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In a corner of the Ancient God Star Area, above a scorching sun, halos swelled and exploded. The ground was red like hot iron as a shadow halted there.

The true flame of the sun couldn't threaten him. He seemed to blend well with the heat and the extreme light; he was Brian, the God Lord.

He looked a little tired. When he saw the four lights in different colors chasing after him, he felt cold. He could never believe that his former subordinates had reached the Third Sky of Immortal Realm with Hui's support. They all had the real power of the soul, and their realm wasn't much different from his.

More importantly, this group of four understood the arts of cooperation. When they joined hands, their powers were doubled.

Brian had reached the Peak of Immortal Realm. He understood the Dark Energy, and had created his territory.

He shouldn't waste a lot of energy. Otherwise, it would take forever to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm. Also, he wasn't sure that he could overwhelm the four Great Heavenly Kings. He was afraid that the Heavenly Kings would hold him back and Tian Xie would drain him to death. 

That was why he kept running.

He ran to this blazing sun because he felt something dear here. He didn't know why, but it somehow eased his restless mind…

"Brian, don't blame us for pursuing you. We've been with you for many years. We know how strong you are," Easygoing smiled faintly while calmly walking toward him. "You're the Mara in our minds. If you don't die, we can't advance anymore. Only killing you will help us reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. Your existence will affect Goddess Mother too. We have to kill you."

The three Heavenly Kings, Divine Martial, Light, and Carefree also landed on this burning sun. Looking at Brian, their faces were heavy.

"It doesn't matter that you've betrayed me. You shouldn't betray your ancestors and this world of yours," Brian let out a low-pitched shout.

"Ancestors? Our world?" Carefree burst out laughing. "We have never met any one of them before. Who did you mention? Desolate? Haha, what's the difference? Under Desolate's rule, we were still servants. Otherwise, we wouldn't have destroyed Bloodthirsty that year. And now, Goddess Mother has erased the slave mark Desolate had carved in our souls. She let us follow her and taught us the magic of the soul energy. It's much better than what Desolate had offered, right? Then, why do we have to go with Desolate? It chose you that year, not us. But after it chose you, it didn't give you the power of the Dark Energy."

The God Lord looked at them coldly. He didn't talk more as he knew they wanted to walk the same path as Hui. He was just one step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm. He didn't want to waste energy, so he decided to leave.

However, right at this moment, a crack appeared in the flaming layer of this sun, and Ghost Hunter abruptly stormed out!

After swallowing Pu Tai in the Ancient Demon Star Area, Ghost Hunter had disappeared mysteriously. And now, he was here!

As soon as he came, he immediately barged into the four Heavenly Kings. His roaring and howling seemed to break the entire sky like thousands of thunderbolts booming at the same time. His roar had something vague but marvelous, like a hot flame, wild thunderbolts, and the sharpness of metal.

The Four Heavenly Kings were shaken and dizzy. They found their soul altars trembling, and their souls aghast. All of them were extremely frightened and petrified as Ghost Hunter emerged all of a sudden.

"That's Ghost Hunter, the beast that had eaten Cang Yun! He's the heir of the Heavenly Monster Tribe chosen by Azure Dragon. It has almost one hundred years since he had disappeared!" Easygoing screamed in fear. Being dazed for seconds, he provided the information as he was in charge of collecting intelligence in the Ancient God Star Area.

Crack! Crack!

Ghost Hunter's stinky, giant mouth was chewing Pu Tai's body. Wisps of Bloodthirsty's pure energy slowly entered its fearsome, bestial body.

Brian looked at Ghost Hunter, his face changing as he screamed ear-piercingly, "You… You are…"

Ghost Hunter coldly regarded him. Brian didn't finish his sentence, so the Heavenly Kings didn't know who Ghost Hunter really was. They were already petrified because of his aura. This kind of surging life energy had frightened them badly.


Another roar echoed, which had actually shaken the entire place. Then, the flames of the suns gathered, covering the four Heavenly Kings.

The four Heavenly Kings felt fearful as if they were facing their nemesis. They wanted to urge their power Upanishads, but none of their abilities worked.

They discolored in fright, exchanging a brief look. Then, they didn't dare to linger and hastily flew away.

Ghost Hunter just roared, but didn't pursue the others. After shooing the four Heavenly Kings away, he didn't mind God Lord, leaving shortly. After a flash, he disappeared.

Brian looked extremely stunned. After Ghost Hunter had left, he was still murmuring to himself, "It's really familiar to me. Who is it? It's him… or him?"

Ancient God Continent…

Zi Yao was sitting neatly on the crystal, the tiara throne implanted on the massive snakehead. Her bright eyes looked as if she had confined so many stars in them.

She suddenly got something, so she sent her soul messages to call her servants.

Not long afterward, Tian Xie brought the experts under his command and gathered by Zi Yao. They kneeled down respectfully, their faces suspicious.

They didn't know why Zi Yao had summoned them. They knew something big had happened, which stirred them up.

"Shi Yan's back from the Sea Domain of Nihility. He's in the Ancient Demon Star Area, attacking Devour. Devour's not in a good situation." Zi Yao's smart eyes showed her intelligence. "Shi Yan's really bold. He has connected to the Territory Ancestor Realm experts of the Sea Domain of Nihility. He's not afraid of shattering this Desolate Territory…"

"Goddess Mother, you mean someone from outer space?" Tian Xie was frightened.

"Not just one...Those aliens are the peak existences of this era. It's troublesome to deal with them. Devour had received more severe wounds than I did. I'm afraid he can't endure," Zi Yao said calmly.

"So, the existence like you can't resist the peerless experts of this era?" Tia Xie changed his visage.

"Devour and I haven't recovered fully. We got damaged badly in the previous era, so we can't recover quickly. Only if we can eat up Desolate can we fully recover. It's the reason why Devour and I are hurried to swallow the Ancient Demon Continent and the Ancient God Continent. If they finish Devour, they will come to the Ancient God Star Area to find us." Zi Yao said indifferently, then gave an order, "Open the space passage! We're going to the Ancient Demon Star Area to find Devour. I have an agreement with him. Let's go!"

Above the God Zenith, a light bridge was conjured which could unlimitedly carry people and things across space. Zi Yao, Tian Xie, and their subordinates walked on that bridge. Their figures faded as they disappeared one by one.