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1346 Hui Counterattacks!

Deep inside the chaotic space basin, Brian the God Lord and Ming Hao were fighting fiercely in the void above Hui.

However, the two of them were in layers of hallucination. The warriors in this area focused on watching them, but they couldn't see anything clearly. The God Lord and Ming Hao were like reflections in the water.

The others didn't notice that Wederson had consumed all of his energy, falling and disappearing into the darkness.

Also, no one had noticed that Shi Yan was like a floating shadow that disappeared and reappeared continuously.

Without Wederson's erosive energy attack, Hui had a bright yellow keratin defense that covered its body one more time. Obviously, it wasn't in good condition. The giant worm moved and twitched as if it was hurt severely.

And it was really hurt.

The giant worm had emitted too much of its life energy. After the erosive energy had worn out its energy, Shi Yan had absorbed it all and turned into nutrients that boosted his life form.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Abruptly, many clusters of smokes emitted from Hui. Unpredictable, magical energy fluctuations burst out from its body.

Ordinary people couldn't recognize that energy or sense it. It seemed to be invisible. However, Shi Yan could see it clearly!

The energy from Hui had triggered some sort of unknown energy that presented everywhere in this chaotic space current and created a deep vortex in the void.

That vortex seemed to function as a space passage that could teleport the worm's gigantic body in just a blink of an eye.

It wanted to dodge the danger!


DeCarlos suddenly cried. As his Space power Upanishad was extremely profound, in spite of being able to sense the marvelous energy from Hui, he could still sense the uncommon commotion of space. He was frightened as he screamed, "It's not normal at all!"

Hearing him, the experts who were concentrating on the battle between the God Lord and Ming Hao noticed his panic.

They then found that Wederson had already disappeared and freed Hui from its confinement. The worm wanted to run away now!

What should they do?

Those experts had apparently considered Hui as the meat on their plate. They had been trying laboriously for a long time and now, they could achieve what they had yearned for. How could they let it seize the chance to escape?

Tacitly, they exchanged looks and all of them took action. Magnificent powers and Incipient Extents emerged and swarmed towards the giant body of Hui like layers of spider webs. Quickly, they had set dozens of binding layers on Hui.

However, without Wederson's erosive energy, their layers of confinement couldn't really hurt Hui.

After Hui had tried its best to defend, its energy rocketed one more time, its life energy more tremendous. It was like a miracle.

Shi Yan pulled himself together and observed.

He had a strange but marvelous feeling. After the transformation, his Soul Consciousness was like his Heavenly Eye. He now could see the truth that ordinary people could never be able to peep!

In his vision, Hui was like a powerful magnetic field. Waves of light emitted from its body and attracted strange energies in the turbulent space current. Those sorts of energy couldn't be observed with naked eyes or an ordinary Soul Consciousness. However, after Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness had transformed, his Soul Consciousness had changed magically. That's how he could grasp the existence of those energies.

Hui was gathering energy in the space current to enhance his power to get rid of the warriors' seals and confinements!

However, Shi Yan was frightened that perhaps no one here could stop Hui. Wederson was the only one who could do that. However, he was gone because he had used up his life energy.

He had to remind the others.

However, at this moment, Zi Yao's voice suddenly arose in his head. "You really want me to die?"

Zi Yao's graceful body appeared mildly like a small dot on Hui's back. This time, she looked very different. Her eyes had a complex compassion and affection that only sentimental people could have. She didn't look cold and heartless as she appeared previously.

She looked at Shi Yan, her face weak. "Shi Yan, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to recover so I can return to the Sea Domain of Nihility immediately. Among the people here, you're the most special. I hope that you won't stand against me in every aspect."

Shi Yan was bewildered.

He couldn't distinguish if Zi Yao was now herself or if she had completely fused with Hui.

He couldn't make up his mind and frowned in a daze. He was a little panicked too.

He wanted to assume that this Zi Yao wasn't herself this time either. However, he didn't know why from the shades of emotion on her face, her voice, and her little moves, Shi Yan vaguely felt that Zi Yao currently had part of her soul and consciousness!

"I still remembered the first time I met you. The warriors of the Underworld League imprisoned you. At that time, I already knew that you weren't ordinary. Before we could return to Glorious Amethyst Star, we were trapped in Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. Ka Tuo was after us. We have experienced many events together. I remember all of the details…"

Zi Yao looked at him in the eyes and softly narrated their stories. She looked sad, though. "I woke up. I know I'm now a wisp of its soul, a part of it. It has released me to understand the magical world of Desolate. I know I'm pathetic. I also know that if it doesn't exist, I will… vanish altogether."

