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1453 The Space Cross Slash

Emperor Sea Shark coldly looked at the two inside the light cage with disdain on his face.

Shi Yan was at First Sky of Immortal Realm, so he wasn't worth considering. He didn't think Shi Yan was important. If Mei Ji wasn't here, he was going to kill Shi Yan directly to take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower without negotiating.

Mei Ji was an expert at the Peak of Immortal Realm. She was going to get the chance to enter the Territory Ancestor Realm later. Also, she belonged to the high echelon in the Phantom Clan. Emperor Sea Shark didn't want to be Neptune's dagger and be under the wrath of the Phantom Clan.

If he killed Shi Yan and Mei Ji was left alive, Mei Ji was going to take revenge for Shi Yan when she entered the Territory Ancestor Realm and became the top powerful character of the Phantom Clan. It was still troublesome to him.

He wasn't a member of the Seven Great clans so he didn't have a strong background. He knew that he couldn't stand against any of the seven clans. He had to consider every aspect before he did something.

"Time is up. What's your decision?" Emperor Sea Shark arched his brows, walking out of the glass palace and striding toward the others.

"We aren't satisfied with giving the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower without fighting," Mei Ji smiled charmingly. "You're our forerunner. You should convince us, right? Okay, give us a chance to resist. If we don't see hope, we will agree with your terms as you wish."

Emperor Sea Shark was surprised. "Mei Ji, you're the manager of the Phantom Clan in the Sea of Annihilation. You should know that even if you're at the Peak of Immortal Realm, you're no match against me. Is it necessary to try?"

"This little devil of mine wants to try," Mei Ji didn't conceal her relationship with Shi Yan. Her jade hands squeezed Shi Yan's arm, her face agitated. "Precursor, please fulfill our wish."

At this moment, Emperor Sea Shark finally observed Shi Yan.

At first glance, he sneered, "First Sky of Immortal Realm? Haha, many of my grandchildren and subordinators are at that realm!"

He turned around and looked at a young man. "Datuk, go and make him lose hope."

That young man was around three meters tall and cultivating Metal power. He was like a sharp sword at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. With silver scales on his body, he was likely from Flood Dragon Tribe. His rigid body shot out sharp energy.

"Try… not to kill anyone. We don't want to enrage Emperor Sea Shark. That's how you spare us a way out," muttered Mei Ji. "You should consider it. If your real competence can resist the Peak of Immortal Realm experts, when you and I join hands, maybe we can get rid of Emperor Sea Shark. Think about it. "

Shi Yan's facial expression was like rigid ice. He was stern and cold. He nodded and stepped on the starlight toward Datuk.

He had his plan. If he could resist attacks from a Peak of Immortal Realm, he would use all of his energy to use Space power Upanishad to disturb the spatial order on the seabed to force a way out.

And the premise was that his body could endure the Space energy backfire!

The seabed wasn't similar to the open air up there.

He was so deep under the Sea of Annihilation that he didn't know how far he was from the surface. The water pressure here was extreme. Once he urged the Space power recklessly, the water pressure and the space energy was going to press on each other and break the space. As he was the originator, he would bear the backfire.

Because of this concern, he was careful enough to not use spatial abilities while moving under the sea. Ming Hao was at the Peak of Immortal Realm and he had mastered Space power Upanishad. However, he didn't try to do that as he knew how dangerous the backfire would be when the two intimidating forces collided.

However, he was cornered.

If he wanted to get rid of Emperor Sea Shark, he had to take a risky battle! He had to use extraordinary tricks to gain the victory!

He couldn't calculate the fatal results on the seabed when the water pressure and the space energy made an impact. Anyway, he had to ensure that his body didn't get shattered under the backfire before he could try!

Fighting was just a stone to test the knife. He wanted to check his body and his knife, to see if it could endure the furious damage.

"Madam Mei Ji is the best dream of all men in the Sea of Annihilation. Why did she want to be with such a useless, pretty-faced young man like him? I don't see anything good in this fella."

"Mei Ji has made Batum and Hussein infatuated. They had proactively approached the Phantom Clan to establish a good relationship. It's unexpected that she would choose a kid at First Sky of Immortal Realm. It's eye-widening, really."

"Yeah, I can't believe it."

"We can see something from this battle, perhaps?"

Some old men at Third Sky of Immortal Realm by Emperor Sea Shark were stroking their beard and discussing curiously.

"I am Datuk from the Flood Dragon Tribe, cultivating Metal power Upanishad. I…"

Datuk was polite and gentle. Seeing Shi Yan walk to him, he told him his identity and status.

"Shi Yan!"

After a grunt, Shi Yan had starlight twirl around his body as if many meteors from the sky had come to him. His entire body was now beautiful starlight that headed toward Datuk.

Datuk furrowed his brows and snorted, "Really ignorant and rude!"

