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1328 Walking Free

Zi Yao was like an agile butterfly, floating and flying around. Colorful light radiated magnificently from her body. It had nine colors including tangerine, cyan, purple, blue, white, green, yellow, black, and gray.

Nine different colored lights emitted from Zi Yao's body. Gradually, they became like ribbons that made her more mesmerizing.

The energy fluctuating from her body condensed and accumulated as beautiful light radiated from her.

It seemed like her words were true. She could still gather energy in this chaotic space basin. Moreover, she could do that at a faster speed and more productive rate than in any other environment!

It was unbelievable!

Suddenly, Shi Yan remembered what Zi Yao had told him about her power Upanishad.

It was a special Light power Upanishad that was different from the Light power Upanishad that the God Clan had cultivated in features and auras.

Zi Yao's power Upanishad was learned from outer space streamers. The divine light was a very special sort of light. They came from miraculous areas somewhere in this universe. Most of them had a simple consciousness. They could move freely and enter creatures' bodies or have some spectacular changes...

This kind of outer space divine light often moved through the sea of stars like shooting stars. They flashed and disappeared. Not many people could grab a good chance to see them.

Let alone catch it and get it into the body to create a special Light power Upanishad.

Zi Yao got the outer space divine light and merged it into her body. She had developed this power Upanishad and slowly advanced it.

This was an extremely God-given talent, indeed.

However, this power Upanishad was rare and not many people could cultivate it, let alone cultivate it to a profound level. Rumors said that it was very difficult to breakthrough in this power Upanishad. It would be easier if the warrior could continuously absorb the outer space divine light.

Unfortunately, the divine light in this cosmos was really rare. The other people perhaps wouldn't have even a chance to see them. Although the warriors cultivating this power Upanishad could recognize and locate the outer space divine light, it was just a dream if they wanted to find and capture a lot of them in this vast sea of stars.

Today, after Zi Yao retrieved her protecting light cage and exposed her body in the chaotic current, she looked comfortable. Amazingly, she could even cultivate here freely.

Her cultivating speed was much faster than when she cultivated on any high-level life star out there!

Shi Yan, Xia Xin Yan, and most of the warriors could never be able to absorb the energy Zi Yao was taking in. She didn't even do anything to gather them into her frame and flesh. After a while, the nine-colored halo and ribbons were moving around her and making her a precious deity.

"Well, it's strange, though. I couldn't think that where Xin Yan considers the toxic land is your auspicious land," Shi Yan sighed.

"I couldn't believe that I can continue to cultivate in this area. It's really awesome. The energy in this place and the divine light I had collected have the same aura. I think they share the same origin. Oh. Over there, the aura is thicker. I'm going there to check."

Zi Yao smiled tenderly. She swiftly flew away like a river of light, her speed very fast.

"Why don't you follow her to see?" Xia Xin Yan smiled. She didn't look frightened anymore. The beautiful light rippled in her eyes.

"It seems like I don't need to worry about her here. In this place... seems like she won't encounter many dangers." Shi Yan rubbed his chin, looking like he was contemplating in the direction Zi Yao had just disappeared. "She has a seal of mine on her body. In this area, my Soul Consciousness can locate her at ease. I can teleport to her instantly."

"Oh, you're so thoughtful and caring. Since when have you become so sensitive and dedicated?" Xia Xin Yan teased him, her voice sour.

Shi Yan was astounded.

A woman's heart was like the sea, indeed. Shi Yan understood this proverb deeply now. When he was in Black Angle Star to send the energy to Blood Devil and the others, his hearing wasn't affected. He had heard all that Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao had told each other. He thought that they were like close sisters.

Thus, he slightly showed his care to Zi Yao. Unexpectedly, Xia Xin Yan immediately showed that she was jealous, though.

"Well, I always am," Shi Yan beamed and moved He had crossed the distance and appeared like a ghost by her. His large hand was placed on her soft, jade-like hand. A flow of vitality was transmitted into her body and was flowing through her veins.

Since he couldn't send pure energy to her body the way he had sent energy to Blood Devil or Ka Tuo, he could only send the vitality that he had condensed to her. He could only use the power from the Immortal Demon Blood to take care of her.

Xia Xin Yan's soft body quivered when the flow of life energy moved warmly in her body. She said, "You don't need to do that. I got enough energy in my body. Also, when you were in Thunder Firmament Star Area, someone suddenly gave me a condensed energy ball. It... somehow relates to you."

Shi Yan held her small, soft hand and frowned, "Are you sure?"

"I can see the past," Xia Xin Yan's beautiful eyes sparkled strangely. "That piece of past happened in this space current. That man stayed here, condensed the energy, and then gave it to me. I can show you a vague scene. Come into my Ethereal Extent."

