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1470 Shaking Fallou

Deep in the Sea Domain of Nihility.

Countless ink-like clusters of clouds hovered in the void. That sea of black clouds carried the mountains, lakes, and many palaces and towers. The members of the Soul Clan were operating around. Groups of departed souls and ghosts flashed in the sky.

It was a base of the Soul Clan.

A black mountain range stretched on the black clouds. Wailing ghosts were crawling inside a black cloud where the muffled roaring echoed.

Many members of the Soul Clan gathered by the cave and discussed secretly with sinister faces.

"Sir Neptune had bad luck this time. Even though he was at Territory Ancestor Realm, he had run helter-skelter to return."

"I heard that the Absolute Beginning creature Desolate appeared on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. It overturned the situation right away and killed many Immortal Realm experts of the Sea of Annihilation."

"Well, I heard rumors that Desolate is separated because it's severely hurt?"

"The three parts of Desolate were on the seabed at that time. After the three parts had united, it was able to use its earth-shaking energy. Neptune was hurt badly and he had to run away."

"Oh gosh. How formidable Desolate is! Just three pieces of his body and he could assault Neptune badly?"

Most of the warriors of the Soul Clan who were discussing were at Incipient God Realm or Immortal Realm. They were surrounding the cave as they were in charge of protecting Neptune and serving him.

A lanky figure emerged from the sea of clouds far from them. He was a good-looking man with feminine contours. He looked around thirty years old and wore a simple brown-gray gown.

Forefather Earth Ghoul was servile as he bent his upper body and followed the handsome man like a dog.

The Soul Clan warriors who were discussing had hot and admiring looks on their faces when they saw the man. They kneeled down and screamed, "Welcome, Tribal Oldie Serene Prison!"

The handsome man with soft contours wore a faint smile as he nodded to them and entered the cave directly.

Forefather Earth Ghoul came after him.

The walls inside the cave hung billions of souls and ghosts. A chill-to-bone pond was situated in the middle of the cave with more departed souls and ghosts. Neptune was naked and soaking in that cold soul pond. Sometimes, his body flashed dazzlingly. After each flash, he screamed in agony.

The soul pond was the ancient formation that used the souls in the mountain range as the source of energy. It was the place the Soul Clan used to heal elders and the commanders.

After the handsome man got into the cave, he checked Neptune and sighed, "You had bad luck, indeed."

Neptune was surprised when he saw Serene Prison come personally. He bowed slightly to show his respect while still staying in the pond. "I didn't estimate that three clones of Desolate gathered there. Because of my soul river's threat, Desolate's consciousness was awakened deep in that kid's soul. It had used its supernatural power to gather the three clones and hit me hard…"

Forefather Earth Ghoul had already reported the incident on the seabed to Serene Prison. "How much time do you need to recover fully?"

"I don't know," Neptune winced. "The Light Orb in my body continuously eroded my blood and flesh. If I hadn't returned on time, I couldn't have kept this body. Without the precious materials from earth and heaven, I will need at least three hundred years. I lost the Soul Refining Cauldron too. My competence is greatly reduced."

"I'm here this time to give you a Territory Soul our clan has nurtured for years. We've kept this soul for a long time. I hope that you will recover fast and improve your competence after you swallow it," said Serene Prison.

Neptune looked thrilled. "Why?"

The Territory Soul was actually the soul of an expert at Third Sky of Immortal Realm. With some secret techniques, they could nurture it until it was as strong as the soul of a Territory Ancestor. The Soul Clan saved this sort of soul for the warriors who were about to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. Taking a Territory Soul, the warrior could have a bigger chance to obtain Dark Energy and become a Territory Ancestor.

The Territory Souls were very precious. There were a few of them in the entire Soul Clan. Normally, unless the Territory Ancestor was facing death, the clan wouldn't give the Territory Soul to recover him.

Neptune thought that it was strange because his situation wasn't that hopeless. Although three hundred years was a long period to recover, to the experts at his level, it was as long as a snap of his hand.

However, it would take several thousand years or more to nourish a Territory Soul.

Except for time, they needed to provide endless souls to that Territory Soul to help it grow. Neptune's three hundred years was never be worth a Territory Soul.

"Our clan needs your power. If it were in the past, they wouldn't give you a Territory Soul. But now, the Sea Domain of Nihility's situation is changing. Within three hundred years, a war will start. Thus, we must increase the clan's overall competence," Serene Prison wore a stern face, "After you take this soul, not only should you recover but I hope you will also increase your power. That's how we can ensure our advantages in the future war."

Neptune pondered for a while in the soul pond. He bent his body and spoke in a low voice. "I won't fail you."

Serene Prison nodded to him.


Mysterious Sky Clan's territory.

Many ancient cities were built on a spectacular continent that was the combination of many continents. All the cities were colossal and majestic.

