 Strong like a storm
Chapter 0036 Brilliantly dispatching opponents
Chapter 0037 Dispatching opponents again!
Chapter 0038 Brother is going to cheat
Chapter 0039 The king!
Chapter 0040 Why are you being a tsundere?
Chapter 0041 Noble circles are really a mess
Chapter 0042 Mysterious subway
Chapter 0043 Battle of honor!
Chapter 0044 Bold and unrestrained tutorial teacher
Chapter 0045 A mad choice
Chapter 0046 Bolder and more unrestrained teacher
Chapter 0047 Rigid target
Chapter 0048 Challenge from repeaters
Chapter 0049 VIrtual reality
Chapter 0050 New embodiment of ability!
Chapter 0051 Zhao Feng, the prince of close combat
Chapter 0052 King of repeaters, Bai Xiao Sheng
Chapter 0053 School activity
Chapter 0054 Fraudulent school store
Chapter 0055 Hungry for task points!
Chapter 0056 Field exploration
Chapter 0057 A generous reward
Chapter 0058 An adopted lolita
Chapter 0059 Nostalgia
Chapter 0060 I hate loli!
Chapter 0061 Piao Ling Organization
Chapter 0062 Another confrontation
Chapter 0063 Groundless accusation
Chapter 0064 Little loli the devil
Chapter 0065 The cost of making the move
Chapter 0066 Strategy to attract lolicon
Chapter 0067 A fatal blow from sky
Chapter 0068 You have slept with my daughter?
Chapter 0069 Taking part in an dishonest deal
Chapter 0070 Little fox confronting old fox
Chapter 0071 The mighty bookworm
Chapter 0072 The younger times of Master Zhang
Chapter 0073 Making for the first time
Chapter 0074 The attitude of a great master
Chapter 0075 Formally accepting disciple
Chapter 0076 New drug
Chapter 0077 Ranking reward
Chapter 0078 Nine successive victory
Chapter 0079 Blue dream butterfly
Chapter 0080 Weird thing
Chapter 81 The mastermind behind the plot
Chapter 0082 Deploying bomb
Chapter 0083 Mysterious organization
Chapter 0084 Finding some troubles for Sun family
Chapter 0085 Collapse
Chapter 0086 Beginner variant esper
Chapter 0087 Mysterious voice
Chapter 0088 Blue dream butterfly, who are you exactly?
Chapter 0089 Sweeping whole world
Chapter 0090 Man in white
Chapter 0091 The identity of blue dream butterfly
Chapter 0092 Are you an undercover sent by those repeaters?
Chapter 0093 The eve of the battle of honor
Chapter 0094 Record Breaking
Chapter 0095 Dark forest
Chapter 0096 Planning a trap
Chapter 0097 The freshmen's counterattack
Chapter 0098 Indistinguishable path
Chapter 0099 Teaming up to face enemy
Chapter 0100 The trash who was called a dog
Chapter 0101 Li Xin’s origin ability
Chapter 0102 Ice crystal defense
Chapter 0103 The rapid six seconds!
Chapter 0104 A terrifying opponent!
Chapter 0105 Personal ranking
Chapter 0106 A generous reward
Chapter 0107 Preparing to cheat again
Chapter 0108 Chen Yiran’s choice
Chapter 0109 Su Hao’s aim
Chapter 0110 Killing three birds with a stone
Chapter 0111 Practicing body forging technique
Chapter 0112 You dare to be teased back?
Chapter 0113 Falling stars
Chapter 0114 Come, have a kiss
Chapter 0115 Model world
Chapter 0116 Master of construction
Chapter 0117 Sprouting of amorous feeling
Chapter 0118 All kinds of taking advantage
Chapter 0119 Rushing to be a certified pharmacist
Chapter 0120 A beautiful story unfolds
Chapter 0121 Too lively!
