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1511 The Original Symbol Embryo

According to the experts who knew the features of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, it was a tool that the Absolute Beginning creatures used to create an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. In this recent era, there was no complete Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol was usually a supernatural power of a power Upanishad, a principle of Nature. It was the utmost appearance of a power Upanishad.

For example, a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. It was a theorem.

The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol was more magical than that. It contained the theorems of a power Upanishad. To the warriors with the relevant power Upanishad, getting a supernatural power from the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol meant having the utmost understanding of that power Upanishad.

It helped the warriors advance their cultivation further!

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower created the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. It was a complicated and struggling process. First, they needed to collect the souls cultivating the same power Upanishad. They had to start from the lowest realm to the highest realm, slowly melting them. It took a lot of time indeed.

That's what Shi Yan knew about the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol.

However, at this moment, Shi Yan was using the Soul Consciousness to check the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. He found the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower on his co-soul become giant. It had hundreds of levels and the level at the very bottom had brilliant light that moved like tentacles.

The pure energy from his acupuncture points was attracted to the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. It became beams of electricity that got into the lowest level of the tower. The soul energy from the black hole also diffused and reached that level of the tower.

The mysterious changes happened at this moment!

From the lowest level, the windows that kept the souls inside the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower lit up one after another from the bottom to the top.

At first, The hundreds-leveled tower lit up the windows at a normal pace. However, as more pure energy poured into the tower, the windows lit up faster. At first glance, this giant tower was like a skyscraper that had lights switched on that made the entire tower shine dazzlingly.

A chunk of turbulent air wiggled in each window. Then, it became a magical tadpole symbol that changed continuously.

Atop the tower, an ivory substance that was between a liquid and rigid state hovered. Like a moon, it emitted immense light. It showed magic as if it could become an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol.

"The Original Symbol Embryo!"

A strange term flashed in his head. Shi Yan was bewildered for a moment before he could get it.

- It was Desolate's memory in his co-soul!

Desolate knew that ivory substance. That thing was the Original Symbol Embryo, which could become the real Absolute Beginning Original Symbol with a specific power Upanishad!

This Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was more magical than he had thought. Also, apparently, it was different from the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower Mei Ji, Montecie, and Hiro knew!

The tower didn't require collecting souls of warriors cultivating the same power Upanishads to create the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. When it got enough God power and soul power, it could create the Original Symbol Embryo, which the owner could mark with an attribute of power Upanishad to create a new Absolute Beginning Original Symbol!

He was so stimulated that he didn't mind his naked body. Mei Ji's beautiful eyes had a strange light while her round rear end was on his lap. Her two hands were placed against his broad torso, her face red.

Using the Soul Consciousness to check for a while, Shi Yan could confirm that it was the Original Symbol Embryo that could become a real Absolute Beginning Original Symbol.

However, he wasn't so sure if it was safe or not. He hesitated and didn't carve his power Upanishad or Mei Ji's power Upanishad in it.

Pondering for a while, he thought about Emperor Sea Shark. He opened his eyes and asked Mei Ji to put on her clothes. He shrouded black brocade robes around his body. "The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower has some marvelous changes. It seems like it has an Original Symbol Embryo now. If we carve an attribute of a power Upanishad on it, it will become a new Absolute Beginning Original Symbol."

"How can it be?" Mei Ji was dumbstruck. "I heard from my Grannie that it was very complicated to create an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. I've told you before. It requires warriors with the same power Upanishad from an entire territory. Their power Upanishad will accumulate and fuse with each other. Eventually, a new Absolute Beginning Original Symbol will be produced. I have never heard about that Original Symbol Embryo that you talked about. Are you sure?"

Her face changed as she said, "Don't try it out! What if it goes wrong…"

"I feel like I have a seventy percent chance of success," Shi Yan looked earnest. "Although there are a lot of souls of low-realm warriors, the energy they provide isn't much. Anyway, the number of low-realm warriors is huge. This time, I swallowed the high-realm warriors. Most of them were at Original God Realm and Incipient God Realm. Many more were at Immortal Realm. In other words, the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower needs energy. With a lot of energy, it can create the Original Symbol Embryo. The memories I got about the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol comes from Desolate. I think there is nothing skeptical about it."

"I still think it's not good," Mei Ji was uneasy.

