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The asteroids and broken stars in the sky fell and one warrior cultivating Lighting power Upanishad exploded to death.

The void above Shi Yan's head became clear.

Three aliens at Second Sky of Immortal Realm that stormed toward Shi Yan were like moths heading to a fire. They finally showed their fangs. The icy mist, strong winds, and sharp metal power emerged from their bodies, which were enough to tear this continent and dismember the ordinary warriors at First Sky of Immortal Realm.

Now, Shi Yan without the asteroids and broken pieces of stars flying around him was like a hedgehog without spikes in their eyes.

Shi Yan, their delicious meat, squinted. His face was calm as he sat still.

The Phantom woman gently parted her lips to a smile as she was interested. Her laughter arose when she wormed between the three alien experts.

Her graceful, voluptuous body quivered and a powerful energy that could collapse the souls rippled through her.


The three aliens at Second Sky of Immortal Realm vomited blood. Their faces were as pale as a sheet of white paper. They clutched their hearts and foreheads, running away even though their chests were bleeding hard.

The stronger experts who were waiting patiently had to change their countenances and plans to hide.

No one dared to approach recklessly.

"You're really fierce," the soft voice that could enchant people's souls arose. She stopped around ten meters in front of Shi Yan and studied him.

Shi Yan furrowed his brows.

The woman in front of him was so sexy. Shi Yan almost couldn't control his fire of desire as he saw her round rear end bounce. Her fearsome mask had accompanied her marvelous, seductive body well, giving her a more powerful attractiveness. She made people imagine her face under the mask and become more curious.

The scorching aura in the tier of heaven flames changed instantly. A flow of cold energy flooded the Sea of Consciousness and spread to his entire body. It was indeed chilled to the bones.

He had recovered his calmness and said indifferently, "Precursor, what do you want to tell me?"

"Nah, call me jie-jie. I like it when you call me that." The woman giggled softly, her voice so tender as if she didn't have any bones at all. "Jie-jie wants to discuss something with you. If you agree with me, I will help you shoo these annoying bastards away. What do you think?"

She raked through the others and said, "Yeah, I know you're fierce. You've just broken through to a new realm anyway. It would be a headache for you to deal with so many venomous snakes. As long as you nod your head, jie-jie will treat you well. I will delight you for sure."

People gulped as her eyes glided through them. Those who were hiding had relatively high realms.

"What do you want me to agree with you?" Slowly, Shi Yan's brows became frosted. To deal with this woman's mind tricking technique, he had to consume his God power every minute. It was a little tough, though.

He was discreetly frightened as he found that this woman from the Phantom Clan wasn't weaker than Singh or Dragon Lizard.

"Well, come to my Phantom Clan and become our clan's Male Guest. Yeah, I can let you marry a girl in our clan. You can freely use the cultivating materials of our clan." The woman had watery eyes, which made people drool for her.

The warriors of the other clans cried in surprise.

The Male Guest of the Phantom Clan was similar to the Nonnative Officer of the Mysterious Sky Clan. The Phantom Clan offered them materials to cultivate to exchange for their efforts in supporting the clan.

Each Male Guest could choose a woman of the beautiful Phantom Clan to be his wife.

Also, women of the Phantom Clan were famous for their glamor in this Sea Domain. Many people had yearned for their beauties.

She had just invited Shi Yan to join Phantom Clan.

"What a slut!" Audrey shouted with a cold face on the asteroid.

Masha threw her a glance and smiled. She knew that Audrey and Shi Yan had an ambiguous relationship. The Phantom Clan's invitation had enraged her.

Audrey's eyes were like ice arrows shooting toward Shi Yan. Her look carried her soul power.

Shi Yan couldn't help but turn around and look at the void in the sky. His eyes seemed to get through the spatial blind spot as he gazed at Audrey.

Audrey was stunned. She didn't expect that Shi Yan could see her through such a distance.

Audrey's cold face suddenly felt hot and she blushed. She hurried to retreat and hid behind Masha.

Shi Yan smiled and didn't look more. He turned to the masked woman, "Not interested."

The masked woman stopped, her eyes cold. She nodded and said nothing else before walking back to Yuan Mo of the Water Tribe.

Then, the warriors here suddenly burst out as if their madness had just been triggered. They became angry and attacked Shi Yan fearlessly.

Yuan Mo felt so chilled. He glanced at the masked woman and bent his body.

It was the fierce, intimidating power of the Phantom Clan. Each woman of the clan had an excellent cultivation base and outstanding competencies. They could enchant people when they hadn't recognized it, which made those female warriors able to control the enchanted warriors. This power was innate and every female warrior of the Phantom Clan could do that smoothly.

