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1418 Cannon Fodder?

"He's still following us."

Telika stopped and turned around to check. The lightning was like a massive python that wound around him. "We should kill him to prevent others from finding us."

All of a sudden, they saw many green bubbles floating and drifting in the dark sea water. Those bubbles were translucent and floating quietly. They didn't rise up to the surface.

Farlow was about to answer him before she saw those green bubbles. Her face changed instantly.

The warriors of the Black Demon Clan turned around to look. They were also frightened and didn't mind Telika. Also, Telika was bewildered himself.

Each green bubble carried an icy corpse. However, all the corpses were withered like a dry stick. Their faces were twisted in extreme fear and despair. It seemed like they had seen something utterly terrible before they died or they had been tortured until they died. Looking at their horrible facial expressions, the other warriors felt so chilled.

Countless cold corpses floated inside the bubbles. The bubbles were like coffins that covered their dry, dead bodies. Those bodies didn't have any signs of a battle. However, their distorted faces were so eye-catching and they made Farlow and Telika inwardly cold.

"Something is wrong!" Farlow was cautious and raised one hand to signal the others to stop.

They kept a distance with those green bubbles. They didn't come near rashly. Farlow checked each body and observed for a while. "They didn't fight. No wound. We can say they…" Pausing for seconds, she lowered her voice and hissed, "Their souls were captured instantly. Before they died, they had seen something desperately horrible. Otherwise, their faces wouldn't twist like that even after they died."

"I don't know why I feel insecure when I see their faces," whispered a member of the Black Demon Clan.

"I have the same feeling."

"Me too."

"It's like an instinct. Looking at them, we think that we will face something like that and we will end up like them."


After they had expressed their opinions, they all quieted down all of a sudden. They felt a chill run down their spines as if the sea water was running through their bodies and affecting their minds.

It made everybody restless.

Farlow turned around.

Not far behind them, a white cluster suddenly flashed. It looked like someone was hiding.

"Telika, can we avoid going through that area?" She pondered for a few seconds and then turned to the other.

Telika frowned and shook his head. "It seems like we can't. It's strange, though…"

"What's strange?" asked Farlow.

"I killed that man to rob the memories of this route. We are going the right way. However, they didn't see these bubbles. The route is correct. So, there is only one possibility." Telika changed his visage slightly. "Those green bubbles have just appeared recently. They didn't exist. We can say that they weren't there before."

"If we can't move around, we can get through them once. Anyway, I think it's not good. If we have to get in there, something bad will happen for sure," said Farlow.

"Your intuition is always precise. If you say something bad will happen, it will happen." Telika nodded. Whenever they encountered some important situation, he never stopped trusting Farlow. "I have an idea," he suddenly grinned evilly.

Everybody knew he was cunning enough. Their eyes brightened. Some warriors who were close to him saw him look over his shoulder sometimes with his bright eyes. They understood and grinned like him.

"You are saying that…" Farlow's masculine face had a sinister resolution. She also understood his idea.

"We need someone to scout," Telika grinned, his face ferocious. "Of course, we can't sacrifice our members. That rascal sneaking behind us wants to die. We should fulfill his wish."

Farlow nodded and agreed with his idea. "He cultivates Space power Upanishad. You can't handle him single-handed. We should…"

Before she finished, she halted, her face changing in fear. "Not good. Someone is coming!"

Telika and the warriors of the Black Demon Clan became tense. They urged their powers and got ready to engage in a battle.

Shortly after, Yerburgh's straightforward laughter came from afar. He took several men of the Ancient Monster Tribe and went with fearless countenances. Yerburgh laughed loudly. "We were lost for a while on the way. Thank you Telika for fighting with someone. You left your special aura there. You helped me to get back to the right route."

Telika grimaced. "Yerburgh, you're here for the vestige too?"

"Of course," Yerburgh laughed casually. "Don't think that only you guys know about this. Oh, right. Tate also knows things related to this vestige. I think the Devouring Clan and the Soul Clan also pay attention to this matter. I'm not surprised that I saw you guys here. I think we will see more people from other directions. Yeah, we'll see them, sooner or later."

Farlow and Telika changed their faces slightly. They just realized that they would encounter a lot of bad things during this trip.

