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1335 Living in the Sheep Pasture

Ming Hao's former master was Bloodthirsty, obviously. He was the most difficult riddle in the vast sea of star in the past dozens of thousands of years. He was also the strongest warrior that people had acknowledged.

DeCarlos and Lei Di changed their countenances slightly. Even Xuan He and Frederick were baffled. They asked bewilderedly. "How come we never knew this?"

"So then why I'm the leader of the Cortege of Eight and not you two?" Ming Hao threw them a glance and said deliberately.

Xuan He and Frederick snorted at the same time.

"Is it true that Bloodthirsty used to fight the creature from the Absolute Beginning? He… he won?" DeCarlos was so astounded.

Ming Hao nodded, talking. "It's true! The mysterious power he got also comes from that victory. I guess he got it from the Absolute Beginning creature he had defeated."

People looked horror-struck.

Shi Yan also discolored in fear. He felt shocked. Rumor said that only Bloodthirsty understood and used that kind of anonymous energy. After ten thousand years, the leading forces like the God Clan, the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple had kept Bloodthirsty's remains to decode the mystery of that energy.

However, until now, no one had figured out how to use that energy.

Shi Yan knew that this kind of power was absolutely dangerous. It was perhaps the core power that helped Bloodthirsty rule the world. To get this power, the God Clan had united the big forces to kill Bloodthirsty. Anyway, they hadn't made any progress in explaining the nature of that power.

Until now, no one knew where Bloodthirsty came from or where he got the Devouring and the other eight great power Upanishads. Before Bloodthirsty, the Devouring and the eight great power Upanishad hadn't existed in this cosmos. Bloodthirsty's existence had spread out the great powers.

However, what had actually frightened the strongest experts was another power that Bloodthirsty controlled. It was even more mysterious to find the origin of that power.

Listening to Ming Hao, everybody was perplexed because it was inexplicable to them.

People who knew Ming Hao knew that he would never talk nonsense. Normally, his conclusion was the result of many years of observing and thorough investigations. If he said something, it was the closest to the truth.

Unexpectedly, that kind of energy came from some an Absolute Beginning creature!

Lei Di, DeCarlos, Xuan He, and Ming Hao had the dazzling light shoot out of their eyes when they looked at the massive worm. It seemed like they were stirred up!

However, shortly after, they discolored in fear!

The giant worm under layers of barriers began to struggle hard one more time. While it was wiggling, it murmured something. It was some sort of soul language that had never existed in this universe. Its voice whined and sounded archaic. Amazingly, it could get through Ming Hao and DeCarlos' seals to expand to the world outside.

It was like using the soul to summon something!


DeCarlos couldn't help but spurt blood. He looked paler as he screamed in fear. "It's calling for more of its kind!"

Ming Hao in the soul form twisted as if he also got hurt. He cried, "Xuan He, Frederick! Seal it now!"


Xuan He and Frederick nodded resolutely, their eyes slightly excited. They urged their power immediately.

An immense blood sea overflowed from Xuan He's Incipient Extent that was vast and thick with the isolated, deadly aura. However, inside the sea, the life energy burst out vigorously. The sea acted as a blood membrane and covered the giant worm.

Frederick grinned strangely.

The pale-white wisps of Corps Qi condensed and expanded like a thick white smog. Inside the curtain of smog was the glimpse of millions of white gravestones. They looked like the cold, silent mountains of the demons and ghosts after tens of thousands of years. The white gravestones inside the white smog were made of the Corpse Qi arrayed in the ancient formation that could destroy the world.

Millions of tombstone were planted in the cold and deadly mist. They pressed down on the worm and tried to confine it.

At the same time, Lei Di thundered his dragon roar. He opened his mouth and spurted dozens of thousands of small thunder dragons made of lightning and electric beams. They were like fierce lightning ropes tying the worm.

DeCarlos, Ming Hao, Xuan He, Frederick, and Lei Di were the five existences at the Immortal Realm. No one could resist this force in this world. If they had strike a star area, it would be enough to destroy it instantly, killing countless life stars and creatures.

Under the fierce attack of such force, Shi Yan was affected as he had only Second Sky of Incipient God Realm cultivation base. He stood aside and watched. He felt frightened as if his soul altar could be shattered in any minute by the shockwaves.

Almost instantly, he had turned into the Immortal Demon Body. The shield became his armor. Shi Yan had to gather the God power in his body to create layers of protection. He looked like a bloody rock that could resist all kind of shockwaves.

He pulled himself together to look at the massive worm. He felt so insecure as if something went wrong…

The chaotic space basin didn't have borders or limits. It was infinite, indeed. Then, something strange happened in the area pretty far from where Shi Yan and the others were.

Deep inside a space current was a place packed with countless dark clouds with disgusting meatballs inside.

While the gigantic worm was murmuring, millions of dark clouds here began to move and gathered. Shortly afterward, they became a massive worm as big as an entire planet.

