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1463 Exposed One By One

Billions of colorful flames flew out from Ricardo's body. They arrayed into a natural formation automatically. Those flames weren't afraid of water. They were like countless bright lamps flying toward Emperor Sea Shark.

Ferrell didn't say a word before he took action one more time. The lightning balls were condensed and they fell grumblingly on Emperor Sea Shark.

Neptune snorted and raised one hand. Three brutal souls emerged like giant demons floating in the air, each of them several thousand meters tall.

These three giant brutal souls were his true lethal attack!

Ricardo, Ferrell, and Neptune took action at the same time to block Emperor Sea Shark. They wanted to figure out Shi Yan's whereabouts from him.

To any clan, the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was the top treasure that they dreamed for. It was even more precious than an Absolute Beginning divine weapon. For the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, they had ignored the fact that Emperor Sea Shark was also a Territory Ancestor. Even if they had to destroy the entire Sea of Annihilation, they had to find Shi Yan to get the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower from him!

"Audrey! It's Audrey!" Ya Yun screamed in the crowd.

Tu Shi Qi and Forefather Dragon Lizard looked at her from a distance. They were surprised as they recognized that Neptune's brutal souls' attack were at Audrey. They knew that after Audrey had parted with them, she would find Shi Yan.

Seeing Audrey, they thought Shi Yan was around too. As the others were screaming, Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and Forefather Dragon Lizard had plunged toward Audrey and left Emperor Sea Shark behind.

"She has a close relationship with Shi Yan. What do you want to do?" Forefather Dragon Lizard asked all of a sudden.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were hesitant. Pondering for a while, Ya Yun said, "Take her. We can use her to negotiate with Shi Yan, can't we?"

"We can actually help her and save her from being killed by Neptune's brutal souls," said Tu Shi Qi.

Forefather Dragon Lizard nodded, "It's good then."

When they came and were about to take action, they found that Ming Hao had single-handedly stopped two brutal souls released by Neptune.

Ming Hao's clones held space sabers and forcefully resisted against two brutal souls.

Ming Hao in his soul form flashed and disappeared. Then, another warrior at the Immortal Realm near him suddenly screamed crazily and attacked Neptune's brutal souls.

Forefather Dragon Lizard and the others were awed. "How could he occupy the other's soul that quickly? Who is he?"

"He must be an expert cultivating Soul Control Power Upanishad from the Devouring Clan. I heard that the experts cultivating Soul Control power Upanishad could enter the soul of lower-realm warriors to distort their minds and enslave them," Tu Shi Qi said with a stern face, his eyes strange. "I can't relate that little girl Audrey to the Devouring Clan. Oh hey, it's not true. The soul form of that expert isn't something that the Devouring Clan has mastered. It's somehow similar to the Soul Clan. Tsk! It's complicated!"

Ya Yun was bewildered. She halted and didn't know what to do.

As the Soul Control Chief of the Bloodthirsty Force, Ming Hao had mastered the power Upanishad of the Imperial Dark Tribe and the supernatural abilities of mind control of the Bloodthirsty Force. He also had the power of Space. After ten thousand years of cultivating and merging the three power Upanishads perfectly, he had reached Third Sky of Immortal Realm. As long as he had Dark Energy, he could enter the Territory Ancestor Realm safely.

Today, in the Sea of Annihilation, he had performed his real capacity. Countless clone souls of his had occupied fifteen experts at the Immortal Realm and enslaved them. He controlled them to take self-destructive attacks to Neptune's brutal souls. It had greatly shocked many people.

Even the warriors surrounding Emperor Sea Shark had discolored in fear. They were aghast when they saw Neptune's two brutal souls get destroyed by the exploded souls.

Neptune had so many wisps of soul filaments in his head; several were cut off. He winced and turned to Ming Hao. He shouted, "Devouring Clan's Soul Control power Upanishad!"

Qi Mo and the warriors of the Devouring Clan heard Neptune shouting; they were frightened as they turned to look at Ming Hao.

"He's not a member of our Devouring Clan!" Qi Mo cultivated Chaos power Upanishad. Around him was a strange magnetic field that made the water twisted inside so many mirrors, which looked so strange.

As he was fighting Emperor Sea Shark, he suddenly recalled something, yelling, "He's from Desolate Territory!"

"Desolate Territory!"

"People from Desolate Territory!"

"The Territory created by Desolate, the Absolute Beginning creature!"

"It's so unexpected!"

Many warriors surrounding screamed in astonishment.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun exchanged looks. They saw fear in each other eyes. They knew that Audrey and Shi Yan came from Desolate Territory. Hearing Qi Mo exposing Ming Hao's identity, they were startled. They recalled that Han Tian used to tell them about Bloodthirsty.

"Just like Bloodthirsty, they are lucky ones who received Devour's inheritance in Desolate Territory. Their understanding of the eight great, evil powers is more complete than the Devouring Clan itself. It's just that their realms are a little low," Tu Shi Qi turned to Forefather Dragon Lizard, "Many years ago, an expert from Desolate Territory called Bloodthirsty had come to our place. He had risen the bloody rain and killed so many members of the Devouring Clan. Our Forefather Han Tian used to battle against him. He was defeated. Bloodthirsty had mastered Devouring power Upanishad and the eight great evil power Upanishads of the Devouring Clan. He was extremely fierce…"

"Precursor Han Tian was defeated?" Dragon Lizard was frightened. "Precursor Han Tian's one of the great Ten Territory Ancestors. How intimidating was Bloodthirsty?"

