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Xuan He, Frederick, and the others had returned from the Ancient Demon Continent. They were extremely restless, as if they had a flame burning their hearts. They tried to find Shi Yan everywhere on the Immortal Island, their calls reverberating in the entire mainland.

Inside the gorge behind the Immortal Island, Shi Yan closed his eyes, his face nonchalant as if he was absorbed in his comprehension process.

Yang Tian Emperor and Blood Devil wore a cold face, stopping Xuan He. "He's comprehending his power. He needs quietness. What has happened?" Yang Tian Emperor asked in a low voice.

"Ming Hao's in danger in the Ancient Demon Continent. A Territory Ancestor of the Devouring Clan has captured him. I'm afraid he can't escape." Xuan He rarely looked this panicked. "Ming Hao used space energy to open a passage to bring us back here. But, he can't escape…"

He simply explained the situation.

Yang Tian Emperor discolored. "Territory Ancestor Realm? Bloodthirsty's level?"

The surrounding warriors felt chilled when they heard that. They turned to look at Xuan He with a malicious thought. "Territory Ancestor? What can Shi Yan do if he goes there? Are you telling him this to get him killed?" Xia Xin Yan's bright eyes turned cold. "It's your trouble. Solve it yourself!"

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A lightning-like figure conjured in the void: it was DeCarlos!

He was bewildered, asking, "Xuan He, you're here too?" He then turned to Shi Yan, "Right then, I got something to tell you. The Four Heavenly Kings are after God Lord Brian. The Four Heavenly Kings are all at the Third Sky of Immortal Realm. After they followed Hui and Tian Xie, they obtained the Dark Energy. As they've joined hands, Brian's situation isn't really good."

Pausing for a while, he asked, "Do you want to get involved in this?"

"Get involved? How?" Adele's beautiful face had an ash-gray shadow, her eyes gloomy. "My brother, Ming Hao's trapped by a Territory Ancestor from the Devouring Clan. His situation isn't good either. Who cares about God Lord Brian?"

"The Four Heavenly Kings are after the God Lord?" Yang Tian Emperor and Blood Devil had a twinge in their nerves. The series of incidents had baffled them. They suddenly recognized that after Shi Yan's team had returned, the Desolate Territory was now an ignited dynamite; it would go off soon.

The God Lord was chased by the Four Heavenly Kings, and Ming Hao was confined by the Territory Ancestor of Devouring Clan. As soon as the two peerless experts of Desolate Territory returned, they had been sunk deeply in trouble. What should they do? They followed their instincts to Immortal Island. Deep in their hearts, they had all laid their hopes on Shi Yan.

After a short time spent in the Sea Domain of Nihility, Shi Yan had reached the Second Sky of Immortal Realm. This mysterious young man had become their last resort!

Shi Yan had stood quietly in the gorge for a long time, and suddenly opened his eyes.

He now had a long, archaic aura, as if he had slumbered for tens of thousands of years. After a flash, he came over to Xuan He and DeCarlos, asking, "Tell me the situation one more time."

Xuan He and DeCarlos told him about the situation of Ming Hao and the God Lord in detail.

"Can't believe the Devouring Clan is connected to Desolate Territory and the incident on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. They know about the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower too. It's not good." After listening to the others, Shi Yan nodded and then quieted down.

The other didn't dare to disturb him, waiting for his opinion in silence.

Hui, Tian Xie, and the Four Heavenly Kings were the peerless characters in the Ancient God Star Area now. Currently, they weren't strong enough to resist such experts. The Territory Ancestor of the Devouring Clan, Pu Tai, and Devour in the Ancient Demon Star Area were even fiercer. Unless Shi Yan broke through to the Territory Ancestor Realm, they didn't know what method they could use to solve this problem. They looked at Shi Yan with hope and insecurity.

After a while, Shi Yan's face emitted a halo that chilled people. With a sharp look in his eyes, he said, "Desolate Territory today is out of our control. It's not something we can manage anymore. The Absolute Beginning creatures Hui and Devour have ruled two territories. Added with the Territory Ancestor of the Devouring Clan…"

"If so, let the entire Desolate Territory boil!"

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Rays of strange, magical light weaved in his eyes, congregating in one spot. All of a sudden, a light door appeared in front of his chest.

It was a space door that ran directly to the territory entrance in the space basin!

"What do you mean?" DeCarlos looked baffled.

"All the races in the Sea Domain of Nihility are searching for Desolate Territory and me. They're interested in the Absolute Beginning creature Desolate. I guess they are interested in Hui and Devour too. As the Devouring Clan has come, we should open the entrance the Desolate Territory so that more experts of the Sea Domain of Nihility can come!" Shi Yan said crazily.

"Are you crazy?"

"You're crazy!"

