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1324 Lead the Evil Around

The void shattered was smoothened like a mirror. Everything slowly resumed its normal status.

Shi Yan looked focused as he used the magical understanding of his Space power Upanishad for many years to mend the space and make it flat and smooth.

The torn space was like a closing wound. Countless flood currents from outer space were stopped outside.

Shi Yan's wisps of Soul Consciousness like space sabers flew around the area. They collected small pieces of shattered space and guided them to chaotic currents outside the star area.

After one hour, the large pit caused by Shi Yan's and Spark's attacks had been fixed. Fiery Rain Star Area finally could avoid the shattering and disappearing consequences.

He checked around and looked at the battleships of the God Clan. He smiled.

His mind flickered and his acupuncture points suddenly had a tremendous suction force like gigantic whale sucking water!

The torrential energy from the dead warriors hadn't vanished yet. They invisibly streamed toward Shi Yan's acupuncture points and filled them once again. The familiar swelling pain reappeared.

Brimming with energy, Shi Yan felt so refreshed. He couldn't help but laugh cheerfully.

"Is it really funny?"

Wederson's peculiar voice arose. His rough body shot out of the deep abyss. He reached Shi Yan in almost just a blink of an eye. Obviously, he didn't come with good intentions.

At this moment, the survivors of the God Clan were running madly toward the Sea Territory. And even the warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area were heading there.

Only Shi Yan hovered in this area when Wederson came with his flames of anger. However, he didn't strike Shi Yan immediately.

He maliciously glared at Shi Yan. All of a sudden, his eyes showed a gleam of reluctant sorrow. Looking at the pieces of corpses around the area, Wederson asked in a low-pitched voice. "Did they die because of me..."

Thornton's team of the Beckelfeld hadn't known how Wederson killed his warriors when he got mad. But now, they knew. To know this, they had to pay a terrifyingly bloody price.

Wederson didn't know what would happen after he burst out with his insanity, either. However, he knew that many people died because of him when he woke up.

This time, he understood it more clearly because this course of madness had been so long to the point that he felt like it was almost perpetual. Eventually, he got a hold of himself.

Just that gleam of time had made him understand many, many things...

Wederson wasn't a bloodthirsty character. When he knew that many of his subordinates had to perish because of his madness, he couldn't accept it.

Although they often looked at him with disdain concealed in their eyes, they were the members of the Hidden God Vessels. They had been with him for years. More or less, he still had some feelings for them.

"No, the people died because you were mostly in the deathtrap inside the abyss. They accounted for around one-fourth of the total deaths." Shi Yan frowned and said calmly. "Another fourth died because of the impact between Spark and me. We caused a spatial explosion and guided the chaotic space currents here. Some of them exploded to death while the others drowned in turbulent space currents."

"It's you!" Wederson roared like a wild, hurt beast. "I know it's you. You came into my head like a nightmare spirit. You've pumped the killing desire into my head and made me not able to control myself. You've triggered the evil energy in my body. It's because of you! All because of you! Because of you, my warriors were killed!"

Wederson roared and thundered. The evil aura burst out from his eyes like a flame. He looked as if he was about to fall into insanity one more time.

"True. I did all of those," Shi Yan didn't deny this and chuckled. While talking, a wisp of his Soul Consciousness shot out like the electric beam.

His Soul Consciousness flew toward the Sea Territory of Fiery Rain Star Area. It pierced through layers of space barriers. After a flash, it could cross billions of miles.

Blood Devil was standing on a battleship and focusing on the dark horizon ahead. He was so restlessly anxious. He wanted to get into the Sea Territory as fast as possible.

He considered that Fiery Rain Star Area was about to break. It would be erased from this vast sea of stars soon. If they couldn't leave before the star area was obliterated, he and the reinforcements from Agate Star Area would vanish into ashes altogether.

He could never accept this!

Suddenly, a familiar wisp of Soul Consciousness came to him. He felt Shi Yan's aura in this. Blood Devil was startled. He immediately caught it.

That flow of Soul Consciousness came into his Sea of Consciousness without resisting and sent him a message.

Bewildered for seconds, Blood Devil laughed loudly. He didn't care about the other astounding warriors standing by him and pitched his voice, "Stop! All of you! Return to the Hexagonal Star Land. The situation is over. Everything is okay now!"

At the same time, in the direction of Hexagonal Star Land, Shi Yan wore a severe face while looking at Wederson who was about to burst out again. All of a sudden, he asked, "Do you believe I can kill you right now?"

Wederson was about to sink into his mad world again, but he shouted when he heard Shi Yan. "You can't kill me!"

"Your erosive energy can erode the space, planets, and everything but it does nothing to me because I can swallow it directly! This power Upanishad comes from Gado. Gado was one of the Cortege of Eight and the power Upanishad I got is from Gado's Master."

