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1489 Third Sky of Immortal Realm!

Shi Yan didn't dare to confirm, but he got it when Azure Dragon mentioned that.

It was Ghost Hunter!

The beast that had appeared out of nowhere was Ghost Hunter. That was Ghost Hunter's real body, but enlarged hundreds of times. Nevertheless, the icy, brutal aura stayed the same.

But, why could Ghost Hunter tear the space to come here? Why could he move freely like that? And, why did he have to swallow Pu Tai?

He had so many doubts that he hated he couldn't hoist Ghost Hunter here to interrogate. Ghost Hunter's sudden appearance had frightened many people.

And that was because the aura on Ghost Hunter today was extremely formidable! The warriors at Ming Hong and Xuan He's level would have to struggle hard to resist Ghost Hunter. His life energy could be compared to a Territory Ancestor!

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

The throbbing explosions arose from inside the Ancient Demon Continent. That grumbling rhythm was so strange that normal people couldn't perceive it; only Shi Yan and Audrey could feel it. They couldn't help but focus on the Ancient Demon Continent.


A shining crack was torn underneath the Ancient Demon Continent like a beast opening its mouth. The Ancient Demon Continent plunged, sinking and disappearing into that slit.

It was exactly what had just happened to Ghost Hunter!

Ghost Hunter had killed Cang Yun and obtained the Origin of the Ancient Demon Continent, so he now had a magical bond with that ancient continent. At this moment, Ghost Hunter and the Ancient Demon Continent had left this star area altogether. Everybody had a strange, curious light in their eyes.


Montecie pulled herself together to observe, her face astonished. She suddenly found that the Ancient Demon Continent seemed to have a life as if it was a person getting up after a long sleep. It came with waves of ancient life energy. 

"Star wheel ceases!"

The suns, moons, and stars in the sky ceased. Behind Shi Yan, countless stars hovered in the void like massive rocks. Shi Yan stood neatly on an ash-gray asteroid. The black hole shrank little by little, entering his soul altar.

A marvelous, indescribable feeling arose in his soul. The electric pulses of memory related to the Devouring Clan and other knowledge flashed in his brain. In less than a minute, he knew many secrets of the Devouring Clan.

He knew it was the memory from Pu Tai, the Young Chief of the Devouring Clan, the one who came here with a great mission.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

His black hole moved, and the memory in Pu Tai's soul altar was extracted bit by bit. Pu Tai's Soul Seal was erased, everything of his being washed away.

Shi Yan had a strange, magical light on his face. He looked happy as he found that his black hole had absorbed and refined Pu Tai much faster than he had thought!

Perhaps it was because of their origin; after Pu Tai's Sea of Consciousness was cleared up, it murmured while pouring down from the black hole into Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness like a heavenly waterfall. This flow of energy helped Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness expand unceasingly.

The soul pond that contained Pu Tai's pure soul energy also ran into Shi Yan's soul pond. Shortly, Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness had been doubled, and his Dark Energy had grown greatly!

The eight crystal balls representing the eight power Upanishads were shining while spinning inside the black hole. Eventually, they sank into Shi Yan's tier of power Upanishads.

Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi power Upanishads had arrived there, creating an octagonal formation with the Death power Upanishad merged with Shi Yan's available Death power Upanishad, and the black hole of the Devouring power Upanishad worshiped in the center.

The flood currents with the memory, understandings, and profound experiences had all entered Shi Yan's soul.

He now had a deep perception of Pu Tai toward the eight power Upanishads and the magical abilities of the Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi power Upanishads. He received them, making them his possessions.

Pu Tai's power Upanishads, memories, and soul energy were absorbed fast, becoming a part of Shi Yan.

Shi Yan now had a strange but wonderful feeling. He knew he was complete now. He knew he had finally and officially received Bloodthirsty's inheritance!

He got it all now.

The Blood Vein Ring must have kept the eight great, evil power Upanishads. After Pu Tai had swallowed the Ring Spirit, he had stopped it from sending all the powers to him. That was why he had comprehended only the Death and Devouring power Upanishads. He hadn't received the inheritances of the other power Upanishads.

Devouring and the eight evil powers were one entity that shouldn't be divided. Having all of them, the warrior could use the strongest and fiercest abilities.

He had swallowed everything from Pu Tai. With the new comprehension of the eight power Upanishads, his soul slowly sublimated while his God power Ancient Tree was changed greatly!

"Third Sky of Immortal Realm!"

Shi Yan laughed while lifting his head to observe the stars in the sky. His line of sight raked from Montecie, Hiro, to the Dark Abyss, then to Xuan He, Ming Hong, and the others. He suddenly felt so excited.

