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1371 Trade for Items

Many creatures from different clans were sitting neatly on the jade platform in the middle of the valley. In front of them were the special cultivating materials they wanted to sell or trade. Most of them were rare and precious and they included jades and crystals, divine weapons, sets of armor, and more. All of them were fabricated exquisitely.

Those cultivating materials were lustrous and colorful. The warriors wanted to use them to exchange for suitable cultivating materials. This was an open exchange area that the Dragon Lizard Clan had prepared for the visitors to exchange items while waiting for the celebration.

At this moment, Shi Yan, Audrey, Yvelines and the other two were walking around the area. Their eyes were bright when they were watching the items.

"Heavenly Wood Stone, Undying Lotus Throne, Devouring Soul Silk. Oh wow, they are all priceless items." Audrey's eyes brightened as she said, "In our place, those things are rare and special items in the market. Even Desolate couldn't produce them. I didn't expect that they could trade them freely here."

Yvelines smiled and then explained, "Desolate Territory is just a remote area. People don't even know where the entrance to the territory is. This immensely vast universe has many territories. Only the real top warriors come to this Sea Domain of Nihility. Thus, most of the warriors traveling around the Sea Domain of Nihility are top warriors in their respective territories. Of course, the items they have aren't ordinary."

Pausing for a while, he pulled a serious countenance and said, "Moreover, the Sea Domain of Nihility was formed by so many broken territories after Absolute Beginning Era. Many strange areas still have precious treasures from that Era that are even more than what we're looking at here. If we get to the other areas, we can find more good items."

Shi Yan nodded.

He knew that this area was just a corner of Dragon Lizard Star, the area for third-class clans to stay. The forces or clans like the Water Tribe would be accommodated in better areas and the exchange zone there would have more rare and priceless items than this area.

"We mostly use items to exchange for items in this area. They rarely use divine crystals to buy or sell. In this vast universe, there are many divine crystal lodes. Thus, divine crystals aren't scarce. They need cultivating materials that suit them well. Pay attention and you will know what they want to exchange for their goods," said Yvelines.

The trading zone was like a complicated market with many sellers and buyers. The aliens walked around and shopped. When they found suitable materials, they stopped to talk to the sellers. If they got what the other wanted, their transaction was done smoothly.

Listening to Yvelines, Shi Yan and Audrey looked around and found that most of the sellers spoke popular languages to write the items they wanted to exchange for. The alien who sold the Heavenly Wood Rock wanted to exchange his item for materials suitable to Lightning and Electrical power Upanishad.

That warrior had Second Sky of Incipient God Realm cultivation base. The energy fluctuating from him was clear lightning. Evidently, he cultivated Lightning and Electrical power Upanishad.

After taking a walk around the area, Shi Yan and Audrey saw many things, but didn't find anything suitable to them. Thus, they continued to walk and watch.

"You guys should walk around and see. We're going over there. See you at where we are staying later," Yvelines suggested that they should part.

Shi Yan and Audrey didn't oppose this. After that, the three experts of the Heavenly Eye Clan headed to another area.

Shi Yan and Audrey walked shoulder by shoulder. Sometimes, they talked as if they were a couple.

There were so many aliens here. Most of them had humanoid features with some modifications. Some had curved horns, some had fearsome tails and long ears, and some even had strange patterned skin.

Although they came from different races with different languages, they were speaking the popular language. Thus, their transaction didn't encounter a language barrier.


Audrey suddenly hissed and halted in front of an alien. Her eyes radiated strange light.

That alien had wave-like blue patterns all over his body. He was a middle-aged man cultivating Wind and Thunder power Upanishad as the others could hear faint noises of howling wind and rumbling thunder from his body.

What had attracted Audrey was a pitch-black wine jug in front of him, which had clear soul energy fluctuations. With her special power Upanishad, Audrey sensed and she knew that the souls trapped inside weren't ordinary.

Shi Yan secretly sensed and he got startled. He said, "Three souls at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. Their consciousness was erased, leaving only the pure soul energy. Not bad."

He knew that Audrey could use her power Upanishad to absorb the strong souls to increase her realm and power. It was the exclusive power Upanishad of Imperial Dark Tribe. That was also the reason why Ming Hao was the most suitable warrior to cultivate Soul Control power Upanishad. Soul control was the most magical technique in Soul power Upanishad.

"I only trade them for things suitable to my power Upanishad!" The middle-aged man's eyes opened a slit to observe Shi Yan and Audrey. He sounded disappointed as he hissed impatiently, "If you don't have it, don't shield the others' view!"

He was one of the several Immortal Realm experts in this trading zone. Seeing Audrey and Shi Yan at just Incipient God Realm, he guessed they didn't have anything nice to trade. Thus, he gave them an ugly face and asked them to move because they were standing and blocking the view of the warriors with treasures in Wind class.

"Hmm. Unfortunately, I don't have any item suitable for him," Audrey looked yearned. She whispered and then left.

