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1507 Anger Against a Common Enemy

The other end of the chaotic space basin was a five-colored light curtain that was like murmuring water that was slowly revealing.

Shi Yan, Montecie, and Hiro gathered in the sky of Grace Mainland and observed the light curtain and the changing space streamers. It was the territory entrance. Crossing the light curtain, they could enter a branch of the currents to the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. Then, they could get to the surface of the Sea of Annihilation.

"Hiro and I talked. We chose the territory. It's called Cloud Mist. It's not as vast as Desolate Territory and the earth and heaven energy aren't abundant, either. However, it's a rare and precious territory of our Phantom Clan. It's suitable for warriors to stay and cultivate."

Montecie's eyes smiled. "Cloud Mist Territory is close to the White Bone Clan's territories. We can visit each other more often. Hiro and I can join hands to create a passage to bring this continent to Cloud Mist Territory instantly from here. However, we need some time. We asked you here to confirm."

Hiro looked at him, his eyes strange. "After ten years, your God power hasn't increased, but your aura is close to the Territory Ancestor Realm. It seems that you have a special way to understand?"

Shi Yan was serene, his eyes peaceful. "I got some harvest."

"What do you think?" Montecie wanted a clear answer.

"Okay," releasing his Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan sensed for a while. Then, he nodded, "Precursor Hiro and Montecie, please stay and build the passage here. I'm going to the Sea of Annihilation for a while." He turned to Emperor Sea Shark and explained, "Emperor Sea Shark wants to evacuate his fellows. I'm going with him."

Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren were moved. They nodded and waited for Hiro and Montecie's opinions.

"No problem. We need time to create the passage anyway. We'll wait for you," said Hiro.

Montecie nodded.

"I'm going with you," Mei Ji beamed, "I'm familiar with the Sea of Annihilation. If something happens, I can help. I've collected information regarding the Sea of Annihilation's condition recently. I think I can help you well."

"What do you think?" Shi Yan asked Emperor Sea Shark.

"I have to thank Madam Mei Ji a lot for that. Thank you!" said Emperor Sea Shark with a stern face.


Shi Yan shot through the entrance territory and disappeared like a streak of a meteor. Emperor Sea Shark, Shen Ren, and Mei Ji followed him and disappeared into the territory entrance.


Seabed, Sea of Annihilation.

"The seabed area seems smaller. It's strange. Something happened, er?" Emperor Sea Shark moved around and knitted his brows. "This sea area belongs to me. I know how big it is. But, look at this; it's getting much smaller…"

"That year, after Shi Yan's bloody battle on the seabed, the Sea of Annihilation seabed shrunk." Since Mei Ji had always paid attention to the Sea of Annihilation, she sent her warriors to measure the area carefully. She knew clearly. "The shockwaves from the Territory Ancestors' battle had damaged the seabed seriously. Thus, the place changed."

Mei Ji wore a violet dress; she was as beautiful as a bright flower. She was both charming and sexy. As soon as they left Grace Mainland, she returned to her mature, enchanting appearance. She wasn't afraid of Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren as she pressed her voluptuous body against Shi Yan's.

She couldn't relax when she was in front of the elders of her clan like Montecie. But now, she could be herself and show her love. She pulled Shi Yan's arm, her cheek blushing. "I heard that your subordinates haven't had easy lives. The members of the five clans often come to this seabed to trouble them. Since you guys were gone, many of your enemies have provoked your warriors…"

Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren's eyes darkened. They sighed. How could they not know that?

Emperor Sea Shark wasn't a Territory Ancestor of the five clans. He didn't have a strong background. Once he offended someone, he had to endure it alone. Otherwise, he had to run and hide.

As soon as he left, his fellows became targets. It wasn't strange that they had to live in trouble.

"I know they had to struggle a lot. Before Shen Ren and I left, I had asked them to give up the benefits and find remote areas to stay," Emperor Sea Shark lowered his voice, "If not, why do I have to bring them to the Endless Sea?"

"After you reach Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, we won't be afraid of the five clans anymore. At that realm, even if they want to trouble us, they have to think about your wrath first!" said Shen Ren in a cold voice.

Emperor Sea Shark beamed a forced smile. "Reaching Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm? It's easier said than done."

"I'm sure you can, Sir!" Shen Ren had a strong belief.

Mei Ji sneered and didn't say anything. However, from her attitude, they could see that she didn't really appreciate Emperor Sea Shark.