"Once the experts of the Sea Domain of Nihility come to Desolate Territory, the entire territory can't live in peace. Who can stop those devils?" Xuan He, Frederick, and Audrey screamed, feeling scared and chilled. Shi Yan's madness had frightened them.

"Isn't it bad enough now?" Shi Yan's voice was harsh. "Hui and Devour are nibbling and eroding Desolate's parts. They're attacking Desolate, and Desolate doesn't have the power to resist. Today, the Territory Ancestor of the Devouring Clan has arrived. If we don't stir up some changes, we will die altogether once they have finished off Desolate. What difference would there be if we let the other experts come? Would the worst consequences be different?"

Stooping to see the Grace Mainland underneath, his eyes turned strange. "Perhaps, it also wants some earth-shaking change to overturn this bad situation…"

Without more explanation, Shi Yan flashed, swaying through the light door.

The light door closed slowly.

Shi Yan reappeared in the chaotic space basin. After a gleam, he entered the Desolate Territory's entrance precisely, as if he had done it before.

Jumping into it, the terrifying water pressure slapped him. He urged the power Upanishad, following the way Bloodthirsty had taken a long, long time ago to move deeper into the Sea of Annihilation's seabed.

The water pressure became more horrible. After a long time, he was shaken as he recognized that he had actually entered the Sea of Annihilation's seabed.

A thought popped up in his head. He teleported and came to the broken star field where he had collected the Little Bear Constellation. He rubbed some rocks and became surprised.

Those broken stars had a powerful soul energy fluctuation. The soul energy congregated, creating many images. Shi Yan saw Mei Ji when she was dormant. Eventually, the image changed into a little figure: it was a little girl who talked like an old woman. "This child, Mei Ji, I brought her home. She's alright. She's going to be the next Territory Ancestor of the Phantom Clan. If you want to contact the Phantom Clan, you can come to any base of the Phantom Clan to talk. And, Hiro from the White Bone Clan also wants to find you. He doesn't mean harm…"

This visual soul message had been here for dozens of years, waiting for only him!

Those images were animated. Shi Yan rubbed the stone, his face filled with surprise. Howe fierce was the warrior who could leave a visual message that hadn't faded for dozens of years like that?"

He immediately recognized that it was the superb expert of the Phantom Clan!

Shi Yan was surprised when the other didn't seem to mean harm. It seemed she just wanted to talk to him. Shi Yan was more amazed when she mentioned Hiro of the White Bone Clan.

Pondering for a while, he disguised and moved forward.

He came to the surface of the Sea Domain of Nihility, heading to a city to gather information he had missed during dozens of years.

The members of the White Bone Clan were trying hard to find the expert with Life power Upanishad to wake up their two precursors. That Grannie of the Phantom Clan had slaughtered and forced Ferrell and Neptune to run away, retracting their heads…

He got the direction shortly and found the base the Phantom Clan had re-established in the Sea of Annihilation. Through the Phantom Clan, he also contacted the White Bone Clan, giving them the coordinates of the Desolate Territory's entrance.

The Phantom Clan's fairyland headquarters…

Mei Ji was refining her territory. Today, her makings were more powerful and elegant than in the past. She had finally reached the Territory Ancestor Realm and become an important expert of the Phantom Clan. She was in charge of collecting, sorting, and distributing intelligence for the Phantom Clan.

She had always paid attention to the base in the Sea of Annihilation. Today, while she was playing with a crystal ball, flows of news came through it.

A piece of news emerged on her palm, and her sexy body shook hard.

Her body flashed, and she appeared in the holy land of the Phantom Clan. She found the little girl, talking respectfully and excitedly, "Grannie, it's Shi Yan! He sent the news and location of Desolate Territory. He said that Desolate Territory now has two Absolute Beginning creatures, and the Territory Ancestor of the Devouring Clan has come using a secret technique!"

The little girl changed her face, her eyes emitting a bright light. "Excellent! Very excellent! Summon the hotshots. You come with me to the Sea of Annihilation!"

Holy land, White Bone Clan...

Inside an imposing white bone mountain, Hiro was listening to a member of his clan. After a while, he nodded, his eyes shooting a divine light. "The Phantom Clan's intelligence can't be wrong. We owe the Phantom Clan this time. As Shi Yan has proactively sent the message, I think he has got good feelings for our White Bone Clan."

"What's going on?" A clansman with a crystal clear skeleton asked.

"Shi Yan, the one with the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, sent the news and said that he wanted to use the Life power Upanishad to help us. He also said that Desolate Territory now has three Absolute Beginning creatures, and even the Territory Ancestor of the Devouring Clan. He gave the precise coordinates and asked us to come find him there," said Hiro.

The man got his eyes brightened, talking resolutely, "Is it true?"


"Then, I'm going with you!"

"Call my cousin. We will take his parents to Desolate Territory together. This time, we have to wake them up in Desolate Territory. They are our biggest assets!"