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1375 Boldness of Vision

When the old man and woman showed their real shapes, they didn't look different from human beings. They were different from the aliens with peculiar shapes in the trading zone.

Audrey had soon guessed that the old woman had disguised herself. Thus, when she saw her in the appearance of a tender and graceful woman, she wasn't really surprised.

While Shi Yan was breaking the spatial lock, his co-soul had discreetly listened to their conversation. He understood the truth, so he wasn't startled.

"You're useless, woman. You made me locked there for a long time!" The old man rolled his eyes and then turned to observe Shi Yan. He was surprised as he spoke, "This little boy is at just Incipient Realm, but he can unlock the spatial lock?"

The woman he called Ya Yun was smiling. "They're from Desolate Territory. This kid doesn't have a profound realm, but his competence isn't bad. He just used one Congealing Divine Pellet to open the lock."

Pausing for a while, she turned to Shi Yan, smiling. "How do you feel? That spatial lock has so many marvelous formations with hidden mysteries of Space power Upanishad. As you opened it, I suppose it was a great help to your realm?"

Shi Yan bowed and greeted him. "With the mysterious power Upanishad knowledge inside the lock, it's enough for the payment this time. Moreover, I got a big harvest already with the remaining Congealing Divine Pellet."

Half of the hundreds of marvelous formations inside the spatial lock were something he had never seen before. His unlocking process was some sort of new cognition to this power Upanishad. He felt really good as he knew that his Space power Upanishad had increased greatly.

Thus, he thought that he was the one with the biggest benefit and it wasn't good to ask for Fantasy Boundary Stones.

"If I say I won't mistreat you, I definitely won't! People of our Mysterious Sky Clan always keep our words!" Ya Yun snorted and snapped her fingers. Seven Fantasy Boundary Stones flew towards Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was perplexed for a while. He smiled, "Thank you!"

He rose his hand to grab theFantasy Boundary Stones. They disappeared into his Incipient Extent. He had stashed them in a special slot.

"If you want to use the Fantasy Boundary Stones, you need to refine them once to imprint your soul seal into the stones. That's how you can control them," explained Ya Yun.

When she and Shi Yan were talking, the old man didn't say anything as he eyed Shi Yan. Suddenly, he flashed and grabbed Shi Yan's hand quickly. An extremely hot water current inundated Shi Yan's body.

Shi Yan discolored. He immediately urged his power to prepare to counterattack. Then, he found that the hot stream wasn't harming him. It seemed to survey his body. He just frowned and did nothing.

"Hey old man, what did you find?" asked Ya Yun.

The old man let off Shi Yan's hand. His eyes became complicated and showed a combination of inexplicable and even fearful feelings. After a while, he gave a forced smile. "You silly woman. You don't know how profound this kid's life form has reached. He's not weaker than us. Perhaps, he's one level higher than us, though."

Ya Yun was frightened. "How could it be?"

"Nothing is impossible," the old man took a deep breath. Then, he turned to Shi Yan and introduced himself seriously. "I am Tu Shi Qi. She's my old wife, Ya Yun. We're from the Mysterious Sky Clan. We have the same realm, which is Third Sky of Immortal Realm. Nice to meet you. Yeah also, if you're interested, on behalf of the Mysterious Sky Clan, I can invite you to become our Nonnative Officer (*) of our clan. You will receive the benefits we have for our Nonnative Officers."

(客卿: Nonnative officer - archaic rank to people from vassal states that held an officer position in the country.)

"Hey old man, are you crazy? The Nonnative Officer position in our clan isn't something he can be in charge of. No Incipient God Realm expert is qualified to do that. If the seniors know you've made such an offer, they will think you have a mental problem. They absolutely won't approve that!" cried Ya Yun.

In their Mysterious Sky Clan, a Nonnative Officer was a noble, high rank that only the super alien experts could hold.

Each of the Nonnative Officers of the Mysterious Sky Clan had a special token to show their special identity. When they moved around the Sea Domain of Nihility or the other territories, they could receive exclusive treatments. All members of the Mysterious Sky Clan considered them as distinguished guests. They received strange and rare cultivating materials periodically. They were able to learn and search many secret techniques and documents that only high ranked members of the Mysterious Sky Clan could learn.

In the vast sea of stars, many experts at Second or even Third Sky of Immortal Realm and the chiefs of the third-class or second-class clans weren't qualified to become Nonnative Officers of the Mysterious Sky Clan.

Although Tu Shi Qi had the authority to invite someone to be the Nonnative Officer, he still needed permission from his seniors. If he acted rashly, his superiors would think that he shouldn't be in charge of such important roles.

Thus, Ya Yun was perplexed. She didn't know why her husband suddenly gave such an official offer to a boy at the Incipient God Realm.

"I'm not crazy. I'm placid and extremely lucid! I know what I'm doing!" Tu Shi Qi snorted and then talked honestly, "As long as you nod your head, I'm sure you can break through to the Immortal Realm quickly. Although our clan doesn't have many Immortal Pellets left, I'm sure I can give you two! Except for the Immortal Realm, I can give you twenty Congealing Divine Pellets, girls and lands in our star area. We can even give you a piece of land in the Sea Domain of Nihility!"

