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Deep inside an algae field, Forefather Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and Ya Yun stayed idle, their faces stiff and blank.

After a long time, Forefather Dragon Lizard said bitterly, "That kid… Why is he with Mei Ji? I remembered that Mei Ji had chased after him to kill him. She didn't hesitate to drain her power to do that. And now, did you see that they were sticking together like a couple? Mei Ji listened to everything he told her. It's strange."

Tu Shi Qi didn't understand, either. "Only the ghosts know how he could do that."

"Mei Ji has approached him and protected him for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower on purpose, maybe?" guessed Ya Yun.

Listening to him, Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi nodded. They thought that sounded more probable.

"What should we do now?" Forefather Dragon Lizard looked begrudgingly. "My body isn't here yet. Mei Ji's wounds recovered. She's tougher to deal with now. If we risk our lives with her, I think we will lose at the end."

"Wait until the hotshots come," sighed Ya Yun.

"The hotshots won't come for the time being. Even if they come, they will be late. It's really hard to solve this now." Tu Shi Qi pondered for a while and then decided, "We can only release information!"

"What if we only benefit the others? The old freak of the Soul Clan is in the Sea of Annihilation now. Whenever he gets news, he responds quickly. If he gets the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, our efforts will have been for nothing!" Ya Yun shook her head.

"I have a good relationship with a friend from the White Bone Clan. Recently, they're trying hard to find the experts with Life power Upanishad. He asked me to pay attention. Shi Yan mastered the Life power Upanishad and it's possible that the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol he got from the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is a Life Original Symbol!" Tu Shi Qi's eyes brightened.

"You're right. The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol he has is a Life Original Symbol. I'm certain about this," Forefather Dragon Lizard nodded. "This time, the life energy magnetic field from him is too thick. It's unimaginable, though. Except for the power of the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, I can't think of anything else."

"Then I will contact my friend from the White Bone Clan. Let's see if they're interested in this," Tu Shi Qi made up his mind.


It was an island in the Sea of Annihilation, which was filled with white bones. Those bones came from members of different races. They were white and had surging energy.

It was the base of the White Bone Clan in the Sea of Annihilation.

Lately, a Skull Island had come and anchored here. A child of the White Bone Clan had landed on this bone island. He spoke the oldest language of the White Bone Clan. His appearance had shaken the entire White Bone Clan.

—— He brought with him his parents, the two dormant, Territory Ancestor Realm experts.

The entire bone island was in high spirits because of the little skeleton. It had received the warmest welcome here too. The Skull Island had merged with the bone island and become a part of it.

The members of the White Bone Clan brought the two precursors to their Bone Burial Pond deep inside the bone island. They had tried all the secret techniques to wake them up. However, as the two had spent all of their vitality and left only a wisp of the feeble soul, the Bone Burial Pond couldn't wake their consciousness up.

The members of the White Bone Clan quickly recognized that they needed to pour vitality into them in order to wake them up.

Thus, they began to find the warriors with a strong Life power Upanishad. They had promised generous rewards to find more experts. However, they weren't lucky because there weren't many warriors cultivating Life power Upanishad, let alone ones with high realms. After a long time, only around ten warriors had come.

However, the highest realm of them was only at Original God Realm. The support from them was just an addded grain of salt in the sea. The little skeleton's parents needed a lot more to be awakened.

Because of the two dormant precursors at the Territory Ancestor Realm came to the island, all the White Bone Clan's efforts were gathered here. Thus, they didn't really care about the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower under the sea. They didn't send any member to go and explore the seabed.

The Bone Burial Pond in the center of the bone island was covered with jades. The little skeleton was sitting by the pond and watching the two coffins, his eyes upset.

"Child, don't grieve too much. I'm sure we can wake them up," said an old man of the White Bone Clan in their special language. "The true expert of our clan will come soon. They will know how."

The little skeleton nodded quietly.

One day, while the little skeleton was sitting still, a white light came from the sky. A massive Skull Island emerged in his vision and anchored by the island.

Many strong warriors of the White Bone Clan appeared on the island. They were following a midget, old man who slowly laneded from the sky.

The White Bone Clan members on the bone island kneeled down to welcome them cheerfully.

The old man from the White Bone Clan who had just arrived was about one meter tall. He wasn't even taller than the little skeleton. He was holding a strange bone staff, which made him look like he had three legs.

As soon as he landed, his eyes twinkled. He went to the little skeleton and raised his jade-like bony hand to stroke the little skeleton. He mumbled, "Good lumber. Beautiful jade. You're their kid, indeed. I can't believe they finally reappeared."

"You know my parents?" asked the little skeleton in the White Bone Clan's language.

The old man looked at him lovingly. "Of course. They are my precursor. As you're their child, you're from the same generation as me."

