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"Forefather Dragon Lizard!"

Mei Ji discolored slightly. An ice crystal emerged from her body. The cold energy had chilled down the entire sea area.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was at the Peak of Immortal Realm. He just needed one more step to enter the Territory Ancestor Realm. As the direct line children of Lizard the Absolute Beginning creature, Dragon Lizard had many supernatural powers of the Absolute Beginning creatures. As they were both at the Peak of Immortal Realm, if they fought with their lives, Mei Ji wasn't sure if she could win.

Of course, she didn't know that Forefather Dragon Lizard's real body wasn't here. Thus, she looked like she was facing her archenemy.

"And us, here," Tu Shi Qi sighed and held Ya Yun's hands, appearing in front of Shi Yan with complicated faces.

"What are you here for?" Shi Yan was calm and natural. "For the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower?"

While talking, Shi Yan and Mei Ji had transformed back to their real appearances. Masha and Adams' disguise could deceive the others, but they couldn't fool Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and Ya Yun.

They had met Adams and Masha, so they knew that Adams and Mash wouldn't be in the Sea of Annihilation.

"Not only because of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower," Ya Yun forced a smile. "Ling Mei was dead. We have to give Forefather Han Tian an answer. She was his granddaughter. Although Forefather is cultivating in seclusion, we're in the Sea of Annihilation. If we don't do anything, we won't be able to see him later."

"We know each other. I don't want to be your enemy. I just have a question. How did Ling Mei die?" asked Tu Shi Qi begrudgingly.

"I…" Mei Ji opened her mouth.

"I killed her!" Shi Yan intervened. "Ling Mei wanted to kill me and rob the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Should I wait for her to kill me? I'm not evil. She provoked me. I killed her. What else do I need to say?"

Mei Ji was surprised. Her bright eyes flared with a strange light. She killed Ling Mei and she was about to admit that. Unexpectedly, Shi Yan admitted the crime instead of her. She couldn't explain why he did that.

"Don't joke about this." Forefather Dragon Lizard laughed strangely and shook his head disbelievingly. "Kid, you're at First Sky of Immortal Realm, you think you can kill Ling Mei? Although I had never met Ling Mei before, I know it's not easy to murder an expert at the Peak of Immortal Realm."

He tried to give Shi Yan a way out.

"It wasn't just you two, right?" Tu Shi Qi agreed with Dragon Lizard. "Gan Fu of the Devouring Clan was confirmed dead. Experts with Dark Energy aren't something you two can deal with."

Tu Shi Qi's eyes sparkled. He observed and asked, "Where are they?"

He was right. He knew that other people had joined this besides Shi Yan and Mei Ji. However, they didn't expect that Shi Yan had parted with the God Lord and other others.

"They aren't here. I killed Ling Mei. It's true, whether you believe it or not." Shi Yan was stiff, his face dark. "When you came to the Seabed, we weren't friends anymore. Don't babble, what do you want from me?"

Of course, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun came to the deep seabed not only just to confirm Ling Mei's death. They also bore something else. Shi Yan knew he had no way to subside this. He had his own calculations. Thus, he didn't need to pretend to befriend them.

"I agreed with brother Dragon Lizard that as long as you give us a clear answer and bring the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower to join our Mysterious Sky Clan, we will explain everything with Forefather Han Tian. We can ensure that you will be safe and sound!" said Tu Shi Qi with a stern face as he pounded his chest affirmatively. "Don't worry. You will be a Nonnative Officer of our Mysterious Sky Clan. You will receive more benefits and it will be much better than cultivating alone."

"It's true. Even if you have the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, you can't refine the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol by yourself," Ya Yun advised him, "Moreover, the five clans are searching for you. You can't escape. If we can find you, the others can too. As long as you agree to join our Mysterious Sky Clan, we will ask our seniors to deal with the Black Demon Clan, the Devouring Clan, the Soul Clan, and the Ancient Monster Clan about your murder cases…"

"Kid, although the Sea Domain of Nihility is a massive area, you've offended the five clans. You won't find a safe place to go to. Their offers aren't bad. Go with them," said Forefather Dragon Lizard.

Shi Yan frowned, her face indifferent. "What if I don't agree?"

Dragon Lizard shrugged and said begrudgingly. "Then don't blame me. I've agreed with the Mysterious Sky Clan. I will join Tu Shi Qi to deal with you."

"How about you two?" Shi Yan squinted.

"To have a proper answer to Forefather Han Tian, we can only try our best to deal with you and take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Of course, we won't kill you. We will only capture you. Then, we will let the five clans judge you," said Tu Shi Qi.

"Then come here," Shi Yan said in a low-pitched voice.

"What?" Forefather was shocked.

"Come catch me," Shi Yan eyes turned crimson quickly. Sharp spikes protruded from his skin. A pair of bone wings jutted out of his back. He had transformed into his fighting mode in just a blink of an eye.

