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1445 Be an Obedient Woman…

Using her Soul Consciousness to check her body, Mei Ji found wisps of a strange energy in her Sea of Consciousness. They were partial visible as if they were flickering flames that would extinguish at any minute.

She urged the Ice power Upanishad. Ice crystals emerged from her palms with her Soul Consciousness.

Her Soul Consciousness now had some wisps of energy that could make her snowflakes invisible. They looked fake somehow.

Mei Ji at the Peak of Immortal Realm had tried to cultivate and understand Dark Energy numerous times. Sometimes, she risked her life, which had almost pushed her into bedevilment and death. Torment and difficulties were what she had experienced while comprehending Dark Energy.

As the Phantom Clan had decided against her will that she must marry Batum, her desire for Dark Energy reached a frantic level.

Thus, while in Dragon Lizard Star, when she found that Shi Yan had fused with the Absolute Beginning creature's soul, she had tried everything to chase after him.

After so many adversities, she couldn't get it. After having a romantic time with Shi Yan, it appeared all of a sudden in her Sea of Consciousness. Mei Ji was baffled. She thought that she was dreaming or hallucinating.

"Why is that?"

Mei Ji mumbled unconsciously. The Ice power Upanishad was still moving. The ice crystal released the extremely cold air.

"You lewd woman!"

Seeing her in a daze, Hussein thought that his chance had come. He roared like a beast and stormed toward her.


A ferocious, giant ape stormed out of Hussein's head. It was more than one hundred meters tall. Although it wasn't really solid, its roar shook the sky as if it could break it shortly.

It was another secret technique of the Ancient Monster Clan. They could rebuild the image of their ancestor in their bloodline to perform a supernatural power. The giant ape howled. The seawater exploded by the sound waves. At this moment, Hussein's skeleton grew and stretched behind the giant ape. He had transfigured into a smaller ape which was pounding its chest brutally.


Mei Ji's body shook when the furious waves attacked her. Magical waves rippled from her breasts.

Her perplexed eyes were clear now. She beamed beautifully. "Ice blast!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ice behind her exploded. Thousands of icicle jutted out and shelled the giant ape.

The giant ape roared furiously. Its arms were like massive pillars pounding on Mei Ji's head.

Mei Ji giggled. The ice crystal in her palm slowly flew out and turned into a cold light dot, falling onto the giant ape's chest.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A strange sound echoed from the inside of the giant ape. Shortly after, the ape froze as if it had a glacier running in its body.

The giant ape and Hussein screeched painfully. Hussein was bleeding terribly. He limped backward. Every step he made, a stream of blood gushed out of his body. He was aghast. "Impossible! Even at your peak condition, you never had such intimidating powers!"

Mei Ji smiled charmingly and nodded to him. "Right. Even when I was at my peak condition, I have never had such pure energy. Poor you, you're really unhappy. You always encounter me after I just leveled up. Death serves you well."

Boom! Boom!

The giant ape exploded. Pieces of ice twirled and congregated, turning into a small ice crystal.

The cold light in Mei Ji's eyes flashed. The ice crystal turned into a jet of light disappearing strangely as if it had its own consciousness.

Hussein was shaken. His face paled as he looked at his chest.

A bleeding hole appeared in his chest where blood was gushing. He felt his internal organs freeze. The chilling energy had invaded his soul altar. His consciousness became hazy and blurry.

He fell helplessly and crushed many rock columns. The expression on his face ceased.

Mei Ji walked bare-footed. A crystal blue light cage covered her body. She moved gracefully towards Hussein. "I agree with that asshole to kill anyone in our way. You've insulted me before. Of course, you have to disappear. We don't want to leave any possible danger."

She looked at the shattered body of the Sea Clan young women, sighing and mumbling to herself, "I took revenge for you too."


A cold light shot out from Hussein's mouth. The ice crystal returned to her hand and melted.

At this moment, a black hole flew out from Shi Yan's light cage and covered the corpses of the Ancient Monster Clan warriors. The black hole was taking in countless wisps of energy.

Shi Yan stood still. He was still naked, his eyes closed. He didn't seem to worry about Mei Ji.

Shortly after, the Essence Qi and the soul energy from the dead warriors of the Ancient Monster Clan were absorbed. Those bodies desiccated and grayed.

Then, Mei Ji urged her power to dig up many deep holes in this rock forest to bury the corpses of Hussein's team and the bodies of the Sea Clan women.