"Shi Yan and Audrey come from Desolate Territory and so does that expert with the Soul Control power Upanishad. He has mastered the Soul Control power Upanishad. Perhaps he's related to Bloodthirsty. It's strange, indeed…"

Tu Shi Qi muttered, his eyes suddenly brightened as he looked at Emperor Sea Shark, his face strange.

"What do you have in mind?" Ya Yun exhaled.

"Do you remember what Forefather Han Tian had told us that year? He said that Emperor Sea Shark used to guide Bloodthirsty on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. That Bloodthirsty suddenly appeared on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation out of nowhere. He didn't know anything and he was curious about everything. He met Emperor Sea Shark when he was still weak and he had forced Emperor Sea Shark to guide him…

"Yeah, I remember Forefather Han Tian telling us about that. However, Bloodthirsty had disappeared for a long time. I didn't really think about it. What do you mean?"

"Why does Emperor Sea Shark suddenly want to protect Shi Yan?"

"Only the ghosts know."

"Perhaps it's related to Bloodthirsty!"

"You mean Emperor Sea Shark knows that Shi Yan and Bloodthirsty are related and he is protecting Shi Yan because of this relationship?"

"I'm just guessing."

Forefather Dragon Lizard listened to Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun's conservation. He was bewildered and fearful. Seeing Ming Hao move around and seize the souls of many experts to detonate Neptune's brutal soul, his scalp felt numb. "That man is really strong. Even if my true body is here, I'm not sure if I can match him."

"People from Desolate Territory!"

Qi Mo suddenly cried and ignored Emperor Sea Shark. He stormed toward Ming Hao, "Tell me the location of the entrance to Desolate Territory and I'll spare your life. Our Devouring Clan wants to go to Desolate Territory to find our ancestor's inheritance!"

The Devouring Clan warriors aimed at Ming Hao under Qi Mo's direction.

"Legends say that Desolate had battled against Devour and it was broken into several pieces. If we can enter Desolate Territory and swallow Desolate's parts, we'll reach a level that no one could imagine. We will know the secrets of Absolute Beginning Era and the principles of power Upanishads!"

"I heard that Desolate still has two Absolute Beginning divine weapons!"

"If we enter Desolate Territory, we will be filthy rich!"

"Of course."

Many people screamed and cried. They were stirred up. When they looked at Ming Hao, they were like hungry men looking at a naked beauty with bright eyes.

"Desolate Territory's resident! He's also from Desolate Territory!" Emperor Sea Shark screamed inwardly.

He used to accompany Bloodthirsty for a while so he knew Bloodthirsty came from Desolate Territory. From Ming Hao's Soul Control power Upanishad, he guessed that Ming Hao had a close relationship with Bloodthirsty too. Emperor Sea Shark wanted to leave but he became hesitant all of a sudden. He wanted to grab Ming Hao and ask for more details.

While he was terrified, Ricardo and Ferrell attacked him more furiously. The others who were fishing in troubled water also tried their best attacks. The entire place was filled with blast, fire, ice, and crystals. The pressure had almost shattered the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. Ricardo's Fire Territory had evaporated the water and emptied the area.

After fighting fiercely for a long time against Ferrell, Emperor Sea Shark wasn't in a good condition. He was struck. Countless bubbles in his Water Territory erupted.

Emperor Sea Shark's eyelids twitched, his face pale. He tried to swallow the blood that had churned in his throat.

"We don't care if they're related to our benefactor. We must leave first. We can't handle that much!" When Shen Ten saw Emperor Sea Shark's strange expression, he knew that it wasn't going well. He screamed hastily.

He continually released a fire shield in front of Emperor Sea Shark's Water Territory. However, Ricardo's fire, which was more profound than his, had stopped him. He was hit and his energy was quickly drained.

"Emperor Sea Shark, I don't want to go against you. I need you to tell me Shi Yan's whereabouts. What I want is the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. I don't need your life, Emperor Sea Shark." Ricardo was calm, flames rolling on his body like layers of armor.

Billions of flames swarmed toward Emperor Sea Shark and the sea water evaporated, creating a vacuum area on the seabed.

Ferrell grinned fiendishly in that vacuum area and entangled Emperor Sea Shark with his exploding lightning balls.

"Ricardo, you joined Ferrell but you guys can't stop me. Do you believe that?" Emperor Sea Shark's eyes turned crimson once again.

Ricardo was bewildered and looked troubled too. "If you want to risk your life, Ferrell and I can't stop you. But I'm sure you know the price that you will have to pay."

"If I support Ricardo and Ferrell, will you leave easily as you said?" Neptune intervened.

The three brutal souls hadn't moved. However, his other two souls were shattered when Ming Hao used his Soul Control power Upanishad to force his slaves to detonate their soul altars. Neptune didn't attack further because he had to save some tricks!

He pitched his voice and bellowed, "Ba Di!"

An average-looking human warrior in the crowd suddenly shrank until he was around one meter tall. He was an ominous and extremely ugly dwarf. He had a green-brown face with spooky green eyes. He suddenly flew toward Audrey and Ming Hao.

"Forefather Earth Ghoul!" Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi screamed at the same time.

The three of them had suffered from that earth ghoul. Seeing him, they were indignant and frightened. Their eyes turned red when they saw their archenemy.