Chapter 0122 Master’s support
Chapter 0123 Brother is actually here to bomb the judges
Chapter 0124 Appearing in a domineering fashion
Chapter 0125 Star grass emperor
Chapter 0126 Time to win
Chapter 0127 Vibrating hand
Chapter 0128 Pulling a chestnut from a fire
Chapter 0129 Each staggering step
Chapter 0130 Not entirely true nor false
Chapter 0131 Great lord Zhang
Chapter 0132 Killing technique
Chapter 0133 Concert
Chapter 0134 Mysterious pianist
Chapter 0135 Alarmed
Chapter 0136 I love you so much
Chapter 137 Piano’s origin ability technique
Chapter 0138 Awaken
Chapter 0139 Challenge
Chapter 0140 Origin ability refinement
Chapter 0141 Different talent
Chapter 0142 Coming of age ceremony
Chapter 0143 Sun Yaotian’s card
Chapter 0144 Repaying kindness
Chapter 0145 Who is the white killer?
Chapter 0146 Evaluate
Chapter 0147 Old wine
Chapter 0148 Machinery wine factory
Chapter 0149 Fleeing in an absurd manner
Chapter 0150 Battlefield
Chapter 0151 Pulling bow, shooting bird
Chapter 0152 Anomaly
Chapter 0153 Mysterious chicken farm
Chapter 0154 The importance of mastering foreign languages
Chapter 0155 Evolution
Chapter 0156 Evolving
Chapter 0157 Life or death crisis
Chapter 0158 Rapid analysis
Chapter 0159 - Universally Shocking
Chapter 0160 Chase and kill
Chapter 0161 Another encounter with Piao Ling
Chapter 0162 New ability
Chapter 0163 An unbelievable shot
Chapter 0164 Yet another missed shot
Chapter 0165 Underground ice ape
Chapter 0166 All Dead
Chapter 0167 Purging
Chapter 0168 Who is the bird?
Chapter 0169 Chase and Kill in Forest
Chapter 0170 Sun family’s man
Chapter 0171 Substituting one for another
Chapter 0172 Black Hand behind the Scene
Chapter 0173 Dao Ba the grimreaper
Chapter 0174 Redeeming the reward
Chapter 0175 The Perseverance during those Years
Chapter 0176 Breakthrough!
Chapter 0177 Are you willing to be my disciple?
Chapter 0178 What’s done is done, it’s too late to change anything now
Chapter 0179 Sun Yaotian’s gift
Chapter 0180 Old acquaintance
Chapter 0181 A Bitter First Love
Chapter 0182 Perfect romance
Chapter 0183 Toying with You Until Death!
Chapter 0184 Shocked
Chapter 0185 Energy weapon
Chapter 0186 Endless massacre
Chapter 0187 Camouflage Artifact
Chapter 0188 The real era of origin ability
Chapter 0189 There is always a mishap in plans…
Chapter 0190 Mechanical Bird Beast
Chapter 0191 Battle bet
Chapter 0192 2/8 principle
Chapter 0193 Being refused till the end…
Chapter 0194 Bitter Talent
Chapter 0195 Route of development
Chapter 0196 Intimidation Strength
Chapter 0197 Construction studio
Chapter 0198 Hu Pai’s identity
Chapter 0199 Perfect simulation
Chapter 0200 Solidification!
Chapter 0201 Crisis of Competition
Chapter 0202 Derivation!
Chapter 0203 Card!
Chapter 0204 A Coin which lead to a Murder Case
Chapter 0205 Hatred settled cleanly
Chapter 0206 Rising flame
Chapter 0207 What’s So Great?
Chapter 0208 Marry me
Chapter 0209 The Game of Power
Chapter 0210 The Reemergence of the Man in White
Chapter 0211 Who is the Truly Shady One?
Chapter 0212 Origin ability storm!
Chapter 0213 Retribution?
Chapter 0214 Mysterious task
Chapter 0215 A Godly Technique of Model Analysis!
Chapter 0216 Crisis! Identity Exposed!
Chapter 0217 Mysterious Coin
Chapter 0218 Counter-Analysis
Chapter 0219 Massacre!
Chapter 0220 Mysterious Card
Chapter 0221 Ancient Martial Art Appeared!
Chapter 0222 A Showdown of Life and Death!
Chapter 0223 Real or Fake Man in White?
Chapter 0224 A Misunderstanding
Chapter 0225 This Madman!
Chapter 0226 Goodbye, Captain Meng Tai.
Chapter 0227 Bright Fireworks
Chapter 0238 Threatening
Chapter 0229 A Battle Between Hundreds of Cities!
Chapter 0230 The Domineering Origin Ability Association
Chapter 0231 Pathfinders!
