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1472 Awaken One By One

Shi Yan, Audrey, and the God Lord floated on the river; their breathing was long and their vitality was surging. However, they hadn't woken up yet.

Xuan He and Ming Hao hovered by them and tried to find a solution.

"The God Lord hasn't woken up yet. It's a good chance. We've been fighting against the God Clan for ten thousand years. As long as we kill him, the God Clan can't rise again." Frederick had ruthless light in his eyes, his face filled with murderous intentions. "We can take revenge for our Master. What do you think?"

He turned to Xuan He and Ming Hao, the two leaders of the Bloodthirsty Force

Xuan He shrugged and said, "Well, it seems that Ming Hao was happy when he stayed with the God Lord. Perhaps he doesn't want to take revenge for our Master."

Adele and the others turned to look at Ming Hao.

Ming Hao's eyes were so deep as he pondered. After a while, he said coldly, "Right, I don't support killing Brian now because we don't know the situation in Desolate Territory. If Desolate Territory is now something in Hui and Tian Xie's pocket, we need the God Lord to bond with the God Clan!"

"You think so?" Xuan He discolored.

"I think after we had disappeared from Desolate Territory, perhaps the God Clan is subject to Hui. See, the Great Four Heavenly Kings weren't here. They didn't leave with us. With their realms, they weren't equal opponents to Hui and Tian Xin. They didn't have another option but death if they didn't surrender," said Ming Hao.

They all kept silent after Ming Hao had explained it to them.

Time flew hurriedly.

Several months had passed like a blink of an eye. They still guarded the area and waited for Shi Yan to wake up.

However, it wasn't Shi Yan who woke up the first. It was Audrey.

Audrey had a long dream. She was so intimidating in her dream. She had fought and killed a lot of experts. In her dream, she had everything…

After opening her eyes, she was bewildered as she found an item in her head.

Her Soul Consciousness gathered and she was surprised as she saw a little jade cauldron in her head, which, unexpectedly, used to belong to Neptune.

"Soul Refining Cauldron! An Absolute Beginning divine weapon!"

Audrey was so thrilled. The aura from the jade cauldron vaguely matched with her breathing, will, and thought. Also, it had even connected to her blood.

That jade cauldron seemed to become her heart and limbs. It was the sign of a complete fusion.

She sent a wisp of her soul to the inside of the cauldron. It was a wonderful world with countless soul drawings on the horizon of an immense, gray sky, creating a thick mesh net where so many souls were cultivating…

The Soul Refining Cauldron could keep, nourish, refine, and make souls cultivate themselves to upgrade!

Audrey's cold face blushed in excitement. She squeezed her fists and almost screamed.

"Cough! Cough!"

Ming Hao gave a slight cough to remind Audrey, waking her up from the world inside her head.

Audrey's consciousness came back to her. She saw her mother, Adele, Xuan He, and Frederick. She couldn't help but cry in astonishment. "Why are you here?"

"Do you know what happened to you?" asked Ming Hao.

Audrey was bewildered. She tried to recall, but her mind was empty. "I don't know. It felt like my soul was sucked out. It was like a dream and I just woke up now."


Ming Hong appeared on her shoulder like a little bat. He glanced at Audrey and said, "You've reached the Immortal Realm…"


Audrey and Adele screamed at the same time. Xuan He and the others were also surprised.

"You… you are…" Adele pointed at Ming Hong.

Ming Hong nodded, "Right, I am Ming Hong from Imperial Dark Tribe. Twenty thousand years ago, I was your grandfather's comrade. We'd accompanied each other for many years. Bloodthirsty had damaged us a lot. He also ended the ruling time of Imperial Dark Tribe. After that, the Bloodthirsty Force had risen."

"As you were with her all the time, you could know more. What…What happened?" asked Ming Hao.

Everybody put on a curious face.

Ming Hong pondered, his voice deep. "Shi Yan's life was threatened by Neptune's Dark Energy attack. Desolate's blurry consciousness alerted that its host could be destroyed, so it burst out instinctively. Also, Audrey and Brian happened to be parts of Desolate. Their Origins have independent consciousness. They found that Audrey and Brian could be killed in that circumstance. Thus, they proactively joined Desolate's clone in Shi Yan…."

"You mean… The fusion of the Origin of Grace Mainland, God-blessed Mainland, and Ancient God Continent is also the fusion of Desolate's body parts? Desolate's three clones recognized the dangerous situation, so they had to join each other temporarily to use Desolate's supernatural power?" Ming Hao was surprised. "So, it wasn't Desolate itself who had appeared all of a sudden and gathered its clones?"

