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1339 Good Fortune Fills Up to the Sky

Zi Yao's eyes didn't have human emotions when she stood on the giant worm. All of a sudden, a seven-colored light shot out of her eyes.

It seemed like she was frightened for the first time.

She looked at Wederson, her face grave. At the same time, the giant worm struggled harder and raised the waves that could shake the space and time, releasing the world-destroying energy.

Ming Hao's pressure multiplied!

It seemed like the giant worm suddenly rocketed its energy, which almost shattered the net of barriers confining it. It had forced Ming Hao's group to release more energy to fix the net. They had to use their God power massively.

Shi Yan didn't join their sealing work. At his cultivation base, he couldn't join this operation.

He looked at Wederson.

The thick erosive energy wildly emitted from Wederson together with his expanding deadly field. The space in this turbulent basin sizzled like boiling water.

The erosive energy brought within the destructive aura that could dissolve any creature. It was so terrifying. Eventually, it reached the giant worm.

The worm struggled more fiercely!

"Subdue it with your full force!" shouted Ming Hao.

Xuan He, Frederick, DeCarlos, and Lei Di were using their supernatural power at Second Sky of Immortal Realm and applying the power Upanishads they had been cultivating for ten thousand years. The blood-red rivers had subtle changes between life and death. The Corpse Qi had turned into many ropes that could even tie down the world altogether. Different destructive spaces multiplied and the outraged thunder dragons were attacking the colossal worm altogether.

The massive worm was fixed at its spot!

Finally, mad Wederson's erosive energy had arrived at the worm.

Ming Hao's eyes had a happy light. He squinted and the barrier on the worm's body slit apart. A sucking force came out of the slit and drew Wederson's erosive energy into the planet-sized worm's body.

Puff! Puff! Pufft!

The fierce erosive energy madly came like the strongest acid pouring on the giant chunk of meat. The giant worm fumed thick, dark smoke. It shrieked in pain like an outraged beast.

After Wederson had swallowed the three pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains, his wildness burst out with unimaginably incredible power. It looked like he had to burn his vitality to trigger the power in Bloodthirsty's remains. That kind of energy was beyond people's knowledge. It had strengthened the corrosive power and made it able to destroy the entire world.

A thick, dark mist diffused from the worm's body as the Corrosion power Upanishad hit it. The thick mist then congregated into countless floating clusters of clouds. They looked like they had individual lives and were trying to get rid of the worm and the danger.


Right at this moment, Shi Yan was shaken hard. His body couldn't help but shake violently.

The acupuncture points in his entire body acted like massive pumps with endless capacity.

Innumerable dark clouds flew out of the worm like a school of young swallow birds returning home. All of them overflowed toward Shi Yan and entered his acupuncture points.

A surging vitality moved violently inside his acupuncture points. It was so abundant that Shi Yan whined in pain!

So many jet black clouds fumed out of the giant worm had entered Shi Yan's acupuncture points. Strangely, they directly turned into mysterious energy without being filtered or refined!

It was like a current of warm water or original fluid that could make life evolve. After moving around the vortexes in his acupuncture points, the energy emitted directly.

A part of the mysterious energy entered his Incipient Extent! The world in his Incipient Extent expanded immediately. In just a blink of an eye, so many dazzling, diamond-like stars were born.

On those stars, when Shi Yan's thought changed, the mountains, rivers, and forest appeared together with the clouds in the skies. Except for having insects or creatures, the worlds in his Ethereal Extent weren't very different from the real world.

Another part of energy entered his limbs and seeped into his veins, tendons, skeleton, blood, and even his cells. The mysterious, unknown energy was absorbed by his body like a sponge that sucked water. It was a marvelous feeling that he couldn't describe. Nothing could be compared to this!

His life and body sublimated at the same time!

He had a magical feeling as if he had been transformed like when he had first descended to Grace Mainland and soaked in the blood pond.

Countless jet black clusters of clouds that drifted away from the worm body should have some wisps of Soul Consciousness within. However, Shi Yan's Devouring power Upanishad had controlled his acupuncture points and absorbed them all. The clouds moved one round through the vortexes where the wisps of Soul Consciousness in it were dsetroyed, leaving only the mysterious, pure energy.

This sort of pure energy was like the Original Fluid that could filter life and give a tonic to his soul and body.

His body, soul altar, and Incipient Extent sublimated altogether!

Wederson had used three pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains to create catastrophic, erosive energy. He was now much stronger than Gado. His erosive energy had attacked the worm and made it disperse and flee, which gave way for Shi Yan's Devouring power Upanishad.

Shi Yan was just standing and watching indifferently but now, he had become the one who was the best at this. He had taken in every black cloud drifting away from the gigantic worm.

