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1321 Unrivalled Great Devil!

Wederson was now an earth-destroying calamity. The planets in his way melted down; creatures turned into nothing. All matter dissolved.

No one knew what had happened to Wederson. After this man became insane, his power had rocketed earth-shakingly. Even Spark feared him and hurried to leave.

However, Wederson also accelerated as his energy increased.

Thornton, Pargo, and a group of Incipient God Realm experts could predict his move beforehand and leave one step early because they had profound realms.

However, those whose realms were below Incipient God Realm didn't have such luck. They couldn't escape.

Wederson's deadly field expanded and covered them. They were all from an elite force of the two families at Ethereal God Realm. However, none of them could escape. All were dissolved.

Right before the deadly field covered them, an evil silhouette disappeared in their formation.

After another flash, that silhouette changed the direction and dashed toward the next spot where more members of the two families gathered.

He wanted to drive Wederson to the most important area of the Breckelfeld family and the Austin family. He wanted to use Wederson's erosive power to eliminate all the core elite warriors of the two big families.

Thornton's eyes reddened. He thundered as if he had a mental problem. His roar was like grumbling thunder that swarmed toward Wederson.

Wederson had completely lost his mind. He ignored Thornton's bellowing call. In his heart only one fixation now lay, kill Shi Yan!

He had locked Shi Yan's aura. No matter where Shi Yan was heading, he could chase after him closely.

When Shi Yan moved again toward the horde of the two families of the God Clan, Wederson naturally came after him.

"No! Not that!" Spark suddenly found something wrong. He checked and discolored. "Shi Yan! Shi Yan is the reason why Wederson went crazy. He has manipulated Wederson and made him continue his pursuit!"

Spark got it now.

Wederson shouldn't have lost his mind to that level for a long time like this.

Spark was correct. Shi Yan had some influence in this.

The negative energy in Shi Yan's acupuncture points was the sort of energy that could push people to the edge. He had stimulated the negative energy, created torrents, and sent them to Wederson's head, making him more ruthless and mad.

Just like fire receiving more oil, Wederson's insanity was burning that had triggered the bloodthirsty nature of his Man blood. Completely, he had lost himself.

No need to mention Thornton's shouting, even if Spark used his power to wake Wederson up, it was no use.

With the current of negative energy flooding his mind, Wederson was now a Man beast that had ultimately sunk into the simple joy of killing. He didn't have a bit of consciousness left in him.

"The new Master of Bloodthirsty Force?" Thornton sounded scared.

Spark nodded gravely, his eyes sparkling. "He's discreetly making trouble. He used a evil, negative force to Wederson to keep him in his madness. We have to capture him to wake Wederson up."

Then, Spark flashed and disappeared.

Thornton and Pargo exchanged looks. The flames of anger burst out in their eyes. They urged the soul altars and attacked Shi Yan.

Surprisingly, Shi Yan was in an important spot where most members of the two families gathered. The main forces to attack Fiery Rain Star Area this time were based there.

Before Thornton and Pargo arrived, they had sent messages to their troopers and asked them to disperse to avoid Wederson's lethal field. They couldn't afford more losses.

A shadow appeared between the gigantic battleships of the God Clan. A wisp of Soul Consciousness was released.

This beam of Soul Consciousness was used to track Wederson down and it was also the clue for Wederson to follow Shi Yan.

However, as soon as Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness, he was startled as he could sense the invisible danger.

He slightly changed his complexion, snorted, and touched his glabella.

The blood mark on his forehead turned into the bright blood lights weaving with each other. Shortly after, a seething blood sea emerged. In the beginning, the blood sea occupied a very small area. After a blink of an eye, it had expanded unceasingly and covered many battleships in this area.

The God warriors on the battleships were bewildered. Then, the low-realm warriors lost control of their minds.

The strange and evil soul energy had quietly seeped into their Sea of Consciousness. In a split second, the God Clan warriors roared and thundered angrily. Their eyes now had only a desire to kill.

The Blood Soul Sea required a lot of efforts and energy to use. It needed the enemy's blood and the user's God power.

Anyway, after breaking through to Second Sky of Incipient God Realm and collecting an enormous amount of energy into his acupuncture points, Shi Yan could directly use the Soul Seal as a guide and the God power as the source of energy to use this ability. At the same time, the Blood Soul Sea he had just created had become wider and more terrifying.

The negative energy that was stagnant in Shi Yan's acupuncture points had all poured into the Blood Soul Sea and boiled it up, making it like a giant bloody mouth that was about to swallow and chew off any creature.

As soon as the blood sea emerged, most of the God Clan warriors mentally collapsed. They began to attack each other.

While his thoughts flickering, the bloody shield had turned into his exquisite armor and fused perfectly with his Immortal Demon Body. He clutched the bloody sword in his hand and slashed. The blood-dripping eyes on the sword opened. A cruel, evil aura shot out from him instantly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The bloody sword swayed in his hand and pointed in a direction. Blood exploded and raised a tsunami on the blood sea.