"You're crazy! You must be crazy! How many Immortal Pellets does our clan have? They are to prepare our later generations in the clan. Do you think you can ask them for it?" yelled Ya Yun.

Audrey was also surprised. These two were from the Mysterious Sky Clan, one of the seven strongest clans in this vast universe. Also, they were at Third Sky of Immortal Realm. With their identities and competencies, why did that old man suddenly act strangely and offer Shi Yan such nice things?

She couldn't make head or tail of it.

Shi Yan was baffled. He asked bewilderedly. "Precursor, is there anything you misunderstood?"

"Misunderstood?" the old man laughed oddly, his eyes bright. "This is an expert predestined to reach the Territory Ancestor level in the future. Is he worth our special treatments?"

"Predestined to reach the Territory Ancestor level?" Ya Yun screamed ear-piercingly. "And you said that you're not crazy! In this immense sea of stars, in countless territories, we can count the Territory Ancestor level experts with our fingers! You and I are at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, but we don't know how far we need to go to reach that realm. Perhaps we will never be able to do that. What qualities does he have? Dragon Lizard has been stuck in his Peak of Immortal Realm for how many thousands of years? He doesn't have a chance to break through. This boy is predestined to enter the Territory Ancestor level?"

"If he learned and controlled Dark Energy, Dragon Lizard should have broken through already. The toughest challenge to enter the Territory Ancestor level is to control Dark Energy," Tu Shi Qi wore a stern face as he shouted in a low pitched voice. "He has Dark Energy!"

Listening to him, Ya Yun shut her mouth. Her face was fearful when she looked at Shi Yan.

Tu Shi Qi opened his mouth wide and laughed, "This young fella is tender. He hasn't reached his maximum potential yet. Otherwise, I couldn't have found him. Your life form is already marvelous. And you know Dark Energy. As long as you could master combining complicated power Upanishads, an Immortal Pellet is enough to help you advance one step!"

"Precursor, you have keen eyes," Shi Yan was convinced.

What he admired were Tu Shi Qi's keen vision and imposing manner. As soon as he found Shi Yan's mysterious features, he didn't hesitate to offer many excellent benefits like the Nonnative Officer position, two Immortal Pellets, dozens of Congealing Divine Pellets, beautiful ladies, and their lands in the Sea Domain of Nihility. This old man was fiercely resolute, indeed.

"How could it be? How come? He's at Incipient God Realm. How could he learn the Dark Energy? It's unfair." Ya Yun muttered. She trusted her husband. Now, she finally knew why Tu Shi Qi suddenly acted so crazily.

A Nonnative Officer who was predestined to enter the Territory Ancestor level was enough for her clan to pay such a big price. She immediately recognized her husband's boldness.

"What do you think?" Tu Shi Qi eyed Shi Yan.

"Right now, I can't accept anything. Give me time to think about it. Anyway, I'm sure I can agree with you one thing. If I want to choose any side among the Seven Great Clans, I will definitely choose the Mysterious Sky Clan!" Shi Yan looked pensive for a while and then answered.

He was afraid that if he didn't give them a satisfying answer, Tu Shi Qi would cruelly destroy him and Audrey. He could do that to prevent Shi Yan from turning to the opposite side against the Mysterious Sky Clan when he got stronger. If that happened, what they got wouldn't make up for what they'd lost.

"You're cautious enough, but we're not the sort of people you think we are. No matter what, you saved me. Even if you don't accept my proposal, I won't harm you." Tu Shi Qi laughed and patted Shi Yan's shoulder. "You're a marvelous kid. I know it's really good for our Mysterious Sky Clan to be friends with you. Anyway, the Soul Clan likes extreme deeds, but not us. It's our reputation. You'll get it later."

Shi Yan smiled and didn't say more.

"Ya Yun, what did you plan to pay him?" Tu Shi Qi turned around and asked.

"A set of armor our clan fabricated."

"No need," he shook his head. "The rigid body of this kid is beyond your imagination. The armor can't help him much. Oh right. They're new here, so they don't know the Sea Domain of Nihility yet. Hmm, so…"

A bunch of silver beams bloomed from his sleeve. A brilliant compass emerged. He gave the compass to Shi Yan and said, "It's our clan's Heavenly Fantasy Star Compass. It's a great compass to use in the Sea Domain of Nihility with many landmarks. With this item, you will know which way to go, which places to avoid, and which forces the territories belong."

"Old man, you're too generous this time. This Heavenly Fantasy Star Compass isn't easy to produce. There are not many people who could keep it in our clan," said Ya Yun. When she looked at her partner, she admired him more.

The resolute boldness of this old man always made her admired him. This kind of attractiveness wasn't related to age and it was never going to fade.

After receiving the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compass, Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness moved. His eyes sparkled beautifully. When his Soul Consciousness came inside the compass, he felt like he had just entered a miniature universe where he found many regions in the Sea Domain of Nihility with detailed remarks about the special or dangerous features in the area. This star map was so lively and extremely exquisite.

This was the best tool for him and it was also the top treasure that the other clans had yearned for.

"Precursor, your bold visions and imposing manner impresses me!" Shi Yan held the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compass and said sincerely. His first impression about the Mysterious Sky Clan was strangely good because of the married couple Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun.