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1356 Using Blood to Create the Body

Shi Yan and Audrey stood by the cave and concentrated on the dark entrance of the cave. They felt a strange chill filling their hearts.

Audrey calmed down. A tender light glowed on her face. Her soul altar was like a mirror without a speck of dust.

As she had reached Incipient God Realm and fused with the heaven flames of God-blessed Mainland's Origin, she was definitely stronger than many people. When she focused on sensing, she could see that something was wrong.

"You're cautious, indeed," Audrey said to him, her eyes surprised. "You're right. That kind of green grass is everywhere and they have feeble soul fluctuations."

"I told you that we should check it first," Shi Yan talked seriously.

"How do I check it?" Audrey quietly stepped back and stayed away from the cave. She could feel a little safer as she had stayed away from the danger.


Shi Yan rose one hand. A small cut appeared on his left hand and a drop of beautiful ruby blood oozed out. That drop of blood released red halos as it contained thick life energy fluctuations.


The drop of blood burned and emitted wise of Blood Qi like the spider web. It was like a great artist using a brush and sketching Shi Yan's drawing in the middle of the air.

Shortly after, the life energy in the drop triggered and surged. Shi Yan's model soon had bones, flesh, and veins. Within two minutes, another version of him was condensed right in front of Audrey.

It was another Shi Yan who stood naked and showcased his lean and vigorous body. Although his eyes were sparkling, there was no surging life aura in his body or soul fluctuation that could frighten people.

Rumor said that when the Immortal Demon warriors had reached a specific, profound level. Even if their bodies were smashed, as long as they still had a drop of blood left, they could still resurrect themselves.

Audrey deemed that it was untrue and that people were just exaggerating. But now, she saw it with her own eyes. The strange light rippled through her beautiful eyes as she admired Shi Yan's magical ability. "Does it mean that you have an immortal body? Even if you were smashed, you could use the blood to revive?" She thought that it was really miraculous.

Shi Yan didn't answer.

He looked pensive when he studied his other body, which was made of a drop of his blood.

According to Blood Devil and Xuan He, profound-realm Immortal Demon experts could use the Life power Upanishad to transform the blood into their own bodies.

There were many rumors about the Immortal Demon Clan, and how they "used the blood to resurrect" was always the favorite topic. In fact, people thought that the rumors were just exaggerated. Even for the experts of the Immortal Demon Clan at a high level like Xuan He, the body created from a drop of his blood couldn't have even one bit of the real body's strength.

Anyway, the rumor said that "using blood to resurrect" was somehow correct. If Xuan He's body was broken, as long as he still had the Immortal Demon Blood, he could use it to grow his body and send his soul altar inside to make his body as strong as a dragon.

The blood of the Immortal Demon clansmen was the core of life. If their blood wasn't destroyed, they could still regrow their body.

Of course, after they had lost their real body, the body that they created quickly couldn't be as strong as they used to be. They needed a lot of time to gather the energy to refine the body. That was how they used the Seal inside their blood to resume their original power.

This procedure could take up to hundreds or even several thousand years. It wasn't as easy as people had rumored.

At this moment, Shi Yan gathered his spirit to look at the clone he had just made with one drop of blood, his expression complicated.

He hadn't sent any wisp of Soul Consciousness in it. It was merely a flesh puppet and its body's strength was as tough as a warrior at True God Realm. If his true body was destroyed, he could place his soul altar into the clone and it would take dozens of years to recover.

It wasn't what made him silent. While he was using a drop of blood to create the clone, he had a strange feeling as if he was creating a new creature!

If… If he wanted to do that, he could cut off the connection with a wisp of Soul Consciousness and put it into a clone. Also, that clone would become a new creature. Could it be a whole new individual?

Would it be an independent creature?

Shi Yan knew that at his realm, he couldn't do that. However, he came to think of a possibility. Desolate had used the same method to make its clone create the Four Great Creatures. The clones had created the Four Great Creatures, and Desolate had used the blood of the precursors from the four races to create Bloodthirsty.

It was creating creatures!

How could Desolate do that? It was easy to create the flesh container, but how did Desolate create the soul?

Shi Yan frowned and sank into his exploration of Life power Upanishad. He was trying to reason the details when Desolate created the creatures. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get through the challenge of creating the soul of a new creature.

He understood that he was still pretty far away from that miraculous level.

However, he understood deeply that one day, he could break that mystery and he could actually create creatures and even new races. Thus, his galaxy-like Incipient Extent was going to be more lively. It would become like Desolate's world with so many races and special, marvelous creatures.