"The real Desolate is still in Desolate Territory. Perhaps it isn't in a good condition, either. It wasn't free to care about the clones, right?" Ming Hong shook his head. "Desolate's three clones have independent consciousness although they could be dormant while being fused with Shi Yan, Audrey, and the God Lord. Anyway, they still have complete intellect. They originated from Desolate, but they are independent of Desolate. Of course, if they gather together, they are Desolate…"

Ming Hong's words weren't so clear. However, they were all smart people as they understood what he wanted to say.

"The three clones knew the threat. They joined each other to get a part of Desolate's supernatural power to overturn the situation. Audrey's part had seized the Soul Refining Cauldron on behalf of her. Brian's part had taken the qualification to advance to the Territory Ancestor Realm. At this moment, God Lord Brian has Dark Energy…" explained Ming Hong.

Everybody was frightened. They turned to look at the God Lord and they found him awake and sitting above the sea. He opened his eyes and looked at the others, talking calmly with a nod, "Precursor Ming Hong is correct. I've experienced many things in a dream. I've perceived something. And now, I understand Dark Energy…"

"How about Shi Yan?" Xuan He and Frederick screamed.

What did Shi Yan get?

They all wanted to know this.

Ming Hong forced a smile and shook his head. "Logically, Shi Yan's consciousness is the strongest. Because when Desolate's three clones gather, Audrey's and Brian's had proactively come to join his Origin. Audrey got the Soul Refining Cauldron and she had entered the Immortal Realm. The God Lord got the Dark Energy that he had yearned for. As for Shi Yan, I actually don't know. Perhaps we have to wait until he woke up to know what he had harvested."

The remarks made people speechless and more curious. They hoped that Shi Yan would wake up a little early.

"When did I swallow the Immortal Pellet?" Audrey was shaken hard as she sensed the changes of her body and the magical transformation of her power Upanishad.

"In your dream. It… has done everything it could." Ming Hong's eyes were filled with respect. "After it had appeared, I stayed hidden in your Incipient Extent. I could vaguely see it using the Immortal Pellet to help you break through fast and enter the Immortal Realm directly."

"Don't think of anything else. Take a decent rest to carefully check the changes in your body and soul," Adele was so happy. She grabbed Audrey's hand and pulled her aside. "Good child, it seems that you got the biggest harvest in the Sea Domain of Nihility this time. Excellent. With you here, our Imperial Dark Tribe will thrive fast!"

"I got all of Singh's slave souls from the Soul Clan. I know many secrets and techniques of the Soul Clan. They happened to match perfectly with our Imperial Dark Tribe's power Upanishad," Audrey's eyes brightened. "I believe what I got can push Imperial Dark Tribe to another height!"

"Excellent!" Adele cheered.

"Brian, can you sense the situation of your Ancient God Continent?" asked Ming Hao.

The God Lord lifted his head, his eyes glum. "You're right. My clan… has followed Hui. The situation of Ancient God Continent isn't right. I can vaguely check it. The Four Great Heavenly Kings now have an intimidating aura. I think they got Dark Energy too." Xuan He, Frederick, and Lei Di paled.

Carefree, Light, and the others were at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. They were strong already. Once they got Dark Energy, their competences were going to rocket. They would become the most terrifying opponents.

"Hui and Tian Xie must have done some business with them and enticed them with Dark Energy. Otherwise, with their nature and learning ability, they would never have been able to learn Dark Energy in just a short time like that," said the God Lord.

Can you use the body of someone in your clan to get through the barrier and get back there?" asked Ming Hao.

Brian shook his head, "I don't cultivate Space power Upanishad. Otherwise, I can try. Desolate Territory is closed now. Only Shi Yan has a chance to take us out of here. He has the Origin of Grace Mainland and the Space power Upanishad. They are the advantages that we don't have."

"So we still have to wait for him to wake up?" Lei Di forced a smile. "You two have awakened. He's still unconscious. We have to wait until when? Do we have any method to wake him up?"

"No," Ming Hao snorted, "His condition only happens once in a blue moon. He must be learning something. If we wake him up, it will be dangerous somehow. We should just wait then."

"Right, we have to wait," said Xuan He.

And they continued to wait for him.

Time flew as fast as a shuttle. Several years had passed in the outer layer of the Desolate Territory.

Xuan He and Ming Hao gradually went numb.

They scattered to different areas of the river and discussed the power Upanishads or meditating alone. They had to wait for Shi Yan. They didn't have any alternative.

Until Shi Yan began to shake. A terrifying energy fluctuated through his glabella. Then, the blood mark appeared on Xuan He's, Ming Hao's, and Frederick's forehead.

"Shi Yan has finally finished refining the energy he got from the seabed! This power is so amazing. He can't endure it, so our mark now emerges!" screamed Ming Hao, looking so thrilled.

Xuan He and Frederick were also excited. They gathered and sat cross-legged in front of Shi Yan to receive the enormous flood of energy that Shi Yan couldn't digest by himself.