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1386 Cut the Flesh

Dragon Lizard Star had a massive pit where a lot of special palaces and buildings specified to serve different clans were built. They even built lakes with some islets for Water Tribe members to stay in.

It was the gathering area of second-class clans. Delegations from different clans didn't need to endure staying inside the stone caves of the Dragon Lizard Clan. They could stay in this area with more suitable conditions.

Just like Du Lei, Walker was one of Forefather Dragon Lizard's subordinates who was in charge of this area. He had Second Sky of Immortal Realm.

While discussing important matters with Yuan Mo of the Water Tribe, Walker suddenly felt his heart beat faster. He looked outside and his face changed immediately. He left the palace where the Water Tribe stayed quickly.

Yuan Mo was the Water Tribe's handsome man who Shi Yan and Audrey had encountered on the way here. At this moment, Yuan Mo lifted his head, his face solemn.

Singh was coming with countless departed souls and ghosts underneath his body like a big, dark cloud. There were hundreds of thousands of them and it pressured people terrifyingly.

Singh slowly descended with many members of the Soul Clan serving him respectfully. Also, he had many souls of beautiful women who looked both cold and elegant as they massaged his shoulders and legs. They made his emergence more dazzling.

A crowd of many warriors from different second-class clans were gathering and seeing Singh of the Soul Clan descending arrogantly. They discolored and lowered their voices.

The Earth Ghoul Tribe lodged near here, so many people had seen Barago leave with rage.

As they saw Singh come, they thought that he wanted to find Barago to ask for some information or to request them to find Tu Shi Qi and his wife. Many people knew this. They thought that Singh came personally because the Earth Ghoul Tribe was slow in reporting their works.

Yuan Mo was the head of the Water Tribe by chance this time. Since they didn't get along well with the Earth Ghoul Tribe, Yuan Mo knew a lot of things.

Seeing Singh come, he was anxious because he was worried that Singh would trouble the Water Tribe.

A graceful figure emerged from a quiet tower in the palace behind him. It was a plump woman who wore a long blue cloak that embraced her round rear end. Her face was covered under a jade mask, which looked ferocious like a demon showing its fangs.

She moved slightly and reappeared inaudibly by Yuan Mo. A pair of deep azure eyes looked at Singh and a soft voice came, "Don't worry. I'm here with you guys. Singh won't dare to do anything to you. Yeah, he doesn't look like he came because of you guys."

The life energy on her body was vague and her breath wasn't steady. She gave people an impression of something from a fantasy.

Only Yuan Mo knew that the fearsome mask she was wearing had covered her earth-shaking aura. It made her ordinary, which didn't draw attention from others. As Yuan Mo knew her identity, his words and gestures showed his respect. He bowed and said, "I'm afraid that Singh will cause trouble when he finds you."

The woman chuckled. "Singh is just a commander in the Soul Clan. Even if he finds me here, there will be no trouble. Yeah, I came here this time because of the Forefather Dragon Lizard's Immortal Pellet. I just want to find an item that can secure my junior's breakthrough. Singh won't dare to provoke me."

Listening to her, Yuan Mo could finally rest his restless mind. He still kept his body bent. Then, he lifted his head to look at Singh, wondering why he came here this time.

"Is that Walker?" Singh's dark voice arose and echoed around this large pit.

Apparently, he didn't want to conceal his intentions.

Walker was at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. He was one of the experts with a profound cultivation base in the Dragon Lizard Clan. Hearing Singh's question, he answered with a stern face, "I'm here."

"I don't want to walk around the bush. Barago of the Earth Ghoul Tribe, his soul lamp is extinguished. His soul must be destroyed. I just want to know who did it." Singh had a cold light sparkle in his eyes. His voice thundered and reached each palace in this massive pit. "If you want to hit my dog, you have to look at my face first! Barago is my Soul Clan's hound. I want to know who killed him!"

Apparently, he came to send his punitive forces arrogantly. The energy from his body fluctuated fiercely.

So many vague souls were conjured. They turned into a gruesome mountain and bobbed behind him, showing fangs and claws. A wisp of Soul Consciousness was sent toward the second-class forces to find the possible murderer at the high realm.

Singh had never thought that Barago would be killed by Shi Yan, a warrior at Incipient God Realm. He thought that the one who could kill Barago had an equivalent realm. He assumed that the murderer was here and mingling in the crowd. He had a premonition that it was Tu Shi Qi's trick. He had to find them quickly.

With this recent deed, he didn't put the Dragon Lizard Clan or Walter in his eyes.

"Barago is dead?" Walker pretended to know nothing. He shook his head with a bewildered countenance. "I didn't know that. Please give me more time. After I find the results, I will answer to you."

He had received the news from Du Lei, but he wanted to stall for as long as possible.

"Muahaha, I know it's related to the Heavenly Eye Clan. They're just a third-class clan. They dared to attack a clan dependent on our Soul Clan. I think this Heavenly Eye Clan doesn't want to live anymore!" Singh smiled darkly. "I'm going to search to see if they're here. Then, I will check every corner. I don't think I can't find them!"

While talking, his Soul Consciousness moved around like a gust of wind, rummaging through the entire area.

Many palaces of the second-class clans were under attack. The warriors in there felt their soul altars flicker anxiously. They were so scared.

No one dared to shout or curse. They knew that they weren't an equal match to the Soul Clan and they knew that Singh was powerful. They could only endure it.