The three Incipient God Realm souls in that jug were really attractive to her. If she could merge them with her soul, she could breakthrough to Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. The three souls at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm was an astounding amount of energy. They were an excellent tonic to her.

Audrey's graceful body was about to move, but she found that Shi Yan didn't move. She was surprised so she murmuried to him. "We don't need to waste our time here."

The wave patterns on the middle-aged man's skin surged. He rolled his eyes impatiently at Shi Yan. "Kid, what do you want? You want trouble?"

Shi Yan grinned and touched his glabella. Around ten strange rocks fell into his palm. Those rocks had so many round holes on the surface that emitted howling winds and rumbling thunder.

The Wind Thunder Stone was a magical stone that the Chen family in Thunder Firmament Star Area used to survive. It had the power of Thunder and Wind. When the remains of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon was dormant, his energy had connected to the star area barrier. After thousands of years, it began to produce this kind of stone. As Lei Di cultivated Lightning power Upanishad and had to deal with gusts of strong wind in that area, his remains had created the Wind Thunder Stone miraculously and accidentally.

The Wind Thunder Stone was the most suitable cultivating material to the warriors with Wind, Thunder and Lightning power Upanishad. It could help them increase their power and boost them in understanding the meaning and abilities of their power Upanishad.

That middle-aged man wanted to exchange for treasures in Wind class or Lightning class, but he had never expected to see the natural stone that had both attributes. When the Wind Thunder Stone emerged, his impatient face turned bewildered and then he smiled.

"Hey brother, we can use these stones to exchange. Give me ten stones and you can take this wine jug to give to your woman. They were three Incipient God Realm experts who had chased after me that year. Too bad for them, I'd reached the Immortal Realm. I killed them and erased their consciousness. Now, they are just the pure energy…" He smiled with his narrow eyes as he explained.

When Audrey saw Shi Yan taking out the Wind Thunder Stone, her cold, indifferent face became bright and happy. She blushed when the man misunderstood that she was Shi Yan's woman. She looked extremely beautiful and her neck was even red. The light in her eyes danced as she muttered something.

She wasn't thick skinned, so she felt that it was really awkward now. However, she didn't know what to do.

"My woman…" Shi Yan felt funny as he mumbled to himself. Then, he agreed with him and said, "Okay then, I'll take this jug. You keep the Wind Thunder Stone."

Laughing, he put the Wind Thunder Stones down and his other hand picked up the jug containing the soul of the three Incipient God Realm experts. He then threw one arm around Audrey's slim waist and walked away contentedly.

"Bastard! Drop your hand!" Audrey was blushing, her eyes lustrous. She glared at him. When she saw no one notice, she swayed away from his embrace. Taking a deep breath, she pretended to be calm. "I need this a lot. So… I owe you once. I will pay you back later."

Then, she was so thrilled when she seized the jug from Shi Yan. Her eyes were bright when she spoke calmly. "There are three souls at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm in this bottle. I can break through one level. I could never imagine that someone would sell souls at such level! In our area, they were as strong as the Chiefs of the God Clan's twelve families. This Sea Domain of Nihility is indeed a terrifying area!"

Shi Yan laughed when she shoved him away. He swung his right arm that had just held her waist. His scorching eyes fell on her waist, teasing the cold and arrogant Princess of Imperial Dark Tribe. "Oh, so you owe me, right? Yeah, how are you going to pay me back? You said that I'm the sort of guy that wouldn't be happy without women. I'm lustful. You and I are lonely here. We don't know anyone. Do you see what I'm saying? Should we become a little closer?"

Audrey was bewildered, "So you're really that despicable?"

"I thought you know that already!" Shi Yan sounded surprised.

"Er, you don't feel guilty to your women when you do that? I know that there are many women faithful to you on Grace Mainland. We haven't left for a long time. You want to betray them? Can you get over that challenge in your heart?" said Audrey sternly.

Shi Yan rose his brows. A dark gleam appeared in his eyes. Staying quiet for a long time, he said, "No one knows what will happen later. I don't know if we can return to Desolate Territory or not. Perhaps they won't have a chance to see me again. I don't know if we can survive in this area, either. If I can have a nice day and live happily for one day, I will try to continue that way. That's all."

The more he understood the Sea Domain of Nihility, the more he recognized how small and powerless he was. The Seven Great Races had existences at Territory Ancestor level who could be compared to Desolate or Hui. There wasn't only one expert like that. He was just a weak warrior at Incipient God Realm. It was already a problem if he could survive until he found the way home.

The complicated situation here had covered his soul and heart. He didn't dare to think about the future. He just considered how to survive the moment.

Teasing Audrey was a way to relax his tense nerves and vent out his stress. The more he knew about stuff and people here, the more pressure he felt.

Thus, he had an extreme desire to get the Immortal Pellet. He had made up his mind. He would pay any price to get the Immortal Pellets in Dragon Lizard's hand. He had to get one to reach Immortal Realm quickly!