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1364 Dragon Lizard Clan

On the Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat, Yvelines and Adams were projecting green and blue light that covered Masha's body. It was like the Life Original Fluid that could nurture and refill her life magnetic field. Masha's slow heartbeat became steady.

At that moment, Shi Yan sent the blood cloud mark to Yvelines's and Adams' hearts.

The other two could feel it clearly, but they didn't have the power to resist. They had to wait until Masha had recovered to plan their next step.

Not far from them, Audrey felt relaxed when she saw Shi Yan not kill the others immediately. She furrowed her brows and called him, "What should I do with this asteroid?"

The asteroid she was riding had the mysterious three-legged cauldron as the core. The massive cauldron had so many symbols, which was the language of the Absolute Beginning Era and carried endless mysteries. Audrey and Shi Yan wanted to decode the language and the magical power of the cauldron so they couldn't let the cauldron drift away from their sight.

Hearing her, Shi Yan was bewildered for a while. Then, he said, "Oh, it's simple."

He then sent a surging starlight band to chain the flaming asteroid. The Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat was pulled and it hissed all the way toward Audrey.

Adams, Yvelines, and Masha, the owners of the cloud boat, couldn't get distracted to do anything else. They could only stare at Shi Yan using his God power to deviate them.


The entire flaming crystal fell on Audrey's asteroid. It wasn't really big. After landing on the asteroid with the three-legged cauldron inside, the flaming asteroid took around a quarter of the area.

The flaming asteroid stopped. Audrey's beautiful eyes brightened. She agilely hopped on it. Shortly after, she stood by Shi Yan and used her cold and calm eyes to look at the other three.

Yvelines and Adams were still releasing their energy to heal their sister Masha. Masha's aura slowly regained and her exhausted life magnetic field became sufficient.

"The Heavenly Eye Clan is strange, indeed. They could share the soul energy through the third eye. What a mysterious race!"

Audrey focused on observing them for a while. She felt interested and more curious as she was watching the other three.

Her soul power Upanishad was really marvelous. It helped her be more sensitive to soul energy fluctuations. She found that Yvelines and Adams could use their third eye to send the energy of their host souls to Masha and increase her life magnetic field and it give her vitality.

It seemed to be a supernatural power that only the Heavenly Eye Clan could perform using the third eye. Although they didn't know Life power Upanishad, they still could use the third eye to create the same effect. It was really subtly magical.

"Perhaps it's the special innate power of their race," nodded Shi Yan.

Different races have different magical features. The God Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, and Heavenly Monster Tribe have their unique features in their bodies and souls. This vast sea of stars had so many races. Of course, they didn't always have similar features in their souls, bodies, or powers Upanishads.

Shi Yan and Audrey casually talked to each other while quietly observing the other three. After a long while, Yvelines and Adams looked dormant, but Masha woke up. She opened her eyes, which were filled with resentment. She hissed, "What did you do to my two seniors?"

To heal her, Yvelines and Adams who were hurt already had to spend more vital energy, which had pushed them into a vulnerable situation. They were even weaker than Masha now. Thus, Masha could wake up first while the other two still needed to steady their soul energy in the soul altar.

"It's really touching," Shi Yan curled his lips. He looked like he was smiling, but he actually didn't smile. "Your two brothers are evil and cunning. They don't talk about rules or morality. But they treat you honestly. Haha. To save your life, they didn't care about their safety to give you vital energy. They've touched me. They made observers like us feel touched."

If they hadn't cared about Masha, Adams and Yvelines wouldn't have had to bear Shi Yan's blood mark. They would have had an opportunity to escape. Because of Marsha, they decided to stay and heal her regardless of their lives.

"I admit that my brothers were a little extreme. However, they hadn't really hurt you guys yet. We even introduced the basic knowledge of the universe to you. What else do you want?" Masha took a deep breath, her eyes keen. "Don't push us too much. Otherwise, I can pay with my broken cultivation to kill all of you!"

"Shi Yan," Audrey arched her brows and said, "leave it to me."

Shi Yan shrugged. He said, "Good then. It's easier to let a woman talk to a woman."

"Your two seniors had risked their lives to save yours. I wonder if you care about theirs too?" Audrey asked, her cold face arrogant. "Now, your brothers' lives are in our hands. If we want, we can kill them instantly!"

Masha discolored and gritted her teeth. She shot a malicious look to Audrey.