Chapter 0232 The Best Opportunity
Chapter 0233 Insane Feast
Chapter 0234 Death Event
Chapter 0235 Another Three Star Card!
Chapter 0236 A Hardworking Young Man
Chapter 0237 Hidden Murderous Intent
Chapter 0238 Comrade Yao Courting His Own Death
Chapter 0239 A Young Man who Touched the Whole World in this New Era.
Chapter 0240 Left Eye Reality, Right Eye Illusion!
Chapter 0241 Two Worlds!
Chapter 0242 Sudden Increase in Strength
Chapter 0243 Unnecessary Death!
Chapter 0244 Godly Technique in Hand
Chapter 0245 A Grand Scheme!
Chapter 0246 Virtue is One Foot Tall, the Devil Ten Foot!
Chapter 0247 A Dangerous Chase and Kill
Chapter 0248 Black giant ape
Chapter 0249 Six senses drug
Chapter 0250 A Desperate Confrontation
Chapter 0251 Bury One Alive!
Chapter 0252 Yet another unexpected incident happening…
Chapter 0253 How to save oneself from inferno blaze?
Chapter 0254 New lease of life
Chapter 0255 Settlement of Longing After Someone
Chapter 0256 Five star card
Chapter 0257 Amusing chat
Chapter 0258 Not easy to act as a rogue
Chapter 0259 Girl, want to sleep with me?
Chapter 0260 Those eggs which were destroyed with a kick
Chapter 0261 Air gun turned into big cannon
Chapter 0262 Fusion of spirit and body
Chapter 0263 Declaring war!
Chapter 0264 What’s there to be afraid of?
Chapter 0265 Breakthrough with every strength!
Chapter 0266 Zhonghe Property
Chapter 0267 Esper invading!
Chapter 0268 Wild summon!
Chapter 0269 Kill!
Chapter 0270 Iron Plate Assassin!
Chapter 0271 Sway someone through pillow talk
Chapter 0272 Wasn’t this a bit too much?
Chapter 0273 Master, what the heck are you doing?
Chapter 0274 Who is the predator!
Chapter 0275 Sun Batian’s strength!
Chapter 0276 A Game of Chase and Kill
Chapter 0277 You’re similar to Su Hao
Chapter 0278 Lose or win?
Chapter 0279 I will wait for you to come out!
Chapter 0280 Breakthrough!
Chapter 281 A gift in the small box!
Chapter 282 Transform! Energy model!
Chapter 0283 Today, I want you to die!
Chapter 0284 A battle full of surprise!
Chapter 0285 Absolutely won’t lose!
Chapter 0286 Mountain crash! Water split!
Chapter 0287 An absolute slaughter
Chapter 0288 Demonstrating one’s sincerity by dying!
Chapter 289 It was you!
Chapter 0290 Sun Yaohui’s move
Chapter 0291 Stop teasing me
Chapter 0292 Jin family making their move
Chapter 0293 Enough messing around?
Chapter 0294 An era filled with talents!
Chapter 0295 Are you sure you want to kneel?
Chapter 0296 Global competition!
Chapter 0297 Refining oneself
Chapter 0298 Cold blooded animal
Chapter 0299 Who dares to fight me?
Chapter 0300 Rampage! Absolutely unrestrained!
Chapter 0301 Dear, run faster!
Chapter 0302 Reward’s convenient arrival
Chapter 0303 Poke through a hornets’ nest
Chapter 0304 You’re self-centered!
Chapter 0305 The Final Battle of Honor
Chapter 0306 Xinghe sword!
Chapter 0307 Volcanic purgatory
Chapter 0308 Absolute control
Chapter 0309 Acting behind the scene
Chapter 0310 Meeting Fang Lin again
Chapter 0311 Beheading operation
Chapter 0312 Heaven revelation
Chapter 0313 Forcing one to death step by step
Chapter 0314 Internal strife
Chapter 0315 Confrontation
Chapter 031 Zhou Wang’s trump card
Chapter 0317 One versus fifty
Chapter 0318 Lin Wei’s ability talent
Chapter 0319 Glory
Chapter 0320 Encryption and decoding
Chapter 0321 Condensation, Creation, Transformation
Chapter 0322 10 layer overlay
Chapter 0323 Magnetic field repulsion
Chapter 0324 Model collapsed
Chapter 0325 A new direction for research
Chapter 0326 Notice on federal college entrance exam changes
Chapter 0327 The real aim of the repeaters
Chapter 0328 Drug of era ahead
Chapter 0329 Being cheated again
Chapter 0330 Luck
Chapter 0331 The start of college entrance exam!
