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1373 Unlock the Spatial Lock

Inside the sealed cave, the old woman looked very thrilled. She walked to the cave entrance and contemplated. A powerful energy fluctuation rose, which combined a lot of different power Upanishads. Lightning, mist, wind, ice, and flame created many layers of barriers that covered the cave entrance like spider webs.

Shi Yan focused and found that thirteen strange formations had reinforced the cave entrance. Those barriers were invisible so only the Soul Consciousness could see them.

The sharp auras came from those barriers. Shi Yan had no doubt that even if Yvelines, Adams, and Misha came here together, those barriers would be enough to kill them at their spots.

"No, it's not true!" Shi Yan discolored. He looked frightened as he said, "Absolutely. You don't have only First Sky of Immortal Realm!"

The energy hiding in those barriers was extremely terrifying. Let alone First Sky of Immortal Realm experts, even Second Sky of Immortal Realm experts didn't have a big chance to survive!

The power this old woman had performed was beyond the realm she had exposed. Evidently, she had concealed her real cultivation base.

Audrey's face was cold, but she was actually anxious. Discreetly, she urged the God power. If the situation didn't go right, she was going to take action shortly.

"Don't!" Shi Yan's soul quivered. He hurried to comfort her with a forced smile. "If she wanted to kill you, it would take just a flick of her mind. Even if you use all of your power, you won't even touch her!"

The old woman laughed and gave Shi Yan an appraising look. "Kid, you have keen eyes. Don't worry. I mean no harm. As long as you can open this spatial lock, I will give you other gifts beside the seven Fantasy Boundary Stones. I'm sure they will delight you."

Then, she turned to Audrey and frowned, "Your soul power Upanishad is similar to the Soul Clan. Are you related to them somehow?"

While talking, her eyes changed dangerously.

"Soul Clan?" Audrey shook her head. "I'm a member of Imperial Dark Tribe. My power Upanishad is related to the soul, but I have nothing related to the Soul Clan."

"Good," she nodded and then snorted, "I hate every single member of the Soul Clan!"

Then, a light glowed in her palm. Three round pellets were conjured. They were crystal-like and sparkling with abundant energy that fluctuated. She handed them to Shi Yan and said, "These are the Congealing Divine Pellets of the Mysterious Sky Clan. There is as much God power in each of these as a Third Sky of Incipient God Realm expert's body. You can absorb the energy from the pellets rapidly to recover. You should use them to unlock the spatial lock. Whether you succeed or fail, they are yours. I won't blame you if you use them all."

Shi Yan looked shocked. "They are good stuff, indeed!"

The pellets that could recover the God power instantly were rare. While fighting, when a person's God power was insufficient, just swallowing one piece would give that person full power again. It was greatly convenient, indeed. Absorbing and congealing energy from the divine crystal was a slow process and it took a lot of time to recover the warrior's energy. It could never be compared to this sort of pellet.

"Who are you?" Audrey was keenly looking at the old woman. "The pellets that can give instant recover are priceless. Moreover, they are from the Mysterious Sky Clan, one of the Seven Great Clans. You don't mind giving him three pellets just to break that lock. Your generosity startles me."

Hearing her, Shi Yan was startled. He knew that this old woman should hold a high position and her identity wasn't ordinary.

"At your realm and personal competencies, you should have gone to bigger and better trading zones. You could have found warriors with stronger Space power Upanishad. Why would you choose this zone?" Shi Yan couldn't understand.

"You two juniors have a lot of questions," the old woman frowned, her face cold. "Stop asking irrelevant questions. Take the Congealing Divine Pellets. You should unlock that spatial lock for me now. This cave is sealed. No one can barge in. Don't worry. Just do it as best as you can."

Then, she sat down cross-legged and closed her eyes. Apparently, she didn't want to continue the topic.

Shi Yan got a good sense and he shrugged. "Understood." He turned to Audrey and asked her to protect him.

He didn't know her real identity but he was sure that the old woman took this lock very seriously. Thus, before it opened, she was going to try her best to help him. Shi Yan got this clue from the three divine pellets she handed him.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled himself together and looked at the spatial lock, one hand holding three Congealing Divine Pellets.

After a while, he grinned and swallowed one of the Congealing Divine Pellet. A current of heat dispersed into countless flows and scattered to the veins in his entire body. The thick God power was triggered. Instantly, the energy in his entire body was brimming. He had a feeling that if he didn't vent it out, he would explode.

"So much energy!" He couldn't help but shout, his voice thundering and shaking the cave.

