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1385 Break the Bottleneck

Du Lei took Shi Yan back to the surface.

Before that, he had already asked his guards to bring Audrey and the Heavenly Eye Clan's members to another area.

It was a massive stone hall in another secret corner. It wasn't the open area where the Dragon Lizard Clan hosted the other clans. It was an area exclusive to the strong experts of the clan.

The stone hall was built inside a broken asteroid. It had cultivating rooms, storages, and also bath areas. However, the entire place didn't have any decorations, jade objects or patterns carved on the walls. It was the Dragon Lizard Clan's style. They didn't like luxurious things.

"This is where I cultivate," said Du Lei.

Each influential member of the Dragon Lizard Clan had a private area on Dragon Lizard Star. This stone hall was hidden inside an asteroid. Du Lei had renovated it so it could fly out of Dragon Lizard Star and function as a battleship.

Shortly after, the guards of the Dragon Lizard Clan had taken Yvelines' team and Audrey to the same place.

"If Forefather asks us to protect you, I'm sure we won't let the Soul Clan disturb you. After the two precursors of the Mysterious Sky Clan finish their discussion with our ancestor, we'll take them here too. Don't worry." Du Lei said to them and then asked his subordinates, "As long as they don't leave this area, they can do what they want. They can enter all cultivating rooms. If you don't receive any orders, do not disturb them."

Then, Du Lei left the stone hall hurriedly. The guards standing outside the hall bowed to him.

"They've moved us to two different places. It seems like the Dragon Lizard Clan is still afraid of the Earth Ghoul Tribe and the Soul Clan. Otherwise, they wouldn't have to hide us." Audrey wore a pure white dress, her eye bright but cold. She walked to Shi Yan and asked, "How was it?"

"Forefather Dragon Lizard will try to protect us. Hmm, if nothing unexpected happens, he's discussing how to kill Singh now," Shi Yan grinned and said to Yvelines and the other two, "Don't worry. It should be nothing dangerous. Just stay here and cultivate. We'll handle it."

He didn't mention Tu Shi Qi and his wife from the Mysterious Sky Clan to the other three.

Yvelines guessed that they had hidden something from them, but he was smart enough not to ask further. They scattered and each of them found a room to cultivate in.

Shi Yan and Audrey had chosen a massive training court tiled with square crystals. Those crystals were really rigid so they could resist energy attacks and hard hits. The domed roof was built high above, which gave them a lot of space to move.

He told her what happened when he met up with Forefather Dragon Lizard. Audrey was so astounded. Then, he chose a place to sit down cross-legged and said, "We're safe here for the time being. The Dragon Lizard won't trouble us. We should seize this time and cultivate fast."

"Alright!" Audrey sat down opposite to him across the spacious room and folded her straight legs. She closed her eyes.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three wisps of gray souls flew out of the wine jug on her hand. The three souls didn't have consciousness. They were just forms of pure soul energy like drifting clouds. She rose one hand and they disappeared into her eyes.

Her body shook three times. Countless gray-brown, hair-like soul fibers flew out of her body and gave her a peculiar appearance.

Shi Yan didn't hurry to cultivate. He observed Audrey instead.

She had absorbed the three souls at Incipient God Realm that he had exchanged with his Wind Thunder Stones into her Sea of Consciousness. Then, Audrey used her power Upanishad to mince them into several thousand soul wisps. They then moved through her veins as she used them to increase her power, making her bones and veins more tenacious.

Shi Yan observed her for a while and then smiled. He nodded his head.

Audrey was touched because Shi Yan didn't conceal anything Tu Shi Qi had told forefather Dragon Lizard. She was trying her best to implement that method.

Audrey's usual method was to use the soul to cultivate her soul altar. She hadn't made them move through her body. She did it differently this time because her mind changed. Now she knew that she should focus on refining her veins, blood, and bones. It was to prepare for her breakthrough to the Territory Ancestor Realm.

She was always a smart woman. When she heard of a technique, of course, she knew how to make use of it.

The members of Imperial Dark Tribe had always focused on cultivating the soul as the soul was the key to their power Upanishad. They didn't really cultivate their bodies.

Her way of cultivating today had escaped the original method of Imperial Dark Tribe. With only Shi Yan's one-sided words, she had discarded her tribal methods to start a whole new way of cultivating. It had proven that she was tough and resolute. Also, she trusted Shi Yan wholeheartedly. She thought that Shi Yan would never lie to her and his words were real and as precious as jades and pearls.

Shi Yan was happy for her. He believed that with her innate talents and wisdom, once she found the right direction, she would create amazing achievements later!