"How could it be? I've killed almost all of them!" Telika.

"You missed a fish. He sold the news about the vestige. But he didn't sell them to me first. I've just killed him recently. He'd created more opponents for this trip. He deserved death." Yerburgh smiled nonchalantly. He looked at the green bubbles and gasped in surprise. "What the heck are those?"

"Should be some barriers or restriction," Farlow didn't conceal. She knew and concealed but couldn't do anything. She waved her hand to dismiss her people to let Yerburgh's team come near.

Of course, Yerburgh wasn't going to try to be polite. He took his team and moved forward. A radiant halo emerged from his eyes when he gazed at so many green bubbles. His face became stern. "Some evil soul energy had attacked them. They died instantly and tragically. Their brains were like porridge and their soul altars shattered."

"Someone has to go there," said Farlow.

"Can't move around?" asked Yerburgh.

"We don't have any alternative now," Telika snorted. "The location of the vestige should be right under those bubbles. We have to get in there and dive deeper to see if we could find something."

Yerburgh was surprised as he laughed. "Do you have any solution?"

"Someone doesn't belong to our team or your team. On the way here, he has followed us. Now he's hiding…" Farlow said and raised one hand, "…there!"

Yerburgh grinned. "I know your Black Demon Clan is full of dark schemes. Turns out you already have cannon fodder. Yeah, it's good that you're not crazy. You don't plot against us. It's good that we have someone to scout and sacrifice though."

He nodded to someone standing next to him. "Go."

Farlow had shown them the location. Of course, they wanted the Ancient Monster Clan to go get the man. Yerburgh didn't deny it. He straightforwardly agreed.

A muscular Ancient Monster man roared like a beast about to hunt. Unexpectedly, his teeth had torn the corners of his mouths and become sharp and long like fangs.

He directly stormed toward Shi Yan's hiding spot. As he roared, his brutal aura of a wild animal had turned into a massive fighting saber, which was around ten meters. It cut and separated the water, slashing Shi Yan.

Boop! Boop! Boop!

The seawater exploded wherever the saber slashed through. The area Farlow had pointed was seething and thundering grumblingly.

However, there was no participle shadow that screamed or cursed.

The beefy man of the Ancient Monster Clan was surprised as he looked at Farlow. He doubted that she didn't point in the right place.

Farlow darkened her face, her eyes angry. "He cultivates Space power Upanishad. I didn't expect that he had a profound realm. He could even teleport under the sea."

Then, Farlow closed her eyes and searched again.

However, she was wrong this time. "Nothing. I can't sense his aura in the surrounding areas. He knows what we are planning too. I think he used the advantages of the Space power Upanishad to get out of here."

"It means that we don't have a cannon fodder now?" Yerburgh sighed in disappointment. He signaled his warrior not to waste more energy. He knew Farlow's magical power Upanishad. If she said that this man wasn't around, they shouldn't waste more energy.

Meanwhile, in the turbulent water area, Shi Yan was hiding. He seemed to have become part of the sea water, quietly bobbing at his spot.

He had used the marvelous Dark Energy. While Dark Energy moved around the body, the aura on his bones, flesh, and veins disappeared. The typical features that were detectable also disappeared.

It was like Bloodthirsty's remains that could be invisible. There was no way to see or sense them with the Soul Consciousness.

That attack had hit him actually. That warrior of the Ancient Monster Clan had reached First Sky of Immortal Realm, but his body couldn't compare to Shi Yan's regarding evolution. Thus, that attack didn't hurt him at all.

However, his mood was still bad. Staying hidden, he was like a venomous snake that watched Yerburgh of the Ancient Monster Clan and the cunning, evil Farlow and Telika. He licked his lips and tried to suppress his brute.

Cannon fodder?

It'd been a long time since someone dared to treat him like that. Under the Sea of Annihilation, he now encountered such a humiliation. They had considered him cannon fodder.

He looked at the groups of the Ancient Monster Clan and the Black Demon Clan discussing. They wanted to join hands and go through the clusters of green bubbles.

Shi Yan sneered and waited silently. He was waiting to see them go deep into the area. Then, he would become a hunter that killed his prey and deemed themselves part of a noble, advanced race. He would use them to accumulate more energy.