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1408 Counterattack!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The wave of Mysterious Yin corpse worms had submerged the White Bone Clan child. His white, crystal bones were nibbled continuously. However, although the Mysterious Yin corpse worms were trying hard, they couldn't leave any scratch on that little skeleton.

The bone body had been refined through hundreds of thousands of quenching times. His parents had put their effort into it. Its hardness was so abnormal that even the Mysterious Yin corpse worms couldn't break it.

"If its soul is dissolved, it can't supply energy to maintain the body's defense. We can break it then!"

Nazario's fingers tightened around the white eyeball. As he swung his hand, his eyes shot an evil, white light, which felt so heavy when it shone on the little skeleton. It was like an entire mountain was placed on it.

Bastos came back.

He hovered in midair. At this moment, he didn't care about Shi Yan or Mei Ji. The massive fingerprints from his palm flew out once again.

The Mysterious Yin corpse worms became extremely frenzied!

The mournful screeching echoed around the Skull Island. Anyone who heard it would feel their souls shake as if they got stabbed.

The small bone body of the little skeleton shivered. The power of the flaming light and the icy light from his eyes weakened. His eyes showed his agony.

At this moment, Shi Yan and Mei Ji had landed a deal.

Shi Yan disappeared again. He had urged Dark Energy and stood invisibly by Mei Ji.

Bastos and Nazario focused only on the little skeleton. They didn't notice Shi Yan's moves or Mei Ji's commotions.

When Nazario wanted to pour more energy to tear the bone body of the skeleton, the surrounding temperature suddenly reduced massively.

He looked up skeptically.

So many shining snowflakes were falling. Shortly after, a snowstorm struck the Skull Island and made it a snow-white, cold land.

The cold, icy energy slapped on him and Bastos. As soon as the snowflakes fell, they melted and seeped into the two's bodies. Then, the two experts became stiff and chilled from the inside.

"Despicable slut! You really want to die, right?"

Bastos was outrageous. He saw Mei Ji around one thousand steps away from him releasing icy cold energy. Countless sparkling snow lotuses were releasing cold energy and changing the weather of this entire area.

Each of the snowflakes contained Mei Ji's cold energy. When the flakes fell and seeped into the body, they could freeze the body indiscernibly.

"So annoying!" Nazario was irritated. "How did you confine her? How can she get rid of it?"

"How could I know that?" Bastos wasn't in a good mood. He said with a dark face, "That slut can self-detonate at any minute. I don't want to be dragged with her to death. I gave her a chance. I didn't think she doesn't treasure her life like that. She dares to come to disturb us!"

"You'd better defeat her now!" yelled Nazario.

Bastos kept a cold face and pondered. He then said reluctantly, "Never mind. I'll sacrifice a little here. Okay, I will kill her and make her body my corpse slave. It's acceptable…"

Then, Bastos moved, his eyes darkly sinister.

His Incipient Extent emerged from his forehead. It was a mountain made of so many corpses. It slowly descended above Mei Ji's head from the sky.

This mountain was Bastos' power and it could kill Mei Ji. However, if Mei Ji wanted to play hard and pay by exploding her soul, she could break this corpse mountain. It was also a terrible loss to Bastos. That's why he didn't use it earlier.

The corpse mountain was hundreds of meters high and created by pale corpses. It was scary enough to frighten anybody.

Seeing the corpse mountain pressing down, Mei Ji's charming face was sour. She hissed through her gritted teeth. "I hope your trick works. Don't harm me…"
"Don't worry. I'm sure we can join hands to deal with Bastos." A voice came from nowhere, but it was full of confidence.

Mei Ji lifted her head to watch the corpse mountain slowly falling.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

A long, narrow space slit emerged in the void above Mei Ji's head. Divine lights emerged from the space slit that led to an unknown world.

Shi Yan didn't even know where it led to!

When he had first landed on this Skull Island, the space here was controlled by some invisible force. He couldn't find the space nodes to run away. It was like he was lost. It was also the reason why Mei Ji could find him, but he couldn't teleport away from this Skull Island.

However, this time, when he urged his power Upanishad, it worked smoothly.

The space nodes that had disappeared now resumed. If Shi Yan wanted to leave now, he could do it deliberately.

In the dark, Shi Yan couldn't help but turn to the little skeleton. He saw his eyes sparkling once.

He suddenly understood it.

When he had fought with Mei Ji, that small skeleton must have done something to prevent him from running away using his Space power Upanishad. The little skeleton wanted to keep him here to save his parents.

This Skull Island should have some key to control energy barriers that were interlinked to the little skeleton. As he was in a dangerous situation, he didn't want to pull Shi Yan into this pit, so it had lifted up some spatial barriers.

Shi Yan could finally use his Space power Upanishad.

Mei Ji's eyes brightened.

The corpse mountain was still lowering. If it didn't change the direction, it would directly enter the space slit and disappear soon.

