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The time-reversing power had applied only on Devour, causing it to spit out all kinds of energies it had absorbed. The pure heaven and earth energy from the Ancient Demon Continent it had nibbled was released as well.

It was an extremely formidable power Upanishad!

Everybody watched from a far distance and found many illusory shadows by the edge of the Ancient Demon Continent.

Those people that were killed reappeared without the souls or intelligence under the effects of Time power Upanishad, as they were created with pure energy.

Shi Yan was nearest to that area, and he had mastered Devouring power Upanishad. His eyes brightened, talking to Montecie, "Thank you!"

He then immediately devoured the energy that had just returned.

Countless crystal light balls, which were manifestations of energy, flew into the black cave like a sprinkle. Shi Yan had swallowed them all.

"You're welcome. This amount of energy should be enough for you to awaken the two precursors of the White Bone Clan. I'm just doing you a favor." Montecie giggled while zooming over the Dark Abyss like a dark shadow. Behind her, the current of Time was still rising high, distorting the rule of time in this world.

Xuan He, Frederick, and DeCarlos looked at the magnificent bands of light from the distance, their scalps turning numb. Montecie in the shape of a little girl had frightened them greatly.

"Power of Time! It's the real power of Time! My master had searched for a long time, but he had never seen the real power of Time. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to witness it today…"

DeCarlos had cultivated Space power Upanishad to the Second Sky of Immortal Realm. He looked shocked when he recalled something. "No wonder why she had eyed Xia Xin Yan strangely as soon as that little girl came to the Grace Mainland. Turns out that's the cause. No wonder her eyes got brightened!"

When Montecie had arrived in the Grace Mainland, Xia Xin Yan was there as well. At that time, Montecie had scrutinized the latter just like treasure lovers looked at rare gemstones, her eyes sparkling.

Montecie had concealed well, not showing anything. Perhaps, she was waiting to take the next step after the situation in Desolate Territory was stabilized.

But, DeCarlos had paid attention. He had secretly helped Xia Xin Yan reach the Incipient God Realm by giving her pure energy, and did have a plan…

But, he didn't know why Montecie had laid her eyes on Xia Xin Yan. Although he was at the Second Sky of Immortal Realm, he couldn't know about Montecie's realm. Thus, he was confused all the time.

But now, he finally got it.

In this vast galaxy, the warriors cultivating Time power Upanishads were even lesser than the ones cultivating Space power Upanishad. Sometimes, the entire star area didn't have even one expert using this power Upanishad.

It was because the Time power Upanishad was very magical. There was no book or record showing the way to obtain and cultivate this power. Each warrior with this power Upanishad often had extremely complicated background and encounters.

Not many people could understand the Time power Upanishad. The one who could cultivate it to the high realm were as rare as unicorn horns or the phoenix feathers.

Montecie was from the top echelon of the Phantom Clan, but she hadn't found any member with the talent of learning Time power Upanishad in her clan. She was worried because she couldn't find a successor. She had wandered and sought in many territories, but still got nothing.

Unexpectedly, after arriving at the Desolate Territory this time, the moment she landed on the Grace Mainland, she immediately found an expert who cultivated Time power Upanishad at the Incipient God Realm. Moreover, she was a beautiful young lady; nothing could be more perfect. At that moment, Montecie had made up her mind. Even if she had to steal her, she had to bring her away.

She thought that even though she couldn't get anything from this trip to Desolate Territory, as long as she could take Xia Xin Yan, it would be worth it all already.

"Because of the everlasting inheritance it is, I should have thought about it," DeCarlos looked at Montecie, his face bitter, "Seems like I can't fulfill my teacher's wish. How can I be compared to Montecie. Sigh, never mind…"

DeCarlos' teacher was defeated by Bloodthirsty, and he died not long after that. 

Before his master died, he had found a secret technique. He assumed that if someone could combine the Space and Time power Upanishad, he could seal the entire world completely!

He could seal every creature!

He had imparted DeCarlos that secret technique and hoped that he could test it. Unfortunately, DeCarlos didn't cultivate the Time power Upanishad. He couldn't check or practice that technique to see if it was possible or not.

When he found Xia Xin Yan, he wanted to give her his master's secret technique. Although he couldn't cultivate the Time power Upanishad, he could teach her Space power Upanishad. He hoped that Xia Xin Yan could cultivate both Space and Time power Upanishad one day so that she could test that theory and technique, and finally fulfill his teacher's wish.

But now, seeing Montecie's performance and her intention of making Xia Xin Yan her successor, he knew that he would never become Xia Xin Yan's teacher.


Montecie screamed from the Dark Abyss as she was maintaining her time reserving power to wear out Devour. She wanted to use Time power Upanishad to pull Devour back to the stage he was wounded so badly that he had to stay dormant. Then, Hiro, the expert cultivating Metal power Upanishad who was famous for his destructive power, would crush Devour into pieces!

Hiro of the White Bone Clan had a snow-white bone body, shining like a star in the Dark Abyss. The rays of light from him carried the extremely destructive power of metal in the world. They could pierce through and explode everything, including the Absolute Beginning creatures.

