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1504 The Path Ahead…

The chaotic space basin was filled with bright and colorful space streamers. A blue planet was rolling towards the territory entrance.

On the vast Endless Sea, many small islands that were like sand grains were scattered in every corner. Today, warriors from different races gathered on those islands.

The other areas on this continent stayed the same. Ordinary human beings were scared when the world changed. However, after they figured out that no harm was done to their lives, they continued to live in peace.

Only the Endless with many crowds of warriors from other star areas had become the most lively and bustling area.

Behind the mountain range on Immortal Island.

Hiro, Montecie, Dracula, and other experts gathered by Shi Yan. Hiro invited, "The Sea Domain of Nihility is very spectacular. It's a chaotic, distorted place that normal life stars can't survive in. The magnetic field there will draw earth and heaven energy on the life stars away. After we get through the territory entrance, I suggest that we should move this planet to a natural territory. Our White Bone Clan has many natural territories. If you don't mind, I -"

"Well, as your White Bone Clan has natural territories, you think our Phantom Clan doesn't have any? Shi Yan and Mei Ji of my clan are together. He can be deemed as half of a member. Why would he go to the White Bone Clan's natural territories?" Montecie rolled her eyes and interrupted Hiro. Then, she turned to Shi Yan and beamed like a flower. "I can manage and give you a natural territory. You will be the master of a territory. What do you think?"

Xuan He, Ming Hao, Frederick, Yang Tian Emperor, Fu Wei, and Blood Devil were here as they were characters that could affect Shi Yan's decision on Grace Mainland.

"How do you categorize the territories?" Xuan He intervened.

Gay explained with ease, "Of course we have categorized the territories. The territories include refined ones and natural ones. Normally, the conditions of the refined territories are extreme. For example, after a warrior's cultivates Fire power Upanishad to the Territory Ancestor Realm, he can create a territory. However, this sort of territory has only one attribute. It will be filled with fire and scorching lava. Such a place is only suitable for warriors cultivating Fire power Upanishad."

The warriors at Territory Ancestor Realm could refine and ascend their Incipient Extents to territories.

The territory's attributes were according to the power Upanishads that the experts had cultivated. If the expert had only one power Upanishad, his territory had only one attribute.

"Normally, this kind of territories isn't suitable for low-level creatures. Also, they aren't open to the world outside," Gay looked at Hiro and Dracula. Seeing them nod to him indicating that he should explain more, he continued, "This kind of territory has a Master. Staying in a territory like that means that the Master can control your life. Thus, not many people dare to cultivate in someone else's territory unless they are subjected to the Territory Master."

Listening to him, Xuan He and Ming Hao looked at each other and nodded as they understood.

"That's not true," Shi Yan narrowed his eyes and rubbed his chin as his suspicion rose. "Desolate Territory is a refined territory, right? However, it doesn't have only one attribute. Many attributes like lightning and thunder, ice, flame, even death and darkness can be cultivated there. It's different from what you just said."

At this moment, Hiro of the White Bone Clan smiled and intervened, "Among so many territories in this vast universe, Desolate Territory is an exception. I'm sure that none of the refined territories I know are as strange and magical as Desolate Territory."

Then, Hiro looked at the sky above his head as a brilliant gold sea emerged. Slowly, it became a blurry sea of gold light. Inside the thick gold atmosphere, several metal planets were moving and releasing cold aura of metals.

It was a Metal Territory!

"Take my territory for example. It's suitable to only warriors with the Metal power Upanishad. Of course, only low-realm warriors could benefit in there. Warriors at Original God Realm and above will be affected by my understanding of Metal power Upanishad if they cultivate in my territory. It will become a restriction to them."

Hiro pointed at the Metal Territory and explained further, "Most of the other territories look like mine. With different power Upanishads, the territories will look a little different. However, none of them could reach a magical level like Desolate Territory."

Pausing for a while, Hiro continued, "Because Desolate is an Absolute Beginning creature, it knows so many mysterious and marvelous things. Also, perhaps it's related to the divine weapons it has. I heard that Desolate's divine weapons are related to the Heavenly Creation. It's also the reason why other Absolute Beginning creatures have aimed at Desolate."

The Absolute Beginning divine weapons that are related to Heavenly Creation? Shi Yan's face showed his fear. He thought and then said, "So Desolate Territory is an alien among refined territories? Except for it, no territory looks like that?"

Hiro, DeCarlos, and Montecie nodded.

"How about the natural territories?" asked Shi Yan.