Bright metal light shot out from the crown of his head. Inside the shining gold halo, so many metal weapons emerged in his Incipient Extent including sabers, swords, tridents, lances, hammers, shuttles, and needles. Those sharp weapons made a downpour and covered Shi Yan's starlight.

Crack! Bang! Bang!

The clanging and clinking sounds of metal objects impacting arose on Shi Yan's body. Sparks were sent everywhere. The power of Metal in countless blades was still very sharp.

The meteor and Shi Yan's transformation halted ten meters in front of Datuk.

Everybody focused on him. They saw hundreds of blades attacking him. His body was like the toughest rock. His clothes were cut through but his skin resisted the sharp blades as they made "clang" sounds. But he wasn't gashed.

The pointy spikes jutted out from his shoulders, knees, and elbows. A pair of bone wings tore his back and unfolded. His energy surged like a sea of vitality. He was like a volcano that had been sleeping for billions of years and now burst all of its light and heat in just a blink of an eye.

"Cross Slash!"

Shi Yan's eyes became crimson like blood. The brutal energy moved inside his body. He grinned and then shouted.

The Space power Upanishad was urged!

The two massive space sabers around one hundred meters long aligned and made a massive cross. The shining blades adjoined and cut the sea water into blocks, shooting toward Datuk.

The sharp sabers, knives, hammers, and gold lances were crushed into powder in just a blink of an eye.

The massive cross sabers could cut everything as easily as they broke dry tree branches. The sea water, space, and bubbles all tore. The sabers were so sharp that it could even cut the mountain or part the sea and run directly to Datuk.

Emperor Sea Shark was amazed. He opened his mouth to spurt out a rapid water current.

The water current shot and congregated in front of the massive space saber. Then, the water current dispersed altogether with space energy of the Cross Slash.


Shi Yan's chest pounded. A trickle of blood oozed down the corner of his mouth. His eyes were still blood-red, his mind shaken.

When the Space Cross Slash emerged, the space tore and created a space slit. As soon as that slit appeared, the terrifying water pressure furiously deluged and created a thousand-mountain-weight backfire on Shi Yan. His entire body ached and he got cut a few times.

However, Emperor Sea Shark's water current had dissolved Datuk's dangerous situation and mended Shi Yan's space slits in just a blink of an eye. Shi Yan was frightened.

"You shouldn't use space power on the seabed rashly." Emperor Sea Shark frowned. He looked at Shi Yan in surprise and then waved his hand. "Datuk, back off. You're not his equal match. Although this kid has only First Sky of Immortal Realm, he has seen Dark Energy. His body integrity is so strong that even I can't see through…"

"Tribal Oldie!" hissed Datuk.

"Back off!" Emperor Sea Shark retorted.

Datuk didn't say more. He looked unwilling when he returned to the crystal palace.

"Hu Jiao!" cried Emperor Sea Shark.

Many warriors of the Sea Clan were astounded when they heard their leader shouting. They switched their looks to Shi Yan.

It was just a kid at First Sky of Immortal Realm. Why did Tribal Oldie respect his power so much and have someone very strong like Sir Hu Jiao deal with him?

An old man with a face full of down walked out from behind him, his hands hiding in his sleeves.

The old man squinted. He walked toward Shi Yan and bent slightly to greet him. "Hu Jiao, Third Sky of Immortal Realm, cultivating Wood power Upanishad."

"No wonder why Mei Ji has chosen you," Emperor Sea Shark nodded. He looked as if he had just recognized something. "You have Dark Energy at First Sky of Immortal Realm. Your quenched body also surprises me. Kid, your future is brightly unpredictable. Allow me to remind you. Do not use the space energy to fight Hu Jiao. You know how the space energy will impact against the water pressure here and end up backfiring."

He turned to Hu Jiao, pondered, and then asked, "Don't attack him brutally. If he survives this time, he will become a top warrior."

Hu Jiao nodded respectfully, "I understand."

He touched his forehead. A small sprout shot out of his labella. Shortly after, it thrived into a small tree. That small tree's branches reached out and crawled on Hu Jiao entirely. They looked like a strange tattoo expanding.

Dozens of seconds later, Hu Jiao disappeared. A big tree grew at his spot.

The tree was lush with thick leaves and branches. The tree shook and many leaves fell. Those leaves were just as big as a palm with many magical, complicated lines. They carried the essence of a deadly formation of Wood power Upanishad. They floated in the water and headed toward Shi Yan.

A leaf came and touched Shi Yan's shoulder. Pain flooded his brain instantly!


A bone spike on his shoulder broke. He couldn't help but look at the growing tree. "Third Sky of Immortal Realm is really fierce!"

"You can still talk. It's amazing, though. You're two realms lower than me. It's a miracle that you can stand still." Hu Jiao's voice arose from the big tree. "Future Territory Ancestor, I want to see the supernatural power of Dark Energy. Please show me!"