Life energy surged in every inch of his skin and bones. The thick murderous aura came out of his acupuncture points and shot a visible blood-red light column into the sky. The massive energy field could cut apart even the water and create a vacuum area around him.

"What a powerful life energy magnetic field!" shouted Forefather Dragon Lizard, his face frightened.

The fiercer the life energy field was, the higher the life form he reached. Shi Yan had transformed to his supreme fighting form and the life energy from his body had almost reached Forefather Dragon Lizard's level.

Dragon Lizard's real body could be as big as a small life star. Shi Yan's body was so small, but it contained an intimidating life magnetic field, which meant that his life form had evolved to a level high enough to shake Dragon Lizard. "Kid, you're a freak. When I met you, your life energy field was thin and weak. Now, you've reached such a new height. It's amazing, really!"

Aside from him, Tu Shi Qi and Mei Ji were also shaken.

Mei Ji knew that Shi Yan got a great benefit after they had sex. But they hadn't undergone a fierce battle afterward. Thus, he hadn't used his fighting form. She couldn't know how advanced his life form was.

But now, she knew that Shi Yan's life energy magnetic field could compare to the experts who were about to enter the Territory Ancestor Realm.

"Really powerful, indeed," Tu Shi Qi looked bitter. "Sigh, that little girl Ling Mei didn't listen to us. It's really bad. It would have been so good now if she didn't have a dispute with you guys. Right now, even though we know you're really bold, we have to take action. We're the members of the Mysterious Sky Clan anyway."

"I'm sorry. It's not our own volition," sighed Ya Yun.

"You don't need to take action," Mei Ji beamed. "Although your life magnetic field is abundant, you're at only First Sky of Immortal Realm. I can handle them single-handedly…"

Fulgent snow lotuses bloomed from her chest. They were glowing in a mesmerizing white halo. Each lotus was chilly to the bone.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

So many snow lotuses flew out one by one from her ample bosom. They moved like an icy world and attacked Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and Forefather Dragon Lizard.

At the beginning, Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and Ya Yun disdained her because they knew that Mei Ji had been badly wounded. When a Peak of Immortal Realm expert got wounded, it was tough to recover quickly. Thus, they weren't worried about her.

However, when so many snow lotuses came to them and released cold energy, they knew that they were wrong.

At this moment, Mei Ji was much more intimidating than when she was on Dragon Lizard Star.

At that time, Mei Ji could subdue Tu Shi Qi and his wife by herself.

Today, Mei Ji's wounds healed and she had Dark Energy. Shi Yan's vitality had refined her body too. She was now in her supreme condition.

Mei Ji's face appeared in each lotus with different expressions. She was either smiling, winking, wincing, or staying calm; they were the powers of her soul.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Cold, murky jets of terrifying energy shot through the water like icicles stabbing the other three.

Even Forefather Dragon Lizard went numb. It looked like he had surging lava in his eyes. Letting out a low roar, his clone released a phantom of his real body. A majestic, mountain-like beast emerged and roared at Mei Ji's face.

"If Shi Yan hadn't bothered me with his world-within-world Fantasy Boundary Stones when we were on Dragon Lizard Star, I'm afraid that you would have been killed. As you have only Third Sky of Immortal Realm, you're as strong as Ling Mei. Ling Mei died by my hands. What do you think you can do?" Mei Ji smiled, her eyes as cold as ice.

Countless snow lotuses fell. Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun felt extremely cold, their faces heavy.


Forefather Dragon Lizard hissed and roared. The phantom of a giant beast became so hot as it was burning. It struggled on the seabed and used its big claws to hit the snow lotuses.

"It's useless," Mei Ji changed her techniques gently. So many snow lotuses released a cold light. They weren't afraid of the beast as if they were immortal flowers. If your real body is here, I'm not sure if I can't cope with you. But now, you're just a clone. You can't trouble me that much."

"Peak of glacier!"

Mei Ji pitched her voice. An ice mountain was conjured and it fell on the back of the giant beast. The beast was subdued and frozen. It couldn't even move to attack her further.


Shi Yan raised one finger. Five meteor-like arrows shot and destroyed Forefather Dragon Lizard's phantom. Dragon Lizard shivered and couldn't help but scream in agony.

"Let's go!" Shi Yan didn't attack more and called for Mei Ji.

Mei Ji was surprised but she didn't say much. She nodded to him and retrieved the snow lotuses. They left quickly.

Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi grimaced. They hovered but didn't chase after the others.

"Why did we have to leave?" asked Mei Ji skeptically after they had left for a while. "You and I could kill them, couldn't we?"

"Big commotions could draw really powerful experts… Moreover, Forefather Dragon Lizard hasn't used his best powers yet. If he decides to destroy this clone to battle us, we can still get hurt even if we win. In this area, when we get hurt, we will have no chance to run or hide," Shi Yan answered her calmly.

Mei Ji contemplated and then nodded, "You're right. It's not our objective to kill many people. Our goal is to survive."