Shi Yan snorted and then continued, "You shouldn't think that the good encounter that helped you with Gado's inheritance is enough to destroy this whole world. You're just at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. Even if you use all of your energy, you still have no way to wiggle under the Devouring power Upanishad I inherited from Bloodthirsty because my power Upanishad is your power Upanishad's nemesis."

Wederson looked perplexed, his eyes blurry. "Gado? Who's Gado? I don't know him. I don't know what you're talking about..."

Shi Yan frowned and looked at him, his eyes like sabers stabbing Wederson's heart.

After a while, he was also skeptical as he found that Wederson wasn't lying. This man with the Man blood wasn't good at making cunning plans. It was Shi Yan's turn to become bewildered. "You don't know that the erosive energy in your body comes from Gado, a member of my retinue? You know nothing about it?"

"No, I don't," Wederson mumbled, "and I don't want to know that!"


A strange power field came out of Wederson's fist with a faint streak of erosive power. However, it was trivial compared to the time he had lost his mind.

When Wederson was in his normal condition, he was just an expert at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. He couldn't release the evil in his heart when he was normal so he couldn't urge the earth-erosive power from Gado.

This kind of attack wasn't any threat to Shi Yan. He frowned, hissed "Confine", and rose his hand at that power field. Unexpectedly, that magnetic field couldn't resist.

Shi Yan opened his mouth and spurted a band of starlight, which then fell on Wederson's deadly field. Countless starlight dots were sent in every direction.

Wederson immediately found that the energy he had poured into the deadly field was drained by the starlight.

Shi Yan didn't dare to use negative energy because he was afraid it could stimulate Wederson again. Mad Wederson was dozens of times more brutal than usual. Shi Yan would have a terrible headache if he made Wederson lose his mind. Thus, he had to control his energy carefully.

"You killed so many warriors of the Breckelfeld family on the Hidden God Vessels. Thornton and Pargo saw that with their own eyes. To stop you, Thornton had to use the Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf that could tear the barriers of Hexagonal Star Land. Do you think you still can return to your Breckelfeld family? Do you think Thornton will accept you?"

Shi Yan's words were like heartless arrows coldly thrusting into Wederson's heart.

Pain rose in Wederson's heart. His eyes showed his insecure feelings. He wasn't afraid that Thornton and Pargo would retaliate him, but he was afraid that the Breckelfeld family would destroy the life star where his Man Tribe lived.

It was also the reason why he knew that the Breckelfeld family had looked down on him but he still had to submit to Thornton.

As the star area where the Man Tribe dwelled belonged to the Breckelfeld family, Thornton just needed to spit and his mother, his relatives, would be slaughtered the same way people slaughter cattle.

He couldn't stop it and he didn't have the power to stop it. Thus, he had to try his best and sacrifice his life for Thornton in the hope that Thornton would consider his loyalty and leave his Man brothers and sisters in peace.

Today, listening to Shi Yan's naked and ruthless explanation, his heart was chilled and his soul was filled with fear. The thought of taking revenge on Shi Yan faded from his mind. He just wanted to return to his birthplace to take his beloved ones out of there. He wanted to escape the homicide that was going to be carried out by the God Clan.

Since he had followed Thornton for many years, he knew how cruel and cold-blooded Thornton was. He was sure that when Thornton's hands were free, he would slaughter his homeland.

Wederson kept silent for a long time. He threw Shi Yan a malignant glance then dashed toward the Sea Territory.

He wanted to run to his homeland as fast as possible. He had crossed his heart to protect his home and was seeking for a way for his beloved ones to live!

Shi Yan's eyes sparkled strangely. He just looked at Wederson leaving and did nothing.

Shi Yan was sure that Wederson couldn't catch up with Thornton and Pargo. He was also sure that after Thornton had returned to Ancient God Star Area safely, he would order to clear Wederson's homeland. Shi Yan knew Thornton would do something to vent out his anger for this worst failure.

Wederson had come to Fiery Rain Star Area through the channel of the God Clan. If he wasn't dumb, when he wanted to return to his homeland, he would use the channel in the Tsunami Star. He would never pass by the God Clan.

But if he took this route, he would come back late because it took more time.

By the time he got home, his homeland would be already in ruins. People would have died everywhere. In such a desperate situation, he would burst out crazily again.

It was what Shi Yan had expected, though...

Wederson and Gado should have some close relationship. Moreover, Shi Yan could feel some other evil force from Wederson's body. That kind of force tasted like... Bloodthirsty's aura.

As Shi Yan was keeping Bloodthirsty's remains, he had time to study them. The aura of the remains was somehow similar to Wederson.

A character like Wederson could become an evil weapon to deal with the God Clan. If he used it well, it could be a big help to the Bloodthirsty Force.

But the premise was that he had to make Wederson hate the God Clan and send his flames of anger to the God Clan.

He believed that Thornton would help him achieve this goal soon. What he needed to do was to guide Wederson well and make him walk toward his side.