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1409 Bully the Beauty

Mei Ji's eyes were like cold sabers that cut and slashed Shi Yan. She hated the fact that she couldn't stab and cut him to death.

Then, the little skeleton sitting on the bone dragons was shouting and commanding his massive skeletons to attack Nazario and Bastos. Strange noises of some commotions came from inside the Skull Island.

Shi Yan had recognized that this entire Skull Island was a divine weapon, and a formidable one, though.

The Skull Island could seal the space to trap him and it could increase the gravity to thousands of times, which kept Nazario and Bastos from running away. At the same time, the little skeleton could even create huge skeletons and control them. This strange treasure was really unimaginable and marvelous.

Bastos apparently didn't know that much. Thirty years ago, the little skeleton had shown mercy by only wounding him.

This time, Bastos invited one expert to help him. However, from the current situation, the result was going to be even worse than the previous time.

Shi Yan was happy and related. As soon as he could calm down, he had some interesting idea. Glancing at Mei Ji, his eyes then scanned her hot, inviting body…

Bastos wasn't wrong. The Phantom women were gifts from heaven.

Mei Ji's long silk dress had many holes, which exposed her snow-like skin. Her white skin even glowed. Her breasts were so huge that they looked like they wanted to tear her dress to find freedom. Her slim waist emphasized her round, ample rear. Her cheeks were flawless under her twinkling eyes. This mature charming could arouse any man!

Shi Yan appraised her beauty sincerely. The glamor of this mature, charming woman had boiled any man's blood. "Hey, you said that if I helped you get rid of the corpse toxin, you would sacrifice yourself and serve me. I remember it. After we're done with this, we should find some time to finish this…" He laughed explicitly.

Mei Ji's body went stiff, her face cold. "You dare say that?"

Shi Yan was surprised. "Why can't I say it? Are you Phantom women all liars? You don't keep your word?"

"I just said that. Moreover, you… humiliated me with your treating method! You should be happy I didn't say I would kill you. You still dare to talk about these conditions with me?" Mei Ji was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood.

"I only know that you said if I could detoxify you, we wouldn't count the grudge between us and you would serve me for a while." Shi Yan's voice was resolute. He snorted, "Don't think that you can deny it. At your conditions, do you think I will rape you if you don't do what you've promised?"

"Rape… Rape me?"

In the next second, she screamed like a lunatic, her body shaking. "Try it! If you aren't afraid of death, just try it! I don't think I can't handle you!"

"Okay, I will try!" Shi Yan sneered inwardly. A thought popped up in his mind and triggered some secret arrangement.

As soon as Mei Ji was ready to take action, she suddenly felt her private area get hot. It was like having a flame burning her lower body. She was scared out of her wits. With a pale face, she shivered. She pointed her jade-like finger at him. "You… what did you do to my body? How could you be so despicable like that?"

Her lower body was so hot. The heat of the flame was controlled skillfully. However, if it increased, her lower body would burn.

Thinking about a worse, insulted situation that could happen, she was panic-stricken. She could never think about someone so cruel and his terrible ambush to women like him even in her dreams.

She suddenly recognized that Shi Yan was evil, cruel, and not less than the two monsters from the Devouring Clan. She was petrified and didn't dare to move. Her face wore a desperate expression as if she would rather die to end all of these.

"I had never provoked you on Dragon Lizard Continent. You were greedy. You wanted to refine my soul to help you reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. I was running away. You didn't stop chasing me. To break through to Territory Ancestor Realm, you've done a lot. I'm lucky that I have a tough life! If I hadn't been persistent and made a mistake on the way, what would have happened to me? My soul would have vanished and you would have destroyed it already. You and I don't have any resentment or grudge, but you could treat me like that. How couldn't I treat you the same way?"

Shi Yan looked at her. He ridiculed with a cold face. "Anyway, God doesn't favor you. I've undergone the kalpa, but I'm still alive. And you're so weak now. Well, you gave me a chance. If I can't take it, I will not be able to get over my own challenge."

Mei Ji stooped listening to his cold and harsh words. She felt so down. "I'm in your hands now. Do what you want."

She was subdued.

A kid at First Sky of Immortal Realm had ambushed her and humiliated her. And now, her lower body was burning. Her pride, confidence, and arrogance were torn apart. Her heart was gradually numb.

Shi Yan arched his brows and slowly walked toward Mei Ji. He rose one hand and used his index finger to stroke her chin. Lifting her stooped head, he observed this peerless glamor. "You're beautiful. You're a gift from heaven. Any man would get drunk because of you. I'm also a man. I can't avoid being vulgar…"

Mei Ji just let him do what he wanted to harass her. While listening to him, her dark eyes didn't have focus. "I agree with you that I will serve you for a while. But you have to agree with me to erase that Original Flame seal."

