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1352 Causes and Effects

Tian Xie had eaten Caesar, Ling Xiang, and Lorraine in the secret subterranean palace of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce to increase his realm and power. He was now as strong as the God Lord or Ming Hao. The power he was performing at wasn't ordinary at all.

No one was going to successfully be able to deal with Tian Xie single-handedly.

However, Frederick, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon had joined hands with Xuan He so even if Tian Xie had earth-shaking power, he would still have to struggle.

"Tian Xie! You discreetly cooperate with the alien to plot against our world. You deserve a thousand deaths!" Lei Di thundered. Countless beams of lightning bolts and balls shelled on Tian Xie unceasingly.

"Ridiculous!" Tian Xie pouted his lips and said coldly. "I'm not from your world! My Mistress created me just like how Desolate created Bloodthirsty. I entered your world, Desolate's Incipient Extent, to prepare to wake up the Mistress."

Hearing him, everybody was shocked. Their eyes showed their astonishment. What Tian Xie had just told them was so frightening. Until now, Bloodthirsty's identity was still a mystery that many people had tried to discover for a long time in vain.

Tian Xie said that Desolate had created Bloodthirsty. How could that be?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The rainbow lights shot out of Tian Xie body and smashed the lightning balls that Lei Di had created. He said with a ferocious face, "So? You don't believe me? Can't you reason it?"

At this moment, Xuan He and Frederick had gathered by Shi Yan and used their best abilities to protect him from harm.

They all recognized that Zi Yao could use that mysterious power evilly to seep into people's soul altars to snatch their minds in just a blink of an eye. Only Shi Yan, the other person who had such a power, could restore their sound minds.

Thus, Shi Yan being safe and sound would be the key to this battle. He was the effective shield that they could use to resist Zi Yao.

"If you said that Devour had created Bloodthirsty, we could have bought it." At this moment, Shi Yan's face was cold and stern. The blood armor fitted his body well. It looked like he got a peculiar red flower bloom on his chest. A pair of bone wings flapped behind his back. The energy rising in his body could smash the whole world.


The bloody eyes that transformed from the blood sword quietly appeared above his head. The blood light sparkled in the bloody eyes, continuously releasing evil energy that could affect people's Sea of Consciousness.

Audrey's beautiful eyes showed her unknown fear. She gazed at him, her lips slightly parting. Apparently, she was horror-struck.

Adele, her mother, and the warriors of Imperial Dark Tribe were also fearful and strangely looking at Shi Yan.

They had never seen Shi Yan's body after the recent transformation. At this moment, they were shaken hard. All felt insecure.

The surging life magnetic field from his body was so immense that they had subdued the others. They felt so dispirited that they had no way to resist. It was like when they faced Bloodthirsty that year.

It was like a low-level creature seeing a high-level creature for the first time: it would instinctively recognize the difference.

Xuan He, Frederick, and Azure Dragon stopped attacking Tian Xie. They wore a serious face. Their eyes sparkled as they were waiting for Tian Xie to explain further.

As the leaders of the Bloodthirsty Force, Xuan He and Frederick didn't know Bloodthirsty's identity. Previously, Ming Hao had guessed that Bloodthirsty was the combination of the bloodlines from the Four Great Creatures. However, it was just his unproven guess.

Tian Xie had a close relationship with Hui. As Hui was one of the Absolute Beginning creatures, it must have told Tian Xie a lot of information of that era.

They had a premonition that Tian Xie would tell them the truth about Bloodthirsty's identity.

Tian Xie turned his head around and looked at Zi Yao to ask for her opinion.

Zi Yao nodded arrogantly.

Tian Xie respectfully bowed to her. Then, he turned around and smiled relaxedly. "Desolate was hurt severely. Its body was divided into five parts. Desolate was the brain. Grace Mainland, God-blessed Mainland, Ancient God Continent, and Ancient Demon Continent are the four clones, the four individuals. Each of these four individuals has respectively created the God Clan, Immortal Demon Clan, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Imperial Dark Tribe.

"Ten thousand years ago, the precursors of the four great races had entered Desolate and tried to tame it. Actually, it was the operation of the four clones in an attempt to replace the brain. They failed in the end. Many years later, the four clones of Desolate have begun to fight against each other. They have stimulated the Four Great Creatures to fight inside Desolate's Incipient Extent. They want to turn this place into an unceasing war that would shatter the star areas. It would make the Incipient Extent heavier and lengthen the time to awaken the brain."

This time, everybody focused on listening to Tian Xie.

No one took action.

Because what Tian Xie was talking about related to the mysteries and variables of this world. These things had troubled them for countless years. Everybody wanted to know the causes.

"The other four had failed ten thousand years ago. Desolate killed them all. Desolate then recognized that if it continued to let the four clones act rashly, something would happen and Desolate wouldn't be able to control it. It then used the blood of the four precursors to create Bloodthirsty. Bloodthirsty's blood carried the advantages of the Four Great Creatures, which was close to the perfect blood of the creatures in the Absolute Beginning Era. Desolate created Bloodthirsty because it wanted to use Bloodthirsty to destroy the four great clans. It wanted to use Bloodthirsty to merge the clones with the host brain to finally awaken it."

