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"Actually, I've paid attention to it for a long time. I've secretly watched its moves. However, it recently became rebellious. As it captured more warriors, perhaps it's like a wounded warrior getting healed…"

DeCarlos explained with a grave face, "Recently, the space passages in the Sea Territory of many star areas often encounter problems. Many warriors have gone missing inexplicably while moving through the space passages. Furthermore, many people who were using the Space Teleport Formation I've built have also gone missing."

He looked at Xia Xin Yan and Shi Yan, his face heavier. "I didn't have a clue until I found a missing warrior in a cloud near here."

DeCarlos pointed at the dark clouds around and spoke with a cold countenance. "Those gone missing warriors were dragged here to this chaotic space basin. It has confined them."

Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan were shaken. They couldn't believe it and they felt so cold inwardly.

If that thing could affect space passages and pull traveling warriors to the space basin, the transport between the star areas was going to be much more dangerous later on.

DeCarlos was the warrior with the best Space power Upanishad in the world. He had built many Space Teleport Formations for Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. When those formations were ineffective and many warriors had disappeared mysteriously while using the formations, it was going to create a terrible influence on his reputation. He had to make it clear.

If it happened that way, people would be afraid of traveling through space passages. It would affect the universe a lot.

"It's not that simple," DeCarlos rubbed his long, white beard. He looked at the dark clouds hovering nearby and said with a little fear. "It seems to affect the barrier of the sky too. You know that the normal warriors can't shatter the void with their attacks. But now, when Third Sky of Incipient God Realm experts fight, they can make the void shatter or break. They can possibly make the entire star area collapse."

Shi Yan was surprised.

He suddenly remembered the time he fought with Spark when his blood sword had hit the other's Celestial Ice Jade Flake, which had created a space that shattered.

At that time, he suddenly had a feeling that the void seemed so vulnerable. It was too fragile.

When the void collapsed that time, around ten thousand God Clan's warriors had been dragged into the space basin. He knew that they couldn't survive. Connecting this to what DeCarlos had just told him, Shi Yan grimaced. He got a very bad premonition…

Could it be that someone had done something discreetly to take that horde of God clansmen to confine them like Spark?

"I took Lei Di here because I found that the Sea Territory has become even stranger. Recently, it seems to have much more energy!" continued DeCarlos.

"Er. . ."

Shi Yan rubbed his nose, feeling embarrassed. "When I fought Spark, we had exploded the void of Fiery Rain Star Area. Around ten thousand warriors of the God Clan had been dragged into this area. I wonder if that sudden boost of energy is related to the God Clan's warriors and Spark?"

Hearing him, Lei Di was bewildered. DeCarlos changed his face and thundered, "I couldn't believe it was because of you!"

"Don't be feverish! Don't! I'm here to find the solution, aren't I?" Shi Yan smiled sheepishly.

"DeCarlos, don't forget why we're here. It's more important to do the main business." Lei Di comforted him, "This kid is our Heavenly Monster Tribe's lucky star. If you kill him, our tribe won't thrive again."

"Harrumph, I don't dare to kill him, anyway," DeCarlos's face was glum as if his parents had just passed away. "He's a bad omen and a malignant tumor of this sea of stars. If he dies, this universe will be in peace. But now, no one wants to live in peace in this universe. I don't want to cause any grudge against Tian Xie, Ming Hao, or Xuan He."

"Focus!" Lei Di stressed it again.

DeCarlos calmed down eventually. "Right, focus on the business. I will peel off the dark things outside the meatball. You will use rough lightning to strike it, Then, we let the kid use the heaven flame to burn it down. Let's see if we can destroy it."

He soon had a plan.

"I think it's not gonna be trouble!" Lei Di laughed roughly and winked at Shi Yan. "Do you have any problem?"

"Not at all," Shi Yan shrugged.

DeCarlos didn't linger. He took action directly and released his power.

In this strange area, he made hand seals and skillfully drew the power of space. His body glowed and flashed continuously like a sparkling crystal. It happened like that for several seconds. Abruptly, billions of sharp blades bloomed like a storm. They scattered and slashed on those black clouds.

Just like miracle sabers, they flew around and peeled off the outer layer of the black clouds.

The disgusting meat lumps were revealed like massive tumors hanging in the sky and filling the area. There were more than ten thousand of them. Vaguely, they had formed a strange, unknown array.