Her heart was now like ashes. Shi Yan's malicious tricks had made her panic. It was the first time she felt powerless and unable to do anything to Shi Yan.

When she was done, the irritating feel disappeared. Shi Yan had retracted his finger on her chin. She was surprised, her eyes brightened.

A red-orange flame danced on Shi Yan's fingertip. The flame had a special aura that she immediately recognized. It was the Original Flame Seal that was placed in her lower body. She had a new hope now and said coldly. "When I recover, I will delight you then!"

Shi Yan looked at her deeply in the eyes. "After you recover, while we are having fun, I think your soul will leave you, eh?"

Mei Ji frowned, "I don't care if you believe me or not. I will keep my words!"

She couldn't explain why Shi Yan suddenly lifted the seal that he had used to force her. Did he still have some other concealed trick?

Mei Ji was frightened. She suspiciously circulated her power to check her body entirely.

She gritted her teeth. Her neck blushed as she was carefully and detailedly checking her lower body…

Shi Yan looked at her and smiled. In his mind, he wasn't actually happy though. He figured out her intention. "There's no other trick. Don't be suspicious."

"You think I will believe you?" Mei Ji's eyes were cold and dark.

"If I wanted to control you, why would I retrieve the Original Flame Seal? Why would I do such a thing?"

Mei Ji was also bewildered. She contemplated and then gritted her teeth, lowering her voice. "I can fulfill my promise, but you have to make sure that no one will hear about this! Otherwise, when I fully recover, I will not regret paying any price to kill you!"

She thought that Shi Yan wanted to seize the chance when she was wounded to force her for a fun night.

She knew that if Shi Yan used his power, with her little remaining energy, she wouldn't be able to defend herself. Also, she thought that the little skeleton and Shi Yan had formed some agreement. On this Skull Island, with the little skeleton's support, she couldn't use her power to resist Shi Yan.

She had to accept her fate.

"I don't need your body," strangely, Shi Yan shook his head. "You seem to have a high position in the Phantom Clan. I need some information. I want to know what happened to Dragon Lizard Star after we left. I hope you can use the power of the Phantom Clan to find my friend. I want her alive!"

As long as Audrey lived, Ming Hong was also there. They could find the way to come back to Desolate Territory.

The Sea Domain was vast and the territories were endless. Shi Yan knew it would be a struggle to find Audrey on his own. If he couldn't find the entrance to the territory, he could only stay in the Sea Domain of Nihility. His connection to Xia Xin Yan, Yang Tian Emperor, and the others were going to be cut off. And now, Hui had emerged. He wondered what damages it had brought to Desolate Territory. He had to accumulate energy to change the structure of Desolate Territory in the future.

Mei Ji was a powerful character of the Phantom Clan and the Phantom Clan was one of the Seven Great Clans. Shi Yan even knew that they were the clan with the best and fastest intelligence!

If he could use Mei Ji to get the information from the Phantom Clan, it would be much easier for him.

"Oh, an affectionate man." The corners of Mei Ji's mouth curled. She quieted down as the toughest matter that had troubled her the most lifted away. When she looked at Shi Yan now, she felt better. "If you only need information, I can make a deal with you. On my Phantom ancestors, I promise to do my best to find the information you need. Are you sure?"

"I'm sure," Shi Yan confirmed.

Mei Ji didn't say anything. She threw one hand into the air while placing the other hand on her big breast before speaking the language of the Phantom Clan and her ancestors to pledge. She would keep her promise and find the information Shi Yan needed.

"Deal!" shouted Shi Yan.

In the next moment, he disappeared. After recovering from her bewilderment, she followed him.

Nazario and Bastos were forced into a valley between barren mountains. They were sieged in layers. The two looked tired and frightened. It seemed like they couldn't endure it for a long time.

The little skeleton sat on the bone dragon and spoke the archaic language of the White Bone Clan to command the skeleton warriors to attack the others.

Gradually, Nazario and Bastos were slashed and bleeding hard. The remaining God power in their bodies was even less than Mei Ji's.

"Leave them to me. They are useful to wake up your parents. Ask your skeleton warriors to pay attention," Shi Yan suddenly shouted and looked at the little skeleton.

The skeleton was bewildered for a while but then nodded to him.

As the little skeleton and Mei Ji didn't understand anything, Shi Yan flew toward Nazario and Bastos.