Concealing all the streaks of the battle, Mei Ji smiled and turned into a mirror-like rock column. She happily checked the glow on her face. She was delighted when she saw the minor changes on her face after having intimate activities. She couldn't help but hum some folksong of the Phantom Clan. She looked like a young maiden falling in love for the first time.

After a while, Shi Yan finally opened his eyes and covered his body with a black robe. He stood up and said, "We should go."

Mei Ji's graceful body flashed and she wormed into his light cage, sticking to his arm. She was definitely a girl in love. "Do you know that I got Dark Energy in my Sea of Consciousness?" She was so happy that she couldn't arrange her thoughts well, her cheeks blushing. The naive expression of a maiden and the mature features that only mature women could have had combined perfectly on her, making her more mesmerizing and strikingly attractive.

Having Dark Energy meant she had a real chance to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. It was what she had in her mind and in her dreams. How could she not be thrilled?

"You should say thanks to Gan Fu and Batum," said Shi Yan, looking pensive.

Gan Fu and Batum understood Dark Energy's powers. He had swallowed Gan Fu's and Batum's soul altars, which had stagnated his refining. The main reason why he had almost became frenzied was because of the Dark Energy from Gan Fu and Batum.

Refining their Dark Energy to become something he could use was a tough move. It was the reason why he couldn't refine the other energy quickly. They had accumulated and jammed his Devouring power Upanishad.

When he had sunk into pleasure with Mei Ji, the negative energies released and filled the sealed rock column. While Darke was using the power of water to sense, his brimming negative energies had found a channel to drain. They hit Darke's soul altar and made him crazy.

He had regained his sound mind after he released the negative energy. At the moment, Shi Yan and Mei Ji reached the climax in the vague fantasy feeling. Part of the enormous refined energy had transferred to Mei Ji.

When Mei Ji's God power reached a new height, her body had refined and her life form had advanced. At the same time, a part of Dark Energy from Gan Fu and Batum had reached Mei Ji's Sea of Consciousness. Shi Yan didn't know why or how.

"The Dark Energy in my Sea of Consciousness came from Gan Fu and Batum?" Mei Ji felt funny.

"Yeah, I can tell that Gan Fu's and Batum's death had helped you." Shi Yan nodded and then continued, "Of course, most of their Dark Energy has come to my Sea of Consciousness. You got twenty percent of their energy. But I don't know how to help you cultivate Dark Energy further because I don't understand it, anyway. Perhaps it's because I haven't reached the Territory Ancestor Realm yet. There's something I need to learn. When I have a breakthrough to Territory Ancestor Realm, I can finally comprehend the power of Dark Energy."

"I got a lot of benefits. How about you?" Mei Ji smiled.

Shi Yan squinted and sensed for a few seconds. He smiled at her, "I just need to understand the realm further and I can get into Second Sky of Immortal Realm. My body, strength, and soul altar are at the edge of a break through. As soon as I understand the power Upanishads further, I can reach the Second Sky of Immortal Realm immediately."

Mei Ji's eyes brightened.

Anyway, there was something that Shi Yan didn't tell her.

During this course, the Essence Qi and soul energy from the dead had become mysterious energy after being refined. The amount of this energy had gone beyond his upper limit. Although he had sent a part of it to Mei Ji, it was still brimming and surging. Also, a massive part of it had swarmed into the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol inside his Life Ball.

At this moment, the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol was like a massive life with magnificent and abundant life energy that nothing could compare to. It was his new source of life where he hid a life.

He could feel that even if someone shattered his body and exploded his skeleton, as long as he used the ultimate power called the Surging Vitality, he could gather the life inside that Absolute Beginning Original Symbol to recover his body. He then could have an undying body that was as strong as a dragon.

It helped his fighting a lot.

When he thought about it, he could resume his perfect body with just a mere thought when he was wounded and dying. His body ended up having full energy and surging vitality. How amazing could it be?"

"That Hussein something seemed infatuated with you for a long time, wasn't he?" asked Shi Yan all of a sudden. "Guys who court death deserve death. But you didn't show a bit of mercy. Will you treat me that way later?"

"If you dare to abandon me, I'll kill you too! Ha!" Mei Ji gritted her teeth but then burst out laughing. "I'm unlucky though. I lost to your hands. I can't escape you. If you want to ditch me one day, even if I want to kill you, I won't be able to."

"As long as you're obedient," Shi Yan grinned and placed one finger on her fragrant, red lips, "I like obedient women. If you can do that, nothing will happen to you."

"I will behave and obey," Mei Ji smiled until her eyes squinted. She skillfully sucked his finger, her tongue curling around it.