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1468 Yin and Yang - Left and Righ

Ricardo and Ferrell agreed with Neptune.

The two of them scattered to block Emperor Sea Shark on his left and right and attack him simultaneously.

Ricardo's and Ferrell's territories suddenly emitted ripples that carried a bizarre aura that came from their Sea of Consciousness. It was Dark Energy!

Ricardo's and Ferrell's territories swelled like an inflated balloon. The energies emitted from the two territories were burning flames and wild lightning. The flames and lightning seemed to have lives as they became flame spirits and the essence of lightning accompanied by Ricardo's and Ferrell's life aura!

It was like they had created two new species from thin air!

The Dark Energy was also negative energy. Rumors said that it could create a new world or destroy a world; it could create living beings!

With Dark Energy, the territories of the two Territory Ancestors were connected to the real world. The flame and lightning spirits in the two worlds danced and attacked Emperor Sea Shark's territory.

Emperor Sea Shark discolored and muttered, "Using Dark Energy to improve the territory and create lives, it requires using Soul Consciousness and Dark Energy. You guys are here to help Neptune. I don't know why you have to sacrifice a lot like that…"

"The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol is very important. We all need an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol to strengthen the territory and generate more Dark Energy," Ricardo pondered and then said. "I don't want to risk my life with you. As long as you don't come out, I won't use all of my energy."

Ferrell wanted to launch a fatal attack. Hearing Ricardo, his face darkened.

Emperor Sea Shark looked at the two of them. Dark Energy surged in his Sea of Consciousness and vigorously expanded.

His Water Territory expanded along with Dark Energy. So many water drops became crystal clear with a life aura. It seemed like they were given lives and shapes instantly.

They were palm-sized, water warriors without facial features. However, they had soul energy. They moved out of the Water Territory, swarming and slashing the creatures Ricardo and Ferrell had created with their Dark Energy.

At the same time, Neptune leaped up!

He raised his hand and snatched. The Soul Refining Cauldron fell back into his hand. Billions of ghosts and departed souls had congregated into a giant demon claw and attacked Shi Yan.

"Constellation power!"

Shi Yan's body was cut and bleeding hard; the others could even see the organs in his chest. He roared indignantly.

The massive rocks on the seabed flew up. Within three breaths, they had formed a giant silver bear. The big bear roared crazily and hit the giant demon claw!

Millions of brutal souls and ghosts were torn into pieces. They turned into a gray mist and smoke and vanished. The big bear pulled and tugged the demon claw, preventing it from attacking Shi Yan.

The star energy in his body was drained rapidly. Shi Yan hovered in the void, his face cold. He changed his power Upanishad!

In the tier of power Upanishads in his soul altar, the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol inside the Life Ball erupted vitality. The stream of rolling vitality flooded Shi Yan's limbs and internal organs. As so many warriors were gazing at him, his body, which could become a pulp of flesh at any minute, started healing at a speed that naked eyes could observe.

His veins grew. His broken bones connected. Fibers of flesh in his cuts moved and closed.

The deep gashes on Shi Yan's pale, terrible face faded and then disappeared completely.

With the torrential vitality from the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, his badly damaged body recovered!

In this moment, his naked torso showcased his tough muscles. He had only a pair of shorts on his iron-like body. His muscular frame gave people an expression of something vigorous and exploding. The torrential life energy didn't cease and started flooding his entire body. The others who were watching him could even hear something amazing rumble inside him.

It was the vitality!

The enormous vitality that nothing could compare to!

Many warriors couldn't help but cover their mouths in awe while witnessing this miracle. Many of them couldn't even believe their own eyes.

Shi Yan's badly damaged body healed after ten breaths; he even looked stronger than before! What happened?

"Life power Upanishad! The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol he got must be the Life power Upanishad! Only the power of the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol can create such a wonder!" Forefather Dragon Lizard said as he couldn't believe it. "This man is unbelievably lucky! As he got an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol that fused with his Life power Upanishad, unless he uses up all of his energy, he can always use the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol to recover!"

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were dumbstruck. They found that they couldn't predict Shi Yan's future and development anymore. Also, they hated Ling Mei for her reckless deeds, which had made the Mysterious Sky Clan lose the fiercest friend.

"He's Bloodthirsty's disciple. If that man was still alive, he would be much more intimidating than Forefather Han Tian," Ya Yun reminded in a low voice.

Tu Shi Qi nodded with a forced smile. He suddenly felt that the situation was going to be much more complicated to handle than he had estimated. Pondering for a while, he said, "Alright. We should just watch this battle. We shouldn't get involved anymore. After it's finished, we will report everything to Forefather Han Tian. He won't blame us too much. Anyway, he had an encounter with Bloodthirsty that year…"

Ya Yun nodded as she agreed with him, her eyes upset.

