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1358 The Absolute Beginning Symbols

Inside the rapid asteroid current, the asteroids moved like lightning strikes. They often collided, resulting in a lot of beautiful sparks and fire.

Several thousand asteroids flowed like a river heading to the vast sea. They moved very fast towards a specific direction.

This area didn't have a sun, moon, or the concept of time. It had only loneliness, a low temperature, desolation, and danger.

Shi Yan used space blades to destroy the rock layer underneath. He cleaned the rock sticking on the jade cauldron one more time.

The deep green jade cauldron was exposed. The fingernail-sized tadpole symbols were swimming around the surface and the body of the cauldron as if they were real living things. The mouth of the cauldron was emitting a dim light, hiding mysterious, terrifying secrets.

Shi Yan and Audrey parted. They stood opposite to each other on the three-legged jade cauldron. Flames burned fiercely on their bodies. Countless clusters of flame expanded and streamed.

The flames on their bodies had different colors, including orange-red, dark red, icy blue, and bright yellow. Their auras were also different.

The flames were fiery, dark and sinister. Some flames sparked with lightning and some flames carried a fierce wind.

The heaven flames had different attributes. Particularly, Shi Yan's heaven flames had the soul, lighting, electric, icy, top Yang powers, and even the Corpse Qi auras.

Audrey's flames were the same. After fusing, her seven heaven flames became only two. Her two Origin's flames had a similar aura as Shi Yan's.

They could switch the auras easily.

Currently, their heaven flames with different auras and colors had all turned to the top heating, Yang ones.

The heaven flames were like a carpet that slowly covered the surface of the three-legged jade cauldron. They were trying to use the scorching, top Yang heaven flames to refine this massive cauldron.

Shi Yan suddenly got a magical feeling.

The clusters of Shi Yan's heaven flame burned the jade cauldron. They directly contacted the aura of the tadpole symbols on the jade cauldron's surface. His co-soul turned into a dim flame and slowly danced. A seal in his soul was triggered and it gave him a familiar feeling.

It was like when he met Hui and could use the co-soul to understand Hui's mysterious language. This time, his co-soul got a familiar feeling through the burning heaven flame. It seemed like he could recognize the consciousness of those archaic symbols.

However, as he quieted down his mind to study carefully, he found that he still needed something to read them. Those tadpole symbols were swirling in his head. They were really familiar, but he couldn't read or understand them.

Audrey had the same feeling and it was even deeper than his!

The wisps of her Soul Consciousness that fused with the Origin's heaven flames seeped into the tadpole symbols and tried to decode them.

Audrey had fused with the heaven flames more deeply. Her compatibility level was almost as profound as Haig's, which was one level higher than Shi Yan's.

She was sensitive enough to know that those tadpole symbols were the written language of the most mysterious, archaic time. They were just like the Origin she had fused!

She suddenly remembered what Tian Xie had said.

The four ancient continents used to be Desolate's limbs. They had Desolate's life consciousness and its dependent soul. Also, Desolate was truly a creature from the Absolute Beginning!

Her beautiful eyes brightened as she screamed, "Those tadpole symbols should be the language of the Absolute Beginning Era. I feel that they're so familiar. I believe that when I completely fuse with the heaven flames and become one with God-blessed Mainland, I will be able to read and understand those characters. I can decode the three-legged cauldron!"

"I think so," Shi Yan nodded and agreed with her presumption. He regarded her and then continued to burn the massive cauldron.

He found that when the heaven flames covered the three-legged jade cauldron, those tadpole characters acted as if they were creatures with lives. They swam around the surface of the jade cauldron, which made them look exactly like little tadpoles. As they were moving around, they created so many different, mysterious, and complicated drawings on the surface of the cauldron. Each of those drawings hid the marvelous mysteries.

For example, at this moment, they were creating a scene of lightning strikes and thunder rumbling that was destroying the whole world. The lightning bolts crushed so many asteroids around and gave people a strong impression.

After a while, the characters changed again and created a harsh, icy world that was absolutely cold, lonely, and barren.

Whenever the tadpole symbols created a new drawing, the cauldron released a corresponding aura. The cauldron had bolts of lightning shooting and then it became very cold. The energy that the three-legged jade cauldron released was according to the drawings that the tadpole symbols had created.

It was really magical, indeed.

However, when he and Audrey paused and subsided their heaven flames, the tadpole characters also subsided and then stopped moving. The drawings on the giant cauldron disappeared gradually.

Shi Yan understood everything quickly. He pondered for a while before retrieving all of his heaven flames. "The heaven flames can't refine this thing. It isn't afraid of the sharp space sabers, so I think it won't be afraid of the heat of the heaven flames. You're correct. Those symbols should be the language of the Absolute Beginning Era. Also, I think this giant three-legged jade cauldron should be the weapon of the creatures in that era. Perhaps it has been here for billions of years. It's normal that we can't destroy it."

He reluctantly gave it up.

Seeing him let go of the heaven flames, Audrey hesitated for a while and then did the same. She thought for a while and then said, "I sensed the soul aura from those tadpole characters. They are the refined souls. I can feel that they are parts of some massive formations. If we can understand those characters, we can know the functions of this cauldron. Also, maybe we can tame and use it."

"Then, we have to wait until we can fuse with the heaven flames completely," Shi Yan smiled bitterly.

Audrey said nothing.

Completely fusing with the Origin's heaven flames was a long process. Sometimes, individual efforts weren't enough. They needed something special or some good encounters.

Every time Shi Yan had fused his heaven flames, it wasn't because of his experience or accumulation. It was his special encounters when his mind suddenly opened to understand the marvel.

It was unknown until they fused all the heaven flames. As they couldn't understand the characters on the cauldron, they were just wasting their efforts by burning it.

This magical item from the Absolute Beginning Era wasn't something they could decode and taming it was just a dream.

"Forget it. I think this flow of asteroids should have a destination. Let's see where it is." As Shi Yan was begrudging, he felt content with this idea.

Not long after Shi Yan and Audrey had retrieved their heaven flames, many meteoroids and asteroids around were attracted to the cauldron, sticking on its surface. Without grass growing, the massive cauldron became a simple asteroid. Compared to the other asteroids around, it wasn't eye-catching.

The two of them were dejected. They then closed their eyes to cultivate on the three-legged jade cauldron.

They were trying to fuse their heaven flames with the hope that they would be able to read the language of the Absolute Beginning Era. Then, they could have a chance to seize this cauldron.

Unfortunately, the fusion of the heaven flames wasn't easy.

Time flew hurriedly. After an unknown course, Shi Yan opened his eyes. This time, his eyes emitted a dazzling light. He jolted up and hissed, "I felt the aura of something alive. The life magnetic field is really fierce. We're approaching it!"

Audrey woke up, her beautiful eyes twinkling. "Ahead of us?"

Shi Yan nodded. Then, he realized that the asteroid with the cauldron inside was flying much more quickly than the other rocks around. Thus, while they were cultivating, this asteroid had caught up with something ahead of them.

The vigorous life magnetic field he had sensed had come from an asteroid ahead of them. If they got rid of the lunar rock, they would have never met that one. However, their current asteroid was really fast. After flying for a long time, they were about to reach the others.

"Which realm does it have?" Layers of light emerged on Audrey's body. She had discreetly urged her power. Now, she was ready to deal with any danger.

Along the way, she had sat by Shi Yan and they hadn't encountered many dangers.

It was because of the three-legged cauldron they were riding.

Inside this current of asteroids, terrifying dangers appeared everywhere. The rocks bumped into each other and exploded. The lightning and thunder struck everywhere. The sharp space sabers had never ceased their attacks.

So many asteroids had been smashed into dust and scattered.

However, the asteroid they were riding seemed to have the spirit that could proactively dodge those dangers. It had successfully avoided the extremely intimidating things that could make Audrey perish instantly.

She understood that this three-legged jade cauldron had something magical. Even if it didn't have a Tool Spirit, it was a wonderful formation that could help it avoid the dangers in this area. Otherwise, she and Shi Yan wouldn't be able to stay here at ease.

"I'm not sure, but the life magnetic field is brimming. I think it won't be weaker than you and me!" Shi Yan's face was grave as he hissed. "Be careful. They found us. They've released their Soul Consciousness to check us out!"

A soul power field like a tornado appeared above their heads. That soul power field was extremely fierce and had seeped into every corner of this asteroid.

This asteroid had a dark cave that led to the depth of the asteroid, which headed directly to the mouth of the cauldron. Shi Yan and Audrey knew this, but the one who had sent the Soul Consciousness to sense it didn't.

The furious, tornado-like Soul Consciousness of that creature seeped into the entrance of the cave. Then, it disappeared like a rock thrown into the ocean. However, there was no echo.

Then, many soul energy tornadoes that had streamed into the cave disappeared completely.

Shi Yan and Audrey were sensitive enough to know that the three-legged cauldron inside the asteroid had just refined a powerful Soul Consciousness. They could feel the tadpole symbols begin to move again.

"I think that one got a big loss this time," Shi Yan grinned.

Audrey also laughed. "Well, I wonder how much soul power that one lost. He had bad luck. If his soul got damaged because of this, I'm afraid that he will consider us as the ringleaders."

"Be cautious," Shi Yan's face became stern.