The old woman opened her eyes and looked at him. She snorted and then pouted her lips. "Kid, you're very careful. You thought that I would use the poisonous pellets to deceive you and it would burst you when you used one of those pellets to refill the God power. Yeah, it seems like you didn't waste your years of cultivation. You know how to stay alert."

As she said this, Shi Yan taking a pellet before taking action showed his caution. When his power was full and he took the pellet, even if it hid some problem, he would still have the power to counter.

Also, if the pellet made something go wrong and he couldn't do anything, that old woman was going to protect his life if the lock wasn't opened yet.

While being in foreign lands, he had to always be cautious. It wasn't a bad thing to do, anyway.

When he rrealized that there was no problem with the Congealing Divine Pellet as it made his God power surge torrentially, he smiled and condensed his God power. Instantly, the peculiar energy fluctuation of Space power came from his body and rippled like waves that filled the entire cave.

After the pure energy from the Congealing Divine Pellet and the power in his body had blended completely, his energy had rocketed to an amazing height.

Audrey was very surprised. Now, she finally knew how strong Shi Yan was. She sighed as she recognized the difference between them.

Electrical beams flashed in the old woman's eyes. Her line of sight didn't switch from Shi Yan. She nodded discreetly, her hope getting bigger.

Shi Yan's aura and energy surpassed ordinary First Sky of Immortal Realm experts. At this moment, he could be compared to many outstanding warriors at this realm!

Although it was because of the Congealing Divine Pellet, Shi Yan's competence was really amazing as he could reach such a height.

"Good, very good. He's more excellent than some kids in my clan. Amazing. Where does this kid come from? He doesn't look like someone of the Seven Great Clans. Well, he's strange…"

Looking at Shi Yan, she contemplated and became more surprised and skeptical.

At this moment, Shi Yan had to use his Soul Consciousness to cover the aura of the Dark Energy. He was using his normal power to get into the spatial lock.

As soon as Shi Yan got into the spatial lock, he opened his eyes to an immense sky. That sky had so many holes and each hole was filled with strange spatial formations. He needed to use his God power with space energy and his understanding of Space power Upanishad to slowly solve them. After he could finish all the formations here, he could unlock the spatial lock.

That's how he could open this locked world!

His Soul Consciousness condensed the God power and moved like different rivers pouring into different holes in the sky. They moved around many spatial formations at the same time while Shi Yan was using his attainment in Space power Upanishad for many years to understand the features of those mysterious and complex formations.

Many of those formations had mixed with the space nodes and some even looked like a mess of yarn balls created by unnatural, scattered lines. He had to solve, pull, and fix the lines, little by little.

It was like a bundle of fishing lines integrating and twisting with each other. He had to slowly take them out one by one. Hundreds of spatial formations were hundreds of complicated riddles. At the same time, they were connected to each other. If he wanted to solve them, he had to do it at the same time. Otherwise, they would resonate with each other and create more problems.

While solving the formations, Shi Yan's God power was being rapidly consumed. With the Space power Upanishad as the source of knowledge, he sank into many spatial formations inside the lock.

To do many tasks at the same time, it looked like Shi Yan had created many clones that worked in different formations.

Shi Yan knew some of those formations so it was easy to deal with them. Some other formations existed in Bello's memory, so he could solve them too. However, there were so many formations that he had never seen before. They were mysterious and complicated. While solving them, his understanding of Space power Upanishad also widened.

Once he solved a new formation, his understanding of Space power Upanishad reached a new height.

The process of breaking this spatial lock was also a test to his understanding of Space power Upanishad. It was his new comprehension too.

He had a premonition that this chance to open the spatial lock was an intensive lesson for him to study Space power Upanishad.

Those mysterious, unknown formations had opened a new, big door for him to immerse deeper in Space power Upanishad. It took him to the world of power Upanishads. Now, his comprehension of Space power Upanishad had reached a new height.

"Not only did his God power condense but he also has the competence to challenge higher-realm warriors. His capacity to understand the power isn't ordinary, though. This boy… keeps surprising me more and more!"

The old woman who looked harsh and ugly suddenly opened her eyes to study Shi Yan. She was very astounded.

"Only the outstanding warriors from the Seven Great Clans can do that. He's not one of them, obviously. Why is he so strange? Strange. It's really strange."

While thinking, she was moved. She looked at Audrey and pried, "Which territory did you guys come from?"

"Desolate Territory," answered Audrey.

"Desolate Territory!" The old woman screamed in panic. It was the first time she changed her visage. Her senile body was shaken hard.