Shi Yan was surprised. He sent a wisp of his soul to her open Ethereal Extent.

As soon as Shi Yan got in her Ethereal Extent, he was stunned. Her Ethereal Extent was extremely spectacular. It was a place full of shattered images like thousands of screens. His soul flew freely inside her Ethereal Extent and he felt like he was reading her memory to know what she had experienced.

She was completely relaxed. She opened her innermost place to let him examine.

Suddenly, a piece of a broken image came near to him and the character inside began to move...

Shi Yan saw the chaotic space current and DeCarlos who was gathering and condensing energy taken from the Ice and Fire power Upanishad of Cook and Jeremy. He threw it to the space slit and it fell on Xia Xin Yan's body.

Shi Yan was so amazed.

He couldn't believe that Xia Xin Yan told him the truth. The energy she had received was related to him. It was he who had forced Cook and Jeremy to combine the best power to create that earth-shaking ice and fireball. Shi Yan wanted to pull it into the space slit, but DeCarlos had taken it earlier and given it to Xia Xin Yan.

Shortly after, Shi Yan flew out of Xia Xin Yan's Ethereal Extent. "That man is called DeCarlos. He's the expert with the best Space power Upanishad in this universe in this age. As far as I know, he has reached Second Sky of Immortal Realm. Very excellent. But why did he send that chunk of energy to you? I can't understand him..."

"Me neither," Xia Xin Yan shook her head.

DeCarlos was the expert with the most thorough understanding of Space power Upanishad in this universe. He wouldn't do anything in vain. He must have had some idea when he condensed the pure energy and gifted it to Xia Xin Yan.

Shi Yan wore a dark face and thought. However, as he couldn't make head or tail of it, he decided to put it aside. "Can you face the evil barrier in your heart now? Do you still feel like that invisible barrier exists?"

"How could I make it that fast?! I need more time to get used to this place and erase the fear," she smiled tenderly but also weakly. Her bright eyes were so mild. "Before I do that, can you stand by me until I adapt to the terrifying dangers in this area?"

"I sure can."

Shi Yan looked to the area ahead of them and thought. Then, he encouraged her, "In this area of turbulent space currents, all gusts, icicles, explosions, and streamers are fatal. Normal Incipient God Realm experts can't escape easily. Those really powerful things can even hurt Immortal Realm experts. You can move. You shouldn't stand still. I will watch over you. Before you encounter a deadly danger, I will warn you."


Xia Xin Yan stooped and smiled. She moved swiftly like a shadow in Zi Yao's direction.

Shi Yan smiled and followed her.

They flew through the endless space slit one after another. Sometimes they exchanged looks. Sometimes they chatted. Their souls felt quiet and peaceful.

The bands of light exploded and sent sparks everywhere, which looked so magnificent. Sometimes, they saw snowflakes coming out of nowhere bringing cold energy with them that could even freeze and crack an entire planet. There were also fiery flames rolling up to the sky as if they wanted to burn everything down.

Although she was flying inside a place with so many deathtraps and turbulent energy, Xia Xin Yan never felt so safe and happy.

It was because Shi Yan was by her side.

The nightmare experience from many years ago seemed to fade after several days moving through a chaotic space basin with countless dangers.

Eventually, she recognized one thing. It wasn't like in the past. She could survive even in the much harsher environment.

In this area, there was no concept of time. Both Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan didn't know how long they had been here. They flew and accompanied each other. Sometimes they kissed, holding hands and enjoying the rare peaceful moments. They enjoyed the chances to be together as lovers.

Until one day, Shi Yan was shocked. Their peace was broken quickly.

"What?" Xia Xin Yan frowned.

The massive, deadly explosions created by moving streamers happened continuously around them beautifully. They were sitting on a strange, floating rock and talking about the events in the past.

All of a sudden, Shi Yan shivered. He looked frightened. "I can't sense her existence anymore."

Xia Xin Yan knew who he was just mentioning. Her face also changed. "Why is that? Didn't you tell me that you've put a seal in her body? As long as we are here, can't you easily locate her? Did she leave this place and return to Fiery Rain Star Area or Agate Star Area?"

"Impossible, she doesn't cultivate Space power Upanishad. She can't find the exit." Shi Yan shook his head and frowned. His face grimaced.

"What kind of character that could erase the seal you've planted?" asked Xia Xin Yan.

"The Immortal Realm experts. But it's not that. Because if it happened that way, my soul would feel numb. I didn't feel pain. I'm sure the seal is still there, but I can't locate her. It's so strange." Shi Yan darkened his face, his eyes sparkling.