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1510 Leave No One Alive!


Worthy and Cambay had led around one thousand warriors; most of them were at Incipient God Realm, a small part was at Immortal Realm, and another part was at Ethereal God Realm.

This big troop didn't consist of just members of the Soul Clan and the Ancient Monster Clan as most of them were from second-class clans that had followed the Soul Clan and the Ancient Monster Clan. Although Worthy and Cambay didn't want to see them die, it wasn't that they couldn't accept the loss.

Until Shi Yan's eyes brightened and he disappeared, Cambay and Worthy discolored in fear.

The warriors watching outside were actually hotshots from Cambay's and Worthy's clans!

When Shi Yan had disappeared all of a sudden, their hearts were startled as they realized something had gone wrong.

They counted on their clan's hotshots outside to contact Neptune, Ferrell, and other experts of their clans to ask them to come here immediately.

Worthy and Cambay all had high realms, especially Worthy. They had reached the Peak of Immortal Realm and they were just a step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm.

He thought that he could resist Emperor Sea Shark for a short time to give their members a chance to guard outside to call and wait until Neptune came.

As soon as Shi Yan disappeared, he found that the members of his clan guarding outside were dying continuously. He finally changed his visage.

More desperately to him, Mei Ji appeared. Mei Ji had also reached the Territory Ancestor Realm. Worthy and Cambay were more frightened!

As Mei Ji had joined this, it meant that the Phantom Clan was involved. It also meant that the Phantom Clan wasn't afraid of being their enemy. Besides the Ice power Upanishad, Mei Ji was famous for her enchanting technique. From some aspect, the enchanting technique was more powerful than Emperor Sea Shark's competence!


Mei Ji suddenly smiled and talked to them. She was like a beautiful and seductive ghost that was posing her graceful contours. Her succulent red lips parted as she talked to them.

Cambay's and Worthy's subordinates became stirred up. They were now like marionettes that turned to attack Cambay and Worthy.

Worthy had foreseen it. He was prepared, so he wasn't wounded.

As Cambay was careless, a warrior struck a flame to his chest. Cambay was from the Ancient Monster Clan, so he had a hairy chest. The flame had burned his hair and he winced and grimaced.

"Kill them. Don't show mercy. Enjoy your killing…"

Mei Ji smiled tenderly; her soft voice was like honey in their souls. They became frantic and attacked each other.

Mei Ji smiled faintly. Worthy and Cambay's troopers lost their minds. They were like horrible beasts tearing and biting each other. Blood splashed. Pieces of flesh were sent everywhere. Hu Jiao, Datuk, and the Sea Clan warriors paled when they saw this bloody scene. They were scared when they saw Mei Ji, though.

Mei Ji was more terrifying than Emperor Sea Shark. Internal destruction was the most powerful attack.

"Outside. Check outside!" hissed Hu Jiao.

The members of the Sea Clan looked outside through the transparent layer of algae leaves. Their eyes brightened immediately.

The area outside the mass of algae was where real hotshots of the Ancient Monster Clan and Soul Clan gathered. Shi Yan was like an Evil Spirit that had come to slaughter in this world.

The darkness was like a thick black cloud that covered the warriors outside. The earth-filling destruction energy had swarmed them together with the scythe-like Death aura. The corrosive energy that melted down the bodies…

The eight great, evil power Upanishads were used at the same time!

A black hole like a demon's mouth drew and swallowed a bunch of soul altars!

The experts of the Ancient Monster Clan and the Soul Clan were killed continuously and frantically.

Datuk hated Shi Yan but now, he felt better when he saw Shi Yan slaughter his enemies bloodily. He had torn them into pieces and swallowed their soul altars altogether.

Shi Yan, Mei Ji, and Emperor Sea Shark worked together. Worthy and Cambay couldn't escape anymore. Shortly after, Shi Yan had finished the warriors from the two clans. He got into the algae mass once again and released a black hole to draw so many soul altars.

Worthy and Cambay were taken care of by Emperor Sea Shark and Mei Ji. Under the fierce bombarding of the Territory Ancestor Realm experts, their God power defense broke.

Worthy's and Cambay's bodies exploded. As soon as they saw the situation turn wrong, they wanted to use the soul altar to run away.

The hovering black hole spun and sucked hard. Their soul altars became two jets of light that disappeared into the black hole.

Hu Jiao and Datuk had ordered their members. The Sea Clan warriors burst out. After Worthy and Cambay were gone, they started to take revenge on their subordinates.