"Unfortunately, while Desolate was imparting the power Upanishads to Bloodthirsty, the one who had just gained the consciousness, Devour attacked them.

"Devour is the sea of blood, the holy land of the Bloodthirsty Force. It appears as a dark abyss. It's also one of the Absolute Beginning creatures and is Desolate's archenemy. Devour had seized the chance when Desolate was weakened after creating Bloodthirsty to give Bloodthirsty its power Upanishad. Devour's main power Upanishad is Devouring. With the eight great evil power Upanishads, Devour wanted to use Bloodthirsty to destroy the creatures and Desolate's Incipient Extent.

"Bloodthirsty was the key to the battle that occurred billions of years between Desolate and Devour. Desolate wanted to use Bloodthirsty to reunite the host brain and the clones to wake up. However, Devour had ambushed them. Devour had given Bloodthirsty's its power Upanishads too. Desolate's training and Devour's power Upanishads had made Bloodthirsty appear like lightning that crossed the skies and surpassed the Four Great Creatures. Right at the beginning, Bloodthirsty had slaughtered people everywhere and killed so many. With Devouring power Upanishad, he had accumulated energy and reached an extremely supreme level.

"Bloodthirsty was so talented. After that, without a teacher, he could still perceive and control the Dark Energy that only the creatures from the Absolute Beginning Era could. Slowly, he recognized the meaning of his existence. He realized that he was just a key in the battle between Desolate and Devour.

"Thus, Bloodthirsty became unusual in the later stage. He didn't kill anymore but began to enroll disciples and created his force. He wanted to rebel against everything. In his final stage, Bloodthirsty had surpassed the Immortal Realm. He had become a creature that could compare to the creatures from the Absolute Beginning Era. He wanted to get rid of Desolate's and Devour's arrangement. He wanted to fly out of this universe. However, Devour had confined him. In the end, he had a battle with Devour. Although he had hurt Devour, he was damaged too. While he was so feeble, Desolate attacked him. Desolate had made the God Lord join hands with many experts to destroy him completely.

"After one hundred thousand years, Bloodthirsty was the first expert in this Incipient Extent to surpass everything to swagger in the sea of stars. He had learned the Dark Energy. He got the ability to destroy this world entirely. If his fate didn't end here, he would have succeeded."

Tian Xie turned about and gave Zi Yao a respectful look. he turned to the others and continued, "My Mistress had received the worst damage. She couldn't compete with Desolate and Devour right from the start. However, she had seized the chance when Desolate and Devour had fought against each other for billions of years without a break and the existence of Bloodthirsty had damaged both Desolate and Devour to make them dormant. Thus, in this vast universe today, my Mistress is the true expert. As long as you serve my Mistress, she will forgive you for trespassing her. You guys could detach from this world."

"Billions of years had passed and Desolate and Devour have been fighting unceasingly? How could they do that?" Frederick was surprised.

Tian Xie gave a disdainful smile. "Your Bloodthirsty Forces holy land is a dark abyss. It's Devour's consciousness. It's just like how you used your Soul Consciousness to intrude Xuan He's Incipient Extent to mess it up and destroy it. Do you get it now?"

Frederick sounded astounded. "The dark abyss of our Bloodthirsty Force is the condensation of Devour's Soul Consciousness? Devour has intruded Desolate's Incipient Extent from another universe?"

"Right. Each of the battles at their level could last for billions of years. Well, I can say it like this. They were engaged in a battle until now. Their methods of battling are something that we will never understand. Bloodthirsty was just a small piece of music in their fight," explained Tian Xie.

Everybody was frightened.

Come to think about this, the dark abyss, which was Devour's Soul Consciousness, had intruded Desolate's Incipient Extent. The two creatures that no one knew how long had existed fought against each other for countless years.

And the warriors here were just the tiny creatures dwelling inside Desolate's Incipient Extent…

It was possible that when the Absolute Beginning creatures like Desolate or Devour looked at them, they thought that they were looking at some insects or ants inside their Incipient Extent.

It was a bomb that exploded their minds!

Tian Xie had explained it to them simply and frankly. Shi Yan understood it well. While his mind changed, his Soul Consciousness was moving through the galaxy-like Incipient Extent. He was gliding through many star areas. His face now held a forced smile.

If… If he was just a raindrop or a small insect in someone's Incipient Extent and that person could see every act of his, how sorrowful should he be?

No wonder Bloodthirsty had risked his life to rebel and get rid of everything. He wanted to break this cage.

Unfortunately, Desolate had created Bloodthirsty. It was his most terrible misery and also the reason why he failed.

Just like today, he had fused with Grace Mainland and was able to observe the commotions of every creature on Grace Mainland. He had the ability to control the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe. It was because he hadn't fused completely with Grace Mainland. If he had utterly fused with Grace Mainland's Origin, he could be like the God Lord who could control the life of each member of Heavenly Monster Tribe.

Shi Yan was finally awakened. Completely awakened.

Finally, he knew why before Bloodthirsty lost his life and why his last words were to ask Xuan He, Xuan Shan, and Lao Luo to find the successors in another universe.

It was because only the souls from other universes could ignore the principles and rules of fate in this universe. They could break the cage without fearing for Desolate's terrifying ability to control people's lives.