A lightning bolt flashed in his head and cut all turbulent thoughts. Shi Yan became lucid immediately. Without a piece of a junk thought, the orange jade jar that Dragon Lizard had given him emerged in front of him. After a flash, the jar exploded and revealed a strange pellet.

The pellet was as big as a longan fruit and it was brilliant despite its strong herbal smell. At a closer look, the pellet was a tiny plant with mountains, lakes, forests, buildings and even rain and lightning!

Shi Yan's eyes became strange as he observed the pellet. He could even see many skeletons inside the buildings!

The Immortal Pellet used a level seven life star as the foundation and billions of lives on it as the source of energy. Only supernatural experts could refine this sort of pellet. They had shrunk an entire planet billions of times to make it a pellet that could act as the Creator to help a Third Sky of Incipient God realm reach the Immortal Realm.

He used to think that it was a fake product. However, after observing the pellet, he had no doubt. A peculiar pellet that looked like a small planet; what could it be if not the Immortal Pellet?

Shi Yan opened his mouth to draw the Immortal Pellet made of an entire life star into his mouth. It followed his stomach and flew directly toward the God power Ancient Tree in his lower abdomen.

The Immortal Pellet fell on the God power Ancient Tree and began to beat like a heart while releasing flows of pure energy. Instantly, innumerable rivers of energy rolled torrentially inside his veins and made his energy fluctuate earth-shakingly.

At the same time, he found that billions of souls and Soul Consciousness of the creatures on the planet had turned into a current of pure soul energy storming toward his soul altar!

The pure soul energy fell into his Sea of Consciousness and impacted with Dark Energy there. It happened like magnificent fireworks blooming and sending countless beams of light. They sparkingly flooded the tier of power Upanishads, heaven flames, and his host soul. Space, Death and Life, and Star power Upanishads seemed to be stimulated. They used to be separated but now, they suddenly merged into one… It was so strange.

A feeling he couldn't describe moved through his heart to the soul altar. He felt as if he had returned to the fountainhead of power Upanishads and was wandering around the seas of Death, Space, Life, and Star power Upanishads. The host soul was perplexed. It seemed to leave his body to the world that could receive endless vitality where he could be everlasting and undying.

Rumors said that people at the Immortal Realm had endless longevity. For example, after the Holy Beast Azure Dragon had reached the Immortal Realm, he had lived one hundred thousand years and he was still vigorous. He had escaped the principle of the life cycle.

It was something that Incipient God Realm experts couldn't do. Although they had long lives, their souls and bodies aged several thousand years. If their vitality got drained, their souls were weakened altogether. If they couldn't reach the Immortal Realm, at the end of their life cycle, they withered and died like an old, shriveled tree.

Only breaking through to Immortal Realm would make them immortal. At that time, they could distort Nature's principles. They would live forever with abundant vitality. Their souls would always be sound and vigorous.

Unless they were killed by stronger experts who could drain their vitality and erase their Soul Seals, on theory, the Immortal Realm experts could live forever.

It was the Immortal Realm.

The fusion of his power Upanishads and Shi Yan's host soul made him feel something magical. However, another soul of his was placid. He found that the heaven flames that hadn't had any progress were stimulated by the Immortal Pellet. Slowly, they were about to fuse with each other again.

Besides the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame, the other flames had stuck together magically and created a magnificent, colorful sea of flame. At first, they were like bands of a torn fabric sheet. Right now, they were slowly gathering as if they wanted to fully recover.

The heaven flame tier had become a sea of fire. Shi Yan's co-soul drifted above the sea of fire and looked at the heaven flames fusing with each other.

An Immortal Pellet had triggered many things magical to his body. While he was heading to the Immortal Realm, many things strange in his body burned.

The commotions that Shi Yan and Audrey had created when they were cultivating weren't small. Soon, Yvelines and the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan had recognized the strange commotions. They gathered outside the room Shi Yan and Audrey were cultivating in. The stone room was closed but the energy fluctuating inside was really chaotic and formidable. Apparently, it was turbulent energy that appeared when someone was breaking through.

"Audrey is reaching Second Sky of Incipient God Realm and that man is entering the Immortal Realm!" Yvelines had experience. He understood it right away. "Now, we need to watch over them. During this time, we won't allow the members of the Dragon Lizard Clan to enter the place."

"It seems like we got the Immortal Pellet after meeting up with Forefather Dragon Lizard," Masha looked yearning.

She had followed her two seniors to this place with the hope of getting one of the Immortal Pellets. Today, seeing Shi Yan cultivate with that pellet, she admired him a lot.

"Sigh. We don't have this fortune. But if he can reach the Immortal Realm, with his Dark Energy, his competence will be extremely formidable!" said Yvelines with a lot of emotions.