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1350 The Twelve-headed Serpen

Tian Xie gave his suggestion with a smile.

Everybody put on a heavy complexion. When they looked at Tian Xie, their eyes were piercing as they hated that they couldn't crush his bones into powder.

Zi Yao was sitting on a seven-colored crystal throne. She observed people with her cold, arrogant eyes. She didn't put anyone into her eyes. It seemed like letting Tian Xie negotiate with them was already her showing great mercy.

"Xuan He, is this person that powerful?" As Adele had just arrived, she didn't know much about the Absolute Beginning creatures. She arched her brows and looked at them in disdain. "Will she be able to kill all of us? Hmm, she just has a big body. Except for that, how strong is she?"

"Mother," Audrey hissed, her elegant face filled with fear. "She… she's really formidable."

Audrey had fused with the Origin of God-blessed Mainland. From her soul seal, she knew that Hui was very intimidating. She knew the level of this Absolute Beginning creature. She knew that its realm was beyond them and she explained bitterly. "If you want to compare, it's like comparing our Four Great Creatures with the Human Clan or the Man Clan. There's a large gap in the level of living forms that will never be crossed."

Adele finally changed her visage.

"Our clan serves only one master," snorted a white-bearded elder of the Elder Committee. "Tian Xie, you're too innocent when you ask us to worship an unknown monster like that. You must have lost your mind or that thing must have eaten your brains."

That elder was at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm and was cultivating Wind power. He was always an arrogant one.

In the past ten thousand years in this vast cosmos, the God Clan was the overlord. Bloodthirsty Force, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Imperial Dark Tribe had been secluding. They didn't dare to face the God Clan directly. As they had conquered so many star areas, they had formed their proud and overbearing characteristics. How could they allow someone to ride on their heads?

In this elder's eyes, Tian Xie was just like a dog that barked at others based on his master's power. He wanted to use the threat from this Absolute Beginning create so Tsunami Chamber of Commerce could replace the God Clan to be the overlord.

They would never allow that.

Zi Yao looked indifferently. From a distance, she frowned at that elder.

Tian Xie chuckled. He understood his master's idea. His power changed and an evil light radiated from his eyes.

That light had a beautiful red-violet hue shooting like a meteor, aimed at that elder.

Shi Yan's heart sank. He was frightened when he looked at that shooting star.

Unexpectedly, that bunch of light had the power that could be compared to the God Lord or Ming Hao. Although it wasn't the mysterious power that Shi Yan had just acquired today, it was also strange and intimidating. It seemed to be able to cross the spaces too.

The two Heavenly King Carefree and Divine Martial of the God Clan were standing near that elder. Seeing Tian Xie take action, they just sneered and urged their powers.

However, that elder screeched when they hadn't triggered their power yet.

A bleeding hole appeared in his chest. His internal organs like lungs and hearts were stirred into a pulp. Blood gushed out of the wound like a rapid stream. Flowing with the blood was his life.

That red-violet meteor had appeared right behind his back after abnormally crossing the space. It had hurt him in just a blink of an eye.

He vomited thick blood. His life magnetic field slowly exhausted. His soul altar and Sea of Consciousness collapsed.

Before he died, the surprised look was still on his face when he looked at Carefree and Divine Martial as if he doubted why the two Heavenly Kings didn't help him.

He didn't know that Divine Martial and Carefree were urging their powers. It was just that the meteor was so fast. While they were still gathering their energy, it killed the elder.

The light that shot out from Tian Xie's eyes had killed an elder right in front of Carefree and Divine Martial. The Four Heavenly Kings were enraged.

Then, the four Heavenly Kings Carefree, Divine Martial, Easygoing, and Light all stormed toward Tian Xie without talking a word.

They were as fast as lightning.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The cold and stiff bodies of the dead warriors shielded Tian Xie. Those warriors had blank looks on their cold faces. They all spurted some sort of dark gas that carried chaotic magnetic fields of outer space, driving the evil, unknown energies inside the turbulent space current.

Some corpses had the aura of the Immortal Realm. If they still had the aura, they could still use the power Upanishads.

The ice wall, ice sabers, sea of fire, and wild lightning multiplied forcefully and created a fearful, endless intimidation. Even the four great Heavenly Kings struggled a lot and they couldn't create any threat to Tian Xie.

The smile on Tian Xie's face didn't cease. He stood humbly and respectfully under Zi Yao's throne. He spoke to the others again, "We gave you guys a chance. It's you who can catch it or not."

"If we can't resist, we should go early." At this moment, DeCarlos sighed and suggested, his face heavy.

People didn't get his idea.