That continent was another mysterious area of the Sea Domain of Nihility that could attract free energy and make them flow into the continent. At the same time, there were so many asteroids hovering around and creating a natural jam to the battleships traveling through the area.

Deep in the continent was a sealed area that only the ruling echelon of the Mysterious Sky Clan could visit.

That sealed area was actually a vast valley with dozens of bright entrances leading to different Territories.

Those Territories belonged to the Mysterious Sky Clan and were under their management.

At this moment, Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, Forefather Dragon Lizard, and dozens of elders from the Mysterious Sky Clan were gathering in the valley. All of them had stern countenances while gazing at an entrance.

It was where Han Tian was ascetically cultivating.

Everybody kept silent and waited for Han Tian.

After an unknown time, the entrance radiated gold light rays. A brawny old man with bird nest hair walked out of the entrance. He glowed in good health, wore hempen garments, and was barefooted. He looked at the warriors surrounding.

"The members of our clan presented on the Sea of Annihilation's seabed at that time are you two?" He looked at Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun.

The two nodded hurriedly.

Han Tian sighed, "That little girl Ling Mei was really talented. However, she has heavy mind schemes. I knew she would encounter a kalpa, but I didn't know it came that early."

Everybody kept their heads low and didn't dare to answer.

"Are you sure Shi Yan is Bloodthirsty's disciple? The shadow that appeared at the last moment was the combination of Desolate's three clones?" He turned to Tu Shi Qi.

Tu Shi Qi nodded, "Shi Yan cultivates Death power Upanishad and Devouring power Upanishad. Yeah, there is no need to talk about the Death power Upanishad, but the Devouring power Upanishad… You told us that only Bloodthirsty cultivated such a power. Shi Yan must be his successor. About the phantom that flew out of Shi Yan and the other two warriors from the Desolate Territory, it was likely Desolate. Dragon Lizard had sensed the distinctive aura of the Absolute Beginning creatures…"

Han Tian looked pensive for a few seconds. "Bloodthirsty was more intimidating than you thought. If he was still alive, he could stir up the Sea Domain of Nihility. Desolate is still incomplete. We can tell that from the fact that it stayed in three warriors. It seems that Desolate Territory is really complicated."

"Forefather, what should we do?" Tu Shi Qi asked for direction respectfully.

"Find the entrance to Desolate Territory first. Otherwise, we can't do anything." Han Tian said as he shook his head with a sigh. "Pay attention. I think the war between the seven clans will happen soon. That expert of the Phantom Clan has risen big waves in the Sea of Annihilation because Mei Ji was hurt badly there. Hiro has personally come to the Sea of Annihilation to pick up their two ancestors. Fortunately, they haven't awakened yet. Otherwise, the trouble would be be much bigger…"





Sea of Annihilation.

So many massive skull islands were moving slowly on the sea surface. The little skeleton was sitting cross-legged on one of those skull islands.

His parents lay in the two coffins next to him. He was watching over his parents in silence.

Hiro of the White Bone Clan was a little begrudging. "We should return to the headquarters of the clan first. We will figure out how. We will find an expert cultivating Life power Upanishad."

"Shi Yan has the Life Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. He's the best choice, isn't he?" asked the little skeleton.

"Yeah, he's our best choice if we can find him." Hiro's eyes turned dark. "I was late. When I went there, everything was done. I searched around the Sea of Annihilation's seabed, but I didn't find the entrance to Desolate Territory. Anyway, I've asked our warriors in the Sea of Annihilation to check every entrance. Once we get the news, I will handle it personally."

"They are all trying to find the entrance to Desolate Territory, right?" asked the little skeleton.

"Yeah, the members of the seven clans are looking for the entrance to Desolate Territory. Once they get it, many experts will go there," Hiro nodded.

The little skeleton kept silent.


In a beautiful area of broken stars inside the Sea Domain of Nihility, so many pieces of broken stars like crystals had piled up to create a massive, sparkling continent. This shining continent had so many flowers and luxuriant trees. The rivers here carried amazing spirit Qi and meandered around the mountains with many precious birds.

Many exquisite towers and palaces had decorated this continent. Beautiful people walked on the ground or rode the massive birds or shuttle.

On an island, Mei Ji was sleeping inside a massive yellow crystal ball. The crystal ball had many lights moving around. Those lights brought tremendous energy, which eventually entered Mei Ji's body.

After an unknown time, Mei Ji opened her eyes. Her blurry consciousness became clear. She knew that she was home.

Her Soul Consciousness moved around. She found that the consumed Soul Consciousness had returned. Dark Energy murmured inside the Sea of Consciousness. Her snowy Incipient Extent was slowly transforming and expanded immensely.

She knew that she was just one step away from Territory Ancestor Realm. She needed to calm down her mind to transform her Incipient Extent to break through to Territory Ancestor Realm.

She remembered the little girl who had come and rescued her, muttering with gratitude, "Thank you, Grannie."