To break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm, it didn't require only a new understanding of the realm but also enormous God power accumulation. It would take a lot of earth and heaven treasures. Since Mei Ji was a member of the Phantom Clan, Montecie had given her a lot of resources that the clan had treasured for years to help her reach the Territory Ancestor Realm in a short time.

However, Mei Ji understood clearly that she was at just First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. It would require an unimaginably enormous amount of energy and materials to reach the next realm. Also, even the Phantom Clan was one of the Seven Great Clans; it wasn't easy to continuously provide her with precious materials.

Emperor Sea Shark cultivated alone. He didn't have a force to back him up. He didn't have a natural territory that provided him with pellets and abundant cultivating materials. It wasn't easy to break through to Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm.

It was also the reason why his peers like Ferrell or Ricardo had to follow the five clans to seek support, no matter how arrogant they were.

Illicitly, Ferrell and Ricardo knew that they couldn't enter Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm with their own foundation.

Only the big forces like the Seven Clans could have enough power and wealth with dozens of territories supporting them by providing them with rolling and unceasing required cultivating materials.

"Emperor Sea Shark," Mei Ji pondered for a while and then smiled. She suggested seriously, "Have you ever thought about joining a clan like the White Bone Clan or our Phantom Clan? If you join our Phantom Clan, we can provide you with our resources. It will be good for your breakthrough. Ferrell and Ricardo do the same. You can do that too. At least when you join the White Bone Clan or the Phantom Clan, the other five clans won't dare to touch you."

Shen Ren lowered his head when he heard it from Mei Ji and said nothing.

Emperor Sea Shark didn't change his visage. Keeping silent for a while, he said indifferently, "If I wanted that, I would have joined one of the seven clans a long time ago. But I'd rather breakthrough slowly than lose my freedom. I'm really sorry. I appreciate your good will, but I don't want to work for you guys."

Mei Ji looked regretful. She just sighed deeply, but she didn't talk him into this.

As Emperor Sea Shark made his decision, the White Bone Clan and the Phantom Clan wouldn't help him resist the other five clans. When the five clans attacked him, they wouldn't offer help proactively.

As Emperor Sea Shark wasn't a member of their clan, it was like they were nosing into someone else's business. It went against common interests and rules.

Because of this topic, they had become relatively silent. They didn't try to talk furthermore.

Emperor Sea Shark guided Shi Yan and Mei Ji to move around the seabed. They had met a lot of warriors taking adventures. Shi Yan and Emperor Sea Shark had proactively avoided them to prevent encountering unexpected troubles.

Anyway. Shi Yan and Emperor Sea Shark were the five clans' targets, especially Shi Yan. At this moment, he was the nail in their eyes. Everybody dreamed of taking his Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Once his whereabouts were disclosed, the experts of the five clans had to surround him like flies.

After a short time, the four of them had entered an area filled with jagged rocks.

Emperor Sea Shark's face darkened. His eyes flared with cold light as they raked through the rocky area.

Shi Yan looked at him and sighed. "Restrain your grief…"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Jagged rocks exploded and revealed a red area. Dead bodies of the Sea Clan warriors appeared from the cracks of the rocks. A massive rock carried around ten bodies, but the bodies were dismembered. It wasn't hard to imagine what kind of torments they had to endure before their death.

They were killed because the murderers wanted to squeeze out Emperor Sea Shark's whereabouts from them.

Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren shivered, their eyes burning with flames of rage. The thick murderous aura from them made Shi Yan frown. He worried that Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren couldn't hold it and would burst out to find the enemies.

"It's just one of our bases. Let's move and check another one!" Emperor Sea Shark bit his lip. Blood trickled from his mouth. He let out a low roar like a dying beast. The massive rocks and the dismembered bodies turned into jets of light that came to his territory.

He took Shen Ren, Shi Yan, and Mei Ji and moved away.

They had come to three different bases and found the same situation. His fellows were massacred. They were chilled when they saw the butchered bodies. No one was alive.

Shi Yan looked at Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren. He knew that they were about to explode. He knew that two of them were trying hard to press down their wrath. He was touched as he understood their grief and resentment.

They could see the marks of torments on the dismembered bodies. As he saw the chopped bodies, he blamed himself.

He was responsible for their deaths! He couldn't deny it!

If Emperor Sea Shark hadn't stood against Ferrell, Neptune, and Ricardo to help him, the five clans wouldn't have attacked the Sea Clan warriors; Emperor Sea Shark wouldn't have had to escape. If Emperor Sea Shark hadn't come to Desolate Territory, those people wouldn't have been killed so tragically.

"I don't care whoever did this. I promise you that I will join hands with you to kill the murderers!" Shi Yan said solemnly.