"Thus, I intend to use Emperor Sea Shark's power Upanishad to try. If it works, it's my compensation to Emperor Sea Shark. Let's see if he wants to try," Shi Yan smiled. "I'm confident, anyway."

Thus, he went out of the barriers. Holding Mei Ji's hand, he turned into two jets of light and reappeared in the center of the algae mass.

The area was cleaned and some bloodstains were left on the glass in the corner. However, Worthy's subordinates were gone.

"Oh, you guys," Emperor Sea Shark was skeptical when he saw Shi Yan. He could feel the immense life energy magnetic field from them, which had become fiercer. As their life energy magnetic field changed, Shi Yan and Mei Ji's had advanced furthered.

He was a Territory Ancestor so he could feel any change of energy even if it was minute. Thus, he was discreetly frightened.

"Emperor Sea Shark, I have an opportunity for you, but I wonder if you want to try," Shi Yan took a deep breath and explained his idea. "I don't know why, but after I'd swallowed Worthy and Cambay's troops, the energy I got was poured into the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. And now, the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower in my soul altar has produced an Original Symbol Embryo. The Original Symbol Embryo can become any attribute. We just need to imprint out power Upanishad on it and it will become the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol of our power Upanishad. But it's strange. I don't know the result. That's why I ask if you're interested in this."

Pausing for a while, he said seriously, "I understand that when you part a proportion of your power Upanishad, it will lower your realm if you fail. Thus, I want to remind you. It's risky."

High risks also meant high benefits. According to his method, if he failed, Emperor Sea Shark's realm would decrease and his soul would be hurt. It would be a terrible strike to Emperor Sea Shark.

Similarly, if it worked and that Original Symbol Embryo had become the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol of Water power Upanishad, taking that Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, Emperor Sea Shark's power Upanishad and realm would grow greatly. It would enable him to understand the rules and theorems of his Water power Upanishad. His competence would rocket and it would secure his chance to enter Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm.

This enticement was so moving!

"I have only one question. Are you sure about this?" Emperor Sea Shark was solemn. He rose his hand to stop Shen Ren, Hu Jiao, and Datuk, asking them to keep quiet. His eyes were fixed on Shi Yan's face.

"Around sixty or seventy percent," said Shi Yan honestly.

"Good enough!" Emperor Sea Shark shivered. But then, he said, "Wait a second!"

He squinted and signaled Shen Ren, Hu Jiao, and Datuk to stay silent. He drew a crystal clear water drop from his soul altar. That water drop was thumb sized with sounds of murmuring water. As soon as it appeared, the warriors with Water power Upanishad in this area were touched as if they had just seen the profound meaning of Water power Upanishad.

That water drop was the essence of Emperor Sea Shark's power Upanishad at the Territory Ancestor Realm. It slowly flew towards Shi Yan. Afterward, Emperor Sea Shark paled. He sat down and took deep breaths to steady his condition. He hissed, "Please help…"

"I will do my best!" Shi Yan knew how big Emperor Sea Shark's hope was and how much he had trusted him when he gave out this drop of water. He suddenly felt heavy and tense because of Emperor Sea Shark's trust. He used his Soul Consciousness to cover that water drop and pull it into his soul altar.

Mei Ji, Hu Jiao, Datuk, and Shen Ren held their breaths and focused on him. They didn't dare to breathe heavily as they shot their bright eyes toward Shi Yan.

They understood clearly that if Shi Yan failed, that drop of water wouldn't return to its rightful owner. Then, Emperor Sea Shark would be damaged severely.

He could fall from the Territory Ancestor Realm to First Sky of Immortal Realm!

Hu Jiao clenched his fists, his fingernail digging into his palms, bleeding. It looked like he didn't feel pain. His heart beat frantically as if it wanted to jump out of his chest.

He knew that the entire Sea Clan relied on Emperor Sea Shark's realm. As long as Emperor Sea Shark was strong, their future would be secure. If Emperor Sea Shark's realm downgraded, what would wait for them would be their extinction!

This time, they killed Worthy and Cambay so they couldn't stand on the same side with the Soul Clan and the Ancient Monster Clan. If the two clans knew Emperor Sea Shark's realm downgraded, they wouldn't have a chance to survive.

Mei Ji was also tense. She worried that Shi Yan would encounter trouble because her knowledge about the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was completely different from what Shi Yan had just told her.

She understood that the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower had fused with Shi Yan's soul. If the something happened to it, Shi Yan's soul would perish altogether.

She became restlessly worried.