Chapter 0322 A Bluestone Platform
Chapter 0333 Decathlon
Chapter 0334 Extremely daring!
Chapter 0335 So cute, it must be a male
Chapter 0336 Stirring the whole world!
Chapter 0337 Hidden test
Chapter 0338 Challenging limit
Chapter 0339 Every kind of skill
Chapter 0340 New Name
Chapter 0341 The King of Taunting
Chapter 0342 Can’t blame the society for being unlucky
Chapter 0343 You are your own brother-in-law
Chapter 0344 Fighting technique test
Chapter 0345 You have gone overboard
Chapter 0346 How to win?
Chapter 0347 Man in green
Chapter 0348 Inner force
Chapter 0349 If we say yes, then it is so!
Chapter 0350 What’re you trying to do?
Chapter 0351 Something lacking
Chapter 0352 Global attention!
Chapter 0353 So dazzling!
Chapter 0354 The first ability talent
Chapter 0355 Extremely fast pace
Chapter 0356 Rapid elimination!
Chapter 0357 Stage cleared
Chapter 0538 Result of the assessment
Chapter 0359 A group instant kill
Chapter 0360 Weak?
Chapter 0361 The final decisive battle?
Chapter 0362 Problems arise
Chapter 0363 Ascending to the top
Chapter 0364 Shaking one to the core
Chapter 0365 Legend
Chapter 0366 Grade S ability talent
Chapter 0367 Self assessment!
Chapter 0368 Forwarded battle
Chapter 0369 Origin code library
Chapter 0370 Close battle
Chapter 0371 Progress bar vanished
Chapter 0372 Who is number one?
Chapter 0373 Glory
Chapter 0374 The end of theoretical and beginning of comprehensive
Chapter 0375 Hide and seek is the most loathed
Chapter 0376 A bugged ability talent
Chapter 0377 A bookworm is amazing!
Chapter 0378 Substitute model
Chapter 0379 Draw a circle and curse you
Chapter 0380 A way to end the battle in one strike
Chapter 0381 A new challenge
Chapter 0382 A battle of future!
Chapter 0383 Tian Zi’s Strength
Chapter 0384 An unbelievable counterattack
Chapter 0385 Final hour
Chapter 0386 Unexpected challenger
Chapter 0387 Assassination technique
Chapter 0388 Was that intentional?
Chapter 0389 Mountain peaks
Chapter 0390 Brothers, charge!
Chapter 0391 A familiar feeling
Chapter 0392 A desperate fight
Chapter 0393 A miracle
Chapter 0394 That kid is interesting
Chapter 0395 Jianghe City is changing
Chapter 0396 Abandoned
Chapter 0397 You shouldn’t have said that
Chapter 0398 Goal: Realization
Chapter 0399 Analysis of inner force
Chapter 0400 Headquarter
Chapter 0401 Berserk lion
Chapter 0402 Challenge!
Chapter 0403 Weakness
Chapter 0404 Just a step away from a professional esper
Chapter 0405 Method to counter
Chapter 0406 5 star godly technique!
Chapter 0407 Incoming storm
Chapter 0408 The battle to become a capital city!
Chapter 0409 Ability talent evaluation
Chapter 0410 Sharing luck and fortune
Chapter 0411 Strong killing intent!
Chapter 0412 Reverse scale!
Chapter 0413 Honeymoon
Chapter 0414 Sudden appearance of a killing god!
Chapter 0415 Shoot your damn face!
Chapter 0416 Why do so in front of my face
Chapter 0417 Couldn’t accept the challenge!
Chapter 0418 I Fell
Chapter 0419 Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 0420 Intelligent model
Chapter 0421 Su Hao VS Jiu Hefeng
Chapter 0422 Bitter fight
Chapter 0423 This is illogical!
Chapter 0424 Ambition!
Chapter 0425 I won
Chapter 426 Green hat turtle
Chapter 427 New concept!
Chapter 428 Strong!
Chapter 429 An angry roar!
