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1455 Fierce Outbreak!

Hu Jiao was really strong. He had gained the upper hand right from the start and was very overwhelming.

Until this moment, Hu Jiao hadn't played everything he had yet. He didn't use his maximum power.

But it couldn't say that Shi Yan was too weak.

Shi Yan had only used Star power in his defensive mode. He hadn't struck once. Actually, he was testing the toughness of his body.

And he found his result now.

With the best defensive tricks he could cast, he could resist at least seventy percent of the attacks of a Third Sky of Immortal Realm expert. His body wouldn't shatter.

It was enough!

When he drew the gory sword out of his abdomen and the bizarre eyes on the sword opened, he found his target.

He was going to ignore this entangling battle and use the sharp space energy to tear the space. Seizing the chance when the space in the seabed was going to explode, they were going to run for their lives!

This plan was clear and logical. Shi Yan understood that even if he used all of his power, he could only battle Hu Jiao. Also, there were at least three Sea Clan experts at the Third Sky of Immortal Realm besides Hu Jiao here. The old man hiding in the seashell was at the Peak of Immortal Realm.

And Emperor Sea Shark…

Winning was just a fantasy story to them. Breaking this besiege was the best choice. He brought the bloody sword and the brutal, bloody aura of the sword was extremely thick.

The others didn't know what he was thinking but Mei Ji understood it right away. She looked at Shi Yan and his bleeding body, her face upset. "Do you really want to try?"

"I'm about thirty percent sure," said Shi Yan.


Mei Ji hissed. A massive snow lotus was conjured from her peak-like bosom by her soul energy.

The snow lotus carried a cold light. It froze the ice on its way and created a glacier that shot towards Emperor Sea Shark. The pod of the lotus carried her soul energy.

The snow lotus sparkled. When it was about to reach Emperor Sea Shark, it became partly visible and flashed.

"What a powerful cold energy!"

"It's… Dark Energy!"

"Mei Ji finally has Dark Energy!"

"The Phantom Clan is about to get another Territory Ancestor!"

So many members of the Sea Clan couldn't help but scream in astonishment.

Almost at the same time, Emperor Sea Shark's eyes brightened. The old man in the seashell behind him was also shaken. His shell shook strangely.

But they didn't look at Mei Ji…

Although Mei Ji's ice lotus was about to touch the crystal palace, while the others were watching her and apprising her Dark Energy, Emperor Sea Shark and the old man were still looking at Shi Yan in astonishment.

They were watching Shi Yan!

At this moment, Shi Yan had drawn a gory sword out of his body. A blood light slowly congregated at the tip of the sword. His thoughts changed and his aura changed accordingly and earth-shakingly.

The isolated, cold aura of Death filled the place. The bloody sword was now the Scythe of Death that harvested all the thick vitality around him!

Strangely, the vines began to wither and dry as if the nutrients inside was taken away.

It was the striking combined power of the Death and Devouring power Upanishad!

Dozens of vines still had Shi Yan's blood after slashing him for a while. At this moment, they were like snakes that didn't have flesh and blood but unnatural dry skin.

Hu Jiao suddenly screeched!

The giant tree shook hard. So many leaves shot out like hard sleet. All bombarded Shi Yan.

Shi Yan brought the blood sword, blood trickling down the corners of his eyes. He grinned fiendishly. "Hu Jiao, actually, if I do my best to battle against you, I'm not so certain that I will lose."

Then, a surging, tremendous vitality that could shake people's souls grumblingly burst out from his body.

At this moment, a magical light suddenly emitted from Shi Yan. His surroundings were cold and isolated. The blood sword had the thick taste of Death as the King of Hell that could bring all creatures into Hell of Despair! However, the vitality on him was strangely surging. The two opposite power Upanishads were showcasing on him at the same time!

His God body was full of cuts. As people were gazing at him, his wounds were healing at a speed that naked eyes could observe!

His veins and flesh fibers twitched. The wounds closed fast. Drops of blood on the cuts seemed to have life as they moved back into his body. The broken spikes on his shoulders, elbows, and knees regrew. They looked even sharper and sparkling in a cold light.

Boom! Boom!

The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol was throbbing powerfully like a second heart at the center of the sphere; it represented the Life power Upanishad in the tier of power Upanishads in his soul altar. It released ripples of formidable life energy, which healed him faster than he could imagine.

After dozens of seconds, all the cuts on his body disappeared. His naked torso was filled with exploding energy. So many blood-dripping eyes on the sword opened. An endless, ruthless, and desperate aura layered and created a sea of blood that swarmed toward every Sea of Consciousness.

Everybody turned to Shi Yan. A space of blood-red struck their eyes. They seemed to see the devils of despair, savage, resentment, and fear.

The blood sword swung around and tried to tear the space to create a river of space under the sea, which Shi Yan could use to escape this area.

The Sea Clan warriors discolored in fear. They were panic-stricken because of Shi Yan's sudden outbreak.

"Yeah, that's it!"

Emperor Sea Shark eyes squinted to a thread. Strange, divine light sparkled in his eyes. He didn't even look at Mei Ji when he raised his hand to grab the void. The ice lotus that Mei Ji created was covered by the sea water. The frozen sea area resumed at the same moment.

