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1506 Drifting Far Away

Immortal Island.

Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao were in three different places and telling their warriors about the current situation. When Grace Mainland entered the foreign territory, they arranged their warriors to cultivate better.

Those warriors cultivated Death, Corpse Qi, and Soul Control power Upanishads. When they were in Desolate Territory, they had scattered and worked for Xuan He and the other two discreetly. They were the reserve force.

Some incident happened quietly…

While talking to his warriors, Xuan He found that their blood marks were slowly fading as if someone was erasing them. It was so strange.

Then, Xuan He noticed that his warriors were watching him with frightened eyes. He took out a mirror to check his own face.

The blood mark on his glabella was slowly disappearing magically. Xuan He was frightened. He didn't know what was happening. He ditched his warriors and went to find Frederick and Ming Hao to see if they knew the situation.

The same thing happened to the warriors of the Bloodthirsty Force. The blood mark on their foreheads vanished.

As Xuan He was shocked, Ming Hao and Frederick felt the same. Yang Tian Emperor, Blood Devil, Fei Lan, and the others were panic-stricken.

It was the fear of the unknown.

Shadows moved fast and gathered on Immortal Island. Those people belonged to the Bloodthirsty Force. Regardless of where they received their Inheritance, they had the same blood mark.

At this moment, all of their marks were disappearing. What happened?

Blood Devil, Yang Tian Emperor, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo saw Xuan He and Ming Hao arrive. As they saw the others without the blood mark, they got more frightened. "What's happened? Why are our marks are all disappearing? Gosh! Is it going to be something terrifying?" screamed Ka Tuo.

On a cliff not far from them, Dracula was watching Xuan He's group. Seeing their marks gone, he was also skeptical. He turned to see the islet where Shi Yan was hiding.

It had been half a month. What happened to him?

Dracula pondered, his face getting serious. He was afraid that something unexpected had happened to Shi Yan.

When the Bloodthirsty Force's warriors were the most restless and insecure, Shi Yan appeared out of thin air magically in between them.

Everybody immediately gathered around him and hurried to ask him the reason.

"Do you feel comfortable or not?" Shi Yan smiled.

When Xuan He, Ming Hao, and Frederick heard that, they were bewildered. When their marks vanished, they were filled with fear, so they hadn't had time to check the other details in their bodies.

As Shi Yan reminded them, they got a hold of themselves and checked their bodies with shocked faces.

All of them looked at ease and comfortable as the shackles in their souls were unchained.

Many of them felt free and they even felt that the air they were breathing in was more fresh and cool than usual. Some with stagnant realms for years felt like they were about to soar up into the sky. They were so thrilled as they gazed at Shi Yan with questioning looks.

They needed a quick explanation!

"Bloodthirsty had used a secret technique to create that mark. It's similar to the enslaving mark that Hui and Devour implanted on their slaves. However, your marks didn't bind your souls. It didn't kill you when he died. Compared to Hui and Devour, Bloodthirsty was more humane."

Looking at them, Shi Yan said continuously, "That mark had some magical functions. He could know your location and condition through the mark. He could even know your thoughts. It was an invisible cage that bound all of you."

Everybody wore dark faces.

"However, it won't continue. When the mark vanished, you've become free." Shi Yan smiled, "After his last wisp of soul vanished, all the marks were gone. Later on, you can't depend on the energy I gave you anymore. Anyway, without that tie, your sky will be wider. It's like you got good and bad news at the same time."

"Freedom is more important than accumulating energy!" Xuan He expressed his attitude first.

"Our lives are more important than anything!" Frederick nodded.

"He… did his soul try to possess your body?" asked Ming Hao quietly.

Shi Yan kept silent for a while and then said, "No, his last words were to ask me to kill Devour and Desolate. His existence and his tragic life was a sacrifice to compete against Desolate and Devour. He understood that even if he got my body, due to the limits in his soul, he wouldn't be able to defeat Desolate and Devour. Thus, he gave it up. He had to sacrifice himself to lie his hopes on me. He hoped that I could fulfill his wish, the life goal that he hadn't achieved yet: Destroying Desolate and Devour!"

Listening to him, Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao were down, sighing and sobbing. They were upset because Bloodthirsty was utterly gone.

The overlord who had swaggered proudly in Desolate Territory for ten thousand years had given up his last chance to revive and set his hopes on Shi Yan. He asked Shi Yan to fulfill his wish.

"From now on, your souls aren't bound to anything. You can pursue a more profound realm. Of course, you need to accumulate energy. It will take more time to break through," said Shi Yan.

Xuan He and the others nodded, indicating that they understood as they smiled.

It seemed like they had already accepted this.


Time flew like a running, unceasing river.

Grace Mainland headed to the territory entrance inside the chaotic space basin. The warriors were accommodated in different islands. They cultivated and lived well.

