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1323 Set Up Earth and Heaven

Ancient Demon Continent.

Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick were watching the void mirror, their faces both grave and heavy.

Spark's and Shi Yan's divine weapons had impacted and shattered the void, causing the turbulent space current to flow into Fiery Rain Star Area. Thus, Fiery Rain Star Area was now in the most chaotic situation. It would gradually disappear into nihility.

It was the calamity that both the Bloodthirsty Force and the God Clan didn't want to see.

"He has only Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, but he could forcefully resist Spark and hurt his soul. He's worthy of being our Master's successor," Frederick gave a slight nod.

Xuan He rubbed his chin and contemplated, "I'm sure he's not okay now. Although he used the Origin to trigger his potential, the differences between their realms are too big. His wound shouldn't be less serious than Spark's. However..."

He paused for a while, his voice amused. "Thornton and Pargo were shocked when they saw his attack. They didn't seize this once in a blue moon chance. They gave him time to recover. Thornton and Pargo would never be able to imagine how fast he could recover using the Devouring power Upanishad."

"They were just little children in the previous era, so they don't know our Master's magical power Upanishad," Frederick laughed strangely.

"Fiery Rain Star Area is shattering. Without an external force to stop it, Fiery Rain Star Area will disappear and merge with the Sea Domain of Nihility." Ming Hao winced and pondered. Then, he sent out a wisp of his soul. His soul moved like a shuttle between different spaces and searched for something.

After a long time, Ming Hao squinted and couldn't hide his sigh.

Xuan He threw him a glance and asked, "DeCarlos doesn't want to help?"

Ming Hao nodded.

"I'm always curious. You were the most prominent leader of the new generation of Imperial Dark Tribe that year. Our Master... killed your teacher. Why could you..." asked Xuan He skeptically.

Ming Hao suddenly snorted and said, "Well, weren't you, Ming Hao, the leader of Immortal Demon Clan? You followed our Master too. DeCarlos doesn't want to come and Fiery Rain Star Area still has that mysterious Wederson. It's really annoying."

"If Shi Yan can't stabilize the chaotic star area after one hour, I'll go there personally," Xuan He frowned and spoke impatiently. "You want me to go, don't you?"

"Yeah, my clone can't go there. You have to go there, then," Ming Hao paused for a while and then lowered his voice. "That guy named Wederson has a normal profile, but he is making a really big commotion. He got something I can't see through."

Ming Hao had his soul scatter in many star areas. When he was talking with Xuan He and Frederick here, his other soul had investigated Wederson's profile thoroughly through his shortcuts.

"If you get there, you must focus on discovering Wederson's secret. I always felt that Gado's aura on his body was even stranger than when Gado was still alive."

Ming Hao didn't make himself clear.

Xuan He's eyes sparkled. He coldly looked at the void mirror and said nothing.


At this moment, Shi Yan wasn't alright. It could be said that he was in danger.

If Thornton and Pargo struck him one, he would collapse immediately. He would have been burst to death. Both his soul and body would perish at the same time.

At this moment, his tiers of the soul altar seemed to break and the connection between the Sea of Consciousness, power Upanishads, and Incipient Extent was cut off. His soul was uncontrollable to defend. Even a normal Incipient God Realm expert could kill him easily.

All were because of the impact with Spark's Celestial Ice Jade Flake. Spark was at the False Immortal Realm with exquisite and compressed God power. The Celestial Ice Jade Flake was the life treasure that he had collected and tamed for hundreds of years from the Sea Domain of Nihility.

The abundant energy in this tiny jade flake could crush some life stars for sure. The impact he got had affected his soul altar and fractured the tiers.

Shi Yan was lucky that Thornton and Pargo were so scared that they didn't dare to attack him. Otherwise, he would have died already.

The acupuncture points in his body were crazily revolving. The refined energy was now the mysterious, pure energy diffusing from seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points. They dripped and moved toward his Sea of Consciousness.

Starting from the Sea of Consciousness, the fracture of his soul altar was mended at a fast speed!

Spark's soul was damaged poorly, but he could only suppress the pain and jump into the chaotic space current to search for his life treasure.

Shi Yan got more severe wounds but he could use the power of the Devouring power Upanishad to stabilize his soul altar using the energy he had converted. He could heal his body's conditions really fast.

"Wederson! Wake up! Wake up!"

Thornton shouted ear-piercingly, his face grimaced and his body quivering insecurely.

Thornton and Pargo were with the God Clan troops. At this moment, many warriors of their families were drowning in the space current. They perished by the shockwaves from the impact between Shi Yan and Spark. This sea of stars area was collapsing little by little like a shattering piece of glass.

The remaining battleships of the God Clan retreated for their lives when they heard Thornton screaming. The energy from the divine crystal was stimulated to the maximum level.

They looked like a shower of meteors retreating away.