Creating the galaxy and species… how great would that career be? How miraculous would that be?

Shi Yan became passionate. He felt his soul rising as he had a motivation to head towards the future. This kind of changes in his soul and attitude had opened his mind and gave him fearless thoughts.

"I made the body. You should give a wisp of a departed soul. We will make him go to the cave," He beamed at Audrey.

He knew Audrey cultivated a unique soul technique from the Soul power Upanishad of Imperial Dark Tribe. She could tie the departed souls in her soul altar to refine her soul altar and make them the strange Soul Consciousness dwelling in her Sea of Consciousness. She had some marvelous power, indeed.

There was a special area in Audrey's soul altar she used as a prison to the departed souls or the demons, making them her Soul Consciousness' tentacles. The more departed souls, demons or creatures with the soul form, the better her power Upanishad and her realm became.

It was also a special feature of Imperial Dark Tribe's power Upanishad.

Indeed, Audrey didn't think much. She pointed her finger and a feeble soul flew out, falling into the head of Shi Yan's clone made of his blood.

Shortly after, Shi Yan and Audrey felt a slight shock. They faced each other and divine light shot out of their eyes.

A marvelous feeling quietly reflected in their hearts. The body made of Shi Yan's blood now had a soul Audrey that had tamed. She added a wisp of her soul power. That man with Shi Yan's blood and Audrey's soul was like an invisible roped that connected the two of them.

Through him, Shi Yan could vaguely see the changes of Audrey's mind. Audrey could recognize the subtle changes at the bottom of his heart. It was an unimaginable connection that they couldn't describe with words.

"He's like our son," Shi Yan was bewildered for a while before teasing Audrey.

Audrey blushed and her cheeks reddened. However, her beautiful eyes were brilliant with light. She glared at Shi Yan and said awkwardly, "Don't say such rubbish!"

At this moment, her eyes were like clouds at a sunset. She looked so gorgeous like a blooming flower. She made people's hearts beat frantically.

Shi Yan became baffled. He looked at her for a while and then appraised, "You're really beautiful. It's just that you wear that cold face every day. You don't want people to come near you. You've been hiding your most beautiful features. It's not good, you know."

"Can you just put your effort into the business?" Audrey continuously took many deep breaths. Her ample breasts thrust in and out. Her moods changed as she was trying to suppress the desire to hit Shi Yan hard.

Shi Yan smiled relaxedly and said, "You're the one who should take action. You've tamed that soul and it got your Soul Seal. You can control it, right?"

Audrey harrumphed and pulled the hair on her temple. "I'm so pissed off!"

Then, she used her power Upanishad and pointed at the cave.

The puppet made of Shi Yan's blood drilled deep into the cave. It didn't stop after fifteen minutes and moved further.

"It seems pretty deep," frowned Shi Yan.

Audrey didn't mind him. The charming gleam on her face disappeared. She looked cold and grave. The soul energy fluctuated strangely on her as she was focusing on sensing the changes in the hole.

She could sense the tiny commotions inside the cave through that departed soul to see if there was any danger deep down there.

Suddenly, Audrey looked shaken. Her soul altar shivered as she paled. Her beautiful eyes emitted marvelous light. She gritted her teeth and hissed. "You're right. Something really strange is in that cave. I couldn't connect to my departed soul and my Soul Consciousness in it."

"What happened?" Shi Yan's eyes brightened.

"It seems to be cut off forcefully. Perhaps it was refined or destroyed. I can't tell what happened. Do you feel anything from the body you'd used your blood to create?" she asked.

"It turns into ashes," Shi Yan darkened his face. "I can't sense anything. It doesn't exist anymore. I can't feel it, which means it has gone completely."

"You're right. Something strange is over there. This place isn't safe at all," Audrey was convinced.

"Then, we should use another advanced method to see what strange thing is inside this meteorite." Shi Yan snorted and then continued, "Dared to swallow a drop of my blood, it should pay with the equal price. Whatever it is, it should pay!"

Then, sharp blades like shining wind blades shot out from his eyes.

A magical energy fluctuation that could distort the void expanded form him. The surrounding space sizzled. The noises became louder gradually.

In the beginning, Audrey didn't understand. Then, she looked around before covering her mouth and screamed in panic.

She saw that the massive sharp space blades floating near them were attracted by Shi Yan's energy. They came with the momentum of something space-breaking.