Chapter 430 Bai Wu, an unbelievable counterattack!
Chapter 431 Return!
Chapter 432 Provocation!
Chapter 0433 What path to take?
Chapter 0434 Absolutely not giving up!
Chapter 0435 Will I die?
Chapter 0436 Recreation of the Killing God!
Chapter 0437 Confrontation at the lake
Chapter 0438 Tricked again
Chapter 439 Sea of energy
Chapter 440 Covering the whole city!
Chapter 0441 Origin void technique
Chapter 0442 Once again!
Chapter 443 A rapid sprint!
Chapter 444 The worry of the professional espers!
Chapter 445 Perfect fusion
Chapter 446 Being targeted?
Chapter 447 Du Wen’s ability talent
Chapter 448 Sandstorm!
Chapter 0449 Origin ability
Chapter 450 Regaining Consciousness!
Chapter 451 Special Ability Talent!
Chapter 452 Extermination!
Chapter 453 The buried truth
Chapter 454 Berserk beast’s aura!
Chapter 455 Scaring the hell out of this daddy
Chapter 456 Huge falcon
Chapter 457 Crazy Challenger Demon!
Chapter 458 The start of the decisive battle
Chapter 459 War of Attrition
Chapter 460 Retreat!
Chapter 461 Suppression!
Chapter 462 Fake invincibility!
Chapter 463 A New World!
Chapter 464 Spiritual Battle
Chapter 465 Why did you help me breakthrough?
Chapter 466 6-Star Card!
Chapter 467 Jianghe City
Chapter 468 Two kinds of worlds
Chapter 469 War Preparation
Chapter 470 Origin Avatar!
Chapter 471 Beast Tide is Approaching!
Chapter 472 Federal Army
Chapter 473 The Start of A Chaotic Fight
Chapter 474 Berserk Beasts’ Goal!
Chapter 475 Lan Tingxu’s Resolve!
Chapter 476 The King Level Beasts’ Attack!
Chapter 477 Protect!
Chapter 478 Berserk Beasts’ Determination
Chapter 479 Thunder King!
Chapter 480 Origin Solution!
Chapter 481 The Brink of Desperation!
Chapter 482 Graceful like a goddess
Chapter 483 It’s you?
Chapter 484 Pseudo Invincible
Chapter 485 Energy Ocean
Chapter 486 Absolute Light!
Chapter 487 Flipping Over the Cloud to Cover Rain
Chapter 488 Has it ended?
Chapter 489 Where is the problem?
Chapter 490 Hope Shattered!
Chapter 491 Is it possible to revive?
Chapter 492 Holding hands
Chapter 493 Awakening
Chapter 494 This world has a problem!
Chapter 495 The beast battlefield
Chapter 496 A death mission
Chapter 497 A deranged world
Chapter 498 Hei Tian!
Chapter 499 A celebratory feast
Chapter 500 Your whole family is human!
Chapter 501 Unforgivable!
Chapter 502 Waiting for the Opportunity
Chapter 503 Su Tiancheng’s Aim
Chapter 504 Su Hao’s fury
Chapter 505 The powerful esper
Chapter 506 Transformation
Chapter 507 Panic mode!
Chapter 508 Asking his own heart
Chapter 509 Tian Long Court
Chapter 510 The Best Military Force
Chapter 511 The strongest esper!
Chapter 512 First Time in the College
Chapter 513 Energy refinement!
Chapter 514 Records are made to be broken!
Chapter 515 Energy Glutton
Chapter 516 Course Credit?
Chapter 517 36 Credit System!
Chapter 518 GPA
Chapter 519 Humiliation!
Chapter 520 Rescue
Chapter 521 Mysterious Present!
Chapter 522 The problem of this world
Chapter 523 Earthbreaker
Chapter 524 High Difficulty
Chapter 525 The True Earthbreaker
Chapter 526 They must never be allowed to meet
Chapter 527 Moon in the Sea
Chapter 528 One Hundred Steps Ladder
Chapter 529 A Battle with Mirror Image
Chapter 530 Thanks; You’re welcome
Chapter 531 Just Want to Meet Her Once
Chapter 532 Thanks for Letting Me Know that You’re Fine
Chapter 533 Mentality
Chapter 534 Specialty Selection
Chapter 535 An Indescribable Attack
Chapter 536 A Deceitful Jealousy
Chapter 537 A terrifying ability
Chapter 538 Closely Linked to One Another
Chapter 539 Hacker Invasion
Chapter 540 Desperate Hacker
Chapter 541 If One Can’t Stand It, There’s No Need to Bear It Any Longer!
