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Deep in the chaotic space basin, the giant worm had crouched its body with a layer of bright keratin. It was using its best power to defend.

Wederson's erosive energy had eroded it, but his power was reducing. At Ming Hao's level, he could feel the worm still have its energy slightly increase. It wasn't really hurt.

At this moment, the other eleven worms were storming toward the Sea Territories to reunite with the main body here.

The five Immortal Realm warriors joining hands couldn't kill this massive worm. If they had to face eleven worms at the same time, they wouldn't have even a chance to win.

Ming Hao was full of stratagems, but he didn't have a solution now. His eyes turned dark and his mind heavy.

Xuan He, Frederick, DeCarlos, and Lei Di winced. They felt so helpless facing this massive worm. They knew that not long afterward, the eleven clones of this worm would arrive. Once they came, they could only run helter-skelter.

The universe where they dwelled and the star area they were fighting against the God Clan to reclaim wouldn't exist anymore.

At this realm, perhaps they could get into the Sea Domain of Nihility to survive. However, the warriors under Immortal Realm would perish and become ashes.

"Tell us all the solutions you got," hissed DeCarlos.

Ming Hao frowned and thought. He rose one hand and struck a strange light, which then quietly pierced to someplace far, far away.

Shi Yan's heart suddenly had a vibe.

The strange light Ming Hao had released seemed to fall into the middle of Shi Yan's inner world. He thought and found where Ming Hao's Soul Consciousness had gone.

To Grace Mainland.

Indeed, shortly after, Holy Beast Azure Dragon walked out of a light door Ming Hao had made.

He was the sixth Immortal Realm expert coming to this area!

Right when he arrived, Azure Dragon saw the worm erode. His face changed dramatically. "An Absolute Beginning creature!"

"Qing Xiao! Long time no see!" muttered Lei Di.

Azure Dragon didn't care about him. He looked at the giant worm and looked terror-struck. "Why is there an Absolute Beginning creature here?"

"How do you know it's an Absolute Beginning creature?" asked Xuan He.

"Well, it's a giant creature and I didn't find my Heavenly Monster Tribe's aura from it. Of course, it is from the Absolute Beginning Era." Azure Dragon looked at the others and lowered his voice, "I've lived longer than any of you here. My understanding of this cosmos is deeper than you guys a little. There are some old stories I know."

"Stop talking nonsense!" Ming Hao snorted impatiently. "I invite you here to ask if you have any solution to deal with that thing?"

Azure Dragon looked at them and pondered for seconds. "If we've reached Third Sky of Immortal Realm, perhaps we will have the power to fight it once. However, none of us have reached this realm yet. I'm afraid it's not easy to deal with !"

After talking, he suddenly turned to Shi Yan and screamed in surprise.

And then, people remembered Shi Yan, the one who they had neglected for a long time. They looked at him because they didn't know why Azure Dragon sounded surprised.

After a flash, Azure Dragon appeared by Shi Yan. He concentrated on Shi Yan to assess him. He looked even more astounded and cried, "He's getting an overall sublimation!"

Everybody was baffled.

Azure Dragon was bewildered. Seeing people not get what he meant, he spoke in a different way, "He's transforming in Bloodthirsty's path. It's a new life transformation in a new way. He's reaching the perfect state. It's a natural self-evolution that is similar to Ghost Hunter fusing with the blood of Immortal Demon Clan, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Imperial Dark Tribe. It's the blood fusion to reach a higher form of life. Also, Shi Yan is using an unknown power to fix the flaws of his living form. He will turn into the most perfect form!"

Now the others understood it. They were all shocked as they could never imagine such things.

Countless years had passed by and Bloodthirsty had been recognized as the strongest warrior. Except for his unknown, marvelous power Upanishad, it was because of his tenacious, domineering body. He was worshipped as the most perfect fighter.

According to Ming Hao, Bloodthirsty was the combination of the four great creatures. He had the advantageous features of all four races. His physical flaws were mended and his living form had almost reached perfection.

Ghost Hunter was an alien who was the closest to Bloodthirsty. With the mix of bloodlines, his life form had reached a new height.

However, at this moment, Azure Dragon was saying that Shi Yan was using a new method different from blood mixing to evolve his life form wholly.

It seemed to be the first case ever in the past one hundred thousand years!

"So you mean that this kind of life seal transformation is to evolve from the Immortal Demon to some higher-level creature?" Xuan He sounded shocked.

