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1396 World Within World

Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and his wife were suppressed by Singh and the masked woman respectively. From the current situation, if Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and his wife didn't have any external help, they couldn't change the situation.

Shi Yan squeezed his brain for a solution…

In the dark, the experts from the small clans were discreetly approaching and staying by the masked woman.

They still thought that the masked woman was the key door to break because their main target, Shi Yan, was in her hand!

The massive snow lotus was crystal-like and shining, but it was so icy. Tu Shi Qi and his wife were confined inside and trying to break it with their best powers.

The masked woman of the Phantom Clan had to focus on controlling the lotus and watching Shi Yan at the same time. Her situation wasn't really good.

Thus, the warriors who were self-confident still kept their eyes on her and waited for the chance to steal Shi Yan and run away within one attempt.

In their eyes, Shi Yan was a meaty cauldron that they could use to understand Dark Energy and advance to an extreme realm: the Territory Ancestor Realm.

Shi Yan had sealed his senses and used his Soul Consciousness made of Dark Energy to search around. Shortly after, he found four alien experts like venomous snakes approaching!

The four of them were at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, the same realm as Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun.

They were the warriors with the highest realm among the onlookers and they were also the most patient ones. They had hidden right from the start until now.


The Phantom masked woman snorted as she recognized those people's intentions. Her soft body swayed like a water snake and released a soul-stirring, attractive power. Illusions of sexy ladies with bodies that could make people's noses bleed appeared, moaning with heavy breathing and going toward the four Third Sky of Immortal Realm experts.

At the same time, Tu Shi Qi and his wife inside the crystal lotus suddenly gathered all of their powers and struck hard. Their energy accumulated and formed bunches of radiantly light, forcefully stabbing a petal of the lotus!

The soft body of the masked woman shook. Her bright eyes turned cold as if she was finally enraged.

At the same time, Shi Yan suddenly burst out his brutal, formidable energy. He swayed away from her control quickly.

A spinning Fantasy Boundary Stone appeared and ballooned in the wind. After several seconds, it became a blank, white world. That world acted like a giant hand that snatched over the masked woman and the four experts under her enchanting technique. The four of them were pulled into the new world created by the Fantasy Boundary Stone.

A white light flashed.

Shi Yan got rid of her grip. He didn't hesitate for even a beat. His energy rose again when he flung another Fantasy Boundary Stone.

The Fantasy Boundary Stone received his God power and became a whole new world that was still a white, blank space but much bigger than the previous one. Shortly after, it had converted the world and confined the masked woman and the four stealthy experts!

Their world was shrouded by another world!

The two Fantasy Boundary Stones had created two worlds. The bigger one covered the smaller one and the smaller one imprisoned the masked women and four furtive experts.

The two fantasy worlds had weakened the connection between the masked woman and her snow lotus. The snow lotus didn't have a continuous energy source to strengthen its imprisonment.

Tu Shi Qi and his wife finally got rid of it!

They looked at Shi Yan, their eyes surprised and excited.

Shi Yan gave them a slight nod and raised one finger to point at Singh.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun understood immediately. They didn't say anything and turned into two light beams that headed toward Singh.

Shi Yan was floating in the void, his face extremely stern. A flow of his Soul Consciousness seeped into the words that the Fantasy Boundary Stones had created to find even the smallest commotion.

The Fantasy Boundary Stone could create a world in just a blink of an eye but this world wasn't real and it could exist for only a short time.

Shi Yan could explode that world and the energy created after the space shattered was ultimately so terrifying that even Immortal Realm experts couldn't stand it.

However, as Shi Yan had just entered the Immortal Realm, he couldn't build strong barriers for his fantasy world. Thus, when he triggered the space to explode it, he couldn't really hurt her.

Anyway, he calculated something else…

He was waiting for the masked woman and the four experts imprisoned inside the world to break one world from the inside first.

Inside the immense, dreamy world, the Phantom woman and the four Third Sky of Immortal Realm experts looked strange when their sinister eyes observed their surroundings.

Their realms were high but Shi Yan could ambush them and confine them in this world. It was like a boat that capsized in a narrow ditch.

Actually, any one of them could break the boundaries of this world. They didn't do that because they knew that the spatial explosion that was going to occur when they broke the boundary was going to be very formidable. They knew that they couldn't get out of this world intact.

"You guys dare compete with our Phantom Clan!"

The masked woman's voice was icy cold and so were her eyes. She was releasing her Soul Consciousness to check the thickness of the boundary.

This world was like a glass ball with spatial barriers as walls. The thicker the wall was, the harder it was to break. Once it exploded, the space shockwaves created from the explosion was going to be very intimidating.

