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1505 Bloodthirsty’s Last Words

"How troublesome?" Shi Yan was startled as he smelt the seriousness in Dracula's voice.

Dracula didn't answer him right away.

He turned to Xuan He and Frederick and then to Yang Tian Emperor, Bloodthirsty, and Fei Lan. Those people had a clear mark on their foreheads.

It was just a small mark, but it separated the warriors of the Bloodthirsty Force and the others.

Many years ago, Bloodthirsty who had received his eight evil power Upanishads gave his followers the mark of blood clouds on their foreheads.

Only the Bloodthirsty Force's members had this mark as if it was the crest of the eight great branches.

Was it a problem?

Shi Yan became nervous.

"We should talk somewhere else. This place isn't convenient." Dracula pondered for a while, leaped up, and moved away from Immortal Land. There were many islands and islets around Immortal Island. Although they were just rocky islands, they also had abundant earth and heaven energy.

Dracula flew to a remote islet. After he landed, he arranged his thoughts and talked to Shi Yan as soon as he arrived. "I'm sure you've seen similar marks on the servants of Hui and Devour. For example, Hui's soul slaves have a dark green snake mark and Devour's subordinates have a dark vortex one.

"It's true," Shi Yan nodded.

"The members of the Devouring Clan like Edgar and Labitte don't have the same mark. Do you know why?"


"Edgar and Labitte were created by Devour's blood, body, and soul. Devour considers them his children. Of course, he won't imprint the soul slave mark on them. That mark is an enslaving mark! Once they get it, they have to become a servant that can never escape their life as a slave!"

Dracula took a deep breath, his face stern. "Also, the soul mark is very cruel. It has the same aura as the Master. When the Master dies, the soul slaves will be affected. Their souls will perish instantly! Devour considers Edgar, Labitte, and the Devouring Clan's warriors as his children, not the slaves. Thus, they don't have a soul mark… "

He was the most ancient precursor. He was the high-intelligent creature born after the Absolute Beginning Era. He knew how fierce and cruel those strong Absolute Beginning creatures were.

The soul mark was something that only the Absolute Beginning creatures could create. Once the warriors were imprinted, their souls and lives were confined. They had to be someone's slaves for the rest of their lives.

This mark was a cage that could bind the warriors until they died!

Listening to Dracula, Shi Yan was chilled. He understood why Dracula wanted to keep this conversation from Xuan He, Ming Hao, and Frederick.

If Xuan He, Ming Hao, and the others knew that they had an enslaving mark, how would they feel?

"My mark has existed from the moment I got the inheritance."

Shi Yan stroked his forehead, which was smooth without any mark. The mark existing in his soul didn't appear on his skin like Xuan He. Only when he sent his energy to the others did it emerge vaguely.

"If it's so serious, am I someone's soul slave?" Shi Yan changed his face, his eyes shooting sharp light. "This mark comes from Bloodthirsty. He wasn't an Absolute Beginning creature. How could he get it? As the mark still exists, is it true that he's still alive?"

A series of doubt popped up in his head. He stroked the Blood Vein Ring and searched through its memories.

Swallowing Pu Tai's soul altar, he got all the memories of the Ring Spirit. At this moment, he was carefully searching. However, he found nothing related to the mark in Pu Tai's memories. He didn't find anything related. It made him more worried.

He knew that it wasn't good.

Dracula looked at him, his eyes deep. After a while, he stressed each word. "That blood mark should be the last wisp of Bloodthirsty!"

Shi Yan felt something explode in his head.

Bloodthirsty's remaining soul?

The great devil King of Desolate Territory, the one that had silenced Devour, hasn't died yet?

Was he that bold?

"Before this conversation, I've asked Xuan He and Ming Hao about Bloodthirsty's features. He was created by Desolate from the essence of the Four Great Creatures. However, Devour had affected him and given him the Devouring power Upanishad with the eight evil power Upanishads. Bloodthirsty was actually part of an Absolute Beginning creature! It's not wrong to say that he was an Absolute Beginning creature. He got the power from Desolate's body, so he knew the secret technique of the soul mark. It's not hard to explain."

Dracula's voice was serious, his face solemn. "With the magical features of the soul mark, if it's an evil mark, when Bloodthirsty dies, Xuan He, Frederick, and the ones with the marks will perish instantly altogether!"