During this time, Shi Yan didn't cultivate. He left the Endless Sea to visit Quiet Cloud Land, Divine Great Land, Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, and the coastal area at the end of the sea.

He met so many people.

He met Mu Yu Die in Quiet Cloud Land. Fortunately, Mu Yu Die had recovered her graceful appearance. She had broken through the realm that restricted her longevity.

However, it'd been so many years. Even though Mu Yu Die had advanced her realm, the gap between them was like the sky and the earth. He was just an old friend who came and visited her, nothing more.

On Divine Great Land, he came to Ice Emperor City to meet the four mature women including Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, Shuang Yu Zhu, and Ling Dan Qing. The four women stayed and cultivated in Ice Emperor City. Sometimes they smiled happily when they remembered him.

He had stayed in Ice Emperor City for a short time before leaving the four women a course of bright memories that they would never forget. Then, he left.

He visited the two Chiefs of the Demon Clan, Bao Ao, and Jie Ji. They drank and discussed their understandings of power Upanishads. He had opened them the gateway to a new level.

Inside the Perpetual Night Forest, he met Fiery Dragon, Fierce Flame Gold Lion, and he had shown them the Heavenly Monster Tribe's cultivating techniques, directing them to a brighter future.

His figure had appeared in every corner of the continent…

He had observed the trees, the tufts of grass, human beings, and so many creatures living on this continent. He studied and remembered them all.

He walked across this world to think about the changes to his Incipient Extent in the future. He thought and reasoned the rules of Nature, and the marvels it could have after creatures were created there…

He wanted to study the creatures' situations and conditions to see how things changed in the real world. It was going to help him figure out the key points to ascend his Incipient Extent to a territory.

Grace Mainland moved at a normal pace. He didn't try to urge his energy to accelerate and just calmly walked around the continent to observe more.

It'd been ten years already.

During the ten years, he didn't cultivate his power Upanishads and just wandered around, drinking in the inns of the mortal people and enjoying the windy, misty weather deep inside the forest.

Then one day, Hiro and Montecie appeared in front of him. It was in a small country inside an ordinary inn…

By a hustling and bustling square, flows of people walked around and their lively noises carried through the window of the tavern.

Shi Yan leaned against the window and drank. His drowsy eyes eyed the noisy street with people living their normal but happy lives. It wasn't lunchtime yet, so the tavern didn't have many customers. They were talking about their daily lives.

The shopkeeper was flipping through his log book. From time to time, he shot a checking look to the young man sitting by the window. It'd been three months since that young man came to drink in his tavern daily. Every day, he came and sat in the same spot. He would spend half a day in his shop. The young man looked like he was in his twenties, but he appeared as if he had experienced hundreds of lives in this world. His back looked archaic and the shopkeeper couldn't explain why he had such a feeling when he saw him.

Footsteps rattled on the staircase. An elegant young lady came with her maid. She was a tender girl, wearing a long, green dress, her body graceful. She chose a table behind the man to sit with her maid. Sometimes, she shot the man her meaningful looks.

The shopkeeper glanced at the young lady and sighed. He knew that this girl was the City Master's daughter with a noble origin and he also knew that she had a deep affection for the young man. That's why she came here every day to see him. However, she was shy so she was waiting for him to make the first move.

Unfortunately, the young man didn't talk to her. Every time, she went home with disappointment. However, she wasn't enraged because of that. The next day, she would show up with her maid and order the same food he had ordered.

Many regular customers of the inn could see her feelings, but the man seemed so ignorant. He hadn't said even a word to her.

Today was the same. The young man stood indifferently by the window, observing the bustling life down the street and saying nothing.

The lady came with her maid and sat behind him, her bright eyes fixed on the side of his face. Looking at that lonely figure, she was so bitter that she couldn't talk.

"What has he experienced?"

The young girl mumbled inwardly. Recently, she had become emotional. The more she thought, the sourer she became. Gradually, she had tears in her eyes.

Suddenly, two lights came. A little girl and a white skeleton appeared by the young man. The white skeleton spoke in a human language. "Shi Yan, we are almost at the territory entrance. Everybody is waiting for you."

The young man that looked everlastingly cold smiled for the first time. As people were screaming in panic, he stood up.

He finally turned around and looked at the young lady who had sat behind him for more than one month. "I appreciate your affection towards me. Unfortunately, we don't share the same destiny. Here, this pellet is for you. If you have it, you can retain your youth forever. You will live for five hundred years at least. Sigh, if our destinies cross again, we will meet."

He sighed. Then, together with the skeleton and the little girl, they turned into three jets of light and tore the sky to leave.

The little girls held the pellet whose fragrance had filled the entire street, looking at the three rainbows zooming far away in the sky. Her tears rolled quietly, her face baffled.