Those meatballs had a viscous substance like the nasal mucus. They swelled and moved closer to each other.

Just like cells that were magnified billions of times, they gathered and made goosebumps rise on their skin.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Suddenly, lightning strikes came with the bellowing thunder. Billions of lightning snakes flew out of Lei Di's Incipient Extent and attacked those massive balls.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Innumerable meatballs began to fume gray smoke. They swelled and diffused more sticky fluid.

There were so many warriors confined inside the meatballs. The blood veins and intestines acted like the tentacles that moved agilely toward Shi Yan's team.

Those things were sticky and disgusting with a sort of gross, yellow pus that was dripping. It was so nauseating, indeed.

At the same time, an evil thought aimed at them.

"Lei Di! Could you feel that?" DeCarlos suddenly screamed, "Is that the consciousness a low-level creature could have?"

Lei Di winced. He knitted his brows to focus on sensing. Then, he said, "You're right. It looks down on us and doesn't talk to us because it assumes that it's a high-level being and we're just little ants. Yeah, that feeling…"

As Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan had relatively low realms, they couldn't feel the subtle features that Lei Di and DeCarlos could feel. They looked surprised as they were trying to sense too.

"Send out your heaven flame! Use the best power to burn down this area!" shouted DeCarlos.

He hadn't finished and the eternal fires hovering around Shi Yan had already expanded like fire burning the dry moor. With one breath, the scorching flames of the Origin had rolled fierily. Billions of flames shot toward the meatballs like lightning strikes.

Boom! Boom!

The meat lumps caught on fire and started burning.

At first, DeCarlos had peeled off the thickest defense of it. Then, Lei Di used his magnificent lightning to bombard it and in the end, the heaven flames of the Origin burned it. The three experts had joined hands and they seemed to find the right way to destroy those gross things.

Innumerable meat lumps were covered in heaven flame, burning fiercely.

"It seems that it's not really hard," Lei Di grinned and continued harshly. "We don't need to care what the heck it is. Just burn it down. Let's see what it can do."

DeCarlos agreed with him. Because of the fiery power of Shi Yan's heaven flames that could burn all kinds of creatures, he began to treat Shi Yan better. Looking at the vehement flame expanding, he said, "Here's just one spot. Only the spots I know, there're around ten. We should keep going."

"I want to find my friend," frowned Shi Yan.

"The one you're searching for shouldn't be here. Otherwise, you won't burn them that easily. Before we came here, you must have investigated the area," DeCarlos looked impatient. "First, for the safety of many star areas, we should head on to the main business. Perhaps the one who you're looking for is confined by the same thing but in another area. We should just check one by one then. It won't take much time anyway."

"Hey. What's that?" screamed Lei Di.

DeCarlos and Shi Yan looked at that area. It was the meatball that kept Spark. It was burned, but it didn't look like ashes.

Quite the contrary, a cold energy was emitting from it. The cold energy created a blue mist then diffused. Shi Yan's heaven flame was extinguished everywhere it went by.

"It's Spark's life treasure. It's strange. He said that it was called Celestial Ice Jade Flake. He got it from the Sea Domain of Nihility and he had to use seven hundred years to tame it. It's really powerful, though!"

Shi Yan screamed as he saw the icy halo inside the meat lump.

"Something from the Sea Domain of Nihility…"

DeCarlos looked tense. "It can endure your heaven flame without reducing the cold energy and it can use the mist to extinguish your premature heaven flame… This item is absolutely a magical treasure…"

Lei Di's eyes brightened. However, his interest was gone almost instantly, shaking his head. "Nah, it's not suitable for my power Upanishad."

"Zi Yao!"

Right at this moment, Xia Xin Yan couldn't help but scream and point at something.

Inside the sea of surging fire, a massive meatball was like a brain cracking. Zi Yao emerged. Her eyes were blank without a gleam of emotion. She rose one hand and grabbed the void. The Celestial Ice Jade Flake turned into a cold light and fell into her white hand.

A tremendous energy fluctuated from her body. Unexpectedly, it wasn't weaker than DeCarlos and Lei Di.

When Zi Yao had many bright colored halos ripple behind her, they expanded like light consonances. Her entire body immersed in the bright, divine light, and gave people a fantasy, dreamy feeling.

However, the aura on her body made people quiver in fear. It was a coldness that no human being should have.