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Hui's massive body had countless cuts where a pungent, sticky yellow fluid was oozing.

Wederson's body ballooned strangely as if he was about to explode. People could even see the fine, gruesome cracks on his belly.

A brutal, murderous aura as if someone wanted to destroy the whole world emitted from his stomach. That murderous aura urged his life energy and consumed his soul to trigger all of his energy!

Everybody could see that Wederson's explosion would result in him paying with his life!

No one really cared about his life.

Ming Hao and Xuan He were waiting until Hui's massive body eroded and its defense was eliminated. That time would be the best chance for them to seize the spoils.

The body of the giant worm was decaying from the inside. The thick smoke was like ink that emitted more furiously. Shi Yan's acupuncture points sucked them all and increased the power of his body and soul.

Suddenly, Shi Yan suddenly stopped destroying Hui's body. He halted and stood on its body.

The magical feeling when the soul sublimated flooded his mind. His acupuncture points, tendons, and God power Ancient Tree had become whole with a subtle connection. The branches of the ancient tree connected with his veins and his veins connected to the acupuncture points. The energy gushing out of the acupuncture points flowed through the veins and poured into his lower abdomen.

God power Ancient Tree was bright and crystal clear grew again. A warm current washed his brain and entered his Sea of Consciousness.

The comfortable feeling that nothing could compare to filled his soul altar. The dregs and contaminations in his soul altar were washed away by the clear, warm current. His soul altar was clean now.

In that short moment, his soul altar had become a beautiful chunk of flawless jade. It was transparent and sparkling. It hid the endless marvelous abilities.

He suddenly understood that his cognition of Space, Star, and Death and Life power Upanishads had become much more profound. It was like a young, naive teenager who opened his mind and became witty smart.

While his thought changed, the warm currents had washed his soul altar. The energies of his power Upanishads shot fast and moved around.

Waves of marvelous, inexplicable understanding reflected in his mind and became more profound. Shi Yan felt like he was flying free in the fountainhead of power Upanishads to learn the most magical powers…

It was the sublimation of the soul altar and the next development of the realm. Unexpectedly, he had advanced directly from Second Sky to Third Sky of Incipient God Realm!

It was an incredible breakthrough!

He stood there in a daze, feeling the subtle changes of his body, soul altar and soul. His eyes suddenly had magical light. He gathered himself together to observe the massive worm underneath.

His face changed abruptly.

At the direction he was watching, he saw a pair of eyes that shouldn't open at this moment. That pair of eyes belonged to Spark.

Spark was dead. He had checked carefully and found that Spark's life magnetic field had vanished and left nothing.

He was dead. How could he open his eyes now? It was so strange!

His first thought was that Hui had borrowed Spark's body to wiggle the last time. However, looking in those eyes for seconds, he objected that possibility.

It was because the emotion in Spark's eyes didn't match Hui's style of no emotion at all. The look from those eyes was profound and archaic with gleams of teasing and cold looks as if it was a hunter waiting for its prey to enter the trap. Shi Yan felt insecure.

More strangely, that pair of eyes were looking at him in the eyes without fear or attempts to avoid eye contact. Apparently, that person wasn't afraid of his discovery.

"Oh no, something is wrong!"

He had a bad premonition. Those eyes were familiar. He tried to force his brain to think. Shortly after, the co-soul emerged from the Incipient Extent and entered the soul altar.

When he looked at those eyes again, he was shocked. He couldn't help but hiss, "Haig!"

The four ancient continents Grace Mainland, God-blessed Mainland, Ancient God Continent, and Ancient Demon Continent had a subtle connection. As Shi Yan had fused with Grace Mainland, he could feel the special aura that only Haig had.

It was a special aura that only the ancient continents had and the ones of his kind could capture that faint aura. It was the soul streak after fusing with the Origin that they couldn't conceal.

After his shouting, the eyes were surprised and looked at him. The shades of emotion in those eyes changed continuously.

A strong insecure feeling arose in his heart. He didn't wait to see the eyes changing and turning into a bunch of starlights. He used his Space power Upanishad to pierce through layers of barriers, leaving Hui's body.


He steadied his body by Holy Beast Azure Dragon. With a heavy countenance, he cried, "Spark is inside that worm. His eyes open. They belong to Haig. I can feel the distinct aura from him!"

"Haig?" Ming Hao shook his head, "Maybe you're wrong. Haig doesn't exist anymore. He's dead."

"Dead?" Shi Yan was surprised. He couldn't believe it. "Impossible! That person has the aura of Ancient God Continent's Origin. I'm fused with Grace Mainland's Origin. How can I be wrong about this?"

Ming Hao was surprised at first. He was shocked, his face extremely somber. "You said he has the aura of Ancient God Continent's Origin?"