Currently, many warriors of the alien tribes were affected. They became bold and fearless, trying to attack Shi Yan explicitly without waiting for the right chance. They didn't even care about their lives.

"You're bold," Shi Yan hissed at the woman and stomped his feet. The stone ground underneath exploded grumblingly. Countless pieces of stones swept around like a powerful storm.

When the rocks covered the entire sky, Shi Yan became vague in layers of waves rippling.

He disappeared abruptly.

Dozens of male aliens stormed toward him. Ten of them had reached Second Sky of Immortal Realm and one even was at Third Sky of Immortal Realm!

Those warriors had lost their minds. They weren't afraid of death and they all wanted to kill him.

He couldn't help but decide to dodge the spear. He pumped Dark Energy into his veins to turn invisible immediately.

Naked eyes couldn't see him and the Soul Consciousness couldn't sense him. He was literally invisible.

Even the Phantom woman was surprised. Her beautiful eyes twinkled as she used her power Upanishad to find him. She found it peculiar, indeed. She thought that his Space power Upanishad was really marvelous as she couldn't even spot him.

Suddenly, her sexy body shivered. She suddenly remembered something, her beautiful eyes excited.

It was the effect of Dark Energy!

Her red painted fingernails dug into her flesh as she was so excited. Her flashing eyes searched around.


A six-armed brutal soul with a dragon body had punched the giant lizard continuously. Thunder had shaken the entire horizon.

Forefather Dragon Lizard's clone had a red face while rigid muscles on his body convulsed and sent high flames to the void. Then, he flew to the giant lizard and merged with it.

"Dragon Lizard, you're forcing me!"

Singh was about to use his real flame. The mountain of souls and spirits under his feet suddenly screeched and shrieked. The ten-thousand-meter-tall brutal souls flew out. They all had strange shapes and wildly bit the giant lizard.

At the same time, a jade bell emerged in Singh's hand. If Audrey and the other three could see the bell, they would find that its material was very similar to the three-legged jade cauldron. The bell itself had so many Absolute Beginning symbols on the surface too.

Tinkle! Tinkle!

Singh jingled the bell. The symbols on the bell looked lively and they moved like snakes.

The chunk of meat that Dragon Lizard had cut off from his body deep underground was shriveling rapidly as the energy and Blood Qi were taken away. Shortly after, it became dry meat without blood and water.

"Finally, he takes action!"

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun looked shaken. They immediately stormed to the cave underground.


Forefather Dragon Lizard's real body groaned and roared accordingly. The entire continent shook. Mountains collapsed. Rocks exploded. Dragon Lizard Star was about to be destroyed.

On the ground, Forefather Dragon Lizard's clone acted well. He clutched his chest and rolled on the ground with a fierce countenance. "Singh! What have you done to me?!"

Singh didn't answer him. While using the giant brutal soul to fatally attack the forefather, he didn't stay idle and immediately entered the cave. He wanted to find and kill Forefather Dragon Lizard's real body underground.

The woman from the Phantom Clan wanted to find Shi Yan. However, when she saw that Singh and Dragon Lizard had some critical changes, her eyes became bright and her thoughts changed.

The aliens who were slashing and killing each other after their target had disappeared and suddenly changed their target. They all squeezed to get into the cave that Singh had just jumped into.

That cave was oozing lava. Lava oozed out from that cave as it had connected directly to deep inside Dragon Lizard Star, which was leading to Forefather Dragon Lizard's real body.

The woman chuckled and gave up on finding Shi Yan. She walked to Dragon Lizard's clone that was groaning in pain. She carefully avoided the blood puddles on the ground in her way. "It seems like you have the Soul Refining Cauldron in your body. Hmm, as Singh has attacked you with the Soul Refining Cauldron, I think you can't escape this kalpa."

She loomed over Dragon Lizard's clone and said seriously, "Give me the other two Immortal Pellets. I promise I will save some seeds for your clan. I won't let your clan be eradicated."

She turned to Du Lei, Di Feng, and Walker. She said sincerely, "They're at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. If our Phantom Clan protects them and if they can reach the Territory Ancestor Realm in the future, your Dragon Lizard Clan will have a chance to rise. It's your last chance. I hope you will consider my offer carefully."




Du Lei and the other two screamed, dashing toward with worried faces.

Forefather Dragon Lizard's whimpered clone suddenly quieted. A bloodthirsty, ruthless intention emerged in his eyes as he answered calmly. "Well, we Dragon Lizard Clan don't need your Phantom Clan to put your nose in our business."

The Phantom Clan woman discolored in fright.