She surveyed and scolded, mocking the other four as they kept silent as if they were deaf and mute. No one retorted. It was because their realms weren't as high as this masked woman. They needed to stay quiet so their mind could check the thickness of the spatial barriers.

"That kid is too cunning. Anyway, he's not strong enough. This spatial barrier… is too thin!"

Dozens of seconds later, the bright eyes of the woman showed her joy. She couldn't help but smile gracefully. While laughing, her jade-like hand rose to the void. The cold energy from her brutally tore the barrier as if there were countless ice sabers!

Shi Yan stayed outside the bigger world. His body shook and then he concentrated on sending the Soul Consciousness into the smaller world inside.

When the ice blades attacked the small world, it cracked and was about to explode. At the same time, Shi Yan triggered the bigger world outside. The warriors cultivating Space power Upanishad could see the world outside like shattering glass with so many fine cracks.



Two explosions happened almost at the same time. The smaller world inside was shattered by the masked woman. Pieces of broken space shot outward. Also, Shi Yan had crushed the bigger world outside and sent pieces of sharp broken space inward.

The two worlds exploded at the same time and pressed on each other. At that moment, the lethal power of the explosions rocketed several times!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The unceasing explosion boomed in front of Shi Yan. It was like the space had collapsed. The void cracked open. Instantly, the earth-destroying space energy fluctuated.

Shi Yan was forced backward. He was frightened when he saw the shockwaves when the big world and the small world exploded at the same time.

Even warriors with Space power Upanishad like him couldn't endure such an energy attack. If they were shrouded, there was going to be no chance to survive.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four bodies exploded. It was like a meatball that burst. Then, so many space sabers minced them into blood and meat. Their soul altars were gone altogether.

The four experts that wanted to use Shi Yan to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm from their Third Sky of Immortal Realm were blown up. Their host souls were all gone.

Shi Yan gawked and dropped his jaw as he couldn't believe his eyes.

Under the world-destroying shockwaves, a petal of a massive snow lotus flew around and so many space sabers had gashed it. That lotus petal carried a naked body that could be deemed perfectly sexy. The flawless, porcelain body with two round, ample breasts, a delicate waist, a snow-like rear, and slender thighs… She appeared with exquisite and beautiful features like a masterpiece.

Instinctively, Shi Yan looked at the void underneath. He found the massive snow lotus that had confined Tu Shi Qi and his wife had disappeared.

Shi Yan didn't know when the masked woman had taken the snow lotus. When the two worlds detonated, she already had the lotus protect her from the fatal energy attack. Although her clothes and the fearsome mask were broken, she wasn't dead yet as something turned into smoke.

The snow lotus withered. The woman stood in the middle of the flower, her skin like snow and her bones like ice. She was flawless and both her body and appearance were the most magnificent in this world.

However, her look was so cold, which was gazing at Shi Yan!

Shi Yan felt shivers down his spine under her gaze. He felt anxious as if he was shrouded in an endless coldness.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shi Yan couldn't help but turn around to watch when more explosions could be heard.

He then saw some ice sculpture exploding. Those ice sculptures were alien warriors who had a dark scheme. Their realms weren't high, though. They were frozen and then killed by the woman's wrath.

They might have been murdered because they had seen something they shouldn't have.

When Shi Yan recognized something was wrong, besides Dragon Lizard, Singh, Tu Shi Qi and his wife, who were engaging in a fierce battle, all the others on Dragon Lizard Continent were killed!

This savage woman from the Phantom Clan had killed all the warriors who hadn't left the place. She had even killed a member of the Water Tribe who stayed to observe and get information.


A pure white silky long robes shrouded the woman. Her jade-like, naked legs slowly descended in the middle of the shriveled lotus pod.

Her eyes, which were filled with the coldness of an icy mountain, didn't leave Shi Yan or blink once. The strange soul energy emitted from her eyes. Shortly after, Shi Yan's soul altar made "crack" sounds. Unexpectedly, his soul altar was freezing!

Just with a look, she could even freeze the soul altar! Her power Upanishad was extremely terrifying!

"Your face and body are perfect. I feel like I've used the luck of my three lives that I can still be alive after seeing your naked body."

Shuddering, Shi Yan gazed at the woman and spoke. Then, he urged the power of the heaven flame. The scorching heaven flames began to burn and move around his soul altar.

The cold energy in his soul was eliminated. The heaven flame continued to move around his body. He gradually resumed his normal conditions. He glared at the woman while his body became vague and invisible.

The bright eyes of the Phantom woman were so cold. The massive snow lotus around her dissolved and created smaller snow lotuses, which revolved like snowballs around her.

She was ashen when she put on the fearsome mask one more time to cover her extremely stunning appearance.

"You can't hide," muttered the masked woman.