Audrey didn't change her complexion as she spoke faintly, "Actually, we won't hunt you down to the last one. We need your knowledge. As long as you cooperate by giving a thorough explanation as required by us, I'm sure you can survive well."

She turned around and confirmed with Shi Yan, "Right?"

Shrugging, Shi Yan said relaxedly, "You're right."

Audrey was the Princess of Imperial Dark Tribe and she used to work with Shi Yan when they were on Desolate. Before he had shown his power, Audrey was the leader of the group of the outstanding warriors from many star areas. Shi Yan didn't doubt her wisdom and keen eyes. He knew she would try her best for them.

If he wanted to kill them, he would have done so already. What he wanted was what Audrey was carrying out. They needed more information about the vast sea of stars. In the best case, they wanted to know the direction to return to Desolate Territory. If they knew the mysteries of this place, they could make their plan and journey easily.

Apparently, Audrey knew what they lacked the most at this moment. She acted at a normal pace, her face indifferent. "Killing you guys will bring nothing to us. We need your cooperation."

Listening to her, Masha's resentment subsided. She pondered for a while and then said, "We should wait until my seniors woke up."

"Not a problem. In this area, time is something we have a lot of," said Audrey calmly.

After a while, Yvelines opened his eyes, his face dark. He looked at Shi Yan indignantly and gritted his teeth like a caged beast. His mood wasn't stable.

Shi Yan grinned and his mind flickered, activating a wisp of power.

Yvelines felt like his heart got hammered. His body stiffened, his face pale. He clutched his chest and crouched on the ground.


Masha screamed ear-piercingly like a beast. She wanted to storm over and fight Shi Yan.

"Calm down. Do you want your brothers to live or not? It's your brother who got angry first. I think you should talk to your brothers so they could know their position. Don't think that you guys still control everything!"

Audrey bellowed, her eyes chilling. Her soul power accompanied her voice and entered Masha's Sea of Consciousness directly.

Masha felt like ice had just poured into her body. Her soft body quivered and she resumed her sound mind. She hurried to advise the other two. "Seniors, they didn't want to kill us. They just need our cooperation."

Adams woke up. He wore a bitter, sorrowful face as he sighed, "Sister, you're innocent. They won't let us leave alive. After they get what they want to know, they will kill us. If it happens that way, I would rather fight against them with my life. If we sacrifice our lives to hold them down, you can escape."

As he was cruel himself, he thought that the others would act like him. He always assessed people with his best evil thoughts. He didn't buy what Audrey had promised and assured them.

Yvelines had the same thought. He didn't want to cooperate, either.

Audrey arched her brows. She had a headache from the other two's bad thoughts. If they didn't believe her and wanted to make them die altogether, it was going to be really hard to work with them.

She couldn't help but look at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan wore an odd face. In fact, he didn't bear good thoughts. In his eyes, such characters like Yvelines and Adams had to be swallowed after they had no value to him at all. He increased his power that way. He didn't expect that the other two would want to kill everyone altogether instead of cooperating.

Rubbing his chin, he sighed. He now had the new cognition of how cunning and evil the alien races could be. He knew that if he didn't handle it well, what he got would be three corpses with no useful information.

"You're evil!"

He snorted and his mind changed as he retrieved the marks planted in Yvelines's and Adams' hearts. Then, he said, "You're free now. Even if we fight again, it will be pretty tough for us to kill you all. Yeah. I think you know we're not the squishy persimmon that you can squeeze as you please."

For big goals, he could let things go when he should. It was the fundamental characteristic of the ones who could scheme big things.

Audrey's eyes brightened. She couldn't hide her compliments for him. She nodded and smiled at him before turning to the others. "Can we talk now?"

"I'm afraid not," Masha was startled. She looked at the halo that suddenly emitted from a ring on her wrist and said, "The members of the Dragon Lizard Clan are right in front of us. We're about to encounter them soon. It seems like we're not far from the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory. We need to pass a test."

"Are you kidding?!?" Shi Yan put on the cold face.

Although Yvelines and Adams were freed, they didn't give Shi Yan good face. They stood up by Masha and were ready to fight in any minute.

"I just found a situation. I didn't mean it. After the test, we will discuss again," Masha said with a cold face and then she turned tender. She said, "Seniors, leave it to me. Don't be too impulsive. If you had listened to me, you wouldn't have been wounded badly like this."

Adams and Yvelines hesitated for a while and sighed inwardly. Eventually, they nodded.