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A flow of starlight zoomed fast like a meteor and headed in a direction. It flashed and then disappeared.

The twinkling starlight was brilliant and beautiful, but it was also as dangerous as a cold sword. It felt even colder than the sea water.


The starlight halted.

Inside the starlight, Shi Yan wore a solemn face and looked at the group of warriors with the thick Demon Qi in front of him. He changed his face and couldn't help but shout. "Black Scale Clan!"

He used to fight against the Demon Clan in the Endless Sea of Grace Mainland. He thought about those warriors with black scaled armor. However, it was a surprise that he could see the members of the Black Scale Clan deep under the Sea of Annihilation. He was bewildered.

However, watching carefully, he found that they were different from the Black Scale Clan. The black scales on their bodies were smaller and more delicate. They seemed to be refined from real bones and dyed black. Also, the scales of the Black Scale Clan members looked as if they were made of metal.

He was bewildered for a while buut then reacted fast. He remembered Mei Ji used to tell him about a race. Immediately, he said, "Black Demon Clan!"

The Black Demon Clan was one of the Seven Great Clans in the Sea Domain of Nihility. They were famous for their combative nature. They were a clan that could give others a headache. No one wanted to provoke this clan.

The woman from the Black Demon Clan looked as rough as a man. She didn't have any beautiful features. Hearing Shi Yan's scream, she shot him a cold look and then urged her people. "Don't delay our business. Keep on going."

The male and female warriors of the Black Demon Clan looked savage. They glanced at Shi Yan and then left quietly.

They were leaving in the direction Shi Yan had sensed earlier. Shi Yan was also surprised. Pondering for a few seconds, he grinned and followed them neither slow nor fast.


"Farlow, why don't you kill him?" asked the hunky man of the Black Demon Clan. His body was like a black mountain with cold and dark aura.

"Telika, we're here to find the vestige. Don't cause more trouble." The rough woman turned around with a stern face. She looked at the man behind her, thought, and then said, "We're in the Sea of Annihilation. There can be some Territory Ancestors here. Don't think that the others will always be afraid of us."

"But that kid has only First Sky of Immortal Realm cultivation base," snorted Telika. "Farlow, is it true that you've become a coward since we came to the Sea of Annihilation? If it's true, I think I'm more suitable to lead this group."

The woman he called Farlow looked at him coldly and said, "He's not someone you can kill easily."

"If he's from another force and he can find the vestige because of our location, we will have one more obstacle." Telika was resolute. "Just a First Sky of Immortal Realm. It's easy to kill him. And our whereabouts won't be disclosed." The other members of the Black Demon Clan nodded quietly and agreed with Telika. They thought that it made sense.

It was very important. To locate the vestige, the Black Demon Clan had to spend a lot of effort. They couldn't afford any mistake. Killing someone who could possibly become trouble was the right decision.

Farlow looked bored. "If you think it's easy to kill him, just try it. We will wait for you for fifteen minutes."

"Fifteen minutes? Too much. I'm going to be back right away!" Telika grinned. He shot backward like a ruthless sword.

The sea water parted as if it was proactively making way for him. Shortly after, he stopped Shi Yan in his way.

Shi Yan frowned and hovered. The light moved around his body. He looked at the Black Demon man who obviously didn't come with goodwill. "What do you want?"

"To kill you," Telika said simply. He laughed and balled his fingers into a massive fist like a hammer. He grumblingly pounded on Shi Yan's head.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thick thunders came from his punch. The exploding power in the terrifying thunders was like a furious water current that was breaking a dam. With the will and momentum, it could break any obstacle.

Shi Yan lifted his head and looked at the torrential water. He felt like many mountains were pressing on him.

"Kill me? With your Second Sky of Immortal Realm? Ridiculous!" Shi Yan frowned and raised his hand to snatch the man. Sharp lights emerged from his fingers. The strong light parted into five rivers that could cut everything and crush the thunder.


The ear-breaking explosions echoed above Shi Yan's head. The savage Black Demon man had five cuts on his fist.

He screamed and looked at the cuts on his fists in disbelief, "Space power Upanishad!"

Shi Yan didn't answer and just acted. His five fingers snatched over Telika and pulled the void.

The five dazzling lights were like sharp swords twisted together and aimed at Telika's chest. If he let it thrust into his body, he couldn't avoid death.

"Space power Upanishad? What can you do with it?" Telika sneered. Thunder exploded in his chest. Instantly, thunder rumbled from his entire body like drumbeats, shaking the entire sea area. He curled his lips. The energy in his eyes condensed into two silver spears and stabbed forward.

A massive light shield emerged from Shi Yan's chest, blocking the two cold spears.

Telika still wanted to attack Shi Yan more. A figure flashed. It was Farlow who had stopped him earlier. "I told you it's not easy to kill him. You've confirmed it. Why do you still want to waste your power? It requires a lot of energy to kill a warrior with Space power Upanishad. Do you want to delay our business? If so, you can leave this group now and go say sorry to the Elders."

The muscular woman with masculine features had a husky voice. She wasn't polite when she criticized him.

She turned to Shi Yan, her eyes serious. "You're not a member of the Seven Great Clans. I hope you won't follow us furthermore. Otherwise, we won't let you go easily."

Telika snorted and rolled his eyes maliciously at Shi Yan. "I don't have time to waste on you. You're lucky today."

The female leader of the Black Demon Clan nodded as she saw her fellow agree with her. She didn't say more and left.

"If you're bold, just keep following us." Telika grinned fiendishly after the woman had left.

Shi Yan rubbed his chin and said indifferently, "Of course, I have to keep moving. It's the same direction. Is it the same place I've sensed?"

He immediately moved.

After a while, another group of warriors came to this place. Yerburgh was the leader of this group.

After Yerburgh arrived, he closed his eyes to sense for a while. Then, his eyes brightened as he laughed, "I could smell Telika's thunder here. He had just fought with someone not a long time ago."

He looked in the direction where the Black Demon Clan and Shi Yan had left, laughing contentedly. "It seems like we don't need a guide anymore.

Then, he turned around and killed the thin alien warrior that had taken them here.