"It's easy to explain this. The natural territories are created by Nature. Normally, the earth and heaven energy in these territories aren't as thick as energy in refined ones. Even the conditions there can be a little harsher, the warriors with different power Upanishads can live and grow there." Montecie smiled, her petite face beautiful. "You will know more detail when we get there. Alright, I will pick the best territory out of the natural territories that our Phantom Clan has managed. If you agree, when we get through the territory entrance, I will create the passage. What do you think?"

Everybody turned to Shi Yan.

After so many incidents, Shi Yan had become the real owner of this continent. Only his decision was valued. If he agreed, the others couldn't interfere.

"Is it true that Grace Mainland can't exist in the Sea Domain of Nihility?" Shi Yan hesitated.

"The Sea Domain of Nihility is chaotic and twisted with evil magnetic fields. Once a normal planet gets in those twisted magnetic fields, it will be torn into pieces. No one knows the causes but it's true. The Seven Great Clans have tested it. We sent a normal life star there and saw it shattered shortly afterward." Hiro advised. He didn't want Shi Yan to try because they had tested this hundred times.

"So, I have to choose a territory of your White Bone Clan or of Phantom Clan?" Shi Yan forced a smile.

"There's no other option around," Hiro and Montecie said at the same time.

"Then, we should choose the one that is close to both clans. Hmm, please arrange it for me." He glanced at Mei Ji and saw her beautiful eyes begging, so he added, "Yeah, the one that belongs to the Phantom Clan."

Mei Ji's eyes looked happy. Montecie also smiled.

Hiro seemed to have foreseen that. He nodded and said nothing, pulling Montecie aside to discuss further.

"I wonder what it will be when we come to a strange land. Sigh, I never thought that I would have to leave my home one day and live in a foreign land," sighed Blood Devil.

"Those territories all have entrances to the Sea Domain of Nihility. Normally, a territory is a suitable place for ordinary human beings and low-realm warriors to stay and cultivate. After the warriors reach a certain level, they can go to the Sea Domain of Nihility. The Sea Domain of Nihility is the center of all territories. Although the energy there is bizarre and distorted, it also hides a lot of unknown, mysterious marvels. It's a much more suitable place for high-realm warriors to explore and take adventures to train."

Emperor Sea Shark suddenly talked after being silent for the entire time. He looked at Ming Hao and Xuan He and said, "You can settle this planet in the Phantom Clan's territory. The warriors at your level can go to the Sea Domain of Nihility through the territory entrances to develop yourself in a bigger arena. Your grandchildren and subordinates can stay to cultivate on this planet."

While they were staying idle, Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren were like outsiders that didn't mingle with surrounding warriors. As they were about to reach the territory entrance today, he finally talked to Shi Yan. Looking pensive for a while, he said, "Shi Yan, this continent has thick earth and heaven energy. It's really good for low-realm warriors to cultivate in, especially this sea area."

He watched the Endless Sea behind him. "This seabed also has members of the Sea Clan. Their realms are too low, though. If you don't mind, before you enter the Phantom Clan's territory, please give me fifteen minutes. I want to bring my fellow people on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation to live on the seabed of the Endless Sea. Don't worry. I will control them well. I won't let them affect the Sea Clan members under this sea."

If he said that, of course, he had calculated it. Since he had helped Shi Yan by attacking Neptune and Ferrell under the Sea of Annihilation, he had offended the five clans, which had troubled his clan a lot. He felt sorry for his fellows as the five clans had aimed at them all the time.

On Grace Mainland, he had observed for a long time and found that the earth and heaven energy in this area was really thick. The seabed of the Endless Sea was really suitable for warriors of the Sea Clan. It was even better than the Sea of Annihilation. He was moved and he had tried to find a chance to talk to Shi Yan.

"I invited you to Desolate Territory this time to repay your favor. It's unexpected that Desolate awakened earlier, so we have to leave. I'm really sorry about this. Of course, I support you. Moreover, I would like to request for your care to the Sea Clan members in the Endless Sea. Please help them improve their realms," said Shi Yan.

Emperor Sea Shark looked happy as he smiled, "Thank you."

"There's something I need to tell you." Dracula pulled Shi Yan aside, his face stern. He was the oldest man in the White Bone Clan. Because Shi Yan had revived him, he was thankful. He pulled Shi Yan and looked him in the eyes, lowering his voice, "I've paid attention and I saw a blood mark on the glabella of the warriors you've bestowed energy to. Is it true?"

Shi Yan was surprised, "Yes. What about that mark?"

"This seal belongs to you, but did you create it yourself?" asked Dracula.

"No," Shi Yan shook his head.

Dracula changed his visage and said seriously, "It's troublesome, then."