"In fact, he isn't a pureblood Immortal Demon. He just has the Immortal Demon Blood in his body. Also, he has slowly transformed to become an Immortal Demon warrior," Ming Hao was still calm. "I know his past like the back of my hand. His father comes from the Yang family and the Yang family is the result of the relationship between an Immortal Demon precursor and a human. Thus, the Yang family had the Immortal Demon blood in their bodies. As their realm increases, they can generate Immortal Demon Blood. Eventually, when they can replace their blood with the Immortal Demon Blood, they can transform into the Immortal Demon Body, the fighting form of the Immortal Demon warriors."

Pausing for a while, Ming Hao continued, "All the members of the Yang family are mixed blood between the Immortal Demon precursor and a human. It's the same in his case."

"The Human blood is really weak, but it has the most magical fusing power. It can blend with almost any other blood. This is a very unique feature. As his realm increases, his life form enhances and triggers his power to transform into the Immortal Demon Body. However, in nature, he still has streaks of Human Clan. Today, he's evolving to a higher life form. It's like when he has transformed into the Immortal Demon Body. Anyway, it's a special method that we don't know yet."

Ming Hao explained, his eyes astounded with emotions.

"Ming Hao has keen eyes," Holy Beast Azure Dragon gave a gentle nod. "Shi Yan has fused with the Genesis Fruit and his co-soul has fused with Grace Mainland. His life form is already complex and unpredictable. I can't see the causes. However, I know that after his life form finishes transforming, his progress of understanding the power Upanishads and the soul form will change altogether. The high-level creatures were born with advantages. It's similar to how the four great creatures are stronger than the other races and Bloodthirsty was stronger than us."

"I'm just afraid that his transformation speed won't catch up with the destructive speed of this universe," sneered DeCarlos.

Hearing him, the others darkened their faces as they had to return to reality.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan was quietly circulating energy in his acupuncture points to refine his entire body. He opened his eyes all of a sudden.

He could hear what Azure Dragon and the others discussed. He knew his current condition. While he was still surprised, he found that the aura from the giant worm suddenly became thicker!

He turned to see Wederson and then discolored in fear. He yelled, "WEDERSON!"

Hearing him, people were startled when they saw Wederson.

Wederson's stomach suddenly swelled up while he was releasing endless erosive energy. It looked like someone had just stuffed something into his body. A formidable energy that could destroy the universe gushed out from him like billions of volcanoes erupting at the same time. His terrifying power was enough to obliterate this world, indeed.

Even Ming Hao, Azure Dragon, and Xuan He discolored. They had a sudden fear of a new time coming. Wederson was so intimidating at the moment.

The massive worm was in its defending state, waiting for the clones. But now, it also recognized the danger. Just like an awakened hedgehog, its massive body shivered and released waves of bright light that could twist the bright colored chaotic space currents.

Countless beams of outer space streamers showered. Strong gusts, icicles, and chaotic deadly fields swarmed altogether. The turbulent space current seemed to turn into a massive furnace whose temperature continuously increased.

The colossal worm moved and seized the chance when people were startled because of Wederson. It tried to get rid of the confinement.

That group of experts didn't know what had just happened to Wederson. Seeing the worm trying to escape, they cheered up and used all of their power to seal it.

They seemed to see hope now!

Although Wederson had exploded and was now a pulp of blood and flesh, he had paid with his life to urge the tremendous energy to attack the big worm.

Even if it had balled its body to defend itself, it couldn't stand the power like the last glow of Wederson's life. That energy was enough to destroy so many star areas at the same time. The worm attempted to flee because it was scared.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Wederson's erosive energy overflowed on the massive worm. Thick dark clouds fumed out of the worm's body again.

Shi Yan's acupuncture points had gathered them all and turned them into the mysterious energy without refining. It was sent to his entire body. His body was still absorbing the energy greedily as if there was no limit.

Slowly, he felt something strange in his body.

Although he was still in the Immortal Demon Body, the spikes on his elbows, shoulders, and knees had become more fearsome and sharper. They had grown longer too. He suddenly felt itchy on his back. The electric currents came with the energy gushing out of his acupuncture points, heading to his back. The bones, veins, and cells in his back absorbed it all.

Crack! Crack!

Crunchy sounds echoed from his spine. The skin on his back cracked. His bones suddenly grew longer. He had a terrifying change!

A pair of wild, ferocious bone wings unexpectedly jutted out from the crack on his back. The bone wings were as transparent as jade and they twinkled. The veins and tendons in the wings were connected directly with his God power Ancient Tree. They were like his arms that he could control smoothly and agilely.

Flap! Flap!

As he thought, the bone wings flapped. The feeling of something becoming whole with his body arose in his mind.

He was dumbstruck.

The mysterious energy from the worm was taken in and the changes in his body continued.

The fingernails on his hands also changed. They grew one meter long and they were as sharp as the sabers. The light reflected on them was cold and harsh as if it could tear all creatures and cut their bodies open as easily as flipping a hand.