Then, he took the little skeleton to the pond where the two coffins were laying. He stooped to see and said, "They need an enormous amount of vitality to wake up. If I cultivated Life power Upanishad, I could have awakened them. Too bad that I don't…"

He turned to the crowd next to him. "It has been a long time. Is there anyone with a strong power Upanishad?"

"No," they shook their heads.

The old man looked disappointed. "We'll wait here for a while. Afterward, I will take them back to our clan. We will get more people to think about a solution."

The old man stayed on the bone island and taught the little skeleton a lot of common knowledge, secrets and marvels of power Upanishads, and Dark Energy. This old man was one of the Territory Ancestor Realm experts of the White Bone Clan. He was also a famous expert in this vast sea of stars.

With his teaching, the little skeleton gradually learned about the White Bone Clan, the Sea Domain of Nihility. He advanced his cultivation of power Upanishads.

A secret bone pond inside the bone island was activated. They then melted many strange and rare materials that they had collected in the pond to refine the little skeleton's bone body, directed by the old man.

Streams of ivory fluid seeped into the little skeleton. His white bone became more transparent and sparkly with brilliant starlight. "If you want to see Dark Energy, your life magnetic field must have evolved sufficiently. You have to quench your body first. The body that your parent had gifted you is very fine. You're the luckiest in our clan's history. With this bone pond, you will thrive faster…"

The old man was sitting by the pond and watching the streams of fluid running into the pond. The little skeleton was using its star power to absorb it while listening to the old man's patient explanation.

"Tribal Oldie, I have something to report," asked a member of the White Bone Clan from a far distance. After he was permitted, he stepped forward and said, "Tu Shi Qi of the Mysterious Sky Clan has contacted me. He said that he found the one who the five clans wanted undersea. That man cultivates Life power Upanishad and he has the Life Original Symbol from the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. That man is called Shi Yan. Tu Shi Qi couldn't capture him. As he knows you're here, he asked us if we're interested in this."

"Shi Yan?" The little skeleton was cultivating in the pond. His eyes brightened, "He's the one I told you about. He got me back here and he told me that he would help me wake up my parents!"

"Are you sure it's him?" the old man's eyes were like a monstrous, burning flame.

"It's him. I heard the woman call him that. That woman is called Mei Ji," said the little skeleton.

The old man looked at the reporter.

The other nodded continuously, "Yeah, it's Mei Ji from the Phantom Clan. They are going with each other!"

"He cultivates Life power Upanishad and he happened to get the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol of Life power Upanishad. He had even brought you back here. It's predestined," the old man nodded. "Tell Tu Shi Qi that we're interested. Tell him I will go to the seabed myself. He just needs to tell me the directions."

"I understand," the reporter walked out respectfully.

"He helped me earlier. I want him to live a long life," said the little skeleton.

The old man was calm, "Showing gratitude is our White Bone Clan's pretty values. We won't do despicable things. I will bring him here. After I find him, he'll be fine."

"Thank you," regarded the little skeleton.

"You're my cousin. I am Hiro. After you were born, my uncle and aunt went dormant. They haven't named you yet. We're not hurried. After they wake up, they will name you," Hiro said seriously, "You're my little cousin, my closet family. Our White Bone Clan doesn't have many members. We must stay close to each other. Family members won't compete against each oher. It's the reason why we have the smallest population, but we can stand proudly in this Sea Domain of Nihility."

"I understand," replied the little skeleton.

"Alright, you stay here and cultivate. I'm going to the seabed to get him." Hiro stood up. He was even shorter than the little skeleton, but his aura had made the members of the White Bone Clan admire him a lot.

"Cousin, please be careful," said the little skeleton all of a sudden.

"Don't worry. In this Sea of Annihilation, I don't have a rival right now," Hero said arrogantly. He left the bone island and dove into the Sea of Annihilation's seabed alone.


Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and Forefather Dragon Lizard were deep in an algae field. Tu Shi Qi was holding a rock in his hand and sensing.

Ya Yun and Forefather Dragon Lizard were watching him. They knew that he was communicating with a member of the White Bone Clan. They were waiting with the hope that the White Bone Clan would send some expert to help them.

"Hiro decided to come personally!" After a while, Tu Shi Qi announced, his face excited.

"Hiro?" Forefather Dragon Lizard was perplexed. "Is it the Hiro, one of the ten great Territory Ancestors?"

"It's him!" Tu Shi Qi nodded certainly.

"It's bustling this time. Emperor Sea Star, Neptune, and Ferrell have come. Today, Hiro decided to come too. Interesting." Forefather Dragon Lizard looked excited. "I have longed for the battle between the Territory Ancestors. Perhaps I can watch them to learn Dark Energy!"