Wederson was sinking in his insanity. The worm could have dodged his erosive energy. It could have at least run away. But right now, Xuan He, Ming Hao, and the others were trying to seal it. They were fixing it here and making it face Wederson's erosive attack directly

The billion-year-old Absolute Beginning creature had emitted mysterious energy when it got hurt. This kind of energy was like pure energy from the Origin. It didn't need to be refined or filtered before Shi Yan could use it. It had boosted Shi Yan altogether!

At this moment, Shi Yan felt so comfortable. It was like the path of an ordinary human heading to be a warrior and a warrior becoming the Almighty God!

Every second, his bones, blood, and flesh were soaked in the energy from the acupuncture points. It was the first time he felt like his body was an ocean that would never be filled. Every piece of him including his bones, blood, flesh, cells, and even the tiny hair had become so greedy that they had swallowed all the energy from the acupuncture points without feeling tired. It was his instinct to evolve.

His Incipient Extent was expanding too. Innumerable stars were twinkling. His sea of stars widened and his space was enlarged!

The energy from the massive worm was greater than his cognition. It was much more powerful and miraculous than the energy he had taken in from the warriors throughout these past years. This sort of marvelous energy had seeped into each of his tiny cells.

At the same time, his God power Ancient Tree had the tonic from the mysterious energy. However, it was different from the past and the God power Ancient Tree didn't grow up as it was filled. It changed!

The crystal branches of the ancient tree had connected to all veins of his body magically. At this moment, the God power Ancient Tree and his veins slowly fused into a whole.

Shi Yan was shaken hard.

He knew what it meant.

The God power Ancient Tree was the source of the power and the veins were the key channel to perform the power Upanishad's abilities. Every time he urged any kind of power, he needed to draw the energy from the God power Ancient Tree, which then pumped through the veins and transformed through his Soul Consciousness and power Upanishad.

The process when the energy was poured into the veins from the God power Ancient Tree often slowed down the preparation of an attack. It was because the God power Ancient Tree stayed in the lower abdomen and it wasn't connected to the veins.

However, from this moment, the branches of Shi Yan's ancient tree had directly connected to each of his veins. As soon as his mind flickered, his God power would surge vehemently into his veins. He just needed time to form a thought in his mind to strike a blow. There would be no delay or energy consumed along the way. He could maximize the effects of his abilities.

Wederson was still madly releasing his power and using the last bit of energy inside Bloodthirsty's remains.

The massive worm twitched and struggled harder. It could stab the soul. It had forced Ming Hao and Xuan He to deal with it. As Lei Di had just entered Second Sky of Immortal Realm, it was almost his limit. Blood trickled down the corners of his dragon mouth.

Xuan He and Ming Hao understood clearly that Wederson's terrifying energy showing was because of three pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains. After the energy inside the bones ran out, he would be like a lamp running out of oil. He couldn't maintain the attack for a long time.

If they couldn't hurt the worm and make it dormant again, all of them would turn into ashes.

Thus, they didn't regret hurting themselves to use their greatest powers that they had hidden for a long time to subdue the worm and force it to receive Wederson's erosive attack.

No one had paid attention to Shi Yan.

In their eyes, the one who was called the newly elected Master of the Bloodthirsty Force was just a small character who didn't matter at all. A Second Sky of Incipient God Realm warrior couldn't do anything in this area.

They didn't care about him and they didn't have time to care, either. Thus, they didn't know that while they were trying their best to seal the massive worm and Wederson was burning his vitality to urge Bloodthirsty's remains, Shi Yan was having the most magical quenching time in his entire life!

"Save me!"

All of a sudden, a fearful, soft soul message arose in Shi Yan's brain.

Shi Yan lifted his head to look at Zi Yao standing on the massive worm. This time, Zi Yao didn't speak the language of the Absolute Beginning creatures. Shi Yan understood her words.

At this moment, Zi Yao had half of her body stuck into the meat of the worm. Her beautiful face was sad and painful, her eyes begging him sincerely.

Shi Yan also looked at her. He was suddenly doubted and baffled. But shortly after, he became resolute. "You're not her!"

"It's me! It's me!" Zi Yao had tears lingering in her eyes as she gently wiggled and showed that she was trying to flee. Shi Yan could see something like tendons tying down her slim waist and legs. She couldn't get rid of them.

"You aren't her!" Shi Yan followed his sound mind, closing his eyes and not looking at her.

"You're so cruel!" Zi Yao screamed in a high-pitched voice.

Shi Yan was indifferent.

"It's true that I'm not her. But she's me! She's part of mine! Her soul has fused with ten wisps of my Soul Consciousness. She's now a clone of mine, a clone with human emotions and desires. If I perish, she will also die. Do you really want to see her die?" Zi Yao's voice drilled into his head, but Xuan He and Ming Hao didn't realize that.

Listening to her, Shi Yan was shaking hard because he knew that she spoke the truth. It was somehow a soul intuition.