The same change happened not only in that area.

Just like that, there were ten more colossal worms that appeared in the chaotic space basin. They were all so gigantic.

The twelves giant worms with similar size filled different areas of the space current.

While DeCarlos, Lei Di, Ming Hao, and the others were attacking one of them, the other eleven hissed angrily. Their voices became high, shrieking as if they were outraged.

The surface of each worm in the other areas began to ripple. The ripples were like waves of magical space energy. The outer space divine light shot out of their body. They gathered and made a magical, bright colored bridge.

Right then, eleven massive worms wiggled and entered the bridge and disappeared.


Ancient God Continent.

Inside the God Zenith, God Lord who had occupied Haig's body was hovering in the middle of a sea of essence Qi and flesh. Countless corpses from different races bobbed in that sea. They could see the warriors of the Human Clan, Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Dark Clan, Dark Spirit Clan, Ice Clan, and so many others in that sea. Most of them had at least Original God Realm cultivation base when they were still alive.

There were more than millions of corpses packed in the place. All of them looked ash-gray as if they didn't have a beam of life in them.

The God Lord hovered above the sea. The pores in his entire body opened to suck the surging Essence Qi and energy from the bodies. He was recovering his energy at the quickest speed.

All of a sudden, his closed eyes opened. The sun, moon, and stars moved inside his eyes radiantly.

"Master," Heavenly King Light kneeled by him and lifted up his face to watch his lord, "why do you wake up all of a sudden?"

The God Lord looked cold. He threw the other a glance and then said casually, "Summon Carefree, Divine Martial, and Easygoing. Ask them to come here at the fastest speed. Something earth-shaking is about to happen!"

Heavenly King Light didn't ask further. He immediately used his soul to send his message to every corner of Ancient God Star Area.

In a corner of Ancient God Star Area on a freezing lunar star, Carefree was holding the moon nucleus in his hand. He was about to teach Ouyang Luo Shuang. But he suddenly shook and said to her. "You cultivate here alone. I have to go now. I have something very important to do."

On a life star of the Bramos family in an inn inside a typical city, there was a stunningly handsome man sitting with two beautiful ladies with vulgar clothes on his chest. As he was having fun, a light flashed in his eyes. In the next moment, he disappeared into thin as if he had never been there.

The current chief of the Charteris family, Charlint, was in a secret chamber together with some elders. They were listening to a handsome man's teaching about the marvelous features of power Upanishads and how to break through to the Immortal Realm. That man had a cold face like ice, his aura as sharp as a blade.

Suddenly, he was startled, lowering his voice. "Master called me."

He disappeared even before his voice had vanished, leaving a group of panic-stricken members of Charteris family in the secret chamber. They didn't know what happened.

Carefree, Easygoing, and Divine Martial, the three Heavenly Kings had dropped all of their work when they received Light's call. They were heading to Ancient God Continent at max speed.

Just like three shooting lights in the middle of the universe, they could cross billions of miles and pass the sparkling stars after a breath.

Shortly after, the three Heavenly Kings landed on Ancient God Continent inside the God Zenith. They kneeled down in front of the God Lord.

They kept their heads lower and didn't ask a question. Just like the most loyal servants, they were waiting for their master's orders.

"One hundred thousand years ago, we had joined many experts to kill Bloodthirsty. We succeeded. Before he died, Bloodthirsty talked to me privately. What he told me has bothered me for so many years and I will never forget it," said the God Lord indifferently, his eyes rippling with many inexplicable waves of energy.

The four Heavenly Kings slightly lifted up their heads and looked at him suspiciously, waiting for his further explanations.

"We all know that at Ethereal God Realm, the soul altar has the Ethereal Extent. After the warrior has entered Incipient God Realm, the Ethereal Extent will evolve to the Incipient Extent. The Incipient Extent is an independent space that can contain mountains or rivers. The most refined and advanced ones can even have planets. After reaching the Immortal Realm, the Incipient Extent will be developed one more time. It won't be different from the real world at that time. Even if we die, our Incipient Extent can remain independently. I heard that after the Immortal Realm, the Incipient Extent still could develop further. At that time, it could produce lives."

The God Lord looked at the four and said, "Real lives. Living beings. The high-level living beings like us could be produced in an Incipient Extent of someone whose realm is higher than Immortal Realm!"

The four Heavenly Kings looked baffled.

The God Lord intendedly paused for a while. He suddenly had a bitter gleam flashing on his face. "Have you ever thought that our God Clan, Heavenly Monster Tribe, Imperial Dark Tribe, and Immortal Demon Tribe, are living in someone's Incipient Extent? Before he died, Bloodthirsty told me that I'm pathetic. I'm just a sheep in someone's pasture. The only thing that makes us different from the others is that we have a good shape with better vision. However, we are still the sheep. In nature, we're no different from the others."