His rays of starlight were created by his soul energy and God power. The pure soul energy with the support from the God power could obliterate the entire territory!

Although Shi Yan was swallowing the energy from the dead creatures, he could feel the Ancient Demon Star Area like a sheet of fabric pricked by sharp knives. Hiro's sharp metal power was so formidable!

Montecie and Hiro were two of the ten Great Territory Ancestors of the Sea Domain of Nihility. They were the peerless existences in the Sea Domain of Nihility, the proud demons, from a certain aspect. As they had joined hands, Devour was subdued.

"If Ancestor hadn't been wounded after years of fighting against Desolate, how could you have been his match? It's really bad that Edgar isn't here. Damn it!" Labitte of the Devouring Clan was fighting Gay. He was so impulsive when Devour was subdued by Montecie and Hiro, that his soul was about to shatter.

He knew that if Devour finished refining the Ancient Demon Continent and the God-blessed Mainland, he could recover half of his power. And, if he could take in the Grace Mainland and Desolate, he would reach his peak once again, maybe even leap up!

At that time, Devour could rule over the entire Sea Domain of Nihility, making all creatures and races submit to him!

The other six clans couldn't resist Devour, and would have become Devour's, or the Devouring Clan's servants!

Unfortunately, Shi Yan had the guts to cooperate with Montecie and Hiro, bringing them to Desolate Territory to destroy the plan the Devouring Clan had spent a lot of efforts, and even deaths, to prepare during ten thousand years. It made Labitte outraged.

He had made up his mind. He would sacrifice his life to destroy Shi Yan and release Pu Tai. Then, Pu Tai could use his soul power to connect with the forbidden land of the Devouring Clan to bring Edgar here.

Right at the moment he had decided to do that, Mei Ji and Emperor Sea Shark had seen his motivation. They didn't watch anymore, flying toward him to join Gay. They all attacked Labitte, giving him no chance to self-detonate and kill Shi Yan.

The Dark Abyss above the Ancient Demon Continent that seemed like the sea of jet black clouds was shrinking. Beams of energy dripped from the dark clouds like lines of rain falling onto the Ancient Demon Continent. The dried, dead trees on the continent sprouted, and the grass began to grow on the cold, barren lands.

Everything was revived; the Ancient Demon Continent that was about to be swallowed like an ancient creature facing death was rescued.

The Dark Abyss—Devour, was shrinking as if it was about to stay quiescent.

At this moment, Pu Tai's soul altar was finally drawn out.

Pu Tai's soul altar was magical. Under his host soul was the Incipient Extent which looked like the Dark Abyss. However, it had a viscous, vast blood sea where floated nine islands. Those islands had the sacrificial altars that represented the eight evil power Upanishads and the Devouring power Upanishad.

Under the Incipient Extent was the tier of power Upanishads, which looked even stranger. It had nine masses of air, the appearances of the great power Upanishads.

Underneath was the Sea of Consciousness which had a soul pond containing the Dark Energy. That soul pond was bigger than Shi Yan's.

"Get in!"

Pu Tai's soul altar entered Shi Yan's Devouring power Upanishad. With a cold face, he rose his hand to snatch.

Pu Tai had become a mess of bleeding flesh. A ring flew out of that bloody thing, returning to Shi Yan's hand. It was the Ring Spirit!


A beast roar suddenly reverberated from nowhere and a wild beast appeared by Pu Tai's body suddenly that looked like a ferocious flood dragon. It was several hundred meters long, covered in rigid scales. This beast had an enormous amount of life energy!

It emerged all of a sudden as if it had torn the space to come here, and then swallowed Pu Tai in just one bite.

That beast had a pair of neon green eyes which were gazing at Shi Yan. As the latter gazed back at it, it slowly disappeared into the void.

The beast came and swallowed Pu Tai, then left shortly. All the warriors on the scene were shocked.

Pu Tai had Wederson's body, which had a lot of Bloodthirsty's remains. It had contained all of Bloodthirsty's essence. Shi Yan hadn't placed his hand on the dead body, but the beast that came out of nowhere had taken it. Nobody could accept this sudden incident.

Shi Yan was puzzled while looking in the direction the beast had just disappeared. He had a familiar feeling toward it indeed. That beast's aura gave him a trail of something dear to him!

"Ghost Hunter! That's Ghost Hunter! He's changed greatly, but that's his aura. Can't be wrong!" Azure Dragon screamed hoarsely. "Ghost Hunter had disappeared for one hundred years. He had eaten Cang Yun and gotten the Origin of the Ancient Demon Continent. Why is he here?"

"His aura is really powerful, much stronger than any one of us! What happened to him after all?" Xuan He screamed in fright.

Besides Death power Upanishad, Xuan He had also mastered Life power Upanishad. Although Ghost Hunter had just revealed his body in a short glimpse, Xuan he could recognize the enormous life energy in his body, which was much stronger than him and Frederick, and even more abundant than the Holy Beast Azure Dragon, who had lived ten thousand years!

What had happened to Ghost Hunter after he had disappeared for one hundred years? What made him so intimidating?