"If we don't go now, we won't be able to flee anymore when her eleven clones come." DeCarlos's eyes were dark as he said helplessly. "She's too powerful. Before this, her clones were in different areas inside the chaotic space basin to draw the energy from warriors who accidentally fell into this place. Today, she's still recovering. She still needs a lot to be in her supreme condition. Thus, she had to step back when Wederson attacked her. She also delivered the God Lord and Ming Hao away. Even she isn't in her best condition, we can't resist her. When her eleven clones gather, even the God Lord and Ming Hao won't be able to do anything."

"Is she that dangerous?" Adele's pretty face paled.

As the Matriarch of Imperial Dark Tribe, there weren't many things that could scare her. She was calm even when she had to face the God Lord. She wasn't really afraid of him.

However, listening to DeCarlos talking about how intimidating Hui was today, it was the first time she knew that in this immensely vast universe, the God Lord and Ming Hao weren't the ones with the highest realm. The Absolute Beginning creatures were the true existences atop the pyramid of creatures.

In the eyes of those absolute creatures, all of them were just vulnerable ants!

"Alright! You should open the space passage now!" Xuan He made a quick decision after pondering for a few seconds.

DeCarlos didn't talk more. Filled with regret, he urged his power Upanishad to force a space passage.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan saw Zi Yao looking at them. He suddenly had a chill in his heart.

He could see a gleam of mocking in her eyes. It was the glimpse of not giving a damn because she knew that she would definitely win. It was the calmness that she had as she knew she had everything in control.

"Don't stir up the space energy fluctuations!" Shi Yan screamed as he felt that something would go wrong. He wanted to stop him.

However, he was one step late.

DeCarlos urged his power Upanishad and used his Soul Consciousness to connect to space. However, while doing so, he found an unknown energy pour into space.

The commotions his Soul Consciousness had given way for that mysterious energy to intrude his Sea of Consciousness. Instantly, he felt tens of thousands of swords stabbing his Sea of Consciousness. His Sea of Consciousness was damaged badly.

Even his soul altar had cracks. At that glimpse of time, his soul was hurt.


DeCarlos was ashen when he spurted out blood. He looked frightened when he turned to Zi Yao, the one who looked indifferent and emotionless. He clutched his chest and said desperately, "She has used that energy to affect space. I can't tear space. My soul got hurt."

His body looked like a smashed mirror with so many cracks where blood oozed out. It looked like a cloth soaked in blood and someone was squeezing it.

The expert at Second Sky of Immortal Realm cultivating Space power Upanishad couldn't escape. Someone had ambushed him and damaged him severely.

DeCarlos was known as the toughest target to be murdered. People even guessed that even God Lord and Ming Hao couldn't escape as fast as DeCarlos. There were times when he was considered the toughest warrior to deal with. However, today, he got hurt and the two who could compare to him were delivered to somewhere no one knew.

His wounds were like a hammer pounding on people's chests. Everybody felt a great shock.

At this moment, the first clone of the giant worm came on the wave. While the space waves rippled, it merged with Hui's body.

People screamed ear-piercingly as the other clones of the worm emerged continuously and merged with the host body. After the eleven clones had combined with the host body, people saw that the giant worm's volume now increased ten times.

Its shape also changed. It wasn't a big worm anymore. Now, it was a twelve-headed giant serpent.

Hui's real body was a formidable twelve-headed giant serpent. The snake had a dark blue body with many complex patterns. Those patterns were hiding the mysteries of the universe. The twelve-headed serpent gave people a strange but perfectly beautiful impression. It looked like a masterpiece of the Creator.

The head in the middle of the twelve heads wore a magnificent imperial crown. That was her main brain.

At this moment, Zi Yao was sitting on that exquisite seven-colored crown. She looked even more mesmerizing. Her body had all the features of a charming, sexy, and gorgeous lady. Her attractiveness shook even the soul magnetic field.

Even the top warriors like the four Heavenly Kings, Xuan He, Azure Dragon, and Adele, a woman, were charmed. They looked puzzled and passionate as if they were enchanted.

Her charm had affected both male and female warriors. It was at an unimaginable level.

Tian Xie was on one knee, his face modest and respectful. It looked like her glamor had frozen his heart.

He knew that Zi Yao was in her most terrifying condition now. Her aura had threatened him and made him fearful instinctively. He quivered and didn't dare to stand upright.

As the other top warriors were gazing at her, Zi Yao's pretty eyes shined more as if they were emitting a pink halo that could absorb the soul. Her eyes raked through the crowd and fixed on Shi Yan. Her lips parted and a gentle, soft voice arose in Shi Yan's head. "Come to me…"

Shi Yan was standing by Audrey. His eyes became misty and he started to walk toward her.

However, he suddenly shook on the way as if he had just awakened. He was frightened. He directly turned around and retreated without saying a word. He was walking determinedly away from her.