The battleships carrying the God warriors needed more time to leave and when Wederson came, he came with destruction. His deadly field accelerated the collapsing speed of the sea of stars. It would kill more warriors who couldn't run fast enough.

Thornton bellowed again. Too bad for him, Wederson didn't notice him at all and glided at an even faster speed.

"Use the Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf!" Pargo thundered, "Hurry up!"

Thornton frowned deeply. His eyes sparkled with a strange light. He looked at Shi Yan in the distance and the coming Wederson before hesitating.

"Our fate can be changed even if the Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf can kill Shi Yan. That mad Wederson will destroy the entire Fiery Rain Star Area. Our warriors and we will be killed quickly! Deal with him! As long as he doesn't come here, we still have a chance to overturn the situation. Shi Yan will never get rid of our God Clan's pursuit later!" Pargo howled.

Eventually, Thornton wasn't hesitant anymore. The weapon that the Elder Committee had poured the magical energy into had turned into a gold light that flew toward Wederson.

The small gold leaf flew out and immediately turned into a massive shining gold light curtain that was carved with millions of complex and magical symbols and aligned in formations. There were as many symbols as small veins inside the human body. There were so many and they were mysterious, indeed. At this moment, all looked revived.

Millions of mysterious symbols released energy at the same time. A flow of force as seething as an ocean bloomed from that gold light curtain.

Just like a gold light column that could pierce through the blue dome of the sky, it shot directly at Wederson. Millions of symbols on the light curtain began to move and explode at once!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Countless gold waves swarmed toward Wederson, each carrying millions of shockwaves with unlimited attacking energy.

Mad Wederson came with his deadly field added with Gado's aura that could erode anything in this world. After the gold waves attacked him, his field couldn't do anything. The formidable energy exploded inside the gold rolls of waves bombarded him and hammered his body. He convulsed continuously as if he got electrocuted.


Wederson's chest swelled. His body was hit backward as he pushed himself towards a deathtrap abyss.

He couldn't risk his life to move forward to stop Thornton, Pargo, or approach Shi Yan.

The great weapon called Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf of the God Clan was truly intimidating. Finally, they had stopped Wederson's brutality and pushed him into a dark abyss where no one could see him.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan who was still at his spot inside the chaotic space current suddenly disappeared in front of Thornton and Pargo.

The galaxy in front of Thornton and Pargo looked like it was a torn sheet of fabric and the tear was expanding. It was a disappearing process of the star area. The turbulent space current was flooding that area. Gust of winds that could wash away the soul existed together with other sharp forces that could tear even the bodies of Incipient God Realm experts.

"Move! Head to the Sea Territory! We must get back to our ancestral star!" Thornton and Pargo screamed hoarsely.

The remaining battleships of the God Clan didn't care about attacking Hexagonal Star Land anymore. They changed their direction and crazily flew towards the Sea Territory of Fiery Rain Star Area. They wanted to get back to Ancient God Star Area through the space passage.

At the same time, Fiery Rain Star Area's warriors who were hiding in Hexagonal Star Land also saw the changes of the doomsday. They screamed hopelessly and flew out of Hexagonal Star Land, running toward the Sea Territory.

Inside the chaotic space basin, countless rapid and violent currents with unknown lights rolled and exploded like a fierce waterfall that splashed everywhere.

Shi Yan hovered still inside a strange light. His acupuncture points crazily took in energy.

Only the experts with high attainment in Space power Upanishad could move freely in a dangerous place like this. Thus, half of the God warriors sinking in the space currents were killed. Shi Yan had unconsciously absorbed their energy and converted it to the pure energy to heal his soul altar.

Shortly after, new flows of energy rolled into his soul altar. That's how his fractured soul altar was healed.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness moved. He grinned fiendishly and left the seething space currents.

He reappeared in the most chaotic area of Fiery Rain Star Area. He touched his forehead and the Incipient Extent emerged. The rivers of stars bobbed and flowed out of his Incipient Extent and carried spatial abilities within. Just like countless god hands, they began to smoothen and heal the large tear in the void.

His face was focused and he was squinting. He was showing all of his years of attainment in Space power Upanishad to amend this area.

It was a deep tracing back to the origin of the Space power Upanishad.

His Soul Consciousness moved like a shuttle that weaved the tears together. It was extremely marvelous.

His brilliant galaxy-like Incipient Extent was now a small universe with many strange, small stars. It looked like spaces between the stars were reduced. While he was fixing the space, the mysterious energy from the acupuncture points was still pouring into his Sea of Consciousness and soul altar.

He had tried his best to fix the tear in the void so he didn't notice that his Incipient Extent was expanding like a real, open universe as more mysterious energy was pouring in.

Shi Yan had a magical feeling as his Incipient Extent and the acupuncture points in his body were connected delicately and exquisitely. Shi Yan had a touching but unknown feeling.