Bastos was scared out of his wits. He wore an extremely grimaced face as he hurried to urge his power and create a Corpse Qi rope to tie the corpse mountain and pull it toward him. If it fell into the space slit, his soul would be damaged severely.

Mei Ji laughed when she saw Bastos in a helter-skelter situation.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The icicles and ice sabers were revolving in the sky like a tornado of ice pieces. It floated up into the air from Mei Ji's head. When the energy congregated, a snowstorm with ice grumblingly rolled toward Bastos and Nazario.

The two old monsters of the Devouring Clan wanted to focus on the skeleton first. Seeing the ice tornado go toward them, they were so angry that they could even vomit blood.

Bastos was trying his best to stop the corpse mountain; he didn't have extra efforts to counter. Nazario had to deal with the storm and tornado himself.

Nazario's Corpse Qi condensed and created a giant white-furred ape. The ape pounded its chest continuously, roaring and howling. It jumped into the ice tornado instantly to wreck it and tried to destroy the tornado before it could reach Bastos and Nazario.

Nazario steadied his mind and prepared to strike again. Right at that moment, a blazing sun dashed over and stormed into the ice tornado.

The white ape burned, smoking and screeching.

Nazario was shaken hard. Although the white ape wasn't his Life Treasure, it was created by his energy and power Upanishad. When the ape burned, it was also a heavy strike to his soul. He was wounded shortly after.

Not only that, the little skeleton had seized the chance when Nazario and Bastos were distracted to get rid of the Mysterious Yin corpse worms. So many stars twinkled on his body, which functioned like his acupuncture points. The starlight then shot up into the sky.

Stars began to twinkle inside the mist layers above the Skull Island. It seemed like some formation had activated. The two bone dragons, which were mashed, had their bones connect again miraculously. They flew up one more time.

In different corners of the Skull Island where many skeletons quietly piled, they slowly got up. These were hundreds of meters tall. They had only bones without eyes. However, they moved quickly and went to the battlefield.

Shi Yan was hiding in a secret place. He saw so many massive skeletons carry the bone sabers and jump on the Skull Island grumblingly.

Shortly, a skeleton, which seemed like it was the leader, stomped on dozens of Mysterious Yin corpse worms and smashed them. The corpse liquid splashed from the worms.

That huge skeleton brought a white saber, storming toward Nazario and slashing him.


The saber light flashed as if it could tear the sky. So many light dots sparked from the white bone and flooded Nazario.

More and more giant skeletons gathered. A part of them stayed by the little skeletons and others advanced toward Bastos.

Mei Ji was stunned. She relaxed while watching the giant skeletons try to powerfully and intimidatingly make Nazario and Bastos helter-skelter.

She looked at the little skeleton in astonishment. She knew that this Skull Island wasn't ordinary. Perhaps the entire Skull Island was a divine weapon that his parents had spent a lot of efforts to create for him to deal with the enemies.

As he was temporarily held, he couldn't activate the power of the island. Thus, he was bullied.

With Shi Yan and Mei Ji's help, the skeleton had gotten rid of it and activated the mysterious defense of the Skull Island. He had created many skeletons, which had changed the situation quickly.

Those skeletons swung the bone sabers, attacking and chasing Bastos and Nazario. They knew that the situation wasn't going well for them. They wanted to leave this place. However, when they flew up, they found that the gravity had increased almost one thousand times. They were pulled back to the ground.

They didn't cultivate Space power Upanishad, so they couldn't use space energy to teleport like Shi Yan. Begrudgingly, they had to stay and fight against the huge skeletons on the Skull Island.

Every time they tried their best to destroy a big skeleton, the little skeleton would do something that shook the entire Skull Island. Then, the smashed skeleton would resume its frame and continue to attack Nazario and Bastos furiously like a dragon again.

Those huge things were immortal. There was no way to kill them. Nazario and the other were desperate when they figured this out.

Shi Yan was hiding. He suddenly reappeared by Mei Ji, his face stunned.

The little skeleton was riding a bone dragon and circling above the massive skeletons. He was swinging his arms and speaking the archaic language of the White Bone Clan to command the skeletons:his warriors.

Shi Yan watched them and was astounded. He was really surprised because of the little skeleton and this Skull Island.

"How could you absorb all the corpse toxins?" All of a sudden, Mei Ji's eyes drilled into him. "As far as I know, there aren't many power Upanishads that could absorb the corpse toxin. Also, I couldn't reason as to why you had to use that method to detoxify me?"

Mei Ji's voice pitched up, her face cold and malicious.

Shi Yan turned to look at her and said deliberately. "I only know that method to suck the toxin out."

Only he knew the real reason. He used that method to detoxify her to take revenge. He wanted to humiliate her in a way she would never forget.

If he wanted, he could have used a more proper method, which wouldn't irritate Mei Ji that much.

However, he did it this way because Mei Ji was cruel and she had chased for a long time. She was greedy and terrible. She wanted to use him to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. She had enraged him. If she wasn't useful, he wouldn't have hesitated to find a chance and kill her to eliminate the danger afterward.