"It turns out that you have the Life Absolute Beginning Original Symbol!" Neptune sat cross-legged on a brutal soul. Holding the Soul Refining Cauldron, he was controlling the massive demon claw, his eyes radiating magical light.

Shi Yan stayed naked. His eyes slowly turned garnet. Spikes tore his skin and jutted outward. A pair of bone wings emerged from his back. Right afterward, a set of gory armor shrouded him. The chest plates of his armor had magical blood clouds that bloomed like flowers.

He clutched a blood-dripping sword in his hand, which had so many open eyes. A strange, evil aura slowly emitted from him.

At that moment, Shi Yan had transfigured to his best fighting mode. He had even equipped the blood shield and the blood sword. He wanted to risk his life now.

"When a warrior at the Immortal Realm wants to challenge a Territory Ancestor Realm expert, unless he gets Dark Energy very early, at his Peak of Immortal Realm and with an Absolute Beginning divine weapon, he won't have a chance to survive," Neptune looked at him and said mindfully, "Unfortunately, you're at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. You don't have an Absolute Beginning weapon. Even though your life form evolved well, only death awaits you."

Neptune laughed evilly.

He had drawn a long, black river from his glabella. That river was created by Dark Energy with his soul as the source of power. So many water demons were floating in that river.

It looked like the Nether River deep inside the Nether Sea in Hell.

The river had murmuring, ink-black water. The water demons showed their fangs and raised their claws, disappearing into the sea.

The warriors who could use Dark Energy knew that it was Neptune's killing strike. At the Territory Ancestor Realm, it wasn't easy to gather Dark Energy. They wouldn't use it because of that.

Once they used Dark Energy, their soul, spirit, will, and Qi would become one to increase Dark Energy, which would turn into his life-taking attack.

The onlookers thought that the river had disappeared. However, when the experts with Dark Energy sent Dark Energy to their eyes, they could see that jet-black river flow toward Shi Yan.

The big silver bear created by Shi Yan's Constellation Power was still resisting the demon claw. Moreover, it was in a bad situation: Its crystals were exploding one by one.

That soul river was approaching Shi Yan with a soul threat that he couldn't resist.

Shi Yan felt a massive rock pressing on his chest that made him unable to breathe. His soul altar began to have cracks when the river came closer. His Sea of Consciousness seethed and his power Upanishad ceased. It seemed like the river could affect him a lot.

Star Chain!

Space Cross Slash!

Death Seal!

He activated three techniques continuously. Dozens of meteors and space blades came with massive hand seals of death that attacked the soul river.

The soul river didn't even bubble. It wasn't affected at all. Still, the river flowed toward Shi Yan.

Neptune's mouth curled coldly. He grinned and deliberately made the river flow slowly. It seemed like he enjoyed Shi Yan's desperate and powerless expression a lot. "Dark Energy can create worlds and it can also destroy worlds. It's the negative power of earth and heaven. The warriors can only have it after the soul, body and Soul Consciousness transforms to a particular level. God power, star energy and space energy can't dissolve a Dark Energy attack. It requires Dark Energy and negative energy to dissolve it. Your pathetic, minute amount of Dark Energy will never be enough to neutralize my soul river."

Shi Yan paled, frowning and saying nothing.

"The earth and heaven can be categorized as Yin and Yang, or Left and Right. The God power, star, space, and Qi are the Yang ones or part of the Right. Dark Energy is the Yin or the Left. It's like a person who has a soul and a body. The energy generated by the body is God power, star power, or space power. It belongs to the passive energy category. Only the energy generated by the soul is Dark Energy. The God power stays in the body while the Dark Energy hides in the Sea of Consciousness. As you have Dark Energy, your soul reached a strong level. But your realm is not high enough. It's unfortunate…"

Neptune sneered as he explained the Left and Right, Yin and Yang, body and soul to Shi Yan.

He was confident that Shi Yan would die this time.

Many warriors around the seabed listened to Neptune as he was talking about the Yin and Yang, Left and Right, and Dark Energy. They all looked pensive.

Especially Ming Hao and God Lord Brian. They felt like they were suddenly enlightened with a clear path. Amazing, holy light radiated from their eyes.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was also bewildered as he replayed what Neptune had said. He seemed to get something.


A cold voice arose at this moment. It was from Mei Ji.

A thick ice wall was congregated and standing in Neptune's soul river's way. The ice wall sparkled strongly and partially visible.

Neptune's soul river was stopped magically.


Mei Ji's charming face became ashen like a sheet of white paper. She spurted blood. The light in her eyes dimmed and vanished.