Shi Yan was stunned as he looked at Zi Yao in the distance. He listened to her talking, but he didn't say anything.

He didn't say anything in the end.

Without his reminder, people wouldn't be able to know what happened to Hui now.

Shi Yan could see a small dot flash under Hui. He knew he had caught a glimpse of something disappearing into Hui's body.

All of a sudden, the sincere affection on Zi Yao's face faded. She resumed her indifferent, cold visage. Her line of sight switched from Shi Yan to Xuan He and the God experts, her eyes very cold.

Shi Yan became alert. His face changed as fear flooded him.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Countless outer space streamers began to seethe terrifyingly. Many kinds of energy became furious like collapsing mountains or an exploding planet. The clusters of red light rolled wildly and moved around in this void.

Just like so many beautiful fiery eyes, they released evil energy that frightened souls. Naked eyes couldn't see this kind of energy. Only experts at the Immortal Realm could use their Soul Consciousness to catch a glimpse of it.

"It! It's that power!" Carefree was shaken. He screamed in thrill.

Divine Martial, Easygoing, and Light were also frightened. They seemed to recall something very horrible and they felt so chilled.

"It's the power that Master controlled!" hissed Xuan He.

Frederick's eyes brightened. "Right. It's the power that our Master controlled! Ming Hao said that Master got that power from the Absolute Beginning creature. Thus, only Absolute Beginning creatures understand it. It seems like Ming Hao is correct again!"

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Some elders of the God Clan's Elder Committee couldn't even shriek before their bodies shivered and their life magnetic field vanished.

Most people didn't know what had just happened. Only Immortal Realm experts could vaguely feel something magical. Also, only one person in this area knew the reason.

It was Shi Yan.

After his Soul Consciousness transformed, it had become as sensitive as the Heavenly Eye. He could see that mysterious energy expand and seep into the heads of those elders, breaking their soul altar directly and leading to the end of their host souls.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The sticky tendons like tentacles shot out from Hui's body, coiled the dead corpses, and pulled them toward it.

As Hui wasn't tied by Wederson's erosive energy and as Shi Yan was distracted and didn't remind the others, it seemed to finish some transformation. It gathered a shadow into the body and its power increased rapidly. It could release a mysterious power under the given confining circumstance. It was the first wave of its large-scale counterattack.

At the same time, people heard murmuring noises coming from pretty far away.

Everybody discolored in fright. Xuan He and DeCarlos were gingerly. They looked extremely stern and insecure.

"How could its eleven clones come here that quickly? It shouldn't be like that!" Xuan He looked at DeCarlos.

DeCarlos grimaced and said bitterly. "I don't know. It seems to have increased its power instantly, which also makes the clones move faster."

As they were talking in the chaotic space basin that their eyes couldn't reach, eleven worms bigger than the life stars were moving with their surging life magnetic fields like a great ocean. All were heading to their location. They moved in the space current like a big boat cruising the sea and splashing waves of space, which caused a lot of explosions. They made the space current seem to shatter everywhere they went close to.

The experts always had a good premonition. They now felt the doomsday was coming. Instinctively, they felt restlessly nervous.

Everybody lifted up their heads to look at the God Lord and Ming Hao. They wanted to know what countermeasure the two most peerless experts in this world would suggest at this critical moment.

In the next moment, their faces all grimaced.

It was because the void above Hui was empty now. The God Lord and Ming Hao seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

No one knew what had happened. They exchanged looks, their faces abnormal. Even DeCarlos was frowning. As people were gazing at him, he shook his head and said, "Don't look at me. I don't know what's going on out there. I don't know how and why they disappeared."

Pausing for a while, DeCarlos said, "But at their realms, when they sense the magical power here, they will return quickly. You guys don't need to be so tense and nervous."

He didn't have the answer.

But someone could give the answer.

"Hui's mysterious power has affected the worlds that the God Lord and Ming Hao have created. It has delivered their arenas out of this area," said Shi Yan all of a sudden. Pondering, he knitted his brows, "If I'm not wrong, the God Lord and Ming Hao are currently in the Sea Domain of Nihility. I'm not sure if they can come back on time."

Hearing him, everybody discolored in fear and screamed.