Chapter 542 Just a little bit more
Chapter 543 A Hacking Battle
Chapter 544 What Happened to This World
Chapter 545 Sniping Hacker
Chapter 546 A Crazy Confrontation
Chapter 547 You Dare To Catch Him?
Chapter 548 Double Hypnosis!
Chapter 549 A Narrow Mind Game
Chapter 550 The One Behind the Scenes
Chapter 551 Comprehend
Chapter 552 Improvement
Chapter 553 Settling the Dispute
Chapter 554 Origin Mercury Technique
Chapter 555 Dark Moon Dream Destroyer
Chapter 556 Ji Xuehai
Chapter 557 Conspiracy Exposed
Chapter 558 A Cruel Reality!
Chapter 559 Ji Xuehai’s Terrifying Strength
Chapter 560 The Might of Dark Moon
Chapter 561 Li Tiantian’s Instructions
Chapter 562 Mysterious Card!
Chapter 563 Spacegoat
Chapter 564 Rapid Training
Chapter 565 Grade AA?
Chapter 566 Advance by Leaps and Bounds
Chapter 567 Tian Xingfeng
Chapter 568 A Mellow Running Path
Chapter 569 Challenge!
Chapter 570 Potential exhausted?
Chapter 571 Intolerable Bullying
Chapter 572 Who is the Sacrificial Victim!
Chapter 573 School District’s Teacher!
Chapter 574 A Confrontation with Domain Realm Expert!
Chapter 575 Explode for Daddy!
Chapter 576 Strength of Domain Realm!
Chapter 577 Body Struggle!
Chapter 578 Can’t Seek Death!
Chapter 579 Kill Anyone Who Appears
Chapter 580 Tian Family Made a Move!
Chapter 581 Threat?
Chapter 582 A Chaotic Battle!
Chapter 583 Su Hao’s Goal!
Chapter 584 Obtaining a Piece of Peace!
Chapter 585 The First Generation Esper
Chapter 586 Depart
Chapter 587 Department of Illusion Techniques
Chapter 588 Wretched Fatty
Chapter 589 Zhang Family
Chapter 590 Strange Seal!
Chapter 591 Consumption!
Chapter 592 Beginner Class 8
Chapter 593 Enemy? Kill!
Chapter 594 The Past Hatred!
Chapter 595 Flower Illusion Technique
Chapter 596 Prodigy?
Chapter 597 Insulator
Chapter 598 A Confrontation of Illusion Technique!
Chapter 599 Illusion Domain
Chapter 600 Illusion Technique Essence
Chapter 601 Mobile Jackpot
Chapter 602 Su Minghui's Strength!
Chapter 603 Realistic Illusion Technique!
Chapter 604 Ocean of Fog
Chapter 605 Darkness Consumes Darkness!
Chapter 606 - Lending Someone a Knife to Kill
Chapter 607 - Powerful Reality Illusion Technique
Chapter 608 - This is also possible?
Chapter 609 - Jumping for Dumplings
Chapter 610 - A Sudden Crisis!
Chapter 611 - Grand Illusion
Chapter 612 - One Versus Twelve!
Chapter 613 - Total Annihilation!
Chapter 614 - Unlimited Improvement!
Chapter 615 - Ocular Technique
Chapter 616 - Rules!
Chapter 617 - Ambush?
Chapter 618 - Urgent Feeling
Chapter 619 - The True Illusion Technique
Chapter 620 - She Shouldn't Appear!
Chapter 621: Bane of Others' Existence
Chapter 622: A Situation Outside of One’s Expectations!
Chapter 623: Broken Dream!
Chapter 624: Radiance of Extreme
Chapter 625: Breakthrough! Breakthrough!
Chapter 626: Surpassing Everyone from The Past!
Chapter 627: Desperate Measures
Chapter 628: Battle Between World Espers!
Chapter 629: Little Black Room
Chapter 630: Ten Years of Self Tempering
Chapter 631: My World
Chapter 632: Incubate
Chapter 633: Fatty