"This is my sea area and my territory; I'm cultivating Water power Upanishad. In this place, let alone the fact that you haven't reached the Territory Ancestor Realm yet, even if you were a Territory Ancestor, do you really think you can defeat me under the sea?" Emperor Sea Shark spoke indifferently, his eyes gazing at Shi Yan strangely.

Crack! Crack!

The tip of the blood sword shot a beam of blood with the sharpness of space energy, attempting to tear the water.

The keen aura frightened the experts around. They instinctively avoided it. Hu Jiao's tree branches were cut off and he cried in pain.

"No need to leave," Emperor Sea Shark approached Shi Yan as he looked into his blood eyes and shook his head. "Don't continue. If you use space energy rashly, the water pressure will hurt you badly!"

"Getting hurt badly is still better than dying here," Shi Yan grinned. "If I'm not frantic today, I'm sure I will bury my body here. I don't have a choice. Even if I have to stir up the entire Sea of Annihilation's seabed and make the space collapse, I have to get out of here!"

"Get out?" all of a sudden, a cold vice arose from a far distance. After a flash, Ferrell appeared and stood by Emperor Sea Shark. "Under my gaze, how will you get out of here?"

He turned and smiled to Emperor Sea Shark. "I've agreed with the Ancient Monster Clan to take this kid's life. After I kill him, we will talk about how to share the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. What do you think?"

Emperor Sea Shark had a vague light in his eyes. He frowned but didn't answer.

Ferrell grinned and said to Mei Ji. "You must know that the main island of the Phantom Clan in the Sea of Annihilation was destroyed. I massacred them all. You and this kid have killed many people who you shouldn't have killed. The Phantom Clan can't protect you."

Mei Ji was filled with indignance. "Ferrell, as long as I am alive, one day, I will tear your soul atlas myself!"

"Oh yeah?" shrugged Ferrell, "Well, I have no choice, then. You have Dark Energy. To prevent such an unexpected incident, I will have to kill you too. The Phantom Clan won't have another Territory Ancestor then."

He smiled and turned to Emperor Sea Shark next to him. "I'll take responsibility for killing Mei Ji. I know you're not like me. You don't cultivate alone. You have your own concerns. It will tie your hands a little bit. Just leave it to me. I will shoulder the wrath of the Phantom Clan."

As soon as Ferrell had arrived, he controlled the situation, which made the crowd of the Sea Clan angry.

As they were all experts at the Territory Ancestor Realm, he used to contact to Emperor Sea Shark on the seabed. They could be deemed rivals. However, they hadn't had a real battle yet since they all had their own concerns.

Today, as they had the same target, Ferrell thought that Emperor Sea Shark wouldn't interfere with his deeds here.

"I can't swallow the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. You can't, either. We need to wait for others to decide." Ferrell smiled. He didn't consider anybody's ideas. "Alright, you've tried really hard here already. I'll take care of it from here."

Then, he walked to Shi Yan and spoke deliberately, "Kid, you have a short life, though. As you've offended a lot of people in the Sea of Annihilation, no one can protect you. Accept your fate."

As Shi Yan saw Farrell, his face changed dramatically into a desperate one.

He had only a thirty percent chance to run with only Emperor Sea Shark. With Ferrell here, he had no hope. Seeing Ferrell intend to kill both him and Mei Ji, he didn't need to know if it was possible or not. He had to try everything he can. He had to see if he could tear the space here.

In a desperate situation, he had to keep his hope and his spirit. He had to try with his life!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The blood light shot out and parted the sea water. A space slit as big as the massive mouth of a giant beast vaguely opened.

"No, it's not okay." Emperor Sea Shark shook his head. A flood current wormed between Shi Yan and Ferrell. A blue marine world appeared from thin air and filled that tiny crack until it mended.

"Emperor Sea Shark, I told you that you don't need to take action. Why would you waste your power like that?" Farrell felt funny. "I can do it. Hey! You! You!"

Ferrell suddenly shouted.

His abdomen was bleeding through a gash. So many strange, glowing water arrows stabbed him one more time. His chest was pierced through. So many lightning balls rolled out of his sleeves and barged into those water arrows. Shortly after, the entire sea area looked like doomsday. Formidable, lethal energies bloomed and exploded.

Shi Yan and Mei Ji were dumbstruck.

The members of the Sea Clan were speechless as they looked at their Emperor Sea Shark bewilderedly.

Only the old man hiding inside the shell looked normal. His shadow moved and he reappeared behind Ferrell. A fiery flaming fluid rolled out of his eyes and attached to Ferrell's waist.

"Join hands and attack Ferrell!" Emperor Sea Shark shouted suddenly.

The members of the Sea Clan didn't know the reason, but they responded to his call. Different energies and techniques bloomed and pounded on Ferrell.

"Emperor Sea Shark! What the heck are you doing?! Do you want to take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol for yourself? You think you can swallow them all?" thundered Farrell.

"Shi Yan, Mei Ji! You two run away right now! Do not stop! Change your route!" shouted Emperor Sea Shark.