Today, he was fully deserving of being the new Master of Bloodthirsty's Force. He had fused the Devouring power Upanishad with the eight evil power Upanishads, finally succeeding Bloodthirsty.

He was even more intimidating and full of potential than Bloodthirsty, because he had also mastered the Star, Life, and Space power Upanishads, which were the powers that could turn the Desolate Territory upside down!

"I need to strengthen my realm!" He flashed and reappeared by Xuan He and Frederick. Then, he deliberately sat down cross-legged, closing his eyes. "Guard me."

"Alright!" Xuan He and Frederick replied, instinctively agreeing.

Then, Xuan He and Frederick exchanged looks and saw fright in each other's eyes. They had just had a magical feeling. It felt as if their former Master Bloodthirsty had just ordered him, which they had obeyed instinctively…

They looked at Shi Yan in astonishment.

"He has swallowed Pu Tai, finally and officially inheriting everything of Master. Perhaps… He'll be even stronger than our Master in the future." Ming Hong's gloomy shadow swayed, his eyes respectful. He pondered for seconds, then respectfully kneeled, "I, Ming Hong, welcome new Master!"

Today, he had officially acknowledged Shi Yan's position and lowered his proud head.

Xuan He and Frederick were bewildered, but they reacted timely, kneeling in front of Shi Yan like Ming Hong and speaking in unison. "Welcome, new Master!"

From now on, they would follow Shi Yan and serve him as the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force and their new Master. Today, Shi Yan had used his realm, competence, and power Upanishads to prove that he had the qualifications!

Qualifications were formed from his power, and Shi Yan's power now was enough to support his qualifications!

"Rise, all of you!"

Shi Yan sat still, slowly closing his eyes and focusing. His will came toward the new power Upanishads he had just received, to stabilize his new realm.

After killing and swallowing Pu Tai, he had advanced to the next level, entering the Third Sky of Immortal Realm. He had harvested the seven power Upanishads, including Soul Control, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi. He needed time to digest and comprehend them.

He didn't even mind Devour much, since he hoped that Hero and Montecie could kill or refine him.

"Hiro! Be prepared!" Montecie urged her power. Inside the torrential current of time behind her, more and more energies rose.

After the Ancient Demon Continent disappeared, the Dark Abyss—Devour shrank continually. At this moment, it was just a small piece which looked condensed and silent.

Xuan He and Frederick saw the Dark Abyss return to the shape they were familiar with, looking dead…

Inside the Dark Abyss, the endless blood sea arose and blood bubbled. Each of them seemed to have a soul and consciousness. The blood bubbles moved and congregated, creating a blood vacuum area.

All of a sudden, a low-pitched, mysterious whining voice arose deep inside the blood sea. A cluster of blood light appeared inside that bubble, shining dazzlingly.

Deep inside the Sea Domain of Nihility, in the ancestral land of the Devouring Clan, an old man of the Devouring Clan was soaking in a blood pond. The bubbles in the pond floated up into the sky and created a big bubble in front of him.

His crimson eyes flared with anger. "I can't believe someone dares to disturb our Ancestor!"

He turned into a drop of scarlet blood, falling into the bubble. The blood bubble blasted, and he disappeared altogether. In the next moment, a drop of blood appeared inside the bubble above the blood sea inside Devour on the Ancient Demon Continent.

That drop of blood wiggled, growing into a man from the Devouring Clan. This man in his thirties had a sinister face as he walked out of the blood sea. A bloodthirsty aura shot out of his head as a warning, in the form of a thick smoke column.

A blood light bloomed from the Dark Abyss and pierced through everything as it expanded, covering the entire area. Montecie's Time power Upanishad was hindered. She couldn't continue to channel her power when a blood hue dyed her current of time!

"Edgar! Edgar is coming!" Montecie's face changed drastically, yelling, "Edgar! Edgar's here!" Hiro was frightened as well. He didn't hesitate, immediately storming into the thick blood sea and finding Edgar.

"Montecie! Hiro! You dare to attack our Devouring Clan's Ancestor! You come to this Desolate Territory to court death!" Edgar's wild grunt echoed around the star area.

"Master Edgar, Pu Tai's dead! Young Chief is dead!" Labitte screamed.

"My son is dead? How is he dead!" Edgar roared as if he had a serious mental illness or was an enraged beast. His roars had pressed the space to crack like a broken mirror, exploding several stars around.

Inside the surging blood torrent, Edgar surfed the wave, his body dripping with blood as he shouted, "Who? Who killed my son?"

Edgar, the current chief of the Devouring Clan, was also one of the ten Great Territory Ancestors in the Sea Domain of Nihility, and Pu Tai was his son!