Singh's soul tondo swept around and entered the lake of the Water Tribe, reaching Yuan Mo. Shortly after, Singh looked baffled. He hesitated for a while and then glided through Walker, heading to the Water Tribe.

He looked at the plump woman with the fearsome mask and asked with a stern face. "Who are you?"

The woman sneered and said faintly, "I'm here for the Forefather Dragon Lizard's Immortal Pellet. Right, there's something I want to make clear." She turned to Yuan Mo of the Water Tribe. "From now on, our Phantom Clan will protect the Water Tribe. I hope that the Chief of the Soul Clan will pay attention and not let your dogs bark and bite around!"

Singh discolored and gazed at the woman, furrowing his brows. "Is Barago's death related to you?"

"Do you think that kind of thing is worth my effort?" sneered the woman.

Singh contemplated and then nodded. "I'll talk to the Earth Ghoul Forefather so they don't trouble the Water Tribe furthermore. Our Soul Clan doesn't have any dispute with your Phantom clan. I don't expect that the two clans will fight against each other because of the Earth Ghoul Tribe and the Water Tribe."

Then, he nodded to say farewell to her without his haughty visage. He left immediately to another area.

He didn't care about Walker because he didn't really consider the Dragon Lizard Clan important or dangerous.

Yuan Mo was tense. Seeing Singh proactively say that he would ask the Earth Ghoul's forefather to control his tribe, Yuan Mo was very excited. He thought that his Water Tribe had made the right decision to be dependent on the Phantom Clan. They wouldn't need to give way to the Earth Ghoul Tribe anymore. Finally, he understood how good it was to have a big backup.

Then, he turned to Walker of the Dragon Lizard Clan and sighed.

The Dragon Lizard Clan was also a second-class force. Before Lizard had disappeared, the Dragon Lizard Clan had been the overlord in this area. Even the Territory Ancestor Realm experts of the seven clans had to respect him and every other clan had to be afraid of his clan.

After Lizard had returned to Mother Earth and the Forefather Dragon Lizard, the second generation couldn't break through to Territory Ancestor Realm. The Dragon Lizard Clan gradually declined and now, even the Earth Ghoul Tribe dared to bully them.

Yuan Mo thought that only if the Dragon Lizard Clan agreed to follow one of the Seven Great Clan, they would have steadied and they would have been able to stand upright again. Otherwise, their lives were going to be much more difficult later.

"The Soul Clan and the Mysterious Sky Clan have often battled. Now, they don't dare to offend me. Don't worry," said the woman, her voice hiding her proud feelings. As the Phantom Clan was one of the Seven Great Clans, their overall competence wasn't weaker than the Soul Clan.

It was the reason why she got excited.

"There's something I want to tell you. On the way here, we met the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan. They went together with a couple who came from Desolate Territory. They seemed lost. They wanted to find their way home through Singh's brutal soul called Ming Hong." Yuan Mo suddenly recalled the event. "I remembered that you guys were interested in Desolate Territory. I wonder if you can use this information."

"Someone from Desolate Territory got lost?" The woman's eyes sparkled strangely and showed her interest. "It's strange. It seems like the Dragon Lizard Clan is trying to protect them. It's inexplicable. It seems like the friendship between Singh and Dragon Lizard isn't as close as it was rumored."

She pondered and then said, "You guys have a good relationship with the Dragon Lizard Clan. Can you arrange for me to meet Forefather Dragon Lizard? Right, you can tell them my identity. Perhaps, Dragon Lizard will find me interesting."

"Okay, let me try," Yuan Mo lifted his head and called Walker. "Walker, brother. Please get down here so we can talk for a while."


Lava pond.

Extremely terrifying roaring and shrieking came from inside the lava pond while the entire pond seethed torrentially.

Tu Shi Qi and his wife Ya Yun were using their powers Upanishad to create layers of barriers sealing this area and making it soundproof. They didn't want others to recognize the commotion here.

The clone of Dragon Lizard floated above the pond and released the ultimate energy fluctuations as he was trying to pull something under the pond.

After a while, a big chunk of red meat emerged from the scorching lava pond and floated up. It was bloody and the veins in the meat were still full of blood. A palm-sized, three-legged cauldron stuck on a small spot on the meat. It was connected to a vein like a blood-sucking leech.

Dragon Lizard looked ashen when he coughed and tried to subside his anger. "This Soul Refining Cauldron has stuck on my flesh. Once it detaches from my flesh, Singh will know immediately. I have to do that. I have to cut a piece of meat to deceive him. He won't know what I've done."

"Forefather, you're not an ordinary warrior, indeed. You can clench your jaw to cut off a big chunk of meat like that. This time, Singh will receive his bad luck," appraised Tu Shi Qi.

He knew that a creature like Forefather Dragon Lizard would have to endure tremendous pain when he cut off the meat that had contained his power.

This old monster had made up his mind to do that to eliminate the threat from the Soul Refining Cauldron without letting Singh know.

"Since Singh has done this to me, of course, I must let him taste my power. He thought he could bully me. Damn it!" Dragon Lizard was foul-mouthed as he was outraged. "This time, not only will I kill Singh but that bastard from the Earth Ghoul Tribe will also be taken care of. They thought the Soul Clan could protect them so they have provoked us a lot, those damned ghouls!"

"Our Mysterious Sky Clan will be your backup. We will try our best to help you!" Tu Shi Qi laughed excitedly.