Ming Hao, Xuan He, Azure Dragon, and DeCarlos became dark and grimaced. They looked at Hui's body as if they were facing the biggest enemy.

"Brian! You're here. Why are you hiding your head but showing your tail?" Ming Hao shouted ear-piercingly.

When they heard the name "Brian," Lei Di and Frederick discolored in fear as if they saw ghosts in daylight. The excitement they had subsided as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water on them. Their joy was extinguished.

"Why is he here?" Frederick's pale face became paler. It wasn't that he was afraid. It was the sign of ultimately compressing his energy.

He used his best power.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Lighting strikes as big as a giant python shot out from Azure Dragon's body, creating a sea of thunder and lightning. The deadly lightning energy was enough to destroy the world, stirring the chaotic space current and splashing the strange but marvelous light.

When they dealt with Hui, they didn't look as solemn as they did right now. They all looked in the direction Shi Yan had pointed.

Ming Hao looked at Wederson, his face dark. "I understand why Wederson's energy suddenly rocketed. It turns out that you've given him fire. It seems like you've used all the pieces of our Master's remains that your God Clan has gathered in the past thousands of years, right?"


A meat lump at the surface of Hui's body exploded. The yellow fluid splashed. Holy light rolled out torrentially and slowly condensed into "Haig."


He emerged from the open slit on Spark's body. He looked at Ming Hao's group and spoke coldly and indifferently, "After Bloodthirsty fell, you guys have changed a lot. You don't have the spirit from that year. I've been watching you for a long time. I didn't expect that you guys wouldn't have the guts to attack the Absolute Beginning creature directly.

"No wonder why you guys have advanced only one more level after ten thousand years. If I didn't get severely hurt and my body wasn't destroyed, I think I would have broken this world and escaped by today, just like how Bloodthirsty had traveled freely in the Sea Domain of Nihility."

While he was talking, his body was like a precious crystal that reflected billions of dazzling light beams.

Those lights were layering upon each other like sharp swords stabbing every corner of this space. Each of the beams had life energy as if they were clones of his soul.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The beams of light shot everywhere. Hui was next to him, so it received most of the attack. His light stabbed through the yellow keratin. The defense that even the Corrosion power Upanishad couldn't melt was pierced through easily.

He was the second person who could break Hui's body defense.

Different from Shi Yan, Brian didn't use any weapon. He was just using the light swords created by his God power to hurt the Absolute Beginning creature.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The blinding lights were shot with Essence of his power Upanishad. Xuan He, Ming Hao, and the others had to focus on dealing with this light attack. They darkened their faces and built barriers to defend themselves.

Shi Yan wasn't an exception.

He seemed to see the posture of the first-generation precursor of the God Clan. When he was on Desolate, he had fused with the Star Incipient Extent of that God precursor. He got a deep attainment of that precursor of the realm.

Today, the God Lord released his power Upanishad. Shi Yan pulled himself together to observe and comprehend. He found that the God Lord's attainment of Light power Upanishad had surpassed that precursor of one hundred thousand years ago. He was truly the strongest existence of the God Clan ever!

"Sea of Vanishing Stars!"

Shi Yan was anxious. He urged his God power and felt happy.

The circulating speed of his God power was several times faster than in the past! It wasn't that he had broken through the next realm, but it was that his tendons, veins, blood, and even his cells had transformed to a deep level. It was his life transformation!

Within a thought, a sea of stars emerged in front of him. It looked dreamy like the moon reflecting on the water. However, it changed continuously from clear to vague from time to time.

The God Lord's light attacks came and were lost in the sea of stars that Shi Yan had created. They were never going to escape that maze to attack Shi Yan's real body.

It was the supernatural ability that Shi Yan got after fusing his Star and Space power Upanishads. It was the transformation of the realm when he got a flash of recognition.


The God Lord let out a low cry, his deep eyes gazing at Shi Yan. He changed his visage and laughed with ease and a natural poise. "Alright, I will take your soul first and fuse with Grace Mainland's Origin then."

His body swayed and crossed spaces to land on the sea of stars that Shi Yan had projected.

At the same time, a beam of blood shot out from Wederson's body. That beam of blood was like a key that revolved in the void.

That blood changed again and turned into a window. Silhouettes got through the window.

Carefree, Light, Easygoing, and Divine Martial, the four great Heavenly Kings arrived followed by Feng Jue, Byers, the Elders of the God Clan and the heads of the twelve families. They hovered by Wederson.

Magically, the erosive energy that Wederson was releasing didn't affect them. It was because the blinding beams of light had affected Wederson's deadly field and weakened the erosive power.

Those beams of light came from the God Lord. He had shot those light to frighten Ming Hao and Xuan He. But most of all, they were to protect Carefree and the others.