A brilliant, heavenly river turned into a pure stream that shot forward from an extremely far area. Elder Spark rode the stream and shouted ear-piercingly. "How dare you!"

The cold, icy light zoomed out of his Incipient Extent and turned into six ice serpents that looked as magnificent as if they were made of stars in the sky. The great serpents were crystal clear with large, fanged mouths. They were so lively and real with Spark's life aura. The six giant serpents came from six directions with their formidable momentum.

They wanted to chew Shi Yan off!

Shi Yan lifted his head, his face cold and heartless. He sneered, "You could wound me severely or even kill me in Tsunami Star. But now, you don't have that ability anymore!"

The bloody sword in his hand flew out. The eyes on the sword wiggled out of the sword body shortly after. They floated above the blood sea. Flesh began to grow around the eyes and become gruesome, evil ancient Demogorgons.

The ancient Demogorgons were as tall as a mountain. They had fearsome appearances with sabers on their backs like two wings or curved horns on their heads. Although they looked different, their auras were so formidable that it was as if they could break the entire world.

From the Tsunami Star, he had escaped into the space crack with the "Ring Spirit" where it taught him how to use the abilities of the bloody sword and the shield. Today, at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, he had collected so much energy into his body and comprehended the Devouring power Upanishad. He was at his prime condition!

At this moment, he wasn't afraid of Spark. Unless it was a real Immortal Realm expert, Shi Yan was confident that no one could kill him now!

The imposing, evil ancient Demogorgons released endless malicious auras. They roared inaudibly and aimed at the six transparent serpents.

The ancient Demogorgons directly tore and wrestled with the snakes from Spark's Incipient Extent. They had stirred up the entire area. Amazingly, the Demogorgons didn't look weaker. Quite the contrary, their powers were still increasing.

"Kill him!" Spark bellowed indignantly.

A long gold spear descended from the sky with the sharp power of metal that could break anything. Like a gold bolt of lightning, it stabbed right at Shi Yan's glabella.

Almost at the same time, rocks piled up under Shi Yan's feet. Pargo emerged bizarrely on the rocks. He pointed his finger and hundreds of mountains jutted out of a massive asteroid as big as a life star, ramming toward Shi Yan. They wanted to crush his bones, indeed.

It was a marvelous ability of the Earth power Upanishad called "Thorny Asteroid." Pargo could use the meteorites presented everywhere in the cosmos to attack. With this special Earth power Upanishad, he could crush even an entire planet.

If the Thorny Asteroid impacted a life star, it could explode that life star altogether.

As they were afraid that Shi Yan would drive Wederson here once more time, the Chiefs of the Breckelfeld family and the Austin family had launched lethal attacks right when they had just arrived. They attempted to kill Shi Yan in one strike and sent him to reunite with Bloodthirsty.

"Swallow the sky! Swallow the earth!"

Shi Yan grinned fiendishly. His Incipient Extent emerged like a brilliant galaxy or the world at its finest dawn.

A mysterious, dark abyss similar to a black hole in the Bloodthirsty Force's holy land appeared inside his Incipient Extent then flew out and floated above the blood sea. A terrifying sucking force came out from that black hole as if it could swallow the sky. The energy fluctuated strangely in this area.

All the experts suddenly had a feeling that their souls were about to collapse. Their souls and soul altars didn't listen to their control. They wanted to fly away and fell into that black hole.

Spark, Thornton, and Pargo weren't exceptions!

Spark changed his face dramatically. He was scared out of his wits and screamed, "Too bad! He had the abilities of the Devouring power Upanishad! Don't use the things in your Incipient Extent to attack him. Use your God power! Use your God power to attack him!"

Ten thousand years ago, Spark was an outstanding warrior of the God Clan. He used to see Bloodthirsty, so he knew how gruesome and maleficent the makings of those Demogorgons were. He knew how cunning and lethal the Devouring power Upanishad was. Seeing the supernatural ability called "Swallow the Sky and Earth," he was shaken as if he could see the overbearing makings of that Great Devil one more time who had towered the sky and shielded all the light of the stars in the universe.

Thornton and Pargo's souls shivered upon hearing him. They paled and changed their power Upanishads.

They had hastily drawn back the soul power and the energy of their Incipient Extent in the Gold Spear and the Thorny Asteroid, and replaced them with more God power to bombard Shi Yan.

Shi Yan snorted. His muscular body shook. The bloody shield had created a set of natural armor on his body. The marks of blood clouds bloomed like flowers and created drawings like bloody mouths on his body.

Boom! Boom!

The God Spear and the Thorny Asteroid hit his body hard. The mouth on his armor opened and bit the Gold Spear. The asteroid barged in and shadowed him, but it couldn't shadow all of the blood halo.

The dazzling blood light was still blinding through the cracks between layers of rocks!

It was as dazzling as the sharp performance Shi Yan had today!