"Xuan He is still alive. Thus, there are two ways to explain this. That soul mark might not be an evil one. He died, but his soul slaves are still alive. If it is an evil one, then he hasn't died yet. A wisp of his soul remains in this world. The mark in your host soul should be where his last wisp of soul is sheltered."

Pausing for a while, Dracula hissed, "If it's true, then one day, he can wake up and use that mark to replace you, using your blood, flesh, and soul altar to revive himself!"

It was like a thunderclap booming in Shi Yan's brain. His face became dark and sinister.

Dracula turned to him. He didn't say more. If Shi Yan was resolute enough, he would know what to do next.

Thus, he just watched him in silence.

Shi Yan emitted a gloomy and cold aura like ice. After less than ten minutes, he smiled, "No matter what, I have to thank you. Regardless of which it is, I will do it now. I will cut it off!"

Dracula gave him a nod, "Then, I can ease my mind."

He didn't linger and turned into a gloomy light, leaving the place.

After he had disappeared, Shi Yan kept silent for a long time. All of a sudden, he dug into the ground of the island. When his body disappeared, layers of dark clouds churned. Lightning flashed inside the dark clouds as they created a barrier that could prevent all kind of Soul Consciousness sensing activities.

Even the warriors at Hiro and Montecie's level couldn't intrude this place. Because this was Grace Mainland, the continent belonged to Shi Yan.

Inside the islet, the rigid rock and soul separated naturally as if a God had just created a plain stone room there.

This stone room was closed so that wind or light couldn't visit here. Shi Yan stayed inside the room and began to observe his soul altar. He gathered his Soul Consciousness and created rolling waves to tie his host soul down.

The transparent host soul hovering above the Incipient Extent had a small blood mark on its forehead where there were many wiggling soul lines like tiny snakes.


The black hole emerged and turned into a black vortex that shrank and then entered the host soul through the forehead. The black whirlpool faced the mark in case something happened that Shi Yan couldn't handle.

Bands of starlight came with Death, Darkness, and many other power Upanishads to set up the barriers inside the black hole.

After everything was ready, Shi Yan turned into a jet of light that shot through the mark!

It was the first time he had come to the blood mark in his soul!

Red clouds that looked like they were made of blood gathered. As Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness got in there, he suddenly felt irritated as if he couldn't control his heart. He wanted to sink into the desire to slaughter!

It was the effect of the blood cloud sea!

His Soul Consciousness floated above the sea of clouds. He observed to sense if there was an aura here. He wanted to solve the problem that had troubled him for years.

All of a sudden, the sea of clouds began to spin. Clear images emerged and Shi Yan could see a man who was pretty tall and sturdy with overbearing makings. He had long, fire-red hair that outlined his red sun-like eyes. He was slaughtering many warriors. Shi Yan could feel his invincible, overlord-like aura through the images.

A vibe was sent to his Soul Consciousness. Shi Yan was touched. It was like a giant Demogorgon in the ancient time that faced the sky and roared. The giant Demogorgon wanted to kill all the creatures and even tear the images that Shi Yan was watching to jump into this world!

It was a soul vibe that he couldn't describe!

Every image he was watching described the giant Demorgogon that conquered earth and heaven and subjected the other creatures to him. Slowly, the images shrank and created a clear roll of pictures.

In that roll of picture, the hunky, blood-red figure was fighting against a massive octopus-like creature. The entire sky darkened and collapsed because of their fight. Stars around them exploded continuously…

Shi Yan understood it clearly. It was the battle between Devour and Bloodthirsty. The picture made him boil with enthusiasm as if he had witnessed how bold and peerless Bloodthirsty was with his own eyes.

This last picture was the memories that Bloodthirsty had carved deep in his soul. It didn't include the battle between him and the God Lord or the God Lord controlling many experts to fight him. It proved that Bloodthirsty didn't consider God Lord Brian his equal match. In his memories, the battle with Devour was the peak of his life.

It was the memory that never faded from his mind.

As the images disappeared, the magical blood cloud sea thinned as the mark in Shi Yan's soul started to dissolve.

A vague, ancient deep voice arose in his head.

"My heir, finally, you came here. It means that you're just a step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm. This is the last mark I left in this world. It will vanish at this moment and I will be buried altogether. My life, the one that was just shown to you, will be the guidance for you to continue thriving. To you, I have only one request: swallow and refine Desolate and Devour! My existence and my entire life is just a sacrifice to compete against them! You are my heir and the one I lay my hope in. Please help me obliterate them!"