The bloody scenes of Hell were shown in the world that wasn't really spacious inside the algae mass. Shi Yan closed his eyes and tried to absorb the energy released.

Today, he didn't need to conceal them anymore. He didn't need to worry that people would know he understood the Devouring power Upanishad of the Devouring Clan. He used his power relaxingly and swallowed all the remaining soul energy.

As the killing was carried out, members of the Sea Clan who had lost their families had used all their means to vent out anger that they had accumulated for a long time.

Emperor Sea Shark and Mei Ji stopped attacking. They left the finishing work for the warriors with deep hatred. They knew clearly that those warriors needed to release their pressure. That's how their minds could be eased and the pain from their families' deaths would subside.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Datuk panted, his eyes bloodshot and his body soaked in blood. He had beaten up the last one to a dough. Eventually, he slumped as if he had lost all of his energy and his heart cried out from the pain.

Shi Yan closed his eyes and enjoyed taking in the scattering energy. Invisible threads of energy quietly gathered toward him and entered his acupuncture points and the black hole.

After a long time, he opened his eyes and glanced at Mei Ji, "Come with me."

Mei Ji was talking to Emperor Sea Shark as the algae mass was moving towards the territory entrance. Hearing him, Mei Ji was surprised. But then, she seemed to remember something and blushed. She bit her lower lips and waves of light rippled through her eyes.

"I'm going to talk to him…"

Mei Ji told Emperor Sea Shark. Then, as Emperor Sea Shark was puzzled, she turned into a jet of light and disappeared together with Shi Yan into a remote area in between the algae leaves.

Shi Yan set up barriers to prevent the Soul Consciousness and peeking eyes. Mei Ji blushed. She didn't talk but tacitly set up her blue-sky halos to prevent people from seeing them.

As she did that, her round bosom shivered slightly, her cherries quietly perky. She couldn't help but squeeze her voluptuous thighs together. She even felt a wetness between her thighs.

She stooped and threw a checking glance at Shi Yan's lower body. Seeing the lifting shaft, she shivered and she almost groaned.

"It's alright," Shi Yan beamed at her with meaningful eyes. He looked at her peerless appearance that could make any man crazy. He looked into her aroused, watery eyes, "You little seductress…" He hissed and the knots on her tight garments exploded.

Her snow-white, perfect body emerged like the most delicate, exquisite masterpiece of art.

Shi Yan leaned against her.

Mei Ji was like a beautiful snake that entangled and hugged him as if she hated that she couldn't melt hers into his.

Although she cultivated Ice power Upanishad, at this moment, she was like a burning flame that had ignited and burned Shi Yan's torrential desire. She had delivered him to the most beautiful scene; each woman of the Phantom Clan was the top treasure every man had yearned for. Mei Ji was the prominent expert of the Phantom Clan. Of course, she was good at enchanting technique and even the secret sexual techniques. As she was serving him, the comfort and relaxation he got were what the other men had ever dreamt for.


After this intimate time, the two bodies were still stuck on each other. Mei Ji's body was white and smooth like the top-quality jade. However, she was glowing in a mesmerizing, scarlet halo.

Waves of strange lights emitted on her creamy body as she quivered slightly.

After entering the Territory Ancestor Realm, Mei Ji had slowly accumulated her God power. She needed at least several thousand years to reach the bottleneck to the next realm. If she was ordinary, she would need more time.

At this moment, as Mei Ji and Shi Yan were amorous; she found warm currents flowing into her lower abdomen.

She had accumulated her God power quickly!

Although she had known that she could harvest a lot of good things through the romantic and erotic moments, when it actually happened, Mei Ji was still thrilled. She knew that it was her biggest fortune to stay with Shi Yan.

"So beautiful. . ."

She moaned and mumbled. Her white arms twisted around Shi Yan's neck. Her breath was like an orchid fragrance.

"You're more beautiful." Shi Yan beamed dearly, his hand wandering around her round butt cheeks. "All the negative feelings were released. It's really wonderful. Er… the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower? Eh?" His tone changed happily, his eyes thrilled.

"What happened?" Mei Ji was startled. She parted from him a bit and look at him in the eyes.

"The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower has changed!" Shi Yan was filled with a sudden joy. He sat up and let Mei Ji sit on his lap. He closed his eyes and released the Soul Consciousness to check the mysterious features of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. He wanted to know what had happened to it.